Summing Up Last Night's IRS "Lost Emails" Hearing (In 1 Cartoon)

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We sat, we listened, and we could not quite believe our ears...



Source: Cagle

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The more corrupt a society the more numerous its laws.

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what about their exchange servers? Did they not get backups of their mail stores or exchange databases? 

What kind of IT department relies on local hard drives for mail storage. anyone in IT knows that emails aren't stored locally, except for PST archives. All emails should be on backup tapes of the email servers. Although going back to 2011, I doubt a government department has the funds to keep ALL emails for that many years. 


Govt IT budgets get slashed everywhere. Meanwhile, in the desert's of Utah...

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the accused party who is in charge of the irs saw to it their contract was not renewed.

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the fed and irs are coming under much scrutiny lately.  wouldn't their functions be better handled in a place like brussels?

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Oh wait it already is....

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...If You can't get away with Lies, try "Baffling'em with bullshit" next...

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The Socialist Semite Democrat Media reserves it's outrage for Republicans, but "both parties are the same"

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I watched that bullshit testimony live last night.  That guy literally sat there and tried to convince everyone that it was PC hard drives and deliberately did not speak of anything regarding the Exchange servers (and their numerous backups and raid arrays, etc.).  I was laughing.

But then Issa actually nailed the guy on it and specifically asked him if he expected everyone to believe they didn't use any kind of Microsoft Exchange servers and the various back up systems.

The guy kinda choked on that question and admitted that the IRS does use Exchange servers and backs everything up.  EXCEPT...the fucker then said that due to limitations in the IRS's budget, they weren't able to store data longer than a few years because it would cost 10 to 30 million dollars to upgrade their servers (which is total bullshit). 

Then Issa says (paraphrased), "so the IRS has an IT budget of 1.8 BILLION dollars a year, and you're telling us, you expect us all to believe that you're not able to budget 30 million dollars to upgrade IRS servers in order to retain critical information that the tax payers would rely on you to store?"   It was pretty much something like that.

Then Issa says (again, paraphrased), "The American tax payes are expected to keep records forever, and it's cricitcal they do because the IRS says they have to.  So why should the American tax payers bother to keep records if the IRS doesn't feel it's important to use tax payer dollars wisely enough to store critical information...."  etc., etc.

The guy was slammed at that was pretty funny.  I think most of this shit is just WWF-style theater for the sheeple (the very few) who even know what's going on and care to listen in.  I don't trust Issa who is a known criminal, car thief, arsonist, burglar, and patent thief...and yet he's the head of House Oversight and Government Reform???   What a fucking joke that is.

That's like putting the fox in charge of the hen house.  So althought this stuff is of the most serious (and impeachable) nature, where many people could and should be going to jail for a very long time.  I don't believe one bit that anything will come of it.  It's a scandal that will be used to distract from many other things and then in the end it will just get swept under the rug, washed away, obama will leave office, and the next round of WWF-style political theater will begin.

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It's a scandal that will be used to distract from many other things and then in the end it will just get swept under the rug, washed away, obama will leave office, and the next round of WWF-style political theater will begin.


Worth repeating.

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<---  Yes, I have lost email files.

<---  No, I have never lost any emails.

Just a quick survey out of curiosity.

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Emails are NOT HELD ON A Personal COMPUTER.  They are on a server and we all log in to get them.  AND, the Server is backed up.  B/c IT people aren't fucking stupid.

Subpeona the fucking IT company, and their servers, and put this shit to bed.

I assume that will happen after the november election, so that there are possible sufficient repugnicans in the senate to impeach and imprison.

If that doesn't happen, I may go apeshit, reject the authority of the federal government, and spend my life in jail.  I've had enough.  I can't revolt w/o some jackboot shooting me, so I may as well make them prosecute me.  Go to hell Fed.Gov.  You do not have my consent to govern me.

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I often wonder how ridiculous the theater becomes on any particular issue before people storm DC. Will there be excuses like “I shit myself and wiped my ass with them.” Then the “strongly worded” response from the "opposition" can be “Shitting yourself is no excuse.”

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If BO wanted to spare us all the agony of these hearings he could pardon witnesses for any crimes the minute Goudy or Issa decide to call them to testify. 

It sure would save a lot of time and hastle. While he's at it he should pardon himself for any crime he has done, or might do, and name himself Emperial Ruler of the World and King of All The Lego Land.

Gaius Frakkin&#039; Baltar's picture

That would defeat its purpose of diversion and subterfuge.

