Mexican Military Chopper Shoots At US Border Guards After Entering American Airspace; Mexico Denies

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Late last week, Mexico appears to have taken the US "border-crossing" issue to a whole new level even if it was really a case of a drug bust gone horribly wrong,  when as AP reported, on Thursday Mexican law enforcement crossed into Arizona by helicopter and fired two shots at U.S. border agents, a border patrol union leader says.

According to the Customs and Border Protection: "At approximately 5:45 a.m. Thursday morning, a Mexican law-enforcement helicopter crossed approximately 100 yards north into Arizona nearly 8 miles southwest of the Village of San Miguel on the Tohono O'odham Indian Nation while on a law-enforcement operation near the border. Two shots were fired from the helicopter, but no injuries or damage to U.S. property were reported. The incident is currently under investigation."

Andy Adame, a spokesperson for US Border Patrol, said in a statement issued soon afterward that the incident had indeed occurred and that the two government agents targeted were not injured.

Art del Cueto, president of the local border patrol union, said four agents were in a marked patrol vehicle when they were shot at.

"They could say they didn't fire at the agents intentionally. But for them to say that they were no shots fired within the United States, toward the United States Border Patrol, is a lie. They got in contact with our managers and apologized for the incident," del Cueto said.

The Mexican helicopter was 15 yards from the border agents when they were came under fire, Del Cueto said. He's also concerned that Tucson sector officials didn't notify the next shift of border agents that there had been a shooting, he said.

"... I think our managers within the area should have definitely informed the oncoming shift this had happened. We're always on high alert, but I think it would raise a fear level for our agents," del Cueto said.

RT adds that the personnel on board the Mexican military chopper were in the midst of a drug interdiction operation at the time of the event.

Also this week, del Cuerto told KVOA that law enforcement officials on the border are in the midst of dealing with “probably the most notorious, dangerous, drug organizations to ever walk this earth.”

"They're dealing with the criminal element; they're dealing with somebody who is accustomed to violence," Adame told KVOA. "Those are the people the parents are putting their children's lives into the hands of."

Mexico was quick to deny the US version and said its authorities did not shoot at US agents but instead were under attack during a mission to find smugglers on the border. Tomás Zerón, the director of the Mexican attorney general's office investigative office, said that Mexican military and federal police who were conducting an operation on a ranch in Altar, Sonora, were shot at by criminals. Mexican authorities never fired any weapons and in fact never crossed into the U.S. side of the border, he said.

From USA Today:

Tomas Zeron de Lucio, senior director of the Criminal Investigation Agency of the Mexican Attorney General's Office, said in a statement that the helicopter was taking part in a raid on a ranch near the border being used by a criminal organization to smuggle drugs and illegal immigrants across the border into the United States.


"I don't believe we crossed the border, because we had our (navigation devices), but it was exactly 100 meters from the border," he said, according to a transcript of a conference he held with reporters in Mexico City. He also said the operation was coordinated beforehand with the CBP.


He said Mexican authorities believe the ranch was being used to smuggle 400 migrants per day into the U.S during the summer season.


Mexican authorities apprehended 27 migrants from Mexico and 13 from Central America. The manager of the ranch was also arrested, he said.


"With the seizure of the La Sierrita ranch, the flow of a large quantity of migrants and drugs crossing from Mexico to the United States has been stopped," Zeron de Lucio said. "These actions by the Mexican government reaffirm our commitment to combating organized crime."


Earlier Friday, the CBP issued a statement saying that two shots had been fired at its agents.


The CBP report said the Mexican agents were conducting a mission on the southern side of the border Thursday morning when they crossed 100 yards into Arizona on the Tohono O'odham Reservation.

There have been more than 300 border incursions by Mexican military and law-enforcement authorities in the past decade, according to figures released recently by Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif. Hunter said in a news release last week that the figures were provided by the Department of Homeland Security. The DHS did not respond to a request for confirmation. Hunter's data indicated that 152 of the incidents involved armed subjects. Of those, 81 incidents involved physical or verbal contact.

In January, two Mexican soldiers crossed into the U.S. near Sasabe and drew weapons on Border Patrol agents. The soldiers claimed they were in pursuit of three suspects, according to an incident report from the CBP. They lowered their weapons after speaking with U.S. agents and returned to Mexico about 45 minutes after the incident began. The CBP declined to comment beyond its statement.

Well, if Obama's attempts to spark a regional war in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Ukraine and so one fail, there is always Mexico.

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Pladizow's picture

Empires implode and collapse from the periphery!

TeamDepends's picture

Did the bullets come from a Holder gift rifle?

Stackers's picture

Remember the Alamo !

No Quarter - No Mercy !


History books tend to leave out the second half of that battle cry ....

Top Gear's picture

*yawn* Manboobs out of molehills.

CH1's picture

An all-barrels publicity shit-storm.

