Today's Global Warming Propaganda Is Brought To You By...

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“It’s going to get a lot hotter in the United States over the next 100 years, and worse going forward," notes a report cited by Bloomberg.The report, below, fearmongers the mutually assured destruction that will happen if something is not done right now about global warming (despite the implications being out to the year 2200) concluding... "The risks are much more perverse and cruel than we saw with the financial crisis, because they accumulate over time...a business-as-usual approach is actually radical risk-taking." Can you guess who sponsored the report and used those M.A.D. words?

First, the report via Bloomberg,

In a report published today called “Risky Business,” commissioned by some of America’s top business leaders to put price tags on climate threats. For example, by the end of the century, between $238 billion and $507 billion of existing coastal property in the U.S. will likely be subsumed by rising seas, and crop yields in some breadbasket states may decline as much 70 percent.


But perhaps the biggest way Americans will physically experience global warming is, well, the warming. By 2050, the average American is likely to see between two and more than three times as many 95 degree days as we're used to. By the end of this century, Americans will experience, on average, as many as 96 days of such extreme heat each year.


The report breaks down “extremely hot” days by region to show what a child born in the past 20 years can expect to see over a lifetime.



The rising heat will strain the U.S. energy system,


As time goes on, the situation worsens.



By the end of the century, the Southeast will see an additional 11,000 to 36,000 people die each year from heat-related conditions as the region swelters under as many as 130 more days of extreme heat, according to the report.




If humans continue to pollute greenhouse gases on the current trajectory, the average Midwesterner could see an HHSI of 95 degrees two days every year by the end of this century. By the end of next century it will be impossible to remain outdoors without a cooling system for 20 days a year.



"The risks are much more perverse and cruel than we saw with the financial crisis, because they accumulate over time...a business-as-usual approach is actually radical risk-taking."

And in case you were wondering who would create such scaremongery (rightly or wrongly) and Mutaully Assured Destructive words?

Today’s report was funded by


Hank Paulson, the former head of Goldman Sachs and Treasury Secretary under George W. Bush,


by former hedge fund manager Tom Steyer and


by Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York and founder of Bloomberg LP. Backers also include former U.S. Treasury Secretaries George Shultz and Robert Rubin.

Forget TARP - this time it's the world!!!

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If you want a good laugh look at the Global Warming predictions of 30 years ago, and what they predicted for today.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

The sky is falling!

The sky is falling!

BigJim's picture

Where's HackMaster? She should be all over this.

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Oh I bet he has some good ones, like that "hedgetard" one this time!!






gh0atrider's picture

Fuck global warming and the Al Gore it rode in on!

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I'm still hoping for global warming, er climate change, whatever...because I remember Letterman's list of best things about global warming...

"Hot babes, less clothes, 'nuff said!"

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Today’s report was funded by


Hank Paulson, the former head of Goldman Sachs and Treasury Secretary under George W. Bush,


by former hedge fund manager Tom Steyer and


by Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York and founder of Bloomberg LP. Backers also include former U.S. Treasury Secretaries George Shultz and Robert Rubin.


Follow the fucking money.



Pinto Currency's picture

Follow the money, indeed.

This all reminds me of the "Beat Inflation NOW" stickers from the 1970s.  (This time we'll probably see "Beat Central Bankers Now" t-shirts in the US and Germany).

Anyway, who are these fools confusing everyone and promoting taxing global warming into oblivion?

Hell with a big enough gov program we can "Beat GLOBAL WARMING Now".

Let's TAX CO2 back to 3.5 parts per 10,000 from 4 parts per 10,000!  YOU CAN DO IT!!!

The following may be a lead...


Rockefellers Midwifed Birth of Obama-mania

April 23, 2008 (EIRNS)—In 2004, a national environmentalist entity created and managed by the Rockefeller family endorsed Barack Obama, then an Illinois state senator with little national reputation, in his race against other Democrats in his Democratic primary for United States senator.

