Dick Cheney Fearmongers "A Terrorist Attack Bigger Than 9/11 Will Happen Before End Of Decade"

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Hot on the heels of Eric Holder's domestic terrorism task force creation, Lindsay Graham's recent diatribe of the "inevitability" of another terror attack (on the US) by Syria or Iraq, adding that "according to our own Director of National Intelligence, FBI Director, the next 9/11 is coming from here," it seems the ultimate scaremonger has decided it is his turn to stir the pot. Appearing on Hugh Hewitt's radio show, Dick Cheney explained that he "doubted" whether the US would "get through this decade" without another "massive attack on the homeland." But it's what he said after that makes Obama's NYC nukes concerns pale in comparison...

"I think there will be another attack. And the next time, I think it’s going to be far deadlier than the last one.


Imagine what would happen if somebody could smuggle a nuclear device, put it in a shipping container, and drive it down the beltway outside Washington, D.C."


As Kimberly Paxton at The Daily Sheeple concluded,

Thanks, Dick.  You really couldn’t make it any more obvious that a major false flag event is in the works.


Whatever is coming, it’s going to be huge. A lot of people are going to die in horrific ways. Ghastly pictures will be plastered all over the news to reinforce the awful event and make certain it is foremost in the minds of America.  The Ministry of Propaganda mainstream media will diligently traumatize people like it’s their job. (Because, you know, it is.) Someone will be painted as the boogeyman and we’ll have a new enemy to hate.


And while everyone is afraid, wars of vengeance  (that are actually to line the pockets of those who are already wealthy) will be declared, legislation will be written and hastily passed, and rights are going to be lost.  What’s coming will make the unPatriot Act look like a wholehearted endorsement of our unalienable rights in comparison.


It’s coming... and we have to look at every event with skepticism if we wish to know the real culprit. The real terrorists are probably spending about half of their time in our nation’s capital. It doesn’t get more “homegrown” than that.

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NidStyles's picture

I'm so confused, should I laugh or cry? 

kliguy38's picture

Chucky Shumer and Lady Lindsey should be joining the chorus soon to confirm the attack..... be afraid...be VERY afraid. I'm bending over right now and dropping my drawers for a good reach around from the TSA.

Anusocracy's picture

Probably an accurate prediction if you realize the US will be the terrorist.

Sean7k's picture

But if they blow up DC, isn't that a good thing?

krispkritter's picture

They said Swingin' Dick had a heart transplant but I was hoping for a brain transplant.  Thing is, I'm pretty sure he has neither.  Richard 'Obvious Dick' Cheney...prepping the bunker for this one too you rat-fucking-bastard?  

knukles's picture


Dick got an indestructible titanium heart in exchange for his soul and donated the old evil heart of darkness to Obie.


Question:  Why should anybody be any more worried about the container in DC than anywhere else?  Like Dubuque, or San Fran?  Or Atlanta.  Or Detroit.  Well, Detroit could be the second string default... but why in this fear-mongering, is DC so sacred?  Mayhaps because the pols who would worry about being the target because "them enemy people" get mad at them in DC for their polices, just so happen live in DC? 
Maybe maybe maybe?

Bringing it onto one's self?

krispkritter's picture

Now that I think about it, if DC was nuked, probably 75% of the country would stand up and cheer, then ensure that not another fucking dime of tax money was sent to the smoking pus stain.  Think of the boost to the economy if DC disappeared and all that money stayed in your pocket and no more billion$ left our shores to prop up puppet governments and enrich the bankers....a boy can dream can't he? 

Never One Roach's picture

It's people like him who make me regret all the medical advances heart doctors have made thru the years.

imaginalis's picture

Will he live long enough to carry it out?

SoberOne's picture

But thankfully we have the NSA to help plan, errr, thwart it!

Reaper's picture

Please have compassion for him. He's out of the loop and can't have a hand in planning a bigger false flag.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Hopefully Dick is dead by the end of the decade.

Big Corked Boots's picture

Y'know, he got away with it the first time. Why not try it again - only bigger? 

COSMOS's picture

LOCK HIM UP, put that Cheney POS behind bars and there won't be any terrorist attack on the USA in a few years.

Also what about 'MISSION ACCOMPLISHED' or was the new terrorist act the new mission?  Im confused about the missions and the victims.

Oldwood's picture

If you could sell derivatives on hate, QE could end tomorrow.

James_Cole's picture

If only cheney had been in power during the lead up to 911...

RaceToTheBottom's picture

Maybe if we gave the GPS coordinates of Cheney to them and could solve many problems in once swoop

James_Cole's picture

Truly a sad day that people question the wisdom of this man, practically clairvoyant!


(skip 30s in for some funny shit)

gold-is-not-dead's picture

Is he going to be convicted for that when it happens, this is him admitting guilty, right?

