Blind Faith

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Authored by Tom Lester via Economic Noise blog,

Obamacare, the Stimulus, TARP, Fast and Furious, support of the Egyptian regime change, Libyan Leading from Behind, four American killed in Benghazi, blaming a video for the Benghazi attacks, the IRA targeting, NSA email and phone file storage, Syrian Red Line, the Russian takeover of Crimea, the VA handling of veterans, release of Taliban terrorists from Guantanamo, the onslaught of children crossing the Mexican border, two years of lost emails of the key IRS individual and now Iraq.

I can’t imagine any previous U.S. President having so many scandals attributed to his administration and virtually none of them adequately answered or resolved. One must reasonably ascribe the failure to question these issues and ferret out the truth by a lack of earnest reporting by a sympathetic media that ignores the denials, stonewalling and misdirections of the White House. Were there any other person in occupancy at $17 Trillion Pennsylvania Avenue NW, I’d wager the lame-brain press would be bellowing that such action or, more often and more accurately, inaction represents a massive conspiracy to change our nation into something entirely different. But the press, that guarantor of truth and honesty, is asleep at the wheel while our American Republic is raced injudiciously toward becoming a European social democracy.

But what’s truly astounding is the poll numbers of individuals who still trust the president! This is blind faith beyond comprehension! I’ve heard all the left-wing zealots who advocate bigger government beyond the specifics of the Constitution. I’ve heard the collectivists who stupidly want open borders and a non-existent military. And I’ve heard the dismissals of complete lies about what Obamacare would bring – keep your plan, keep your doctor, etc. – bad enough when it’s political spin, criminal when total fraud.

Religiously, as Christians, Jews or Muslims, we rely on blind faith of a Creator who will deliver on the words we deem as our respective holy documents. We may come to that decision as we view the magnificence of the universe, the intricacies of a flower or the beauty of procreation of all species. Blind faith in our Creator is not an unreasonable practice in that most preach beyond the faith must be good or charitable works for our fellow man. History, however, has shown faith in our fellow man must also be combined with unfiltered verification.

But perhaps part of those good works are embodied in the old maxim of never saying ill of someone unless you can also find something good to say about them. Beyond the trappings of a good husband and father, I’ve diligently searched for the good things of Obama and finally come up with:

First, I find it admirable that he can find time to play golf in spite of the obligations of the office of president and in spite of the present chaos in the world. An earlier leader would have been on-station agonizing on whether his decision could make a difference. He’s been able to golf so much more frequently than I ever could with my meager and comparatively insignificant obligations.


Second, I admire how often Obama can take elaborate vacations for himself and his family on someone else’s dime. It would be nice if my rich uncle would foot the bill for the nicest hotels, food and private transportation to the many exotic places in the U.S. and throughout the world.


Third, I find it remarkable that Obama’s scruples allow him with a straight face to demonize any opponent with a differing view and to make statements that are false but that his minions attempt to spin as fact.


And lastly, I admire Obama, as a self-appointed messiah, giving speeches that mesmerize his apologists and send chills down certain commentators’ legs. His performances bring back memories of James Warren “Jim” Jones and other notable tyrants always accepted as truth by an unthinking multitude with unfathomable blind faith.

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Faith in Satoshi


I can see what's going on here with the Obama administration said the blind man to his deaf son. 

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Financing and equipping TERROR GROUPS LIKE ISIS.

Overthrowng governments like Libya, Eqypt, Ukraine, Syria (attempted), etc. to create regional chaos.

Stand-down at the Mexican border allowing illegal immigrants free access to US.

Lieing about Obamacare and not correctly accounting for the trillions of added costs introduced.


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The sheeple believe in a god who'll reward their overlooking of his flaws with a forgiveness of their sin of slavery. They just can't seem to name what god that is.

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I can’t imagine any previous U.S. President having so many scandals attributed to his administration and virtually none of them adequately answered or resolved. 

