Obama Asks For $500 Million To Equip Syrian Rebels As The ISIS Juggernaut In Iraq Spreads

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It is going from bad to worse for the Iraqi government, whose armed forces according to at least one unconfirmed media report, have suffered major losses.

Perhaps confirming this, is the report from Reuters that overnight ISIS continued it southern creep toward Baghdad, and has now reached a town that is just an hour from Baghdad which is home to four natural gas fields on Thursday, "another gain by Sunni insurgents who have swiftly taken large areas to the north and west of the Iraqi capital."

The overnight offensive included Mansouriyat al-Jabal, home to the gas fields where foreign companies operate, security forces said. The fighting threatens to rupture the country two and a half years after the end of U.S. occupation.

Meanwhile, the Jihadists continue to consolidate their territories not only in the middle of the country but key transit points to Syria where as we reported yesterday, al-Qaeda forces in the two countries merged after ISIS forces and troops from the al Nusra front combined in at least one city. ISIS now control several border posts with Syria and have stolen U.S.-made weapons from Iraqi forces.

Iraq, however, has not been completely paralyzed in light of the oncoming juggernaut and overnight Iraqi forces launched an airborne assault on rebel-held Tikrit on Thursday, landing three helicopters with commandos in a stadium for what appeared to be their boldest counter-attack yet against Sunni insurgents who have rampaged through the north.

Eyewitnesses said battles were raging in the city, hometown of former dictator Saddam Hussein, which fell to Sunni Islamist fighters two weeks ago on the third day of a lightning offensive that has given them control of most majority Sunni regions.


The helicopters were shot at as they flew low over the city and landed in a stadium at the city's university, a security source at the scene said. The government did not immediately respond to requests for comment and by evening the assault was still not being reported on state media.


The source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said fierce clashes ensued, centered around the university compound.


Ahmed al-Jubbour, professor at the university's college of agriculture, described clashes taking place inside the colleges of agriculture and sports education.


"I saw one of the helicopters land opposite the university with my own eyes and I saw clashes between dozens of militants and government forces," he said.

Perhaps the reason why the air force merely used helicopters and not airplanes is because as we also reported previously, the Iraqi air force "has only two modified Cessna aircraft."

Regardless, for now Baghdad appears to be safe unless of course ISIS manages to run over the Haditha Dam, which as we explained yesterday, is the second largest in Iraq and a critical source of drinking water for the capital. Should the Jihadists hold it hostage, or worse, release the contained water, the flood, or merely the lack of bearable living conditions in Baghdad, will promptly force the local population to evacuate thus opening up the path to the critical energ-rich areas in the south.

We will cross that bridge once we get to it. For now the far bigger focus appears to be on Syria whose eastern portions, as the following AFP map shows, is effectively ISIS territory with the al Qaeda group now controlling all the key border crossings on the Iraqi side.

Which perhaps explains why, literally seconds ago, and likely attempting to pivot from the disastrous events in Iraq, Obama is once again focusing on Syria. According to AP, President Barack Obama is asking Congress for $500 million to train and arm vetted members of the Syrian opposition.

The military training program would deepen the Obama administration's involvement in the more than four-year conflict between rebels and forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad. If approved by Congress, the program would supplement a covert train-and-assistance program run by U.S. intelligence agencies.The Senate Armed Services Committee has already approved a version of the sweeping defense policy bill authorizing the Defense Department to provide "equipment, supplies, training and defense services" to elements of the Syrian opposition that have been screened. The Senate could act on the bill before the August recess.


The president hinted at the increased support for the opposition forces during a commencement address at West Point last month.


"In helping those who fight for the right of all Syrians to choose their own future, we also push back against the growing number of extremists who find safe haven in the chaos," Obama told the graduating cadets.

But wait, didn't Obama do just this a year ago only to find that the arms were going into the hands of Al Qaeda extremists - essentially the same ones the US will be waging war against any minute in Iraq?  Well yes. But this time Obama has a fail safe plan.