Optimus Nexus's picture

For some reason, evil people have obscenely long life spans. Don't know why; but it's annoying.

leftcoastfool's picture

You're absolutely right about the people cheering. The only bad thing is that Cheney and his cronies will schedule it when Congress is not in session, thus wasting a perfectly good nuke.  I'd bet that even the IRS crew will be gone when it happens...

max2205's picture

Hello MacGyver get your bags packed. June 6, 2016... 6/6/06

Lost Word's picture

Some internet source predicted June 22, of an unknown year,

based upon entertainment media hints already broadcast,

similar to hints that were broadcast before 9-11,

indicating pre-planned foreknowledge of 9-11.

worbsid's picture

Negative:  Try 2/4/16

plane jain's picture

Tried to chase this down for a lark.  Only thing I could find was a claim that the planet will pass through a sheet of dark matter on that date causing the next major cataclysm.

MeBizarro's picture

Yeah it would be great if millions of Americans were either killed in a nuclear blast or died horrible and agonizing deaths from severe burns and/or radiation poisoning shortly after the blast.  F@ck you and the people who gave this a thumbs up.

willwork4food's picture

That's not the point. The point was to get rid of arrogant DC Senators & Congress that are making this shit real.

Oracle of Kypseli's picture

<<< Imagine what would happen if somebody could smuggle a nuclear device, put it in a shipping container, and drive it down the beltway outside Washington, D.C.">>>

Vermin extermination? More people have died and are still dying in foreign wars than a one time event.

Anyone with skills and or good education should consider a better place elsewhere. Let the algos the HFT's and the unskilled immigrants poring in the country solve the US social, economic, financial and labor problems


Mauricio6401's picture

Probably we should fix the problems that natives created electing jercks in the gov.   It requires big guts to be immigrant, and it looks they are lost generation after generation.  

Raging Debate's picture

MeBizarro - I share your sentiment. Within a couple days after such an event 1/2 of you working won't be. There has been a lot of negative sentiment against intelligence agencies of late. This is to promote fear in my opinion to raise public support for continued funding not a 'plot' of complete self-sodomization.

These times remind me of the 1930's. Countries are not all in alignment, the rules of general human behavior and king of the hill apply. Betrayel is not only possible but a probability.

I want my constitutional Republic back but not at the costs of millions of lives. That may occur and I hedge with supplies but I won't live my life in fear. Paying attention though, is wise.

mastersnark's picture

Chill out, DC doesn't have any Americans living there, let alone homo sapien sapiens.  

FLHRS's picture

You'll pay to rebuild it bigger and better, and the same people will be calling the shots.

Sean7k's picture

New to ZH? We don't particularly like the government...with good reason.

blackholes's picture

Nuking DC would be an awfully convenient way to have the military step in as temporary (permanent) leaders.

Who knows what that clampdown would look like... for your own good, of course.

doctor10's picture

Mebbe because 'Bammy and Congress haven't yet delivered for the bankerz on Syria?

'bammy is busy even today trying to beat that dead nag

Idaho potato head's picture

There's a damn good reason his heart attacked him, time for the rest of his body to follow suite.

DeadFred's picture

If they told you where the attack would come then you'd know it was them. Be sure it won't be DC or New York. Chicago on the 4th would fit the bill. Somebody check and see it their usual crew of false flag actors are booked for that weekend.

pakled's picture

I dunno. That latest Jack Ryan movie painted a pretty ugle scenario...


Just sayin'

gdogus erectus's picture

Yeah, ever notice that the ministry of propaganda, I mean "Hollywood", has quickly moved out of the LA area over the last 10 years? Nearly no movies are made there anymore. A lot of TV and porn, yes. But very few movies.

New_Meat's picture

can't be any prospective attack, might be somp'tin t du wif taxzes 'n stuff.  Pluz the californication of dem mexicalizeez a'comin in t' duh state wid never mind no engrish keemosabe

Sean7k's picture

Bbuuut, I have a dream...and the weather there sucks...and they spend all that fake money...and they kill brown people....and now, they even kill americans and...it would just be soooo much easier and then we could dispense with this whole governmental tyranny thingy...

DanDaley's picture

I had a vivid dream that freaked me out in 2002 thereabouts in which Baltimore got nuked, clear as hell. I woke up thinking, Why Baltimore? I couldn't care less about Baltimore and only drove past in once in 1975.  But thinking about it, it makes sense if it's some false flag: east coast with prevailing winds out to sea, doesn't contaminate much of the interior, still sends a message without taking out a really big city or DC, good for martial law. What's not to like? Never had it again.

ImGumbydmmt's picture

deleted comment, but I think you may be correct.

Anasteus's picture

As for me, the only remaining question left is why they're in hurry to establish the tyranny. After all, the more prosperous and free society the bigger profit goes to the pockets of the parasites, without even worrying about civil unrest as a bonus. Are they indeed pursuing the Elders Protocols scenario? Well, perhaps yes, but it's certainly not the right timing now for it to happen; the general strong opposition arises from all over the world which would very likely keep them isolated if this really happened.

The only plausible explanation I see is they know they can't keep the prosperous society up and running and that the crash is indeed inevitable in a relatively short period. To avoid general chaos (while keeping as much of the influence and the privileges they have as possible) tyranny is perhaps the only solution how to manage the after-crash situation regardless of reactions, consequences and general disdain coming from the outside world. Simply put, they have screwed it to such an extent they have no options to choose from.

They are cornered.