The League for Conservation Voters announced they would "launch a new TV spot, titled 'Rising Star,'" which would run regularly "through Election Day in the Chicago media market." The League's press release boasted that the promotion was expensive: "the ad buy is a significant, six-figure purchase."

In the 2003-2004 campaign season (according to the Center for Public Integrity), the League also paid $297,867 to the political consulting firm of David Axelrod, which was managing Obama's campaign. Axelrod and his firm AKP Message and Media shaped Obama's political image and today manage the Obama Presidential campaign top-down.

The League of Conservation Voters was founded by Laurance S. Rockefeller and his close associates. Among the current directors of the League are Larry Rockefeller, son of Laurance (who died the year of the Obama Senate campaign); Wade Greene, counselor to the Rockefeller family; Donald K. Ross, strategist for the Rockefeller family's envirnomental and foundation activities; and Theodore Roosevelt IV, partner of Felix Rohatyn at Lehman Brothers. Roosevelt is the League's honorary chairman and a long-time leader of the group.

Historically, the Rockefeller family has been a central organizer of the financier faction which took Chicago from Lincoln nationalism and made it a center of the British fascist policy outlook (see accompanying item on David Axelrod).

The League of Conservation Voters works in tandem with the Partnership for New York City, in setting the agenda for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The Partnership was founded by Laurance's brother David Rockefeller, to carry on Felix Rohatyn's policies past the 1970s period when Rohatyn ran the bankers' dictatorship called Big MAC in New York City. ...

AlaricBalth's picture

Under Paulson’s leadership at Goldman Sachs the firm ramped up its investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy, including solar, wind, and biofuels. “We’ve made well over a billion in [clean-technology] investments,” Paulson said in 2006. “We’re not making those investments to lose money.”

Just talking his and his crony friends' book.

espirit's picture

The global warming cadre seems to overlook the fact that most of the U.S. (cough, cough, northern hemisphere) will be hot due to 3 NuKuFuKu power plants going China Syndrome (Uh, Ecuador), and WIPP going critical disgorging toxic brew across the flyover farmland.

100 years? Give me a fucking break.

MadMax in Tesla's? Buhahahahaha....


crazyjsmith's picture

Ransom note written on a napkin...

We all must act now!!  You all must wire me $750 Billion or you will all burn in hell - there is no time to think - my next 5 generations count on it.  

If you don't pay up, you are simply a Racist, a Terrorist and worst of all, most likely a conspiracy theorist.    My paypal account is -

Lord Paulson - 

eclectic syncretist's picture

Plant a fucking tree in Hank Paulson's ass, and use Bloomberg for the fertilizer.  The carbon dioxide levels drop, and problem solved.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Looking at the map. Temperatures higher than 92 degrees with humidity? Texas gets that every day during the summer and the future map has a few days in 2200. Ha ha! This is beyond fake to me at that point.

NoDebt's picture

I find myself wondering why these guys even need a pretense like "glabal warming" any more.  They could just come out and say "We're going to scam you out of your money and there's not a damned thing you can do about it."  Nobody would push back and it would save them a ton of time coming up with lies and dummied-up data to support some fiction they themselves don't even believe.

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

thats what its about right there. they want to tax eveything that generates carbon emissions. which is pretty much all economic activity. THats the goal, a global tax on pretty much all economic activity, global warming is just what is being used to sell it to people. nothing but snake oil. What really cracks me up is some of the people on this site, who will correctly call out all the bullshit and lies put out by the govts of the world and the MSM, but when 'global warming' or 'climate change' or whatever comes up, they buy into it hook-line-sinker. those same peolple who will laugh when the govt sock puppets talk about how great the latest GDP or unemployment numbers are will then parrot the climate change hype, how we must 'do something' and encourage yet more govt control over the economy.

Fedaykinx's picture

it's not really all that funny.  thank goodness i'm self medicated.

