Are you Short?

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"Are you Short (the S&P)?" 

Sounds like it should be asked by Dirty Harry, followed by, "Well, do you feel lucky, Punk!". 

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Short? You mean having money on deposit at a brokerage company?

Why exactly would I do that?

They steal your money and don't get prosecuted.

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I decided to lower my beta without the use of bonds a while ago. 

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Put call spreads, the only way to go

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"Are you Short?"


Define the time period.  Stocks go up AND down every day.

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Fuck ya I've been building my short positions motherfuckers!

I plan things....I don't "trade" this rigged casino market - I work it.

5% of my clients portfolios have been short, from 1% up to 5% since mid 2011, when these cunts started spewing free clown bucks and greasing the bankers asses....

I learned from looooooong experience....this shit could turn on a dime, and head south like a scalded dawg....

I am also LONG motherfuckers....long and strong with this shit show....

Every so often, a prune - buy PM's with the profits, and trinkle a little into my short positions....showing a loss? Sure....

..but not too much.....and.....under my own program, I'll be right on top of it when the shit show finally turns....and it always does...

when? who the fuck knows....NOBODY BUT THE ELITE CUNTS AND WANKING BANKER COCKSUCKERS DO.... fuckin betcha

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There is no such thing as a happy man who cusses. Not now. Not ever throughout history. Go ahead loser; swear some more.

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Ask your old lady if I'm short.


She KNOWS I'm Long, Know what I'm sayin' Bitch?

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Actually, YOUR old lady's old, used pussy feels pretty good.

After you get past the used part.

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I aksed her.

She says you're shorter 'n a peep been runned over by a steam roller Bro.

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That's right on, give em hell BeetleBailey.  I hate these dikkhedds  that act like there are no shorts in the market.  Take a look at IBM, what a shitshow.  IBM keeps losing business overseas bc of their NSA infected bullshitware, they'll just take them out of them DOW and replace with a "favored" asslicker and voila, the DOW never goes down....

PCLN about to take a huge dump, already down from $1,350. Paid too much for opentable.  Price of oil and raging lunatics should do that pos in fairly soon.

There are shorts, plenty of them. 

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No, baby...

I'm smmmmmaaaaaaaaaaalalallllllllllllllllllllllll

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I must be just the right height.....

my feet reach the ground!

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"Convert USD into gold and sleep well at nights."

That's better than trying to go short this market.

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or at least 50% PMs, and 50% cash/shorts.

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It seems no suggestion of weakness no matter how subtle can exist because it may begin to unravel the already fragile consumer confidence. They don't want to enter the weekend or a holiday with a bad market.

While I think the market is way to high and distorted it is difficult to time a top and the low trading volume makes it easy to run stops. More on the reason for bears to be cautious in the article below.


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Trying to call a top (or a bottom for that matter) to play big on, that's what'll demolish the balance on a broker account. Better to maximize profits and minimize losses on a consistent basis, trading technicals on day- and swing-trade time horizons. That way when "the big one hits," one will likely find oneself in on the right side of the trade -- not "in big," mind you, but "in normal" and making plenty. It's swinging for the fences that'll kill ya'; ask me how I know...

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Went a little short (SRTY) today as insurance for the weekend.

If banks start collapsing in Europe, China, Japan, Argentina, or Mid-East then things might get interesting.

Noticed some banks in Bulgaria...which is odd since they just stopped South Stream...which is Gazprom/Russian...curious..

Reminds me of Cyprus.

Bulgarian central bank says banking system under attack

Depositors queued in the capital Sofia to withdraw funds from one of the country's biggest banks and its shares slumped, worsening a crisis that has shone a light on weak economic governance in the poorest European Union state.

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Bulgaria makes first arrests over bank runs

SOFIA, June 28 (Reuters) - Bulgarian authorities said on Saturday they had detained two men suspected of involvement in what they have described as an organised attempt to destabilise the country's financial system by encouraging citizens to withdraw bank deposits.

The national security agency said authorities had detained one man in the capital Sofia and a second in the Danube city of Ruse on suspicion of spreading false information about Bulgarian commercial banks.

They are the first arrests since Bulgaria launched a criminal investigation on Friday following a run on a second commercial bank in the space of a week. The interior ministry said criminals were using the internet and mobile phones to send messages urging citizens to pull their savings from banks.

Last weekend, the central bank took over Bulgaria's fourth largest lender, Corporate Commercial Bank (Corpbank), after customers rattled by reports of shady deals involving the bank rushed to withdraw their savings.

In the past two days, Bulgaria's third largest lender, First Investment Bank, has also seen large-scale cash withdrawals, prompting the central bank to warn of a systematic assault on the banking system. It has vowed to use all tools needed to protect citizens' savings.

The national security agency said in its statement that a 45-year-old man detained in Ruse had published malicious information about a large Bulgarian bank on his Facebook page and on a video posted on YouTube.

