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My hands still smell like garlic from working for free at the garlic farm today.  You can't wash that smell off.  Well, whatever, I guess I learned a little bit.  I don't know though, I think it is all in honey bees.  I know some folks who do apiary.  I don't see how it can be a get rich quick idea.  I only see cash outlflow and without bees we are fucked.  I don't know some of these beekeepers are pricks in a way.  They do not want to tell you anything but they are quick to discover that I know my chemistry.  I have one friend in Texas who has hives going.  Fuck it, we will do it ourselves.

And yes, it was me who brought up fipronil as the cause for colony collpse disorder.  It was me who questioned BASF corporation on why they let that chemistry into the hands of imbecile homeowners.  I hate to .govs of the world but fipronil is wicked badass and maybe some regulation is in order.  Hell, it used to be an RTU but after 2008 it wasn't any longer.  It just destroys social insects hands down.  I am a licensed applicator and I have only sprayed around two ounces of this stuff my whole life

If our pollinizers die then we die too.  Not too many folks realize this sort of thing and how important it is. 

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The ugly face on Turkey looks a lot like Luis Suarez.

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WB7, How are you doing?

Anyway, just wondering if you have a list to work off and if so to please consider adding the TPP (Pacific) and especially the very unpublisized Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership” (TTIP) which according to Wolf is nothing short of the control and ownership of virtually every economic sector and public service in both Europe and the U.S. – with the exception, at the insistence of the U.S. government, of the financial services industry. Unbeknownst to almost all Europeans, the European Commission has shown a keen interest in opening up all public services to foreign corporate ownership, from health care to education, pensions to water provision.


Kinda need some WB7 "Exposure"

War on!

Thanks Bud!




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Visions of "dead broke" Hitlary...


...the only thing that would make this better is her pushing a shopping cart ;-)

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Here we are at the 100 year aniversary of he first industrial war, where goverments lied to the people on how many lives they were losing daily, the knew if the told the true number the public would of revolted.

The creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 then WW 1 one year later,  hummmmmmm what a coincidence! What reall freaks me out is tha the Viet Nam war is now older that WW 1, when I was of age to partiipate. my how time flies!

I am looking to some great work from you, William. on the topic of WW 1,

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 Viet Nam war is now older that WW 1?

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Damn, I guess I gotta draw you dumb fuks a picture. WW 1 (1914-1917)   1973 minus 1917 =  44 years.  1973 minus 2014 = 41 years. The Viet Nam war in 1973 is now as old as WW 1, do you get it now???

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Your statistical model is obsolete. The blowback is immediate and still mushrooming. We are captured by the choices and mistakes of our fathers, and their fathers, and their fathers... all the way back to cogito ergo summa #1. 

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w2 only lasted 5 years, less than 4 years with Japan. vietnam lasted 10 after LBJ. but you can't seperate W1 and 2, they're the same war. Iraq and Afghanistan have gone on ten years each. the wind gets colder, suddenly you're older... the man that got away

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Vietnam=1960 - WW-I=1914 = 46 years.

Now to Vietnam war 2014-1960 = 54 years.

If you were a young man in 1960 WW-I seemed VERY FAR in the past.  It wasn't.


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Vietnam is about 700 years old. Legend is, came into being when a local warlord gave the Chinese emperor the finger when he tried to claim their turf.

You'd fetch a lot for balls like that today. Personally I think its more about networks, coordination and working your balls off to make sure your children have a better shot than you did.

Fuck You traitor Nancy Pelosi. 

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 Viet Nam war is now older that WW 1?

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Also the 100th anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq by Western Forces for oil


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ww1 ? that would be the time of the french and indian war. if you mean the purposeful slaughter in verdun killing alley... all the troops were sent into to die,...why you say? oh never mind.

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We're here because we're here.

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Absolutely correct.  The First truly World War was the war that would see the sun never set on the British Empire and was the waning of the French empire.  America was part of that prize.  And that prize turned on Britain a few decades later and saw the waning of the British Empire and the rise of the American Empire.

So it should go....

French & Indian War - WW I



Cold War - WW IV

I wonder what empire WW V will see rise up in the ashes of the American Empire ?

Or.....will there be anybody left to even form an empire ?


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Dear Jumbi, the united states of earth includes america, no need to wonder if planet controllers will lose grip, america is built to last, but less folks. 

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Meh...history screams WW3 is just around the corner.  My only fear is that one of my nephews will get drafted or get swallowed up in the following zombie apocalypse.

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If you are truly worried about that then have a contigency plan ready to hide them, move them, ship them off somewhere where they cannot be found by our meat grinding, bankster run mercenary military.

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Aww, all we need do

is bring them to...

New Ellis Island

In New New York!

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Obama impeachment proceedings this week, when MSM gets up the PUPPET this much, something is going down.


Hillary to the rescue by the end of the week, hands dripping in metaphorical obammy blood and a foot in the Whitehouse door – Franz Ferdinand moment – me thinks.

Totally Misplaced optimism in markets – Egon Von Greyez


And finally China owns the USA – Jim Willie tells us, USA was lost in a back room card game in 2008 –


Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankefien and George Soros not only lost US sovereignty in the drunken card game but Lloyd woke up with false bitch tits a la Hangover PT III.


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The Chinese don't own shit.  They have a bigger credit bubble that the rest of the world combined and are over producing product and pollution.  They are as fucked, or more fucked (if that is possible), as everyone in this FUBAR shitshow.

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Wait until the EPA starts on their ass! All that dirty industrial " stuff" they do. Next thing, they're all gonna want cars and shit too. It's a good goddamn thing they are half a world away. We cleaned our shit up, but good. Got rid of all those dirty "smokestack" industries. ( where'd they go, I wonder)
Anyhow, we're clean, and don't want to breathe that dirty shit. So keep it over there, ha!

See, I grew up in Baltimore, in the 60s&70s. Our harbor was filthy, what with all the shipyards, chemical plants,foundries,steel mills,car manufacturing and such. And all the workers. Driving cars and taking buses to work. Horrible. And now, all that filthy ness is gone. And there are high rise condos, waterfront town homes and retail. And all the jobs are clean. And it's much better now, cause these new people are better people. They drive Beamers and Lexus.
Yeah, we were like China once, but we wised up.

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Just finished the book "the Myth of the Great War." Great read...people think the media lies really bad now, it was nothing like it was then.

Those lies cost millions of lives...a flawed peace...and a Second World War.

We'll see what happens in the "Middle East." I mean it really is ridiculous to even use the phrase...the mass of real estate and variety of people in that entire region is simply enormous.

Here's your "ultimate weapon" America:
200,000 bucks for a willy's jeeps seems a little pricey to me.

it does come with power steering however!

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Not to apologize for the pols and crats, however, WW I provides good evidence of who really desires war, as most of the pols and crats did not, yet they were coached into it by their respective MICs and banksters--the BMIC.

"The banksters steal an interest in you by "printing," and then steal the lives of your children to protect their interest in you."

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WB7, is the line "The Schtup Herd round the world..." relating to The League?


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I am the destroyer of worlds....the US/ZOG MIC.

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Just think, back in 1914 the ponzi had only just begun.  


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zombie-bama rules eastern europe. foreign adventures financed with monetary policy. world moar 3

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Monte-negro title is well placed on the Karte