Growth Scare, What Growth Scare? Russell 2000 Screams To New Record High

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Despite 2014 consensus GDP now languishing at 2.2% (below its 2.9% hope in March, and gas prices near record highs for the time of year; it seems the Q1 growth scare that saw small caps, momos, biotechs, and half the Russell 2000 collapse has been all but forgotten as the favorite index of short-squeezes and algorithmic ignition has just recovered all its losses and regained its all-time record highs from March. Mission accomplished? Bear in mind that over 600 of the Russell 2000 names are still 20% below their 52-week highs.

New record highs...


But a third of the Russell are still down 20% or more...


You can't keep a good market down - or a bad one...

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I love Big Brother. 

He provides for our wealth, health, education, food, entertainment, journalism, and employment.

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Dear Ms. Yellen,

Please advise us when the market looks to you to be a bit overheated.

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Trees do grow to the sky!



What metric are the Russell 2000 stocks measured in, again?



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I've resisted going long for months, but that all changes now.  I'm going to go large on the SPY, QQQ, DIA, and IWM!

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When all those foreign USD come home it will be very bullish, indeed, for stocks...nominally speaking.

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I failed to place the "</sarc>" at the end of my prior post.

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Stockmarket highs with no inflation and no increases in wages of the prolotariate/serfs......

To the moon Alice

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As I mentioned in yesterday's ZH R2K story, the way to play is be LONG R2K. It has a ton of catching up to do with it's bigger brothers. Way more bang for the proverbial buck. Whatever you do, DO NOT be short it.

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It's the growth that scares me.

How does cancer fit into the GDP calc again?

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Precisely, growth in what exactly?  Growth of any one species forever in a closed system with finite resources is impossible.

hedge accordingly.

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Yea, though I walk though the valley of the shadow of insolvency, I will fear no market downturn: for The Fed art with me; thy Press and thy POMO they comfort me.

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Cannot be told, too much noise.

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It sure as hell feels that way right now.

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DOW 17k less than 5 minutes away.

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Up a buck-seventy and going parabolic.  4 points to go.  I think I just felt the tractor beam engage.

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Hey wallstreet,,,,


Pooper Popper's picture

wheres Homer simpson when you need him,

"Urges to kill rising",,,,,,fading,,,,fading   fading,   ,  ,RISING!

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What ever you do...... Don't sell. It'll freak the robots out. Ride this pig and grab it all! 'Markets' only go one way don'tchyaknow?

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If you manipulate markets higher, growth will come.  In any case, one can always manipulate inflation lower to generate growth.

Of course, US debt and unfunded liabilities of $1,260,000 per taxpayer and rising at $70,000 per year is no problem.

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It's not a market, it is a monitary tool.  And the FED doesn't have a balance sheet.

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I wonder when the soonest -5% day will be. maybe never. sigh...

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The day the 'market' loses 5% in one day is the day the market will vaporize right in front of our eyes.

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My God.  The effect of the market not going up....let alone down 5-10% must be more potentailly catastrophic than anyone can imagine.

HardAssets's picture

Recall BLACK MONDAY Oct 19, 1987 when the market dropped more than 20% that day.


When this rigged POS casino goes down, its gonna be something for the record books.

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Shopping list:

Bottle of Scotch.

Gallon of gas.


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this website should be blown up

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It is all about the pensions. If they go the pitchforks and torches will come out because those that are reliant on them are the most vunerable to a financial meltdown. These assholes know exactly what they are doing to keep the people playing the game.

Just remember all those pensions how much they lost in 2008 only just have recouped their losses to get back to what they were worth prior to 2008. If you were in bonds prior and stayed in bonds afterwards you've outperformed the market and haven't lost like them pensioners in the market. The short term pump to the moons on index funds allowed a select few to make some quick obscene profits.


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Needs.  More.  Bubble.

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Dow up 1% - but POMO usually stops at 1100a


Yellen is unloading it's arsenal today.  No POMO on Wed nor Thurs, but in light volume, Yellen can still hold markets up.


Looks like another share buyback season will be imposed very soon - Jul 8 start actually.

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Choom boy is after the banks now if anyone hasn't noticed. ISIS knocking over Central Banks, FISC documents being allowed to be leaked showing nothing except that they are monitoring every major global financial institution. The Oshiv is coming out for all you Fabian third way centrally controlling assholes next.

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we need a good pm knockdown before the close.

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If you plot treasury bond prices from 12:45 to 1:30 every day since the NY FED started doing reverse repos ($150 billion today, $3 billion per participant), you can clearly see that during that time frame treasuries only go down in price, factual evidence that reverse repos are a mechanism to provide collateral for banks to short treasuries.


Is there someone awake and with a pulse (and a conscience) at the US Treasury who will consider suing the NY FED for conspiring against the Federal Government?

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With only a little over four months to go before the mid-term elections, manipulation of the markets now has to go into overdrive or Barry will truely become a lame duck if he loses the Senate. The only problem of course is that Joe six pack is tapped out, food prices have gone through the roof and those five pound blocks of government cheese are looking like surf & turf to many living on the edge in an inflationless Amerika.

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'elections' ?

Does anyone actually think those are real . .

or that it makes any difference what lawyer/liar/politician fills the figurehead slots ?


Mustn't have been paying any attention all these years

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Calm down, Russel 2000 P/E is only 85.

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Plenty of headroom there. Remember, while there is a floot at zero, there is no ceiling.

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I can only imagine what is going to happen at 3pm when everyone bugs out to watch US-BEL. Melt-up City?

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if you dont believe that they r shitting all over the phony paper price of Silver you r trippin...

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EPIC!  Don't miss the ride!  You know what happens when you ride the roller coaster up the long, click, click, click...

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Probably time for another top-and-crash call.  Haven't seen one here for a couple of days.