Oh, it's just the "moderate" terrorists Obama will be arming. Not the more radical types. But how Obama will make the distinction? Well, that's what polling is all about. To wit: "Excuse me, would you describe yourself as a moderate or extreme al-Qaeda jihadist. Answering affirmatively to the former assures you your own US-made Humvee and a few thousand bullets to shoot at US soldiers across the border in Iraq."

While we wish we were joking, this sadly describes the current all too real state of US diplomacy in the middle east.

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He's already spent how many billion on these ISIS / Al Qaeda terrorsts now?

He's now asking for permission to finance AQ?

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Yeah but did you hear Kim Kardashian dyed her hair blonde?

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Quick! Start another war so we have something to blame the collapse of the dollar on!

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Yo Janet, I need some scrizz on the DL, can you print up say, 500 xx-Large?


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This whole thing is a joke, a bad one and it is on our account.

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People living in the ME don't think its very funny either.  for the most part.

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Did I miss the part where the Saudis and Qataris ran out of money?

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I know how to fix two problems.  Lets send all of the really violent and psychotic prisoners to Syria, Iraq, etc., and let them run wild.  We clear out the prisons, and don't need to send real soldiers to the middle east.  Now that would be a real Ye-Hawd!


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this all sounds very chaotic, but at least afghanistan has been secured

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"Obama Asks For $500 Million To Equip Syrian Rebels As The ISIS Juggernaut In Iraq Spreads"


Why?   Are they having trouble hauling their shit across the border?  

They have plenty of pickups.  
They have plenty of liberated US military equipment. 
They have the border.

Tell the greedy fuckers to move their own looted shit.   Or are we the Mayflower Movers now?

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Hey Vlad, what do you think should happen?

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Another day, another Onion-esque headline ! FORWARD !!

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If only TPTB could slap a happy hat on the global populace:


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$500 million for Al Quaida? This is the straw that broke my Groped Granny's arthritic back.
You know the dolla's turning into funfetti when they start chucking it round with such wild abandon

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Things must really be taking a turn for the worse when Obama is only talking in the hundreds of millions. Seems like a quaint notion now. A couple of decades ago Australia phased out 1 cent pieces, the concept of million is sure to follow in the states. In fact does the US have any millionaires anymore or have they either gone broke or turned into billionaires?

SF beatnik's picture

Me very confused.  WTF??????????????

I thought they were the bad guys. 

Keyser's picture

Al Qaeda has always been and will always be a group that is owned, funded and managed by th CIA... 


IronForge's picture

No.  I've an half-arsed proposition... give them another chance at the "Game of Life" in another Country.

Let's call it the "Penal Regiment". "Dissident Division", "Penal Corps", "Convict Corps", Anarchy Army", or "Team Tyranny".

A bit like Red Dwarf's Canaries(funny for them to think of it; but they've enacted AUS)... 
http://reddwarf.wikia.com/wiki/Canaries (Convict Army Nearly All Retarded Inbred Evil Sheepshaggers).

They'll have to learn the Local Language and Assimilate with the Local Customs.  Mandatory Community Work. Let them quell the "Opposition", give them Food/Meds/Ammo (and Sheep), Pardons/Letters of Non-Pursuit, and Travel Visas/Passports/Emigration Paperwork in those Countries.  Mebbe send some Local Vocational Trainers after a WarFront is quelled.  Mebbe send their families over after a War.

Yes - a One Way Ticket out of Prison and the USA - with no means of return.

They fight and survive - or die trying.  If they try to return, they get booted out and get sent to a slammer abroad.  If they join the Enemy, they become priority Drone Targets and their family/friends/fellow Convicts' valued humans get on the Big Brother's $#!+ Llist.        

