Martin Armstrong Warns Civil Unrest Is Rising Everywhere: "This Won't End Pretty"

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Submitted by Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics,

Russell Brand

The greatest problem we have is misinformation. People simply do not comprehend why and how the economic policies of the post-war era are imploding. This whole agenda of socialism has sold a Utopian idea that the State is there for the people yet it is run by lawyers following their own self-interest. The pensions created for those in government drive the cost of government up exponentially with time. The political forces blame the rich and this merely creates a class warfare with no resolution for the future. Even confiscating all the wealth of the so-called rich will not sustain the system. Consequently, we just have to crash and burn and start all over again.

The Guardian reported that some 50,000 people marched in London to protest against austerity. They cried: “Who is really responsible for the mess this country is in? Is it the Polish fruit pickers or the Nigerian nurses? Or is it the bankers who plunged it into economic disaster – or the tax avoiders? It is selective anger.”

The exploitation by the bankers has been really a disaster. They have been their own worst enemy and in the end, they have become the symbol that inspires class warfare if not revolution. They are not the representatives of those who produce jobs. They are merely those who wanted to trade with other people’s money for free. When they win, it is their’s, but any losses are passed to the taxpayers. Bankers should be bankers – not hedge fund managers who keep 100% of the profits using other people’s savings.

Glass-Steagall Signing-Repeal

The repeal of Glass Steagall was the final straw that broke the back of the world economy. That was the single worst act that could have ever been done and we are now paying the price in spades. The collapse from 2007 has wiped out even the liquidity of the markets. The second worst act was the creation of the euro when the real goal was the federalization of Europe from the outset. That undermined the entire European banking system and has led to a serious undermining of the entire global economy.

The solutions from politics will always be the same – grab more power. We are in a downward spiral of liberty and how far we go down this path to the future will be determined by the people and if they at least wise up and see this is not class warfare, it is the people against government. This is why I say career politicians are dangerous for they can be bought way too easily as Clinton was to open the flood gates for the bankers.

This is not going to end pretty. The question is when does society wake up? Just how high will this price be that we have to pay? They will blame the rich and the idiots will cheer – get them. What will happen when there is no more wealth to hunt? We end up with a communist state by default – no wealth, just career politicians who blame everyone but themselves.

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Sun, 06/29/2014 - 17:22 | 4907838 general ambivalent
general ambivalent's picture

When Nietzsche writes of the madman proclaiming that 'God is dead' he also asks 'How shall we console ourselves?' And, "Must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it?" What this means is that humans must go beyond good and evil, beyond the master-slave morality.

It is not a simple problem, once God is dead other gods may take His place. This is what happened with the fall of most civilisations; for example, the Greek gods essentially died when monotheistic thought took over. And for the Greeks atheism was a rejection of the gods of the city-state, this did not necessarily mean rejection of all gods. Monotheism opens up the problem of rejecting the single God for a void, nothing. That is what nihilism means, nothingness becomes the God when people believe so adamently that nothing controls them.

Atheism has showed its own gods, computer-like belief in basic logic and purposelessness. There is no meaning, so why create it? That is the problem with nihilism. It does not mean all atheists and nihilists have no principles, but there is an imperative to be without principles because all meaning has been stripped from commitment to principles. You can likely infer how this connects to current problems with power and leadership, no purpose and no principles apart from continuation of politics by any means.

When you think about Hegel and much of the enlightenment focus on spirit, was this not a response to the fall of monarchist gods and the individuals of democracy themselves becoming like gods through rationality and science? And what of Oppenheimer's comments, do they not suggest we have murdered God and become worthy of his destructiveness? His comment was quite Nietzschean, if taken from a religious text (atheism was of course related to Eastern religion thousands of years before Nietzsche). And what of the deep state, is it not itself performing the functioning of God in its manipulation of public opinion, science, media, economy, and state?