Truth is a non-factor.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Drug lords are stealing helicopters and getting more brazen? No need to look further than our neighbor for a failed state.

RevRex's picture

and Obama says and does nothing, because this is all part of the we know what the secret meetings with the Mexican government were about......never let a crisis go to waste, and if you don't have a crisis, make one,

Headbanger's picture

No shots fired amigo?

We find the cartridge cases on American soil and it's drone time for you too!

Unless you say sorry Gringos and send me a dozen cases of  Don Julio 1942

Mucho gracias!


And Obongo says and does nothing cause he's playing golf 24/7

Bananamerican's picture

Langley transcript of the incident: "Borders? We ain't got no borders! We don't need no borders! I don't have to show you any stinkin' borders!"

RaceToTheBottom's picture

Probably was a schedule change on the US side.  Did not know to expect thier drug suppliers at that time.  


Reducing the deficit.

Its for the children.

DanDaley's picture

...and if you don't have a crisis, make one, 


"When things are bad, that's good."  V.I. Lenin

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

Illegal Mexicans kill Americans every single day. No one gives a shit. This is just the same thing. But let some American kill a Mexican and it will be called racist.

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I am very amazed that they could find any boarder patrol to shoot at I thought is was an open boarder to create that international crisis , so Odummer can bring the UN in to help , for the children of course. Why eles are about 50,000 UN vehicles parked in holdin areas all across America.

RafterManFMJ's picture

They oughta do a story about that door gunnner - 'cause he's so fucking good!

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how do you kill fat fukcing cops?  easy, just dont lead 'em as far....

Payne's picture

Was the Border Patrol involved with the Drug transport and the Mexican forces fired a warning shot to clear the area ??  hmm different interpretation.

Reptil's picture

"officials on the border are in the midst of dealing with “probably the most notorious, dangerous, drug organizations to ever walk this earth.”

that sure as hell sounds like the CIA.

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Were they Sqawking? Did anyone shoot back?

rubiconsolutions's picture

The hypocrisy of this is incredible. The US and its  military has been doing this since inception, crossing the borders of sovereign nations and shooting people. I'm not excusing Mexico if this indeed happened but why is it that Americans get their panties in a wad when someone else crosses our border but turn a blind eye when we have invaded dozens of nations and killed countless people? Oh yeah, my bad. America is "exceptional" and "blessed" and all that nonsense. 

TBT or not TBT's picture

Mexico is such an exceptionally sovereign place, charge of itself.  

nmewn's picture

I'm still trying to wrap my head around Guatemalan & Salvadoran "babies" making the slog through Mexico, then having the strength to throw grappling hooks & ladders up on the fence to cross over.

Some tough little

TBT or not TBT's picture

The cliche you'd get from the Drudge treatment is of mobs riding atop freight trains, which might be fun for a half hour maximum, but ah, I am gonna say yeah, it's a stretch that many unaccompanied toddlers would be up there.  Probably "child" in the progressive traitors dictionary reflects a massive preponderance of vigorous young men who are teens...or say they are teens.   

Laddie's picture

83% Over 14 Years Old, 80% Male
Central American Media Promote Illegal Child Immigrant Tsunami, Give Tips
June 18, 2014 - 10:24 AM
By Craig Bannister

Things that go bump's picture

I'm thinking future conscripts for the war that is obviously coming, or else future riot squads without inconvenient ties to the populace. 

Handful of Dust's picture

<< Some tough little tikes >>


Future Demobrats, you mean?

juangrande's picture

Many people coming from Central America and southern Mexico used to be raped, robbed and killed on that journey up thru Mexico just to get to the border! That's probably still going on. Then, they deal with less than scrupulous "coyotes" getting across. Then, constantly hiding from "la migra". Then, regular abuse from illegal employees.  They really WANT to be here! After what they've been thru, maybe they deserve a little sumpin' sumpin'. 

We forget that people are real. International borders are just mental constructs emphasized with fences...

Pure Evil's picture

And, maybe the people in this neck of the woods would prefer that those people stay in their neck of the woods instead of heading north and burdening our already overstretched government resources.

Ya know, I can barely scratch out a living in this god forsaken shit hole. I don't need to pay increased taxes to fund your little sumpin, sumpin, like medical care, food stamps, your child's education, or three hots and a cot when ever you get the urge to drive drunk and kill someone, or you get the urge to rape someone's under age daughter, or commit crimes by selling drugs, or get caught committing any number of crimes as gang bangers.

Least of all I don't need you coming up here to steal my job cause you're willing to work for slave wages, live 50 to a three bedroom house, drive without a license and insurance, or demand that we cater to you and your culture cause the gringo has oppressed you.

juangrande's picture

I was born in Lousiana in 1962 of Irish, English,German (and who knows what else) blood. So this has nothing to do with me or mine. That's just it, I am capable of thinking about more than just me or mine. But hey, stay stuck in your myopic mind set because it's just working sooo well!

