Meet "Osama Bin Bieber": ISIS' Latest Recruit

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It has long been the case that Jihadist Al-Qaeda groups tend to find the occasional odd, western groupie, but probably never before has there been a case as peculiar as that of 18-year-old Mohammad Hadi, from the city of Coventry, who as Al Arabiya reports, is believed to have joined the infamous and brutal Islamic militant group which is causing nightmares for the US state department, the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant aka ISIS.

Meet Osama Bin Bieber.

According to Al Arabiya, the young man, of Iraqi-Kurdish descent, is nicknamed 'Osama Bin Bieber' after Canadian pop star Justin Bieber due to his young appearance.

Hadi claims that extremist clerics at a religious school in the city had radicalized him and persuaded him to travel to the Middle East, alongside three other men.


There are Instagram pictures, posted by Hadi, that show him holding guns and tweets claiming that he is in Syria with 'Dawla', another name for ISIS.


Back in March, Hadi's parents had supposedly reported missing charges on him to the police. In addition, the police had been warned before about his growing extremist outlook.


On Sunday, The Sun had spoken to Mohammad's father, Mahir Hadi, 38, who said "We can't talk about it - I don't know anything about it. The police know better than me."


Users on Twitter have reported that Hadi, now with the alias Abu Yahya Al Kurdy, is currently with a group of Chechens near the Syrian town of Sarrin.

As the mail added, twitter users have reported Hadi, also known as Abu Yahya Al Kurdy, was near the northern Syrian town of Sarrin earlier this month, with a group of Chechens.

A Coventry local said he saw the teenager's father in tears after discovering what he had done.

"He was so frightened that he would die out there and was furious..."

An imam at the madrassa said Hadi did attend but when he discovered his plans to travel to the strife-hit region he called West Midlands Police.

A spokesman for police said it was investigating his whereabouts.

The news about Hadi comes soon after two Britons and an Australian were seen in an ISIL recruitment video urging other British Islamists to join their ''holy war''.

It remains to be seen if ISIS adds "Bieberesque" singing to its arsenal of weapons banned by the Geneva convention.

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Top Gear's picture

Time travel is true.  He had to went back and taken the horn rim glasses off my dearly departed uncle's dresser.

Four chan's picture

so islam creates monsters, then when these monsters turn on their own muslims its our problem?

imaginalis's picture

They go to so much effort too where we just give ours a prescription of psych meds.

max2205's picture

His status is no different than that pow (pos) barry brought home.


They both walked into their arms.


One will be droned the other given a promotion and a life time un the FSA

Renewable Life's picture

"The POW" has lived, eaten, worked, and played with the enemy for 5 years in the toughest battlefield in the world!! I think he might be worth talking to for a while!

But it sounds like you think some aerial footage recorded from teenage drone pilot in Utah is the way to go!! Well at least those drone pilots got the right flag waving outside the building right?

Geeezus, is it any wonder why we are getting our asses handed to us all over the planet, day in and day out!! America's defeat in the Middle East will go hand in hand with our fantastical obsession with tech toys and video game bombings!! Wars have never been won from the air and never will be, not 100 years ago, not 50, not today, not tomorrow!

If you can't control the ground your standing on, you lose! Reference Vietnam, Iraq, Korea, Afganistan, Pakistan, Syria, Ukraine, and on and on and on!!

downwiththebanks's picture

Replace "Islam" with "the CIA", and make the question mark a period.  Now you're good.

Chief Wonder Bread's picture

Islam creates monsters.


Looks like you get a serious reaction to telling the truth. Islam is an aberrant religion. It has probably won its long war with Europe by stealth. U.S. should wake up to the danger.

KanKhaderKhanKan's picture

Nope AlCIAada created these monsters. I know sufi muslims who would vomit at the suggestion that these takfiris are genuine muslims. In Pakistan whenever these scoundrels get killed it is often discovered, according to the Pakistani press, a number of them aren't even circumcised. That should tell you a number of them aren't muslims - in the muslim world even a whiskey drinking muslim secularist gets his son circumcised - but provocateurs and mercenaries with ties to intelligence agencies no?

Freddie's picture

The kid is a douche but at lewast he has some guts.  The U.S. military did nothing as their country has been taken over and is being destroyed.  A bunch of pussies like 5'9" General Betrayus the little pussy coward for the NWO and Obama.  F**king traitors.

CPL's picture

Holy shit it's a young Woody allen.  Seriously ala 1969, Take the Money and Run.


TeamDepends's picture

Promise an 18 year old boy a sex-jihad with all the unmarried ladies he can handle, and he'll do just about anything.