In short, the atheists today have their own gods: crude logic, science, and the fiction that we are free to choose nothing and be separate from Gods and Masters. If anything, atheism is a deeper form of religion because it follows the path of Christianity, fools itself into being free choice, and follows masters who are simply hidden farther away. In fact, this is much like the market, one thinks it runs free, without masters, but all along it was manipulated and directed into convenient ways for the gods of money.


Sun, 06/29/2014 - 14:31 | 4907454 PrintemDano
PrintemDano's picture

Omega, Tell it to the 100,000,000 murdered humans under Godless Communists.


Sun, 06/29/2014 - 15:05 | 4907560 Loose Caboose
Loose Caboose's picture

PrintemDano .... tell that to the people of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Dresden murdered by god-fearing Christians.

Sun, 06/29/2014 - 15:52 | 4907678 TeamDepends
TeamDepends's picture

PrintemDano .... tell that to the people of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Dresden murdered by Satan-loving Luciferians.  This is what you meant to say.

Sun, 06/29/2014 - 16:41 | 4907758 PrintemDano
PrintemDano's picture

Gents, that was a war, started by Godless Nazis and Japs.   War is hell, there is no doubt.  The 2 atomic bombs saved countless lives, both Axis and Allies.  Straw man.  Fail.  The Godless Communists murdered 100,000,000 of their own comparison...nice try...but very lame and weak....

Sun, 06/29/2014 - 17:56 | 4907901 Terminus C
Terminus C's picture

Ok... How about 80,000,000 native Americans (north and south)?  Not even counting imperialism in Africa and Asia.

GFYS, murder is a human condition and has nothing to do with religion.

Sun, 06/29/2014 - 13:10 | 4907233 XitSam
XitSam's picture

I find it funny how often people quote others (old people, founding fathers, smart guys like Einstein, etc) without examining the quote for accuracy and yet present it as a Truth of Ages.

Sat, 06/28/2014 - 17:33 | 4905885 shouldvekilledthem
shouldvekilledthem's picture

God? What the fuck are you talking about? Have you heard about evolution? Whatever happens after the collapse I just hope that your kind goes extinct with the banker/politician scum. 

Sat, 06/28/2014 - 18:15 | 4905970 chumbawamba
chumbawamba's picture


Sun, 06/29/2014 - 08:41 | 4906818 SuperRay
SuperRay's picture

I think we shouldn't try to present cogent arguments and reasoned opinions based on facts in these posts.  I think we should just vent our spleens and attack each other with vicious and and nasty comments.  Hey, it works in politics!!

Sat, 06/28/2014 - 18:18 | 4905976 Terminus C
Terminus C's picture

An all knowing, all powerful creator of the universe is certainly capable of creating a pitre dish called Earth and have it evolve.  Because Religious text claim to know the mind of God doesn't mean they do.  Religious text does not define God, just our, very limited, understanding of God.

Do I think there is such a being as an all powerful, omnicient Creator?  Dunno, but I accept the possibility.  However to claim that evolution and God are mutually exclusive is narrow minded at best.

Sat, 06/28/2014 - 19:01 | 4906055 chumbawamba
chumbawamba's picture

You still miss the point.  By claiming status as a creation of God you have no master on Earth, for what man can claim to have God's power of attorney?  And seriously, fuck the pope.

The answer is no man.  You, me, we whom are sentient men and women are, by birthright, the paramount authority on this Earth.  We did away with kings and the concept of divine right and it is acknowledged that all men are the creation of a divine creator.  Remember this?

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,
that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,
that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

We are here by the work of a (doesn't matter who/which) Creator and are naturally endowed with unalienable (as much a part of you as your vital organs) rights, and we are all equal, so no one man or group of men can lord authority and rights over anyone else.

We become a subject citizen of the United States when we acknowledge this by way of applying for a Social Security Number, filing taxes, opening a bank account, etc.  From now on, read the affirmation of every government, tax or banking application/agreement/paper you are asked to sign and you will start to notice that you are affirming you are a United States citizen.  Each time you do this you are implicitly entering into an agreement to receive a government benefit or privilege in exchange for your agreement to not exercise your unalienable rights.  Or you are re-affirming your status as a United States citizen, with civil rights, which are not Constitutionally secured rights (i.e. your unalienable rights).  The political status of the emancipated negro at the conclusion of the War Between the States was that of a United States citizen.  They were not afforded their unalienable God-given rights as men, but merely civil rights, more accurately privileges extended by the Federal government (the UNITED STATES) to its newly created citizen class.  Those who claim status as a United States citizen are no more than the political equivalent of emancipated slaves.

