The A-Z Of Foreign Governments That The NSA Is "Authorized" To Spy On

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You know you've made it when you land on the official "yes, you can spy on them" NSA list. As WaPo reports, this exhibit lists the 193 foreign governments as well as foreign factions, political organizations and other entities that were part of a 2010 certification approved by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. These are the entities about which the NSA may conduct surveillance, for the purpose of gathering foreign intelligence. One thing comes to mind... what about Canada?



Source: The Washington Post

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What about Canada, indeed, and the UK?

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The NSA office here is called CSE and of course Canadians are spied on, that hasn't changed for 60 years.

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Total Awareness = Everyone is no the list.


The algos the NSA uses are 20 to 30 years ahead of anything available commercially at the moment.  

They effectively monitor all data on all available networks and their computers connect the dots for them.  If the computer connects enough dots it raises a red flag.  Red Flags mean further investigation of said data and traffic flow, which may lead to even more in depth monitoring.

None of this is new.  All of this has been legal under the NSA's charter since inception.  



At the moment most barriers which may prevent the monitoring of traffic are fiction, except for extremely well made data encryption.  Even then the encryption itself raises a red flag which may entice the NSA to want to 'cut it open'.  They have whole departments that simply focus on cracking any new and novel form of encryption.  It's what they do.

One Time Pads still work though.  Maybe a couple of others also.


But what do I know.

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Yeah, sure ... Blame Canada.

What is this, Southpark?

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Canada was probably added to the list in 2011.

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"How to lose friends and influence with people"  

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Canada has a lot of Islamic immigration.   And most terrorism is carried out by Muslims.   Their sacred texts call for jihad, for subduing women and infidels, stoning homosexuals to death, honor killings, etc.   Some far too large fraction of their men react to living in the west, among free women, liberated girls, gays queers pornography drugs booze and all the by radicalizing in the direction called for by their sacred texts.  You don't know which ones will do this, and their co- religionists do not help stop them, so you better be spying on that bunch.   Probably the Mounties are pleased someone is what watching these shitbirds in their country, because probably, like here, they have suicidal political correctness preventing that.  Roll back a few decades and ask what failure to discriminate comprehensively against communists wrought.   Barack Obama was the product of such subversive revolutionaries.   Particularly Alinsky, but not only.  He taught them to blend in, act and dress square whilst taking it all down. 

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Erm, no.  It is not legal.  Just because they say that laws that were written "under their charter since inception" apply to what they are doing, does not make it true, you just don't challenge their assertion.    It would be false legal reasoning not to acknowledge that we live in a far different world now, and that the sources and methods of this secuity-industrial complex are overreaching.  They have to rely on the archaic legal precedent to cover the fact that they back-wrote legislation to cover the stuff they had already been doing.  That's why you get absurdities like NDAA, to give cover to past what-would-be criminal behavior.  If you do what they did and then say, oh, well we are allowed to lie to everyone because we are super secret, and then write laws to make what you have been doing legal, that is fruit of the poisonous vine, or more commonly known as: corruption.



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I agree though the Supreme Court has recognized the NSA's charter as valid via several national security cases.

Let me be clear that I do not think this is right though the highest court in the US has effectively legalized the actions of US intelligence agencies through precedence.

This could be reversed if a jury were to hear a case (in public) about such a matter and then 'nullify' the law or methods used for prosecution by saying that the law or methods used were unjust or if the jury felt said laws or methods went against the US constitution and or the Bill of Rights.  A jury could do this.

Then it would likely go to a higher court.  Unfortunately the Supreme Court has ruled on the side of the Intel agencies and or National Security time and time again.

The US Securlty State has too much power, this much is clear.   It is also clear that they were never supposed to get that much power to begin with as it is one of the cornerstones of why the US Constitution was written in the first place.

Will the Supreme Court begin to rule in favor of 'The People' over the Natinoal Security State"?


Will US citizen's demand they do in the future?  


All good questions.


