Beer-Flation: Where The World's Cheapest And Most Expensive Beer Is Found

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When the price of everything is rising, there's nothing more important that knowing the cheapest (and most expensive) places in the world to get a drink...


list of beer

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you pay for quality in beer

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When I was in Australia I had a delicious beer called XXXX (fourex) Gold. Try it if yer evah daon undah.

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Anything has to be better than VB....


I recommend Red Horse to any of you that make it to the Philippines. That stuff is amazingly smooth and strong. 

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Beer Lao Dam - Black beer from Vientien, Laos is the best in SE Asia.  About $1 per bottle.  Load up at the duty free by the Mehkong bridges.

Plus, they have these great stickers with their symbol, a black panther with LBC Laos Beer Company, underneath it, so you can bring them back to Long Beach City and say things like 'dedicated to the LBC'.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Bud Lite... they still make that shit? I'd rather drink runoff from Fukushima. If a man can't discern what a good tasting beer is, there isn't ANY hope for him. 'Merica... where fake men drink fake beer.

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I only drink when the S&P is green. 

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Karlovacko was a good one in Croatia. Like Heineken, but smoother. Price was right too.


Nice watching the waves at Buza Bar, Dubrovnik. Mute song if needed.

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To my eye, and taste buds, if I can see through a glass of beer, I ain't drinkin it. 

Opaque, so dark I cannot see out the other side. Guinness Extra Stout. ;-)

Most all Amerikan beer looks like someone whizzed in a glass. Spud's Suds. 

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Well VB is better than that Fosters shit that all foreigners think Aussies love, yet is considered so bad here the liquor stores stopped stocking it 20 years ago. Red Horse, lovely drop at 7% but reports of liver/kidney damage from those drinking too much because of the polluted waters they use to produce it.  My bro-in-law was in charge of the San Miguel afternoon shift and walked me through the plant one evening. In my opinion he had the best job in the world... testing the product off the line. He quit and was paid out 5 years before retirement age. Crazy!!

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Samuel Smith Chocolate Stout.


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and you pay for Lack of quality the next morning. I've never had a bad hangover from drinking Dark, Warm, German Girls (St Pauli)

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Countries with the cheapest beers above lists...

Saudi Arabia at $0.70 - WTF?

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The list is incomplete. I know several places I can get a bottle for less than $.50. 


I am an alcoholic, and proud.

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I can buy a case of beer for $13.99 and drink at home with family and friends for $0.58 a beer.  Conversation and food with friends and family... priceless.  Everyone should try it.

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Cheap domestic beers come in at a hefty price when you are the in the Antilles

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Are you talking about beer or pussy juice?


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It is just cheap dishwater labeled beer as most so called German beers are today unless they are directly imported from Germany. I stick with Warsteiner for now. Germany has not yet gone to GMO syrup in brewing.

They Heinekein sold in the US now days is just cheap sugar water with hops, nothing like what is sold in Europe.

It is all pretty sketchy these days, mostly I drink champagne and once in awhile Italian wine but be aware the mafia dumped a lot of nuclear waster in certain areas of Italy.

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When I was in Australia I had a delicious beer called XXXX (fourex) Gold. Try it if yer evah daon undah.


Shite. Wouldn't even call it beer. Tastes like arse that's why Queenslanders drink it.

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Three Floyds Gumballhead... amazing wheat beer. Buy it.

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Deschutes Hop Henge. amazing-er IPA. like drinking a piece of sweetbread drenched in cascade hops.

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I'm gonna try a bottle just based on your description. Sounds fantastic.

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Best-selling beer brand =/= good beer

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That statistic jumped out at me too. But at the same time not at all surprising.

I need Another Beer's picture

Its all irrelevant. Trust me when i say wine will be making a comeback. I don't look forward to this, but the wheels of industry are about gone. When beer is gone, u had beter know the constituition

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I found that last sentence puzzling. But You do Need Another Beer.

I'm a wine-drinker myself. Beer = liquid 'bread' (you might even call it 'wonder bread').

Unfortunately, drinking it packs on the lbs., just like any bread.


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Work it off first by accomplishing a few things in the hot sun.  Then take a seat in the shade and enjoy a cold glass of beer.

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Pabst Blue Ribbon!

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"Pabst Blue Ribbon!"? Do you mean PBR?

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coors-light and bud-light shouldn't be called "beer" ... they are more like watered down piss.

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Buffalo piss, to be precise.

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Tended at a Brewery that only served the beer they brewed. People would ask for the closest thing to [insert American piss beer] and we would hand them a glass of ice water.

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"Watered down piss"


Live in Utah - 3.2%, then you have the right to talk bout 'watered down piss'

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3.2% alcohol content? What brand is that?

90's Child's picture

Unless bought at a state liqour store (25% price increase) it's 3.2%
all bars, stores, restaurants 3.2%

Brewery's 4% (Wasatsh, Bonniville, Parkcity)

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Anybody who will drink American beer will surely drink piss and not know the difference.

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Come on mick.  We're not all on the short bus.  As there was before Prohibition, there's a lot of small brewries that do a nice job.  The big corporate stuff you are right if you're talking about that.

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I missed the greatest variety of top quality beers: Belgium.



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Belgium is right civilized. I did some medical tourism for an operation in Belgium and you could get a wide variety of Belgian beers delivered to your bed in the hospital!

and Belgium has the best chocolate and best frites and moules to go along with the best beer!


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trappist monks know how to make some good beer.

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My Top 5 Belgian Trappist beers : 

1) Westmalle Triple 

2) Westvleteren Double 

3) Orval

4) Rochefort 8

5) Chilmay Triple (white) 

That's beer !

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You, Sir, are a proper connoisseur. I salute you.

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Trappist's can't speak, can't have sex, beer is the only vice left...

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You can't just say that...youve got to follow up with 1) Why? or 2) what's better?

What's yer poison Dub? Warm Irish Ale?

I was in Londonium once and tried a warm beer....ugh! ;-)

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ORI - you just came to mind when I looked at the word conscience.

Con science??  What do you make of that conjunction for such an integral part of our being?

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Kinda likin' Founders "Dirty Bastard" Porter lately.  $11 a six.  Worth every penny. 8-1/2% too.

Gods Nectar in a bottle.

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Grand Rapids MI has produced nothing finer than that brewery. Oatmeal Breakfast Stout is in my top 10 beers of all time.

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I need another beer: Its all irrelevant. Trust me when i say wine will be making a comeback. I don't look forward to this, but the wheels of industry are about gone. When beer is gone, u had beter know the constituition.


You can still find some decent red wine for $13 a (large) bottle...ya gotta slog through a lot of shit though.