Iraq 'Welcomes' Back US Military "Advisors"

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Don't worry, it's just "special" boots on the ground...



Source: Cagle

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Skull & bones. And oil of course.

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Roof top evacuations, you have a call on line 1

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I can see it now...

So this officially makes this Obie's war.  And when he brings the 300 back home in a month, he'll claim victory...  Just in time for the elections.

BTW, best reason yet for no Hillary
She probably has grandma smell.  Forget the bad heart and brain thingamajiggie.
It's the smell ....


PS  Do you all think those 100's of 1,000's of small brown kiddies will like the new Fema Summer Camps?
PSS  Gotta love the symbolism of the "300"  As in Spartans.  No, it is NOT a Coincidence.  Your Matrix at Work, Perceptions Management

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Did Joke Biden threaten to have Obowelmovement impeached if he does not gain Congressional approval for his war in Iraq?



Obama was against the Iraq war before he was for it.......where is the Socialist Semite Democrat media?


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The US has it's largest Embassy in the world there with 5500 people. What in the fuck are 5500 people finding to do all day long there. Insight riots?

Thought Processor's picture



Probably not so far from the truth.   


But now that the 'Advisers' are back all is well.


Meet the new Boss, same as the old Boss.



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"What in the fuck are 5500 people finding to do all day long there. Insight riots?"

Get paid. Surf porn. Shelter in place. Wait for retirement.

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Just z simple police problem.

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"You can either surf, or you can fight!"

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Bullseye! Do you work there? :)

RevRex's picture

What is an Insight Riot, one that you can see?

fervent in spirit's picture

I think an insight riot is one that you can see through. 

mjcOH1's picture

Those are what you get when the herd realizes the check will no longer be in the monthly mail.   Insight riots.

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It have a helipad on the roof?

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BurningFuld maybe they will do what these folks do, doo do.

Anonymous voice in a darkened hallway "The helicopters can't arrive soon enough, but the depends drop is any moment now."

Other voice of an old timer mumbles - "And you thought Saigon was crappy?"

This sucks.

Ignatius's picture

"And oil of course."

Oil companies weren't fabricating 'Iraq did 9/11 & anthrax' BS, but Israel and Neocons were (phony mtg in Prague, etc.).

Oil is extremely important in geo-politics, but not only.

debtor of last resort's picture

Looky, a zh thread is like a Christies auction. The highest bidder doesn't have to be right.

Oh, and, of course we all know what happend behind the scenes in 9/11.

Look, there's only one truth; Barry's birth certificate, the 9/11 tapes and Lewinkys dress were burried in a Fema coffin somewhere in the Hamptons.

RevRex's picture

NeocoNs???? LOL@Idiocy.....Why do you guys repeat Socialist Semite Democrat namecalling/propaganda so much and then blame the Jews?


It's neocoMS, there is nothing conservative about them....

tony wilson's picture

revrex come on moshe dance you are rich.

kurds steal iraqs oil for satans tribe.


dance likes it's 9 11 all over.

Hugh G Rection's picture

Always refreshing to see people comment on ZH that aren't ignorant about Israel and The Mossad. I made a more detailed video about Israeli involvement. Too lazy to link from my phone but just search youtube "Israeli  Truck Bombs On 9/11".


smacker's picture

"...there is nothing conservative about them [Neocons]"

Correct. The story I heard some while ago was that many of the hi-profile Neocons in GW Bush's administration used to be members and/or supporters of the Democrat Party (most Jews are political Lefties or worse) but switched sides when GWB got into office to roll out their evil plans for the M/E. Since GWB had nothing in his head but empty space and had no foreign policy, they filled it up with PNAC and other such delightful stuff.

The rest is history as they say.

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Welcome Back Kotter theme would be appropriate here.

Bunga Bunga's picture

Skulls & Bones, a place where John Kerry feels home.

fleur de lis's picture

Is there any secret society more inept than S&B? They are like chimps on crack.

are we there yet's picture

Iraq is a parasite on a parasite.

tony wilson's picture

israel is a cancerous pimple on satans ball sack.


iraqi's are innocent victims of a smash and grab and a general electric depleted urainium cancer dump.

RevRex's picture

List the  wars started by Israel against it's Arab neighbors, crotch stain......



EDIT....Note how idiotic cowards down arrow yet make no list!

Theta_Burn's picture

Are you kidding?

Israel is never in front, but always behind..


Urban Redneck's picture

1948, 1956, 1967, 1982, 2006... Israel doesn't need to lead from the rear. It is quite good at starting wars and invading its neighbors, and then mesmerizing the audience with bullshit to elicit sympathy and suspension of disbelief.

Rock On Roger's picture

Those dates likely work on the 'berfore common era' side too.


As Above, So Below.

zhandax's picture

BC will work nicely if it is a religious thing, but turn loose of the bullshit politically-correct 'common era' propaganda.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Hey dumb-ass - wars end conflicts, they don't start them. Just because Israhell is the epitome of passive-aggressive behavior by taking land and subjugating people while labeling anyone who protests such actions a terrorist or anti-semite doesn't make it innocent. Why don't you crawl back to the fucking hellmouth you sprang from.

tony wilson's picture

moshe rexrev


click for a slide image show.

why not play some israeli 911 dance musac while watching you cunt.

Seize Mars's picture


You're joking, right?

tony wilson's picture

poor jewish soul rev is a victim bless him he carries a deep wound.

from when he was a baby.

a kind of flesh wound that is not talked about by gary oldman or mel gibson the wound is called.

metzitzah b'peh

Aussiekiwi's picture

ahh, cowardly racism, that's what we have been missing here, thanks Tony :=)

Ignatius's picture

Iraq was meant (by US, Israel, UK, et al) to be a shattered mess.

Anyone who doesn't see this needs to read and think more about it.


tumblemore's picture

"Iraq was meant (by US, Israel, UK, et al) to be a shattered mess."


Yeah but it was meant to be followed by Syria and Iran being turned into a shattered mess also but the process got bogged down in Iraq 2.0.

Iraq 3.0 is another attempt to turn Syria and Iran into shattered messes too.


Thought Processor's picture



Yes, and yes.   



And if this is all going to plan then......   makes me wonder what not going to plan looks like.


What a fucked up world we live in.  


My guess though is that the people in the middle east are tired of this shit.

Blood Spattered Banner's picture

Billions of Middle Easterners will grow up hating the US, and justifiably so. Imagine what their history books will say about the last 2-3 decades. 

Iraq has been completely decimated.  Our military raped and razed that place to be unrecognizable.

BigJim's picture

The problem is, most of their 'leaders' are in on the scam too, and dependent on the US to retain their grip on power.... so most of the 'billions of Middle Easterners' get fed similar hogwash as the Western electorates.

BurningFuld's picture

I can follow your logic as it would be pretty much impossible to have run that country into the ground any better than they did.

disabledvet's picture

these are paying customers. if you're a mercenary this development is a dream come true.

Damascus and Syria has been the State that's been obliterated. Whoever organized these clowns is a total idiot. They're gonna get slaughtered.

smacker's picture

Of course Iraq welcomes back US military advisors.

When you've got the barrel of a gun in your face and the guy behind it says "I'm from the US government, I'm here to help you", what are you gonna say??


smacker's picture

In Iraq's case:  "get off my sand pit".