This is why it is important to accept a Creator that is much bigger than you could ever conceive.  I mean, you don't have to, you can continue being one of the subjects (chattle) of the US Inc. if you enjoy their privileges like unemployment insurance, EBT cards, Obamaphones, etc.  But when you claim status as subject to God, and do it properly (i.e. you correct the records of US Inc. with an affidavit of status so it is officially recognized), then they will no longer attempt to enforce their statutes against you.  For example, no more income tax, no more Obamacare, etc.  But also, no more benefits either, other than those you've already accrued (e.g. social security).  But you have to learn to be a true sovereign, i.e. operate as an independent nation.  Otherwise you may as well stay anchored to the US Inc. mothership, at least until you can do the requisite study and research to be able to act as a true sovereign.

The nice thing is, once people take back their sovereign authority, they can simply get together and establish a new order with their own Declaration.  What do you think the Declaration of Independence was?  A bunch dudes getting together and telling the king, hey, fuck you, this is how we're gonna roll now.  They fought a war and won, and a new reality was created.

They were but men.  They were short and tall and hairy and handsome and had scars and walked with limps and some probably had bad breath or body odor and cheated on their spouses with slaves and were basically as flawed as you and all your friends are, which is to say no more than anyone.  Yeah, they were a cut above the pale of humanity in terms of their mastery of law and philosophy, but I can literally name a hundred people today all over the country and world with the same level of scholarship as the founding fathers of America.  And really, with the internet, anyone can pull off a new reality today.  It just takes the right confluence of events and people and the dice start rolling.

I am Chumbawamba.

Sat, 06/28/2014 - 19:33 | 4906101 Crawdaddy
Crawdaddy's picture

Damn right! A Chumba-Magna-Carta!

Sat, 06/28/2014 - 21:24 | 4906270 Totentänzerlied
Totentänzerlied's picture

Protip: The Magna Charter addresses the rights of the English nobility. It's important in the history of monarchism and legalism, which have absolutely nothing to do with (the history of) freedom and liberty.

Sat, 06/28/2014 - 22:06 | 4906347 chumbawamba
chumbawamba's picture

Not exactly.  One school of thought is that the American people became the nobility upon the Declaration of Independence.  Regardless, the point is to realize and understand that we, each of us, has all the power and authority to declare whatever reality we want.  The key is to get others to share in that reality and be willing to perhaps even die to defend it.


Sun, 06/29/2014 - 18:04 | 4907915 Terminus C
Terminus C's picture

I do not dispute the point that rights are inalienable except for one thing.  The Creator (if we hold the assumption that one exists - and as you say is largely irrelevant) built a universe that largely functions on one rule:  might = right.

That which can exert power will exert power and if you have enough power (knowledge, capital, social networks) to claim independance then you can do so... if not, then you will be subordinated by those who do have the power.  I would agree with your premise that we should make the attempt as it is better to die a free man than live as a slave.

Sun, 06/29/2014 - 19:16 | 4908117 chumbawamba
chumbawamba's picture

That is exactly right.  But I believe I can exert my reality because there's more people like me than there are of them.  I just gotta wake up all the slumbering nobles and then our might will make us right.


Sun, 06/29/2014 - 20:50 | 4908376 Terminus C
Terminus C's picture

OT: When you got contributor status you promised us a series of articles on (I think) this type of topic.  I only ever saw the first installment.  Did I miss the rest?

Sat, 06/28/2014 - 20:13 | 4906157 cocky roach
cocky roach's picture

Well said.