Bosch's picture

Or, more likely, underaged boys. 

CPL's picture

The passage is only specific to 72 virgins.  There's no indication to the sex, age or quality.  Just 72 virgins.

'The smallest reward for the people of Heaven is an abode where there are eighty thousand servants and seventy-two houri, over which stands a dome decorated with pearls, aquamarine and ruby, as wide as the distance from al-Jabiyyah to San'a.

So in theory it could be anyone that's a virgin.  Maybe even this lucky feller.


pods's picture

Hmmm, well do you get the pick-of-the-litter on the servants too?


DaveyJones's picture

Osama Bin Bieber

Then again, white rap IS a weapon of mass media destruction 

pods's picture

Are you to tell me that whenever someone says "stop" inside your head you haven't once finished the line: "collaborate and listen..."



DaveyJones's picture

there are too many voices to compete with 

Sokhmate's picture

Conducted and formed, this is a hell of a concept.

LuciusGermanicus's picture

"eighty thousand servants and seventy-two houri"

Their maths seems a bit off ;)

effendi's picture

Bosch, in islam nobody is underaged.

db51's picture

I doubt much if little Osama Bieber was getting any pussy from the looks of his that promise probably was at the center of his decision making.  Let's hope the little fucker doesn't get on "Idol" cause I'm sure the teen groupies here would put him over for the win.

Four chan's picture

none of these jerks are getting laid which is why their heads are so screwed up. who on earth would join this messed up brainwash of a religion?

Oh regional Indian's picture


Are yo suggesting they should go all christian on the world?

What, the crusades wern't enough blood spilt in the name of one re-legion?

Remember whose names were legion?

Yeah baby.....That tetra-gram sure weighs a ton...

Sandmann's picture

Weren't the Crusades a response to Muslim invasion of Christendom ? Wasn't Egypt most of North Africa, Greater Syria, Constantinople - CHRISTIAN ? How did Muslims get to Spain and Southern France ? Was it wandering missionaries converting the heathen or simply invading armies ?

Nothing wrong with the Crusades, just a pity The Kurds backed the wrong side - difd it really do them so much good to have Saladin fight for Islam ?

Anyway, Christians belong in the Middle East so why are they being murdered in Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, West Bank, and why were they safe under SECULAR regimes run by Saddam Hussein and Bashar Assad ? what do western politicians have against secular regimes in the region ?

Oh regional Indian's picture

"nothing wrong with the crusades" you said. Clearly no point even starting on such a topic with you then. So you have a tidbit about history (cause) and no understanding of effect? How about first cause? Very important to go as far back as you can.

That said, I agree with your point about the destruction of secular Middle East dom....very sad. Iran, Libya, Syria and Iraq....beautiful countries, happy with their lot (well, mostly or at least on the surface, while UK/France were still sucking them dry, like they were India), prior to 1953 and Mossadegh...really went down hill from there......


KanKhaderKhanKan's picture

"Weren't the Crusades a response to Muslim invasion of Christendom ?"

Nope response to Turkish predations on the Byzantine territory on Anatolia. The pope, wanting to curb the violent excess of Norman knights, came up with this ploy of social imperialism.

"Wasn't Egypt most of North Africa, Greater Syria, Constantinople - CHRISTIAN ?"

And before that pagan before they were forced to convert, so your point?

"How did Muslims get to Spain and Southern France ? Was it wandering missionaries converting the heathen or simply invading armies ?"

Like members of any organised state in pre-modern period they notice their neighbour was weak but rich so they decided to attack them.

"Nothing wrong with the Crusades, just a pity The Kurds backed the wrong side - difd it really do them so much good to have Saladin fight for Islam ?"

You they should have followed a pseudo judeo-mithraic religion founded by jewish demigod? Btw in that period it were the muslims who were more intellectually advanced then the christians. There's an eye-witness report by a muslim physician who was curioused what 'christian medicine' looked like soon after witnessing it he smugly noted how ahead study of medicine was in the muslim world in comparison to christendom. 

"Anyway, Christians belong in the Middle East so why are they being murdered in Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, West Bank, and why were they safe under SECULAR regimes run by Saddam Hussein and Bashar Assad ? "

Ask AlCIAada. I opposed the removal of Saddam day one of the US led invasion.

Renewable Life's picture

He's getting pussy now, scruffy beard and all!!
"Hanging out with the Chechens on the Syrian border" on twitter for fucks sake!! He's a god damn battlefield celebrity now!!
He will have 5 million twitter followers, if was stupid enough to open up an account!