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Not a hard thing to do if your a Government Agency. "Then the Government starts blaming people with cell phones."

You're not getting liquidity in your market place by have a pipeline go through your property. In fact you're losing liquidity as "that's perfectly good land which grow food, allow grazing for farm animals" etc.

The Banks never had title to the land they were securitizing ("robo signing scandal") one talks about that anymore. Sounds stupid but incredibly the bubble of 2008 was back by NO ASSET WHATSOEVER!

Truly incredible "math work"!!!!
Gold? BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That's chump change next to the three towers of MBS, Second lien and credit card "recivables"!!! EACH of these markets was ONE TRILLION DOLLARS. "Gone in Sixty Seconds" too.

There were assets bought with this debt...the "bankers dream" is that all assets reset to one dollar. This in fact has not happened however because underlying all this speculative excess was the the Government...of a MASSIVE debt regime.

In short "goodbye Detroit!" et al.

We SHOULD BE Zaire or Zimbabwe. That's what the President and his gang wanted ("we have a printing press!") But that is not what has happened AT ALL.

"As luck would have it the USA was going through the biggest energy boom in world history." So instead of an inflation we've gotten a DEFLATION as the debt loads continue to go parabolic but the liquidity creation goes through the roof as well.

Short? HELL NO!

We have no draft...the military has gotten a LOT smaller...and for all intents and purposes the Federal Government has ceased to exist. STATE LAW now reigns supreme in land....and i do emphasize the world "land." Those are a lot of Federal Assets that have been created during the Cold War...the biggest one right now is called a "Tesla." It's not a cheap car...but that thing has the capacity to pretty much wipe out the bulk of Federal largesse save Social Security and NASA in my view.

I have no doubt the Service Chiefs can crash the commodity markets at will here should the Bailout Tycoons take things "too far." Has the loss of Detroit meant no more cars for Americans folks?

The exact opposite actually.

My guess is we've already gotten a million tons of gold from outer space...or even the Ocean actually...starting in the 1960's....stored mostly in Washington DC i imagine....maybe West Virginia as well though.

Same should be true of Russia as well...but doesn't seem to be.

Hard getting food from outerspace though. Or "land." I wonder what an acre of Mars is going for these days?

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New Economic School

On 2 October 2013 RIA news agency announced that the Board of Directors of private Moscow-based university New Economic School (NES) also known as the Russian Economic School has approved Simeon Djankov as its rector.[5] The New Economic School has Russia's premier economics graduate program, which had produced over 350 PhD economists since 1993. It is privately funded. In 2009, U.S. President Barack Obama was the commencement speaker. In subsequent years, he was followed by Leszek Balcerowicz, Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo, Israeli Central Bank Governor Stanley Fischer and Czech President Vaclav Klaus.

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When this market does turn it could go like a basket of fruit on a hot summer day, but picking the top will be a matter of luck. I see ugliness ahead. I love the way it is always being kicked out a year or two and never going to happen tomorrow.

For a long time I have been trying to develop a scenario for a market "super crash" and a reasonable map that would arrive at such a situation that would result in the markets being closed for an extended period. Below is an article looking at how it could happen sooner rather than later.


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The three day weekend is next week so you're a bit early

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Well now, wouldn't that be the perfect time then?

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Yes early (maybe 6 years been early on and off).

There is this now too...not the end of anything, but interesting.

Venezuela blackout leaves commuters scrambling, silences president


Bank ordered to return Argentine bond payment

A U.S. judge on Friday called Argentina's decision to make a sovereign debt payment in defiance of a court order an "explosive action" and told Bank of New York Mellon to return the money to the government.





Argentine V.P. faces corruption charges

An Argentine judge has charged Vice President Amado Boudou with bribery and business dealings incompatible with public office in a corruption case related to a currency-printing company, judicial sources said.

Federal Judge Ariel Lijo's decision came while Boudou was in Havana on a multi-country visit that began Thursday and will conclude next week in Panama.

The judge also handed down charges Friday against Jose Maria Nuñez Carmona, a business partner of Boudou's who purportedly served as a middleman in the vice president's alleged secret acquisition of the Ciccone Calcografica printing company, and three other suspects.

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Waiting for my entry point......maybe 2000 S&P and 10 VIX

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I'm only 5 foot 1.  Watch me totally lose my shirt -and then my mind:

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Short people got no reason to live.
- Randy Newman

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They got little tiny legs that stand so low

Ya' gotta' pick 'em up just to say hello


Imagine releasing that song today?

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The liberal cunts would poop their Depends....the sick twisted fuckers

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They got,little hands,
Little feet,
Little voices goin'"peep,peep peep"
I don't want no
Short people 'round here

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I gave you a vote up based on the last part of your comment.

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No, but I am long VIXY.

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This market can definitely stay irrational longer than I can stay solvent - so I'm on the sidelines - other than accumulating certain tangible goods/commodities that is.