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All good questions, I agree - and  you make great points in your style.  Yet no ARGUMENT that has been proffered to explain absurdity like this?  hmmmm...


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One of.these days dirty nukes may go off in some key harbors and iconic population centers, despite what the NSA is doing to keep tabs on various evil groups and psychostates.   What do you whiney pantywaists propose to do to prevent that?    Spying seems like a.prudent course.   The one danger is that the agencies doing the spying would be weaponized politically, like the IRS, BLM, EPA, dept of justice already are.   Ergo some sacred strict rules on spying on US citizens.  Also, they probably should not share with the Obama administration, for obvious national security reasons.  

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This is just an 'authorization to spy.'   When consent is given carte blanche by your government (Canada, UK and I imagine the other members of the "5 Eyes" club), you don't need to get authority to spy.  Consent is implied.  Oh, didn't you get the memo?  Just kidding, we never told you we sold your information to foreign governments, hah, choke on it fuckers!


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Any restrictions are circumvented through partnerships between countries.  Anything the US intel agencies are blocked from obtaining internally they can get around by asking either the UK or Israel to help out with (or if they simply want to mask their actions so that they are wholly unaccountable).  

The US helps them out in a similar manner, it's simply an implicit understanding among intel agencies.  

It's done with a wink and a nod, and it's been going on for a long, long time.


quid pro quo on a state level.

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"What about Canada, indeed, and the UK?"

GCHQ share everything with the NSA anyways.

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The "Five Eyes" are already part and parcel with the NSA.  That's the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand I do believe.

They have always provided the NSA and the Americans with everything well before 9/11.

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Plenty of radicals in south America.   Lots of drug and resource extraction money.  Plenty of interest by Islamic groups to set up sort of jihadist missions, and plenty of.financing for them so.  

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Hard to determine who is friend or foe.

Apparently, to the US, every foreign entity is a potential threat. 

That is one paranoid nation.  Wonder why?

Oh, right...our freedoms.

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Under different circumstances they would be under a bridge drinking cooking sherry wearing pie plate hats talking the piles of gravel.  (ah, good times!)  In this case they manage all your data and economies in high end bits of fabric talking to people that are as interested as gravel. 

What should scare the shit out of 'them' is they manage all of their data and money.  It has less to do with limiting the freedom of regular everyday people, it has to do with watching each other so they can blame someone else in their own organizations.  At least in terms of optics, that's what it looks like.  This is based on the rationalization that nothing is 'more' secure by their involvement.  Nor is anyone using the information found to develop a solution to anything.

AKA; a huge mess and right now the only people getting hurt directly by it are the people 'managing' it.  There have been individual cases here and there, but mostly it's just being used to beat the crap out of each other.

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Our freedom to bomb other people is at stake here!

Peanut Butter Engineer's picture

Our freedom to bomb other people is at stake here!

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First thing I noticed was it was stamped Top Secret, so I averted my eyes. 

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Yes, we are important and made it on "the list".

Finally recognition.

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Who isn't in the Five Eyes agreement for $500 Alex?

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And if I pulled out a world map doesn't this list basically list every fucking country in the world besides the ones in the Five Eyes agreement anyways making this revelation essentially a giant nothingburger anyways just an inverted confirmation of the Five Eyes agreement. This is what signals intelligence agencies do period unless they have formal agreements not to operate in certain territories (usually because the other members spy on their own for them anyways).

This is the Washington Post we are talking about here not Der Speigal or the Guardian which tend to be more truthful and less biased than any MSM American media outlet.

If some 'patriot' out there wants to make a point put something out showing how the NSA is explicitly violating the Five Eyes agreement.

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Israel had their name removed from the final list, since they get all the data first anyways.

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Fuck you, Murica.


The Canadian Security Intelligence Service [CSIS] spies on us

here in CANADA and with NAFTA N' NATO committments we are

obliged to share information bits with the National Security Agency.