I got a name for you, George W. Bush. There you go, that failure of imagination resolved

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Running massive deficits that destabilize the dollar.

Bailing out banks and leaving citizens with massive debt.

Running VA hospitals that kill veterans.

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Running massive deficits that destabilize the dollar.

Bailing out banks and leaving citizens with massive debt.

Running VA hospitals that kill veterans.

Yeah exactly, and that's just the tip of the iceberg...illegal Iraq invasion based on well known bullshit? Patriot act? Yikes!


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Curious that your original post some of the writer's list of Obama's failures, yet you failed to enumerate Bush's.  Instead you stated that it was so.  Your reply didn't lack imagination; it lacked facts, yet you wanted us to accept your charges and blindly vote "guilty..because JC said so".

Later another posters picked up the ball that you dropped, and you nod in assent at the assist.

Obama voted for each of the 3 listed Bush guilts, and can we suppose that you still want to give him a pass?  You had the opportunity to write something like, "Yes, Obama is a worthless piece of shit and guilty as charged, but I'd like you to also consider these Bush failures (which Obama supported as a senator and continued as a President)", but you did not.  Your  left it to the reader to wonder/assume that you're still a partisan doofus stuck in the (D)/(R) dichotomy.

James_Cole's picture

Your  left it to the reader to wonder/assume that you're still a partisan doofus stuck in the (D)/(R) dichotomy.

And I care? zh has devolved into a bunch of old low class white male losers with nothing interesting to say whining incessantly about how the evil darky (and his evil libtard allies) in the white house is the source of all their problems. The is already a handy heatscore for such idiots, why they gotta take over zh too?

Over the past year tyler has gone from writing consistently good commentary to openly encouraging these losers. And this article takes the recent cake (thankfully not tyler attributed). 

Sometimes it ain't the guy in office, it's just you. 

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The problem right now is the enormous destruction Obama is imposing on the US (Mentor Bill Ayers is probably gushing).

Bush did his own damage, but that is not the current issue.


Perhaps information on how Obama rose so quickly...


Rockefellers Midwifed Birth of Obama-mania

April 23, 2008 (EIRNS)—In 2004, a national environmentalist entity created and managed by the Rockefeller family endorsed Barack Obama, then an Illinois state senator with little national reputation, in his race against other Democrats in his Democratic primary for United States senator.

The League for Conservation Voters announced they would "launch a new TV spot, titled 'Rising Star,'" which would run regularly "through Election Day in the Chicago media market." The League's press release boasted that the promotion was expensive: "the ad buy is a significant, six-figure purchase."

In the 2003-2004 campaign season (according to the Center for Public Integrity), the League also paid $297,867 to the political consulting firm of David Axelrod, which was managing Obama's campaign. Axelrod and his firm AKP Message and Media shaped Obama's political image and today manage the Obama Presidential campaign top-down.

The League of Conservation Voters was founded by Laurance S. Rockefeller and his close associates. Among the current directors of the League are Larry Rockefeller, son of Laurance (who died the year of the Obama Senate campaign); Wade Greene, counselor to the Rockefeller family; Donald K. Ross, strategist for the Rockefeller family's envirnomental and foundation activities; and Theodore Roosevelt IV, partner of Felix Rohatyn at Lehman Brothers. Roosevelt is the League's honorary chairman and a long-time leader of the group.

Historically, the Rockefeller family has been a central organizer of the financier faction which took Chicago from Lincoln nationalism and made it a center of the British fascist policy outlook (see accompanying item on David Axelrod).

The League of Conservation Voters works in tandem with the Partnership for New York City, in setting the agenda for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The Partnership was founded by Laurance's brother David Rockefeller, to carry on Felix Rohatyn's policies past the 1970s period when Rohatyn ran the bankers' dictatorship called Big MAC in New York City. ...

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Yaaawwwwwn.  Sorry, what?

