Q2 Economic "Hope" Misses The Point

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Submitted by Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management,


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Why is this analysis difficult, or even done?


Oil is well north of $100 and has been most of the year.


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Yeah, but as he says it's transient.
As in like a bum.

Like the lights observed on the moon for centuries.
"Transient" Lunar Phenomenon.

We gotta get with the transient program.

Here today gone forever.

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I "hope" the crash comes before the November elections.

Maybe we may "change" to something more practical .

The facade is very tired by now.

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Stay long till the market starts going down

.... Dumb and Dumber

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You do realize there are overnight circuit breakers that can prevent the market from ever opening until futures define it down 80%?

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The positive spin from the MSM sounds just like it did in 2007.

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Buy gold and silver. Grow your own food, and build a solar powered ebike. Then you can weather the gigantic crash thats coming.

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good write Lance.

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  Just wait until the middle of July when Q-2 earnings reporting gets into full swing. I'll be keeping my eyes on the "Reverse REPO"and overnight Credit charts. :-)

  I wonder how many CEO's are going to shop for nail guns at "Home Destitute"over the 4'th of July w/e?

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the two parties have gone all in on a war that doesn't exist.

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Just wait until Q3, HUGE Hockey Stick! absolutely HUGE, all will be well.