Flakmeister's picture

The above chain reads like a script from Lost....

Well, the self-medicated line wasn't bad...

NidStyles's picture

Without you, how would we entertain ourselves? 



COSMOS's picture

YAWN, YAWN ... All I know is warmer temps means more water from the oceans evaporates and falls down as rain.  Who the heck reads Bloomberg or any of the other big media outlets.  They dont report the news they DISTORT it and they serve the interestst of the kleptocracy.  I will not give them my business, period.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Well Nid, I myself can think of numerous more pleasurable ways.;-)

Flak to me is that asshole in every class you take asking inane questions or pointless interjections to get the teacher off track. Their sense of self importance never fades and you must endure them to the end with only a fantasy of applying duct tape to their mouth. With a little Zen you can reduce them to a annoying gnat buzzing in your ear. This is usually the best course because they thrive on attention, good or bad.


Flakmeister's picture

I love it when you talk dirty to us...

NidStyles's picture

I bet that's not the only dirty thing you like.

eclectic syncretist's picture

"Without you, how would we entertain ourselves? "

I suppose we could watch old videos of a young Hank Paulson addressing his next victim.

boogerbently's picture

The "liberals" cure?

I bet if we added a TAX.......THAT would solve the problem.

Less ice = more water = more agriculture.

10,000 years ago we had a couple of more degrees heat, and lot's more farmable land.

Enoch's picture

you should see the scary looks on paulson's face in the photos on bloomberg. crises actor

r00t61's picture

One quick nit: It was "Whip Inflation Now," which forms the acronym WIN, started during the Ford presidency.

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

you wont hear that these days. admitting inflation was a problem would lead to questions about why it happened:fed printing and deficit spending. Back then, central planners had the problem of relatively honest inflation calculations. nowadays, we just say you can get a huge-assed TeeVee, and that should more than offset any increase in the cost of food


conscious being's picture

Carl 100% about the AGW as a means to tax more activity.

I just want to add that it also acts as a way to manage the oil production peaking/ plateau without admitting same exists.

Long solar cycles.

sdmjake's picture

You are correct. It was Whip Inflation Now. And i think his idea, corrected to WHIP Central Bankers Now, sounds fantastic.

Let the whippings commence!

BraveSirRobin's picture

But I thought we elected Barak Obama? Did we not? Did he not promise to stop the rise of th eseas and heal the planet? Oh, God, I am so confused. Has McCain been president all these years? I should really read a news paper and stop getting my news from the internet.

BurningFuld's picture

We must start trading those carbon credits NOW or we are all going to die!


tmosley's picture

Sacrifice your children to Quetzacoatl, or we'll all lie, sorry, die!  Why aren't you worshiping death yet?  You must wordhip death or else you'll die next!

conscious being's picture

The Mayans used to go around to their vassal states with something like a press gang to collect victims to sacrifice to the god in the well in Chichinetza.  In one village, they had a volunteer, who eventually became known as Rabbit.

One day in the holding pen in Chichenitza town Rabbit's number was up and it was time for him to get tossed into the fearsome well.  The way this worked is that the victim would be tossed in the well over night and in the morning, they'd be found drownd.  On rare occassions, the victim would be found still alive in the morning, in which case they would be brought before the high priests and assembled population to hear what message from the gods the miraculously still alive person carried back.

Sure enough, the next day, when they came to check on Rabbit he was still alive.  They helped him out of the well, brought him before the multitudes, and asked about messages from on high.  Rabbit answered he did have a message, the message being that from now on he's the new boss and everyone can bow down and refer to him as Rabbit I.

soontobeblocked's picture

AGW proponents should paraphrase ZH's tagline:

"On a short enough timeline, and through selectively ignoring data, and through fabricating other data...statistical frauds can blame anything they want."

Sauk Leader's picture

They took several samples of prevously adjusted seasonal temp data and plugged it into the BLS X-12-. ARIMA model to get the results. I would say 90% accurate.

