Bed, Bath & Beyond Buybacks

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Moments ago Bed, Bath and Beyond was the latest company to disappoint Wall Street (not for long: Barclays' aggressive "pernicious fraud" BTFD HFT algos will promptly fix this) when it reported Q1 revenues of $2.66 billion, below the $2.69 billion expected, and EPS of $0.93, also below the $0.95 expected. Worse, it guided Q2 below consensus, seeing a range of $1.08-$1.16.

None of this mattered to us. What mattered was the amount of cash BBBY spent on CapEx and Buybacks: after all we keep hearing so much about this CapEx renaissance that will push Q2 GDP to a 4%+ print from its miserable -2.9% in Q1. Alas, the next definition of US GDP will need to include a line item for "stock buybacks" too because one look at the long-term chart below showing BBBY capital spending and share repurchases since 2007 pretty much says it all.

One can almost smell the CapEx renaissance.... Any minute now.

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A totally x-cellent jam!

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bondzilla if you can find it.
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Cannot find one item in that store made in the USA;pitiful, really.

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Last time I was there I waited in a line of eight people at one open register.

Four employees walking around nearby with their little headsets doing nothing.

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Yup, one of those stores that I slowly quit going into because I would always have to stand in line behind three people that could make a RE transaction for a skyscraper look easy; and always with an untrained cashier to boot.

One time the store manager was walking by as I waited, so I handed her my planned purchases, and left--"Yippee ki-yay!"

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Funny, same story up here. 5 min. on Amazon, on the smart phone beat a cashier who was unable to process a price match.

BBBY should join TGT & JCP on the trash heap, but sadly, it will rubber band up 17%+ by November via buybacks and failing upwards from layoffs.




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Bad training.  But at those min. wages, you expect real clerical skills and great attitude?

BTW, to avoid paying Benefits, they have people working <30 hrs/week.  Given their schedule, it's hard to have a 2nd Min. Wage job.  ALL their is marked up 35-65%.  Even with the occasional 20% off on that one item, they are still making huge margins.

And it's owners (Eisenberg & Feinstein) are still Billionaires.  Boohoo, kitty.

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Yes, they were all 25 or under.

And my Grandma worked full time at J.C. Penney and retired; back when America was a nation.

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Never been in one... ever... seriously.

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Who needs capital expenditure when the FED supplies TRILLION$ for the corporatocracy and the equities casino?

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And the Saudis keep taking only dollars....

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Wev'e benn saying that for five years....Slowly down the vortex. When you watch the TVEEEEEEEE everything seem so normal. THIS SUCKS!!!!

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What if we're circling the black hole,  we might never get there.  Maybe all the doomers died and this is actually hell.   A never ending fall into the reset-black-hole but it never arrives and meanwhile the "Keynesian" are partying like there's no tomorrow in the room next door.

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NOTa REALmerican,,,


You may be on to somthing.....

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I was talking with my dad last night, and he said that he can only read ZH once a day, as he can only take the "confusion" of it all once a day. What he meant was that the cognitive dissonance caused by watching the complicit media and then getting a full dose of reality afterward is disorientating.

He said that it's like he straddling a line where one side of his body is in one "reality" and the other is in another--"Like the Twilight Zone or something." I counseled that he should continue to watch the complicit media, but that he needed to train his mind to not believe any of it and look for the agenda—like watching the horizon while on a boat to lessen seasickness.

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 their stores suck with 60 year old semi- retarded sales "assistants" that keep pestering you because you are one of 6 potential shoppers in a 15,000 sq ft store... unless you are in the gay/metrosexual "let's refurbish our studio apt. it's so exciting" - 6th ave "Fagship" NYC store - that place is nuts!

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They only need to employ 2 skill sets at the store level.  One group to stock the shelves and One group who can run a register.  If you include conversion to self check-out, they are already making plans to eliminating one 'cost'. Hey, both are jobs that used to be done by pimple faced teenagers that are now they're done by single mothers with 3 kids, but that's another story.  Available stock, sales numbers and repurchase orders are all controlled thru their network and updated at point of sale.  As long as they can (are allowed to) peddle cheaply made shit from Asia, I see no reason for capex either.  The next cost saving method will be to close stores to reduce retail space, borrow on the cheap, buy back stock and make the investor class and their white shirts rich.  You can see America bleeding out right in front of your eyes.  Sad.  Meanwhile the world is more concerned about the soccer dude who twice in the past bit soccer players just took a bite out of another soccer player.  Yea I said soccer - I'm old.  


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Does anyone know how much longer they can keep this going?

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I'm sure if the Elysium or Elysium Support Class shops in this place, so - really - does it matter?

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There's no such thing as an Elysium class, Elysium is a pagan cult myth of an afterlife.  I saw the movie Elysium, it can be taken as typical Hollywood crap and it isn’t even trying to hide its left-wing bias.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

You can just translate it to the "top 1% and the corporate management class", no?

Harbanger's picture

You can translate crap into mierda.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Somebody has to win.    In a survival of the fittest society you're either a predator or the prey.     There's no rules, and no rightous sword of libertarian justice to slay the hedonists who aren't living frugally.  

Harbanger's picture

When progressives run the World as they are now, nobody wins, everyone losses until justice is served upon those "smart and savvy" people.  My justice is not libertarian, just so we understand each other.

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Yep, its real easy when you just *know* that God is on *your* side...

Why don't  you just go away and we will pretend that you were raptured..

Harbanger's picture

Isn't the status quo pretending to have it under control right now?  I'm not only not going away, I'm multiplying exponentially. Don't fret my friend, you never had any power or influence anyhow, you were useful to the "smart and savvy" while they lasted.

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What else can they do with the money?
Give it to their EM PLO YEEEEESS?!?!?
Yeah.... Not gonna happen...

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....and after you look at the buy backs, then peruse the insider sales.

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0 insider buys and 900,000 shares sold during the last 6 months.



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Barclays is bad new...look at this from a couple months ago in the UK, they sold their client confidential information, the most confidential information about their clients..thank goodness for a few whistle blowers left around..


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Shit... Corzine literally used client money to place and cover his personal trades, lost billions, and he still walks around a free and very rich man.  Selling client info is laughable.  That's been going on since Christ was a kid ;)

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What's the beyond part of Bed Bath and? Urinals?

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splooging in your boyfriends rectum, i think?

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So my company has a billion dollars and my stock is $50/share.  Since we have zirp, im going to not tap into my real cash and im going to sell bonds, lets just say $250 million at 4.5%.  I use the cash raised to buy back stock and pump it to $75.  I have exhuasted all of the cash from my debt sale, my bonds become due, what do I do?  Sell more debt?  Thank god rates can never go up....