CPL's picture

He's a good looking kid I doubt he'll have much trouble.  All the QT3.14's chase after the horn rims nowadays.  And yeah it's a little weird but he wouldn't be the first under 20 to roll over MENA.  Alexander did it and he was the equivalent of a rock star back in the day.

Now to TPTB, this is what happens when youth unemployment gets out of hand.  If they don't have a job, they might just decide to become an epic conquerer.  Best summer job ever.

MeMongo's picture

That kid's as kosher as a pickle! Reference also Adam Pearlman!/ Adam Ghadan. Man the tribe is getting sloppy:-)

pods's picture

What is it about jewcumbers?  Are there religious rituals that use these?  Were jews big pickle makers?  Just don't get it, you can get kosher stuff, but pickles are marketed to the masses like we care. I can understand the whole "dill" pickle, but are kosher dills better than non-kosher dills?

I grew up with a lot of jews, and they didn't seem to be overtly picklish. What gives?


MeMongo's picture

Mongo sometimes questions these things and all he can come up with is the fact that pickles and roughly 20000 other things require the average person to pay a TAX a kosher TAX! Now Mongo is sometimes tardo, but he is certainly not jewish! So a little bit later when Mongo is fishing for trout and hopefully bringing a few home to eat he will further ponder this. And I suppose he wiil also wonder where all that kosher TAX money goes, because he's fairly certain he ain't getting none of it!

MeMongo's picture


Clearly it's a young bob dylan:-).

stutes33's picture

Tyler, you are on fire today....

One And Only's picture's Neidermeyer.

nmewn's picture

A Bieber, this just gets better &

Wait, didn't he already get his 72 virgins, whats he all pissed off about? ;-)

One And Only's picture

He's a CIA mole.

Just need someone honest in the government (like Snowden) to confirm it.

downwiththebanks's picture

Perhaps Snowden could say something--just one thing--about 9/11.  He, too, is a mole.

Confused's picture

I have to question this line of reasoning. 


Do you think he is a mole because he disagrees with your belief in a 9/11 cover up?  Please don't post links to melting steel, engineer reports, etc. We have all read them. And until someone blows THAT whistle, it is uncomfirmed. A theory and a belief.  Similar to the way most people were 'aware' of government spying. It was only AFTER Snowden that it became FACT. 


Remain skeptical. I am. But as with anything, you can not be sure. 

downwiththebanks's picture

Agent "Snowden" hasn't said word 1 about the alliance between Islamic Fundamentalism and the US government.  Why would I expect him to start now?

Whether it's Assange or Wikileaks, Anonymous, or the Snowden/Greenwald/Poitras group--all strike me as deeply compromised figures.

Wikileaks, Iraq attacks Maliki.  The US wants Maliki gone.  So does ISIS/L.  They're BFF.

Freddie's picture

We don't who Snowden is.  He did work for the CIA and once you are in - you are in as long as you keep your mouth shut or they get rid of you.   A few people have said he was a CIA-NWO op against the NSA-Military.

downwiththebanks's picture

Or an agent deployed by the War Party to foster distrust between the US and Russia/China.

Like the U2 shootdown, it mitigated against peace.

Cathartes Aura's picture

Snowden isn't spilling any secrets that aren't stamped with .gov approval.

his GreenWald (forest for the trees?) Jewish lawyer gatekeeper is making BANK, including an oily-garch paid for Intercept'd newsy-site that doesn't really put up stories, and a Sony movie deal for his book report, as the drip. drip. drip of Pulitzer prized stories are episodically fed to the gate-keeping press.

seriously, it's HollyWood scripted, entertainment glove-puppetry, watch this hand while the other one loots the world. . .

Renewable Life's picture

Only people who have spent absolutely NO time inside the .gov machine, think Snowden is still on the inside!!
The .gov is a fucking sausage factory, they don't make agents into celebrities, so they can have movies made about them ,etc etc! They tell you to do your fucking job, keep your fucking mouth shut, suck off your superior, and do it again the next day! That's the culture, whether your in the NSA or the god damn education department!
It's about ego and power and control and politics, nobody "picks" someone out and says, let's make that guy famous and rich, so we can do some reverse psych ops bullshit!! Why, because every .gov employee thinks they should be the one, so therefore no one can get THAT assignment!
If you ever spent one hour inside that machine, you would understand its a sewer filled with jealousy, politics, infighting, egos and lies........and that's in regard to where they are going to lunch on any given day! Creating Snowden on an official level, hahahahaha, get fucking real!!

nmewn's picture

Well, ISIS is going to be none to pleased with that little piece of knowledge ;-)