That being said,
I've had several Troops who joined the Navy as a result of a Court Case - with mixed results.  Two Men did extremely well, one didn't like life at Sea and went back to Court (and Prison, I presume doing the similar work for less money and no pesonal freedoms), and (IIRC) a spoiled Girl from a "Rich" Jewish Family (called me an anti-semite once, should have fried her then - I used to be betrothed to a German Jewish Woman out of HS) became a Conduct Case (barred from re-enlisting), tried to have family stalk me and ruin my Life and Career afterwards.

I'd rather not allow Court Cases to be given access to the Military.  Wer're not Babysitters for some Problem Children and Miscreants.  That's what Juvi Halls and Prisons are for. 

Clueless1's picture

Sounds like that Carlin joke; fencing off the useless states of the US, putting a population of murderers in one, sex criminals in another, the criminally insane in another and the last state houses all of the problem substance abusers (Carlin defines problem users as those who keep fucking up while under the influence.  Everyone gets a dozen chances, otherwise the place will be filled with drunk and doped up teenagers). 

Food, weapons and drugs are air-dropped in, along with the new prisoners.  Once a month, the gates between the various states open for 30 seconds.  The entire facility is paid for via the revenue from pay-per-view.

There you go.  Give your Canaries helmet cameras, and then they can run the highlight footage on CNN. 

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Why does he need more money?  Wasn't this covered by the VIG?

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They spend more money there than they ever did on Detroit.  Money spend destroys more cities around the world when they could of been fixing cities back home.  This is why this country is going to shit.  This also buys tons of ill will around the world.  These same dudes we are outfitting have been killing christians and torching churches.

I guess the game plan is make every city around the world LOOK LIKE DETROIT.

Makes sense Obummer is a Muslim at heart.

WeNeedaRealGovt's picture

You sound like a typical ZH-GOPTEA-errr confused over who is advocating and spending money on war machine.  Like most GOPTEAs you forget it was YOU who voted in NeoCoNs and invaded IRAQ.  You probably voted for your local GOP who wanted to joing Gay John and Lindsey in arming the rebels that BO refused to, then you said he was weak and undecided.

Now you seem to ignore these same rebels have turned out to be true AQ, and you blame him for the Iraq mess.  I guess you'll agree he also let the towers fall?

I agree spend the $$ at home, but I can't understand how you would even post that since GOPTEAs only spend money on the rich and MIC...you people are stupid.  Plain and simple.

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Even a fake lobotomy would be too good for that guy.

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We don't need gov to take money and spend money.

We need gov to stop destroying our countries, facilitating paper money central banks and financial system fraud, to stop screwing-up health care systems with central planning, to stop violating property rights, to stop agitating for politics of envy and group conflict, ...


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You sound like a typical ZH-GOPTEA-errr confused......


That commercial was brought to you by Media Matters and the Center for American Progress where trolling on the internet pays numbskull liberal arts students more than minimum wage.

Or am I confused?


Bra ha ha ha


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Hey, Weeneed, the farce is strong with you.  Make your posts shorter maybe I will understand the humor better.

Midas's picture

What we have in Syria is a bunch of Towelheads trying to find reverse in a Soviet tank.

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"Most people get one(lobotomy) in grade school.  By the end of high school they've been hallowed out and are primed for college.  Then they enter the race.  Some have called it a rat race- I call it the human race. What a disgrace.

Here's a thought:  The ponzi is coming apart.  And at an accele-rate.  Permanent war status isn't enough.  TARP wasn't enough.  QE whatever wasn't enough.  The trillions that evaporated when the pentagon was hit by a "plane" weren't enough.  They can't let it go.  And I don't blame them exactly- who knows what happens when it blows.  If they scale back QE they need to scale up somewhere else. and up and up and up.  Exponential un-fun ction.

War is, as always, the answer.  Those in power have to convince us that these numbers matter- taxes, budgets, GDP- to keep us in line and maintain the status quo, but when all that math becomes inconvenient the collective mind of the rabble must be scrubbed with terrifying and awe-inspiring spectacle.  The "year of jubilee" delivered with a bullet.  Wait for it...... wait for it....... cultural lobotomy in 3......2......"  -therantingsofamadman

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Big problems require big distractions. These problems are epic...