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one of obama's few accomplishments is to make republicans hate the destruction of the constitution (warrantless wiretapping, indefinite detention, executive assassination, "preventive" war) when a democrat, particularly a somewhat black one, adopts (and expands) the policies of the previous republican administration.

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Using the defense of "The last guy was just as bad as my guy!" speaks volumes.

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Really? So break it down for us then. List all the SCANDALS of the Bush Administration.

I'll give you vast government expansion through DHS, and massive government intervention with TARP, but those weren't really scandals as much as they were soft tyranny creeping in. So, what scandals?

James_Cole's picture

Really? So break it down for us then. List all the SCANDALS of the Bush Administration.

That should give you a start. 

Jerome Lester Horwitz's picture to cite a credible source?

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

If people really can't remember all the Bush scandals they aren't trying very hard. As far as the amount of heinous scandals, it's not even close-yet. And we won't even venture to talk about 9/11.

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LOL keep watching that TV....bush was a bad puppet too no doubt, but those pulling the strings are making the new guy dance a dance that just about puts the folks in front of Ray's music exchange to shame.

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"The sheeple believe in a god who'll reward their overlooking of his flaws with a forgiveness of their sin of slavery. They just can't seem to name what god that is."

I do not now nor have I ever owned a slave.  Neither have my parents, grandparents, great grandparents, or great great grandparents. 

Considering the depth of my origins in IRE, it's more likely that my ancestors were themselves slaves rather than slave owners.

Go peddle your 40 ounces and an Escalade in Da Hood where the utter bullshit can be appreciated. 

"500 years of slavery in this country"?  How often do we hear that bullshit?  The 13 colonies declared independence on July 4, 1776.  Slavery was outlawed nationwide less than 90 years later.  It was already outlawed in multiple of those 13 colonies prior to their declaring independence btw.   500 vs < 90.  Math-challenged or simply mendacious?

Anything prior to then and you might want to peddle your beef to France, England, and Spain.  Blame me because I've supposedly benefited from slavery??  Logical gymnastics aside, you might apply the same twisted logic to those 3 countries and their current residents. 

Tiny Cuba held more African slaves than the USA ever did.  Curiously no one complains to or about them.  Pockets not deep enough, and not enough Jew handlers to peddle the false guilt and division?  Brazil held at least 15 times as many slaves as did the USA.  Cue the crickets.

If slavery is the one sin that you hang your hat on, then your silence on the rest of the world's slavery (incl that by historical and current African negroes), is simply deafening, and your outrage is utter self-serving bullshit that has little to do with slavery.

detached.amusement's picture

shit dont leave us with facts that say anything other than whitey is and forever shall be trying to put darkie down.

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you outline what is going on very well. however, the reason why the status quo continues to exist is that the average person does not know about it. this is all one big confidence game. Inflation calculated how we did it in the 80s means we are at 6-8% inflation, which means our GDP has been negative for at least a decade, which puts us in a depression not seen in nearly a century. what do we talk about? gay marraige, immigration reform, abortion. its nothing but a confidence game, and it will be able to continue as long as the average moron in the US isnt aware of whats being done to him

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If the writer "can't imagine so many scandals" then obviously his memory is faulty, because Bush W. had a lot more of them.

Jerome Lester Horwitz's picture

Yet your pea brain cannot name even one of them.

jeff montanye's picture

9-11 and the iraq war as a response to it were kind of scandalous.

to me.

last good president? ike.

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

I'll add 2 baddies to that. The US attorney scandal and the outing of a covert CIA operative.

detached.amusement's picture

"outing of a previously covert CIA operative"


FTFY, but nice try anyway....amazing when the media's got your back, right?

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

Keep tuning in to Fox News...and btw, i don't get my info from TV, zero

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Welll praise be to allah for the sheeple and all the other corrupt elected ruling elite turds for giving a pass for all this corrupt crap enabled by the incompetent, arrogant, narcissitic, illegal indonesian kenyan alien muslim sociopathic liar in chief only interested ibn its celebrity grand imperial golf life style at the expense of hard working US citiizen tax payers.... ain't it grand.....