Stuck on Zero's picture

As a scientist I have scientifically extrapolated those dire charts and arrived at the conclusion that by 2450 the surface of the earth will exceed the temperature of molten iron.  Therefore I recommend investing in asbestos.


mkkby's picture

They can't predict the weather beyond looking out the fucking window.  But they can predict it 100 years out with enough certaintly that it becomes the next crisis to manage. 

Oh wait... it's REALLY about raising taxes and therefore keeping the debt ponzi going.  Now we're making sense.

Flakmeister's picture

Hey numbnuts!

Learn the differecne between climate and weather...

Climate is a long term average, weather is day-to-day...

wee-weed up's picture



Is Al Gore still trying to get the people...

Who give him massages...

To stroke his middle leg?

Tall Tom's picture





FlakFRAU is a WOMAN.


FIFY NidStyles

Tall Tom's picture

Of course FlakFRAU downvotes this. But she knows that I know.

mvsjcl's picture

"For example, by the end of the century, between $238 billion and $507 billion of existing coastal property in the U.S. will likely be subsumed by rising seas..."


Obviously not allowing for inflation. By my reckoning, the numbers closer approach 230 - 507 TRIllion.

Not Too Important's picture

The ozone layer is just about completely gone. Fukushima has filled what little atmosphere we have left with thousands of tons of aerosolized enriched uranium and plutonium, with fission still occurring and generating further massive amounts of radiation. The radiation in the North Pacific is killing the phytoplankton, which globally is responsible for 60-70% of our oxygen. The food we eat is mostly GMO, pretty much guaranteed to give us softball-sized tumors within 10 years. In the US and Canada, our drinking water is becoming completely saturated with fracking chemicals.

Global warming, climate change - yes, our atmosphere is completely fucked. No, there isn't a damn thing anyone can do about it. More nuclear reactors will blow, more oxygen will be destroyed, more food will become lethal, more water will become undrinkable.

In the face of this global extinction event, a few people have decided to maximize their profits on the deaths of billions.

We are far past the tipping point. We should be spending our money - real, fake, imagined, whatever - on alleviating the suffering of the masses, and the horrific suffering and death to come. If we don't learn to take care of them, there will be no care for us.

We, and our families, are all on a fast track to an early demise, courtesy of those that want to profit on our deaths.

It's over. If you got 'em, smoke 'em. Otherwise, fuck off, you global warming/climate change earth destroying bastards.


NidStyles's picture

Uhh, ozone is a form of strata not a "layer", and it can move around, but not completely disappear. If you read into how it's formed it would be obvious why that is the case. 

James_Cole's picture

Yeah, it's all or nothing. Ozone depletion, pff who cares? Long as something ish is there! In fact, I hear it's going to be grand, just like increased CO2, nothing but good things!! Humans will go extinct, sure, but think of the jellyfish!

NidStyles's picture

Because Wikipedia is reliable..... 

Fedaykinx's picture

the ozone issue is not a good angle to take if you're trying to convince people that global warming is real, and in my opinion is yet another example of conflating pollution with CO2.

also note how the latest environmentalist crusade du jour "fracking" is used as an integral part of the pitch; mix that with a little GMO's, Fukushima hysteria, and a healthy dose of bleeing heart nonsense and my bullshit meter is off the scale.

furthermore, if we're past the tipping point and there's nothing we can do, please shut the fuck up about it already.

NidStyles's picture

Freon molecules are too heavy to reach the levels of strata where "Ozone" natively hangs out. The only place they can interact is over Antartica. During a large percentage of the year there is a shift of ocean bearing CO2, the air literally can suffucate small animals, as seen here:


The primary issue with this is that we have no idea what causes it. It doesn't seem to respond to CO2 shifts so much as it does to participation levels.  So what is this then?


It makes no sense. If it's warming and killing those animals how is the ice thicker?