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Neither Red team nor Blue team want these emails made public .  They would only expose that both Democraps and establishment Republicans feared Tea Party expansion and ordered the IRS to restrain them.  It's a nice little bit of theatre they've arranged for us though.  Everyone loves seeing the IRS fake flogged!
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Every single e-mail I send at work is backed up in mutiple places because Federal law demands we keep multiple copies for long-term storage.


It was astonishing to me that he tried to pull that, "It's too expensive to store e-mail on a server" bullshit. It's much much more expensive to try and keep hard copies of millions of e-mails. Who the fuck does he think he is fooling?

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I read somewhere, in the internet news media, of course,

that the Government is required to ALSO keep hard copies of emails.

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I've lost plenty of emails. Whether or not they could be recovered (or simply read) from the relevant servers is an entirely unrelated issue.

The relevant missing harddrives have been zeroed out, wiped with every algorithm around, professionally degaussed, and crushed into dust.


And the metal dust of the platters was then scattered at sea at an undisclosed location somewhere in the Indian ocean.

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"And the metal dust of the platters was then scattered at sea at an undisclosed location somewhere in the Indian ocean."


Theyre right next to Osama Bin Ladens Body.

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the real thing to keep an eye on is that they're building a proxy Al Quaida army in Iraq, Syria, etc. under the name "ISIS".  Same fuckers, same banner flag, different name.  They're using them to fight their proxy wars in the MENA countries to further destabilize the region which very well could lead to WWIII.  If not it will still be war in perpetuity and it will be used against the American people and patriots to further take away our rights and freedom as this corrupt government poses as our "protectors" against radical Islam and radical "right wingers" who they are now labeling as "domestic terrorists" and just as bad as ISIS. 

That's the big deal in the long run for us.  Plus they're doing everything they can to destabilize America in the South by letting illegals overrun the border and overwhelm the system.  They're using them to purposely wipe out the United States borders and one day Canada will be next.  The Globalists want to destroy America and build a North American Union between Canada, the U.S., and Mexico or some bullshit like that. 

They're forcing us into a sick and twisted 3rd world wasteland as fast as they can before time runs out and the sheeple wake up and start to really fight back. 

I wouldn't be surprised if the government false flags a small tacitcal nuke in some U.S. city.  Obama already mentioned Manhattan, Lindsey Graham already mentioned South Carolina (Charleston), and now Dick Cheney has come out announcing his "worries" that something bigger and deadlier than 9/11 is going to happen.

They're turning up the fear mongering big-time now and just overwhelming us and the system from all angels.  Then they'll do something to set off a major crisis and use it against us to bring in Martial Law or even worse. 

It's coming folks...we won't know when or where, but we all need to be prepared for whatever it will be and to recognize it for what it will be:  a false flag directed at Americans in order to bring in more authoritarianism and to wipe out what's left of our Constitutional rights.

Could be a bomb or it could be a massive financial crisis shutting down the banking system, or it could just be WWIII all together...who knows. 

Be ready, because they're not going to just stop now, are they???  Are they just going to give up after all this time now that they're so close???  No they are not.  So be ready for it.

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Servants of Satan?  There are signs, and more than a few dead people have been seen walking.  This is fish or cut bait time?  We'll see.  We are all so easily manipulated because we are all on the outside looking in and inside is full of smoke and mirrors.

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"There are signs, and more than a few dead people have been seen walking. "


Sandy Hook children?

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""the real thing to keep an eye on is that they're building a proxy Al Quaida army in Iraq, Syria, etc. under the name "ISIS".""

Agreed... prior to just a few weeks ago - never heard of these fuckers.

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You are correct sir, in both of your preceding posts.  Succinct... Best guess is before the next financial crash due before 2017...

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Don't forget that PNAC laid out the whole "new pearl harbor" before 9/11. PNAC is run by the Kagans.

Victoria Newland (Noodleman) is married to a Kagan brother. She stirred shit up in Ukraine.

Kimberly Kagan is married to the other Kagan brother. She is pushing hard the ISIS storyline. She is also the President of the Institute for the study of War...

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Plus a whole bunch.

FYI, I can't up vote your comment.

NSA gremlins?

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It's as Glenn Greenwald says, "the system is setup to placate outrage with symbolic gestures."  These hearings are merely for show.

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Go read about the Sonasoft product. It goes out to the Exchange Server, pulls the email, and puts a "stub" in its place. It then compresses and archives the email itself elsewhere. If a person accesses the stub, the software reverses the process. Net, net, the storage that the Exchange Server has to provide is very, very small. The concept of "We want you to move your emails off the server to conserve space" is total and complete and absolute horseshit. They simply did not take up that much space. The archive was supposed to exist for compliance reasons. It still should unless they have destroyed it. I would be doing serious time if I said anything like that to a federal official.