BTW, 150 yrs ago, much of the US was Mexico, 250 yrs. ago The US didn't exist and the people showing up from Europe  for the next 150+ yrs. were hungry, illegal (from the perspective of the original inhabitants) aliens wanting there cultures catered to. 250 yrs is nothing in the grand scheme of things. You see, as a country, we have no moral high ground to stand on.

It's time to think differently or we all perish together.

nmewn's picture

And 500yrs ago (give or take) Mexico didn't exist. So is the US supposed to give the SW back to Spain or the Aztecs?

Moral high me a break.

juangrande's picture

Missed the point completely...

nmewn's picture

No I didn't.

Look, everyone has sympathy for the kids, no one is that heartless. But thats what the desired effect is. And these parents...what parent in their right mind turns their children over to "coyotes" for money, with the knowledge that they will be dropped (hopefully?) in some border town full of predators or in the middle of the desert to make their way across the border?

The first responsibility of a parent is to protect & nurture their children, not actively put them in danger.

Reptil's picture

Hmm you have a point there. Where's the human equasion?
I don't think anyone "deserves" anything, apart from freedom, water air and earth, but I do find it funny that suddenly government, and borders and barbed wire is a good thing when it's about illegal immigration but very bad when it's about "citizens". Programming? How about some consistency in argumentation?

Second point: TAFTA and the "global economy" (vassal economies that were PLUNDERED) obviously was the important event that caused the decline in economies there, that led to this migration. Does anyone think these people would suddenly come to the USA when they had a good thing going back home? OF COURSE NOT. TAFTA was just as bad, or worse for Mexico. As has the war on drugs been. Americans MUST take responsibillty for this, as the USA is an active component.
(IMO nullify inmediately and try to repair the damage in both counries) Instead of an international treaty allowing more interaction (good for trade), everyone's being played against one another. If you REALLY want to solve this issue, you have to solve it at the root cause, and that is the negative effect of the USA based globally operating oligarchy on the rest of the planet. (Read John Perkins...)

This doesn't bode well for the coming round of "free trade treaties". Rinse, repeat.

Urban Redneck's picture

5:45am was half an hour AFTER SUNRISE in Arizona last week.

The encounter was supposedly at range of 15 meters...

But the Mexicunts didn't know who they were firing at despite the short distance in broad daylight...

And the Mexicunts missed at 15 meters...

The unmitigated BULLSHIT that is being passed off as the official "story" is incredible.

Boomberg's picture

Only 15 yards or meters and missed. Could just be "tough guy" shots in the general direction intentionally missing.

Reptil's picture

couple of warning shots from a bunch of spooked mexicans. big deal.

however the response could be. I've seen pictures of U.N. painted trucks in the USA.
Now that was a big thing a couple of years ago (andthose coffins). But true nonetheless.

DanDaley's picture

...but why is it that Americans get their panties in a wad...


Right, why get upset...the Great-Evener-Outer-Terrible-Golfer-Guy could have told you that there would be bumps on the road to appropriating all that loot you nasty 'mericans been stealin' from everybody for so long.


Hey, ¡Socialismo o muerte! (Fidel)

Buck Johnson's picture

They start to implode from the periphery but it seems that way because the interior imploded and the edges fell in on themselves.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Only 2 shots fired, and 30 million people have gotten across the border.

Hands down,the greatest land invasion in modern history.

Top Gear's picture

End Times are a comin'!

Wars and rumors of wars!

My hair's on fire!

When you have a Financial Apocalype to sell to the sheep with their sharpened pitchforks, it's best to act as rational as Hal Lindsey. 


Zirpedge's picture

You forget that this story is scripted to appeal to the ZH base (gun toting wacko's). I read the comment's. Empire / Holder / Drug Smugglers / Obama / Land Invasion / End Times. The whole comment section reads like some kind of social engineering algo or worse yet two or maybe three socially malignant keyboard commando's.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Are you a guns-are-for-governments whacko?    Nobody but nobody can match governments in stacking up bodies, wrecking lives on a huge scale, etc.   They are unequaled in their capacity for malignancy, employing actual commandos, as is their wont.   Commandos with weapons designed for doing commando stuff, to people.  

Zirpedge's picture

No. I'm not an extremist. I see shades of grey. Do you think about commando's doing commando stuff often? Maybe there is a pop people forum to discuss your commando interests.

The topic is...Is ZH comment section being populated by algo's or 2-3 socially maligned "social engineers".


quasimodo's picture

Sorry dumbfuck, the topic here relates to a possible incursion by the Mexican BP. Try reading the headline next time so you might actually contribute something related to the story, instead of the useless drivel you spew here that you and a handful of other posters here think actually contributes to the topic at hand.

ebear's picture

"No. I'm not an extremist. I see shades of grey."

Shades of grey as in a mixture of black and white?


Agstacker's picture

Your avatar seems quite fitting.