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Can't believe there has not already been a repeat of the LA riots or was this part and parcel of putting a black man in the w.hite house?

Bottom line is, the LA riots spread across a huge cross section of society in multiple cities is what is in store for Americans. Can't imagine any force. police or military could stop this, it would be too chaotic for them to control. Besides that Chuck Norris would probably be on the side of the people and he'd neitralise the entire US military just on his own. One round house kick and they would all lay down their arms. 

toady's picture

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

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Rather I'd  front a full have me of bottle than lobotomy a frontal..  So there.

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What are you talking about?  I think you missed a few weeks of meds there.....

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Who the fuck r u responding to? Most here refrain from voting or vote out incumbents as a rule. Go buy a gun. You'll feel better.

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Interstingly, Barry has never asked even for 1 cent to help the American Middle Class, and yet he wants $500 million for a bunch of terrists.

WeNeedaRealGovt's picture

Another delirious post - what rock did you crawl out of.
Are you saying that the GOPTEA is helping the middle class? Which country?

Interestingly you have +'s. LOL

jcaz's picture

...More interestingly, you actually have one +...   Your mom must have come in from the corner for a few....

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Another reason why the Middle Class has disappeared and the tear-or-rists have multiplied exponentially.

COSMOS's picture

The grass grows where you water, ie where ever the greenback really do trickle as in gushing/come tumbling down down is where the growth is.

TuPhat's picture

Again, Weeneed?  What is GOPTEA? I bet you made that  up yourself didn't you.  You must not know that this is ZH.  Be a party basher somewhere else.  We don't like any of the parties here on ZH

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Weeneed is still in the Matrix and locked into that Red Team/Blue Team crap.


How does Pink Flloyd say it? He is nearly a laugh but he's really a cry.


It is really, very sad. But this is typical of most of the Zombies out there.


Hopefully he will learn something. If he keeps being a nuissance then he can go back to HuffPo, Faux News, or any of that other Socialist Propaganda Drivel.


They cannot even consider that anarchy works best. He needs to read Henry David Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience" to understand that when men are ready for it that the best type of Government is no Government at all.

nodoctor's picture

When your GOPTEA is POTUS or has a majority in congress, then we can talk about their failed policies. Until then we shall talk of the failures of the criminal politicians we do have occupying DC. Why useful idiots like you are so happy to pretend there is a difference between team Edward adn team Jacob I will never know.  Either that or you truly have not yet figured out that to buy into any part of the lie is to consent to the entire broken system - all of the lies, all the murder, all the coverup. Maybe you're just a paid rat for the oligarchy. Then go fuck yourself.

NoDecaf's picture

You obsess over the GOPTEA like a homophobe does over gays. Is it difficult to troll so much with those hairy palms?

ZerOhead's picture

"The squeaky wheel gets the grease."


The middle class simply isn't squeaking loud enough yet...

what's that smell's picture

>>While we wish we were joking, this sadly describes the current all too real state of US diplomacy in the middle east.

it's sad if you believe the policy is a failure; what makes you think it's failed?

both ISIS and AQ are funded by the USA. now, obama is asking for more money.

the objective is the destruction of the iraqi and syrian governments.

what's the joke? 

COSMOS's picture

Who can blame him he really wants that second Nobel Peace Prize.

Which brings me to bring this very important point.  Who sits on these Nobel committees and who owns them.  And are the science nobel prizes just as tainted except maybe for a few high profile achievements.

I say Nobel Schnobel its a bullshit prize.

Quus Ant's picture

you cannot serve god(conscience) and money.  If you want that paper you live at Caesar's favor.  And that goes for us all.

"in a rich man's house there is no place to spit but his face" -Diogenes