Sun, 06/29/2014 - 00:43 | 4906527 StychoKiller
StychoKiller's picture

Guess you know about U.C.C. 308.1

Sun, 06/29/2014 - 03:35 | 4906637 shouldvekilledthem
shouldvekilledthem's picture

That's the point. You have stated that "god created...."

What sects do you frequent?


Sun, 06/29/2014 - 16:03 | 4907698 chumbawamba
chumbawamba's picture

I don't have sex nearly frequently enough, I'm afraid.


Sun, 06/29/2014 - 04:01 | 4906648 Franktastic
Franktastic's picture

affidavit of in.

Sat, 06/28/2014 - 20:16 | 4906167 Omegaman2211
Omegaman2211's picture

There is no possibility of an omnipotent all knowing god. Sorry.

Sat, 06/28/2014 - 20:23 | 4906183 chumbawamba
chumbawamba's picture

And you as a man (or woman) will be limited by that belief for as long as you choose to hold it.

I am Chumbawamba.

Sat, 06/28/2014 - 20:50 | 4906228 americanreality
americanreality's picture

Really disappointing to see all the god talk on this site.  You guys sound like typical jew/muslim/catholic/etc..  nutjobs.  Really.  Educate yourselves.  You have to have manure for your brains.  Never seen so much shit-all stupid myth talk.  Save that ridiculous crap for your sunday rituals.  

Sat, 06/28/2014 - 21:12 | 4906248 Crawdaddy
Crawdaddy's picture

Walk up to the next jihadi you see and tell him that..

Sat, 06/28/2014 - 21:38 | 4906292 chumbawamba
chumbawamba's picture

lol, I know, totally.  I mean, I love Yashua (Jesus), I love him a lot, because he's my older brother and has taught me amazing things.  One thing he taught me is to be kind and patient with those further behind on the path.


Sat, 06/28/2014 - 22:02 | 4906335 TheMeatTrapper
TheMeatTrapper's picture


I do not believe in God. I know, for a fact, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God exists. 

Belief is for something you have never personally experienced. 

Deep in the wilderness on a very dark, cold night I experienced what I call "God". It was very, very real I can assure you. 

Say what you will about churches, religions and books - but don't confuse man made representations with the entity that they describe. 

The entity is real. All else is our human attempt to quantify that which cannot be quantified - only experienced. 

Sat, 06/28/2014 - 22:09 | 4906350 chumbawamba
chumbawamba's picture

One day, as certain as death, s/he'll find out ;)


Sun, 06/29/2014 - 18:12 | 4907984 Terminus C
Terminus C's picture

Been dead once, for an eternity... never met God.  Will be dead again for an eternity... doubt I'll meet God.

The long sleep my friend, it is scary but think about how much time passed before your existance... and what do you know of it?  Nothing, but for the clues left behind.  I am glad you find comfort in your stories and they help you sleep at night, but your arrogant assumption that you know how the universe (and the mind of an omnipotent Creator) works detracts from your arguments.  No one knows the mind of God, and any who claim they do is a charlatan and seeks power over you.

Sun, 06/29/2014 - 19:56 | 4908240 chumbawamba
chumbawamba's picture

I never claimed to know the mind of god, but I do have a pretty good grasp on my own.  I agree that we have no concept of how much time passed between lifes, but then we have no evidence that the concept of "time" is even real (I happened to believe it's an illusion).

Anyone who ever "met god" experienced what they wanted to, and in fact they met god.  Each of our experiences is unique because god creates it for each of us uniquely, and in a way that we each specify for ourselves.

You ask, you receive; god abides and provides.


Sun, 06/29/2014 - 19:58 | 4908245 chumbawamba
chumbawamba's picture

P.S. If my use of the noun "god" unsettles you to the point of missing it, just mentally replace "god" with "Nature" or "Joey" or "butternut sphincter cakes" or whatever.  It really doesn't matter, it's up to you.  After all, you have free will.  That is the point.