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"I can’t imagine any previous U.S. President having so many scandals attributed to his administration and virtually none of them adequately answered or resolved."


Simple.....nobody fucks with Black Jesus.


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Too much anti-obummer stuff on zh lately. Attacking a pawn of the system rather than the system itself confers unwarranted legitimacy on the system, a system not limited by term mandates. It gives dullards the impression that the problem is the 'salesman in chief' themselves and not what they are selling. 



acetinker's picture

+1000 for you!  Ofuckme is a useful idiot- soon to be a useless eater.  Hide and watch.

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But he is our first "affirmative action" president. What the heck did you expect? He never did anything useful in his life. He thinks his destiny is to be a "Big Man" like they have back in the home country.

Hugh G Rection's picture

You saying being a whore puppet for the evil banking empire isn't useful???

Hugh G Rection's picture

If you think things would be any better under Rmoney... You might be a moron.

CH1's picture

Things in general might be worse, but the author is right about the scandals - pretty unlikely Romney would have gotten away with the same shit.

Hugh G Rection's picture

That's probably true.

After they wear out the race card defense with Obama, I can't wait to see all the allegations of sexism under Hillary!

Redneck Hippy's picture

"I can’t imagine any previous U.S. President having so many scandals attributed to his administration and virtually none of them adequately answered or resolved."

So you were born yesterday, or at least not old enough to remember Geo.W. Bush.   Somehow Benghazi, Benghazi, look over there, Benghazi, doesn't quite equate to getting the World Trade Center blown to bits, or lying us into the wrong war.


Hugh G Rection's picture

The World Trade Center blown to bits?  You saying those three building that got dropped had explosives in them???

It's not like RJ Lee, USGS, et al found evidence of nano thermate and iron rich microspheres in the dust.  It's not like those samples were peer reviewed in the Bentham Open Physics Journal.  Nah... Those weren't chips of thermate, Bennie The Zio Chertoff over at Popular Mechanics proved those chips were just incendiary paint primer.  Nothing to see here.

Four chan's picture

jesus clinton is the undisputed king of twisted behavior and resulting indiscretions. obama is a distant runner up.

TulsaTime's picture

Yes, if you are easily led and believe everything stupid people at Fux tell you, you might think that.  Love how it brings out the "proud to be speaking in racist code" crowd on this page.

NidStyles's picture

When will you tools realize that it's a joke?


You know humor, that thing that keeps you sane while reading all of this BS that we see day in and day out...

Emergency Ward's picture

Let's celebrate the American President that has murdered more black Africans than any other President in history.  And don't dare criticize him for it!

ThroxxOfVron's picture

"Love how it brings out the "proud to be speaking in racist code" crowd on this page."


What is racist?  

What is racist code?

Any particular code or just the code(s) you identify as racist?

Are terms such as diversity and affirmative action part of a code?

What is political correctness?  Fairness?  Inclusiveness?  Justice?  Quotas?

Is La Raza any more or less racist than Black Power or White Supremacy?

There are so many types of racisism, so many types of racists, so many types of baiting and coded proxy accusation that I would feel very much better if We would all dispense with these damned codes and pc anti-codes and just call spades spades.

Steel Magnolia's picture

The race card is played when the left has no facts to argue with.. While people play this ridiculous game over race the entire country is being destroyed from within. Time to take off the gloves & fight fire with fire. When the shtf, no will care who calls who ~ what. 

Just remember this about Obama ~ Hilter is back & this time he's black!

TheReplacement's picture

A member for nearly four years and this is what you've been saving up for as your glorius first post.  Move OFA will ya?

Jerome Lester Horwitz's picture

Time to change that captcha to advanced trigonometry and calculus questions.

ENTP's picture

Obama is like a pitcher who isn't that great, but gets a lot of run $4 trillion in run support.  Kind of makes your job easier I suppose....