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How many emails do you think will fit on a 4 Terrabye drive?


It cost $150.00 and 4 TB stored a gigabye of emails for each of 32768 IRS employees.  How many employess does the IRS have and how many gigabytes of email per year do they need?

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Can't wait for April 15th when every American had better, by God, be saying:  After eating my hard-drive, the dog tore up all my receipts.  So I'm entitled to a full refund and then some.

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Americans disobeying their masters? Please!

Just say Baaaa, gringo.

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You forget your place, Mr. Blutarsky.  The IRS would definitely do more than just put you on double-secret probation for that little move.

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This story is more than a year old.  Did you pay your taxes this past season?  I thought so.  Forfiture of your freedom, home, salary, investments and livelihood is difficult thing to do.  Are you willing to give up everything in order to combat Ms. Lerner and Co.?

I remind you, the IRS has adsolute power and zero accountability.  They are the stormtroopers.

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If you refuse to pay unjust taxes, your property will be confiscated. If you attempt to defend your property, you will be arrested. If you resist arrest, you will be clubbed. If you defend yourself against clubbing, you will be shot dead. These procedures are known as the Rule of Law.

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There's a separate law for the Rulers - Then there's the rule of law for the rest of us. Transgression of the "rule of law" may well result in acute lead poisoning or electrocution.


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It's really a ball-buster, isn't it?  Because, if the servers can't be located, what about all the shit the NSA has gathered?  Can that not be 'mined' to get to the Lerner truth?  My guess is they've got so much dirt on so many people they're just covered in a tidal wave of crap and can't figure out if they can use this piece or that because of its relationship to this person or that person.....merry-eff'n-go-round.

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Not good enough. We are supposed to store everything in the cloud

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Stockman bill allows taxpayers to use same lame excuses as IRS 


...Under Stockman’s bill, “The Dog Ate My Tax Receipts Act,” taxpayers who do not provide documents requested by the IRS can claim one of the following reasons:


1.         The dog ate my tax receipts

2.         Convenient, unexplained, miscellaneous computer malfunction

3.         Traded documents for five terrorists

4.         Burned for warmth while lost in the Yukon

5.         Left on table in Hillary’s Book Room

6.         Received water damage in the trunk of Ted Kennedy’s car

7.         Forgot in gun case sold to Mexican drug lords

8.         Forced to recycle by municipal Green Czar

9.         Was short on toilet paper while camping

10.       At this point, what difference does it make?


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First time I heard they didn't have the budget to store emails, I immediately wondered why they don't just store all the emails from key individuals (like all directors, for example) for a much smaller data footprint.. then I remembered this is a .gov entity, and logic like that escapes such entities.

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Yeah, the IRS didn't have it in their IT budget to increase their server storage, because the money was reallocated to the NSA. 

Simple matter of confusion. Should be a simple matter to deal with. 

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Thats right, the nsa has every email you write including this comment. Surely they have those, or what's the point.

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1.8 billion IT budget, terabyte of storage $100.00 in the cloud at the most..  Criminal conspiracy with no shame, cloward piven entrenched in the Bureaucracy.  They want us despondent and unable to resist

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That IRS dude seems to be loving fucking with Issa.


Someone must have told him he will not go to jail.


This govt is stupid....I'd walk up to him and beat him senseless


We ahould waterboard the irs folks live on CSpan

dontgoforit's picture

That shiny little bald head with the cheshire cat grin.  I thought of The Joker.  And yeah, I'd like to give him a couple smacks up side the head too.

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He might as well just flash them a moon and slap his ass like Mini-Me. Or he could lose his temper and wave his arms around and scream "What difference does it make?" like that dude that was Secretary of State... oh what was his name?

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Is that Hillary listening to the childrens story next to Obummer in the cartoon above?

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NSA testifies that it DID have Lerner's emails, but a computer crash wiped them out. 

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the IRS has 90,000 employees, and a 1.8 billion dollar IT budget.  That's 20,000 of IT PER EMPLOYEE.  Really?  They don't have enough IT money to back up Douche Lerner's email?


Look, clearly this is a coverup in the nth degree.  The abuse of power and the coverup are both criminal.

If Issa and company are truly interested in getting answers then they'll subpoena the IT company and their servers.  The emails exist somewhere unless they were deliberately destroyed in multiple locations.