Sun, 06/29/2014 - 20:40 | 4908350 Terminus C
Terminus C's picture

Right, I think you and I are pretty close in "world" view.  I may have read into your comment more than was there.  What unsettles me is people claiming to know, and that their way is the only way.  To assume that supreme knowledge is, in my opinion, supreme arrogance and is only done to control others (who seek certainty in a manifestly uncertain universe) and I despise nothing more than those who seek to dominate others for their own gain.


Sun, 06/29/2014 - 08:26 | 4906800 BringOnTheAsteroid
BringOnTheAsteroid's picture

And then after finding god in that beautiful solice of a cold and dark night you wake up in the morning a kill a whole fucking lot of his otters . . . . . . . sorry beavers.

Only kidding buddy, just tell me you kill them humanely.

Sun, 06/29/2014 - 14:01 | 4907373 TheMeatTrapper
TheMeatTrapper's picture

We all kill in order to survive. It's just that some of us are man enough to do the job ourselves. 

Sun, 06/29/2014 - 18:13 | 4907987 Terminus C
Terminus C's picture

And this, right here, is the true order of nature.  The one "law of physics" if you will.

Sun, 06/29/2014 - 23:21 | 4908700 BringOnTheAsteroid
BringOnTheAsteroid's picture

You are dodging the question on humanely killing the animals. Do you kill them to absolutely minimise their suffering? I don't mind people killing animals to survive, fuck me, that's life. I do get the feeling though that a lot of yanks who love hunting are sadistic mother fuckers - but I could be grossly mistaken.

The bottom line is there are too many people now for us to hunt wild animals. If the shit hits the fan and people revert to wild animals for food it will be gone so quick you and your family will be fucked anyway.

I don't give a shit about any of this except the animals are killed humanely and you're not jizzing your pants when you gain control over the animal and see it cower in terror. If this is not the case and you respect nature and the animals you kill to eat, well and good, I wish you and your family propserity.


Sun, 06/29/2014 - 12:03 | 4907096 MansaMusa
MansaMusa's picture

The Being you experienced would have obviously left instructions on how to worship the Being and how to conduct/live one's life...

Sun, 06/29/2014 - 14:02 | 4907376 TheMeatTrapper
TheMeatTrapper's picture

Why? Why would God do as you say?

Sat, 06/28/2014 - 21:27 | 4906277 Totentänzerlied
Totentänzerlied's picture

"will be limited by that belief"

The irony is so rich!

I am not Chumbawamba.

Sat, 06/28/2014 - 21:40 | 4906296 chumbawamba
chumbawamba's picture

I know!  lol!


Sat, 06/28/2014 - 23:07 | 4906427 Omegaman2211
Omegaman2211's picture

Paradoxes do not exist. Keep believing your fairy tales though.

Sun, 06/29/2014 - 18:16 | 4907994 general ambivalent
general ambivalent's picture

I think you may need to read some Plato, or any non-liberal philosopher. Certainty is one of the surest paths to ignorance.

Or if you believe that science proves their are no paradoxes, and that logic beats religion in all situations, read Asimov's The Last Question.

Sat, 06/28/2014 - 23:13 | 4906441 Omegaman2211
Omegaman2211's picture

No, actually the opposite is true in this case. But keep following some made up religion that dictates your life for you.

Sun, 06/29/2014 - 03:18 | 4906624 joethegorilla
joethegorilla's picture

--Says the man trying to dictate life for me.

Sun, 06/29/2014 - 03:37 | 4906638 shouldvekilledthem
shouldvekilledthem's picture

In what way is he limited? I'm seriously disappointed that this nonsense is applauded here.

Instead of false knowledge you should familiarize yourself with the scientific way of thinking. 

Sun, 06/29/2014 - 14:37 | 4907474 PrintemDano
PrintemDano's picture

Science and religion are not mutually exclusive.  Only atheists believe it to be so.......  

Sun, 06/29/2014 - 16:06 | 4907706 chumbawamba
chumbawamba's picture

Science is religion.


Sun, 06/29/2014 - 23:24 | 4908709 BringOnTheAsteroid
BringOnTheAsteroid's picture

Not sure how you can draw that conclusion. Science is not based on faith, it is based on empirical evidence.

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