DARPA requires all these same committments as well. CANADA

is but a branch plant of the NSA spy game. CSEC handles the foriegn spy game and they report to NSA via shared committments under NAFTA/DARPA/NATO et cetera. Further,

they think they understand 'intelligence' but they collectively failed on 911 and on 2008. Their days are numbered and they know it. The end game is here now that the markets are voting.


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"they think they understand 'intelligence' but they collectively failed on 911 and on 2008."


Would it be called a failure if they wanted it to unfold the way it did?


Just askin.


The USA Military Industrial Complex had no idea that the superbanks like Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns were

overloaded on leverage and speculative deals because they were artful in the way they looped repo-105 and their books appeared to look clean. Brooksley Born attempted to tell congressional investigators that the problem with the derivatives market was too

difficult to detect because of 'dark pools' of unregulated markets

activity. Larry Summers and Robert Rubin, Alan Greenspan told Congress she was _wrong_. The old boys club ganged up on Brooksley Born and she was bitch slapped down in Congressional  testimony by Greenspan et al. I assure you that the MIC was as unaware of the high risk that Bear Stearns and Lehman were experimenting with. The MIC would have to work with these companies to know where the risk is hidden and the FBI/CIA/SEC et cetera don't work with the executive in Investment Banking until they need to shill for them. Ain't deregulation wonderful, rinse and repeat.

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Years ago a retired US diplomatic corps employee told me "any time the shit hits the fan the CIA says 'we knew about every plot in the country except that one'".

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Anytime they say "Aw shucks we just didn't see that one comin", they are straight up lying.


It also means they likely are the responsible party for said event happening.  

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We spy on ourselves and pass it on to uncle sam

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We spy on ourselves and pass it on to...

Facebook and Google.

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I find the "entities" portion interesting. They're keeping tabs on all the money including the Vatican. Orwell was a genius; nailed it.

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One bank to rule them all and they of course are spying on it because that is where the 'owners' park their savings. They don't co-mingle investment money aka central banks with private accounts you know kinda like Glass Steagal....


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Nice to know they are keeping us safe from San Marino, that hornets nest of terrorism in the lawless part of the Italian peninsula.

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I'm more worried about the Vatican.   

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"Fuck France, Germany.............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................."


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Imagine how insulting it is to be left off that list?

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Yeahhh Canada! Suck it, you backwaters. Happy Canada Eve!

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Sweden and Switzerland ?


Oh that's right they were neutral countries during WW2 so the Rothchild bankig syndicate was not able to make any money from them. In fact those countries made money from the conflict and took the food out of the mouth of the "Tribe" of international bankers.

Yep, they should be on the list.

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We are not spying to keep tabs on governments alone.   There is plenty of danger in Europe merely due to the islamification of whole neighborhoods and cities in places like Sweden, where NGO's and small groups of Muhammad inspired nutbags can prepare and aid and abet without neighbors calling them out.  Because Muslims don't help prevent Islamic terrorism that emerges from their communities.   Nor, BTW, do lefties help call out Islamic nutters in their midst before they pop(PC oblige).  It's like both groups kind of agree that western civilization is wrong and nonwestern is good. 

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Cananda, Australia, UK, and NZ together are part of the 5-eyes group with the US.

They are the NSA's foreign partners and share/conduct intel gathering together. That's why none of them are on the list.


Australia for example is the defacto US military radar base in Asia, many radar and signal intel from Asia are collected in Australia with/for the US.

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Australians told it is time to trade privacy for safety! Does that mean that had any privacy before? Talk about perception management.


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They can also spy on anybody that displays sarcasm except they don't know how to look for that.

Anyway, they spy on everybody and everything. That also means ZH and everybody posting there. If there was any doubt about that it should be gone now.

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I didn't see the Federal Reserve of the US on this list. I think the NSA is missing a whole wealth of subversion there ... oh and the IRS also.

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Who do you think the NSA works for? You don't bite the hand that feeds you.

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wish they'd tell us what happened to that plane...