Gold Spikes To 3-Month Highs

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It appears the same 'contagion' that is driving copper prices higher is also impacting gold and silver this morning. As we have noted previously, the CCFD unwind drives synthetic short (hedge) covering and inevitably rolls down the curve to drive spot strength (as the paper gold market tail wags the 'physical' market's dog). Gold is at 3 month highs and silver getting close.


One wonders if the following disclosures from Bank of America early this morning had something to do with the move: 

  • Strongest weekly buying of Gold in more than two years
  • Large specs increased their Gold and Silver longs at the strongest pace in two years 


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While the USD takes a stiff left jab to the snout.

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Is this the "excuse" for the ramp up in SP500 & RUT today? </sarc>


What IS the excuse for ramping up equities today?

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The bottom was in. You didn't hear it here first. Gold at any price is still a better deal then holding the debt based reserve notes we are auto-invested in as participating members of society.

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V is giving a date of July 15th and Lagarde is giving cryptic references to July 20th.  Things are heating up fast!

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+ $6 (


EDIT: now $632, on a run as well.

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Nice, never saw that program before. Too bad we only have 1/2 hour of the conversation.

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gh0atrider just subscribed.  It's only $5 a month and great guests everyone here will recognize plus a few new ones.

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Short week, so Monday is the new Tuesday

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What IS the excuse for ramping up equities today?

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Even mainstream money managers say 5% of net wealth could be held in gold.  IMO, that could be up to 20% if you are prepared for the volatility and if you are extra-worried about the financial system.

Think longer term...

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5%?  20%?

Only one question needs to be asked to oneself when buying gold.  "Do you trust your government?"

Only one question needs to be asked to the other party when buying gold.  "Do you still accept dollars?"

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I take it to mean 20% of what would otherwise be your cash savings in a bank account.  I have small change in the market.  I have about 80% of my savings in pms.  Every circumstance is different, most people have little savings, IMHO you should have some cash at hand to ride out the initial shock and bank runs.

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How about, for liquid net worths of $1M and more (less than that, obviously adjust accordingly; for example, income-producing real estate likely not feasible) currently held in US "dollars" and dollar-denominated instruments, after all feasible emergency prepping is complete:

• 25% gold & silver bullion (bars and/or coins)

• 25% income-producing real estate

• 25% barter items (9 mm ammo, cigarettes, alcohol...  ;-) )

• 25% cash *

* all in nickels ;-) :

Current melt value 4.96¢  , were at 6.8¢ when Kyle Bass bought 20 million of them ; i.e. fireproof, heavy and thus hard to steal, and can't go below 5¢ each in money value.


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I like the way you think ChiangMai. Probably because it closely resembles my own ideas, which are not my own, but are still well and good.

Just don't forget the food supply and water purification, and a few benjamins for diversification (:

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5% is noise. I agree with 20%, the question is what the other 80% is supposed to be.

ZeroPower's picture

Very subjective, my preference however: income properties, land, fine art.

Fuh Querada's picture

I was interested in fine art too, until I googled "Beltracchi"

ParkAveFlasher's picture

I would say invest in any income-bringing enterprise dealing in food, sex, shelter, or death.  There is a reason why in the ghetto, it's all about pimps, playaz, hustlaz, and the Repo Man.

NoDebt's picture

"It's jsut you and your tattered libido against the bank and the mortician forever, man, and it wouldn't be luck if you could get out of life alive."

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@ZeroPower: I hope your fine art is VERY FINE.  A friend who made his fortune running a west coast wildlife art gallery and retired this summer confided to me that the market is "Very slow."  Boomers inflated the supply of colour reproductions for 20 years, and millennials aren't picking up slack.  They don't WANT heirlooms.  Antique stores are falling like autumn leaves.  I think it's sad, because family roots are stored in those old keepsakes.

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DoChen.  I'm going to be buying pm's again.  I was thinking of buying some palladium,  Any thoughts about it?

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

I like palladium!  But, I would only recommend a small holding (illiquid, and who knows Pd?).  It is only 2% of my PM holdings.  Pd would do great if they find a way to use it (vs Pt) in diesel engine catalysts.

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My attraction to it besides it's rarity, is that Russia has large stockpiles of it that I think it will use in the future as a way of backing their currency.

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PGMs don't have the resale-ability that gold and silver do, because they aren't engrained in the human subconscious like gold and silver are. I'm bullish on all metals, PGMs especially in the near-term for supply chain disruption, but silver is your best bet for most undervalued. Gold is your best bet for bribing any unwanted "visitors".

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The big advantage of gold over any other element or commodity is that it it's stock is eighty times larger than the flow .

The idiots on WS ,taught that gold was not money, tried oil in 2008 as money. all the storage room in the world was filled after a few months, and the value plummeted as the hoarding demand died, along with consumer demand.

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I bought most btwn $310 - $500, but have paid as high as $950 when a friend was forced to sell some. I am retired and when I need cash beyond income I do NOT sell my gold, consequently I am now at about 70% - and very comfortable with it.

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I'm pretty poor compared to 98% of ZHer's. I have a few grand in a credit union and a couple thousand in checking for month to month bill paying. The rest is 100% in gold and sliver.

Fuck a bunch of fiat, I'm stackin' bitchez :)

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On its way to $2000 USD

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While Ag's get monkey hammered

Bastiat's picture

+.58% does not equal "monkey hammered"  though I'll agree it's being sat on.

AccreditedEYE's picture

Collective, yes but if you were long soybeans into this morning you got your face ripped off.

Soul Glow's picture

Damn.  Good thing the only long position I have is beans in my kitchen.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

What about bullets in the closet?

Fuh Querada's picture

Gold is a slam-dunk sell. Going to $800.

Fuh Querada's picture

it was sarcasm, I was hoping people would recognize the Goddam Sux quote.
edit : I just downvoted myself.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

One of these days, Tyler will have a translation plugin, for the sarc-impaired and the ironically-challenged. 

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Sign me up.  My BS and Sarcasm Meter has never worked.

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I think bringing back capcha back is a good start. It might keep an algo or two at bay.

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And. Finally this one is confirmed by the gold shares  leading the move up. Some up 3X the gold price move. Looks like its going to be a nice ride. But, you still have to watch out short term, the commercials shorted the crap out of it last week to try and contain the move. They seem to be relying more and more on this type of BS which tells me the London scumbags are getting low on the  actual shiny; All under the watchful eye of our glorious regulators who do absolutely nothing.  Place your bets gentlemen.

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Step right up, son, and take a swing at gold, hitting 3 month highs and looking for a moon shot.  Everyone's a winner.  Up until they hammer your ass right back down into the dirt.

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Lately, it seems more like they are hammering dirt into my ass.

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The mania phase for gold and silver is going to be something to behold when it finally arrives.

GOLD bitchez....

alexcojones's picture

If Gold is a Relic,

And Most Relics are Priceless,

Why wouldn't a Wise person own such a relic?