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Slow news day?

Feels like it. To answer your question. Whoever is identified as making a killing on the short side when this entire market collapses, will have a very hard time.

Collecting on the trade should be difficult unless there's a bailout and a massive(r) print or reset. What is there to collect? More diluted paper?

Assuming the payout is great and the rest of the players are about to commit suicide. How far does the winner of the trade have to be removed from planet Earth before the losers find and nuke him?

You couldn't have shorted the Roman Empire. You could only prepare and try to be as far removed as possible from the fallout of the collapse.

Instead of shorting, convert USD into gold and sleep well at nights. Whatever they do at this stage in the game is bullish for gold. The USD as single reserve currency is finished, and with that the price manipulations in paper gold also. Central banks and governments can either default on their debt and liabilities or they can print to cover the bills, further diluting the money and hope inflation takes care of the rest.

I don't see a single scenario where potential benefits of shorting under these circumstances would outweigh the benefits of owning (and holding) as many physical assets as possible including land, machines, seeds, livestock, cars, fuel, gold, silver etc not necessarily in this order.

Have you guys noticed that shelves at stores are gradually emptier? The stores aren't restocking as much due to a lack of demand. Holding inventory is costly and the stores can't afford to do this anylonger. Same goes for the yards of machinery dealerships.

Government Motors can pump out faulty trucks and cars all day and night long backed by a plethora of cheap liquidity from every orfice of Wall Street's body but you cannot plow or work a field with a Chevy Malibu.

You think CAT is going to continue producing heavy duty equipment as usual when their sales are down 30%? Finding good equipment will get more and more difficult and CAT et al will not restart their production to pre crisis levels ESPECIALLY when the commodity and energy to make the products have risen astronomically!!!!

The economy is just about dead in the water now. Q2 may print a 1% GDP rise but that's it for this year. H2 will be abysmal. This is a vicious cycle and there's not one leader on the American horizon who is willing to attack those who caused the mess and try and set things right for 99% of Americans who have not benefited from this massive misallocation of capital and the vast corruption and crony capitalism.

NOT ONE FIGUREHEAD IN THIS ENTIRE COUNTRY who could bring the elite down to its knees and remove the nation's assets from its grip!

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"Whoever is identified as making a killing on the short side when this entire market collapses, will have a very hard time."

doubt it!

whoever shorted american airlines and united heavily just before 9/11, seems to have gotten away with it just fine...

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Correct.  I was massively short in both the last collapses.  They simply turned off the computers and said you terrorists cannot make money.  Go figure-the free market is dead.  Make money riding the coat-tails of the rick and powerful or go without.

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Thought about over the past year.

While the fed is doing the right thing by winding down "stimulus" (which has caused a massive implosion of yields world wide) I think the combination of the visceral need to hyperinflate all paper currencies backed by the massive need booms in energy (North Dakota, Gulf Mexico) innovation (cloud, Teslas, I-devices) industrial output (chemical plant expansions) and a multitude of other things are leading to the short trade in just about anything but gold to be total lunacy.

This is no "Wizard of Oz recovery"...the middle class has been utterly destroyed, entire Cities have been financially destroyed with many more to come, the policy makers have succeeded in losing not just one but two wars...simply put the Rise in the Tea Party shows a repudiation of the existing and bankrupt order is well underway.

It would be better for the country if the bulk of the folks having done this would simply resign at this point. It's only going to get worse for them going forward.

I the meantime all of these quantifiable realities have made short selling in almost anything a foolish game indeed. The only asset class that looks to be headed for oblivion is State and Municipal debt...Wall Street's "tragedy of the commons" (school teachers, firemen, policemen...civil society in general) and so Americans and policy executers need to be prepared for the inevitable.

Move along...

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I the meantime all of these quantifiable realities have made short selling in almost anything a foolish game indeed. The only asset class that looks to be headed for oblivion is State and Municipal debt...Wall Street's "tragedy of the commons" (school teachers, firemen, policemen...civil society in general) and so Americans and policy executers need to be prepared for the inevitable.

perhaps this explains the massive militarization of the law enforcement at all levels and branches- ensuring that the austerity bill can be collected?

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"...the visceral need to hyperinflate all paper currencies..."


The problem is they are "hyperinflating" global debt from 70 trillion to now 100 trillion, thus digging a deeper debt hole to collapse in on them.  The more they fight deflation, the more they are feeding it.

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Repeat after me children: "Deflation is gooooooood"


Now, what should you say to an expert economist who tells you deflation is bad?


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Gently falling consumer prices and the corresponding rise of middle and lower class living standards is the exact opposite of what the Establishment elite want.  It would make population control much less palatable to the masses.  

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What!?!?!      PivotFarm can't write worth a damn....and now he is trying to be WB7.

Tyler please....get rid of this guy.

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5'9", here...I feel like I tower over the two of you.