Head Of Fourth Largest Albanian Bank Assassinated In Broad Daylight

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It was about two months ago when in a shocking development in the otherwise sleepy tax-evasion haven of Lichtenstein, the CEO of local Bank Frick, was murdered in the underground garage of the bank by a disgruntled former client. As readers may recall, the tragic event happened at a time when there was a spike in banker suicides, prompting us to wonder if "with the first open bank CEO murder, one wonders if there will be a change in the pattern." Two months later it appears as if the vector of death is indeed changing when, as Reuters reported, overnight the head of the fourth largest bank in Albania, Credins, was murdered, shot at least five times, as he entered his office in the capital Tirana.


Several witnesses said Artan Santo was shot at least five times by two men on a motorcycle at a busy crossroads just off Tirana's main boulevard where the bank's offices are located.


It was not immediately clear who was behind the killing. Police have offered a reward of 10,000 euros (7996 pounds) for anyone who can provide information on his killers.


Witnesses said Santo's body lay for half an hour under a white sheet as police investigated the scene.


A former director of Albania's Savings Bank, which was bought by Austria's Raiffeisen 10 years ago, Santo, 58, left to lead Credins Bank, established by a group of Albanian businessmen. Fifteen of them control almost 72 percent of Credins shares.


Under Santo's management, Credins Bank grew to become Albania's fourth largest by deposits, with a 7.9 percent market share in 2012. Santo was among the shareholders. He also owned a large stake in a media group.


Santo was well known in the Balkan country for his acting role as a boy who overcame adversity to climb a mountain in the 1970 Albanian film The Courageous.

At least in the Lichtenstein murder the killer was quickly caught. This time it will be far more complicated, especially since it appears to have been much more than a merely case of angry clients. Luckily, for now one can dismiss these "terminal" events as they are both isolated and taking place in obscure European locales. That too may soon change, especially if the global central bankers do all they can to push wealth disparity between the haves and have nots to fresh record highs.

In the meantime, unfortunately, the "boy who overcame adversity to climb a mountain in the 1970 Albanian film The Courageous" is now dead.

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Somebody hand me a tissue.  /s

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$20 bet- one or more of the 15 "controlling partners" had him taken out.

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Coming soon to a banker near you!

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This makes me wonder if Corzine is sticking close to his buddy Barry, and more importantly Barry's Secret Service detail. 

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It's Albania, for phuck's sake, what do you expect?

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His buddy, Bill, has great tax-payer funded security for life, too.  It is good to have choices.

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Like?  Love!

Jon is safe and secure in Hillary's arms.

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At the risk of sounding facetious or insensitive, how large is the 4th largest bank in Albania? Is it bigger than your average WalMart?

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At the risk of sounding facetious or insensitive, how large is the 4th largest bank in Albania? Is it smaller than MFGLobal?

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Killing a banker?  Sounds like a victimless crime to me..

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Corzine is in jail, is he not? Oh wait.... 

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He looked like a nice guy though...

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perhaps this is why NYC is a gun free zone...

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isnt this a cure song?

standing in a lot

standing on the land

staring at the banker with a gun in my hand

im alive

hes dead

killing a banker.

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assassins on motorcycles... the signature method of guess who...  everyone's favorite middle east terrorist state/hell hole.

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Just like the ocean liner full of lawyers sinking joke

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Is Chelsey John Corzine's Daughter ???

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What difference does it make?

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He does not look like he likes that hug.

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"I was curious if I could care about money, but I couldn't!"

MAYBE if she had said "other peoples money" then it would be possible.

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Corzine: Get off me you psycho clingy bitch.


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"Like Wisconsin?"

Ziskey: I once got my ass kicked in Wisconsin.

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At least they had the civility not to use a friggin' nail gun.

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The least they could of done is made it look like an accident and said the parking gate accidentaly came down and hit him in the head while he was in his convertible driving out.

Or been more gruesome and said the parking gate decapitated him.

Anyways this proves bankers are not liked anywhere in the world.

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But it was an accident. Motorcycles have a terrible fatality record.

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It was a nail gun-free zone.

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And while we're on the subject of Albania, an estimated 1/2 of its Gross Domestic Product (in monetary terms) just recently went up in smoke:

The village of Lazarat produces 900 tonnes of cannabis annually, worth 4.5bn euros ($6.1bn; £3.6bn) - equivalent to almost half of Albania's gross domestic product.


Such a silly thing to do, what else can Albania produce and export?



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Maybe the two events are related.

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He fell on a loaded gun....sad accident

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Got to wonder what kind of goods Corzine must have on Holder and / or Obama????

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That's how it works for the banker/politicos... everybody has something on someone - if you dont' when you get in they set you up and tempt you to violate your principles be it greed, sexual affairs, etc. and then they use it against you to keep you in line.

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Pretty obvious Corzine has been in hiding for a long while. I have often wondered how many mafiosos lost a large chunk of change in MFG ? Guaranteed some did in Chicago or New York and even if they were not high level guys, I imagine there are some serious grudges yet to be fulfilled .

The entire thing was an orchestarted take down so CME would be the majon player ? And all in Chicago of all places ? What a stunning coincidence. Can't have competittion now can we, especially if you know Holder will do nothing because he is part of the plan as well as JPM and a few gov watch dog agencies. And the congressional investigation found no wrong doing? HA HA HA HA HA  


We live in massive illusions and all are simply control mechanisms created by the control freaks we call our leaders  !  John , I hope you live in total fear until the day comes that one of them bad asses catches up with you. Fuck all you criminals,


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I hope said bad ass has the privacy and leisure to take the sort of creative vengence the mafia has always been noted for.

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About time.  Things seemed to be going quiet for a while there.

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Merit based performance plan?

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sic semper tyrannis



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Never flip off a biker.

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What decade are you living in?  

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The one when his Thorazine treatments began. 70's?

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Look out Minnie-Me.  They comin' for ya.


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Really. I haven't even seen anyone wearing their colors in over 30 years. 

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use an asshole for your avatar, it would be prettier

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...CEO Santo demanded His Bank's Gold be returned/delivered from Wall Street. Looks like His request was answered.

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It wasn't really that "tragic" to call 4 wasting a tissue on. Use paper Au instead.