Lehman Brothers

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Modern LibProg America:

Losing is Winning.

Weakness is Strength.

Government is Truth.

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"War is money." move along...

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What did you do? Use the lasso tool in paint for that?


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Will someone fly to England and euthanize Pivot Farm....(please)...     First he write terrible articles,   now he is trying to be William Banzai

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Don't care about soccer at all, but it is fun when the US beats other teams from countries that live and breathe football, it really gives 'em a frickin' coronary. Fun stuff!!

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USA world Cup record 1-2-1 and we are rejoicing about their play? It was only through others futility that we even advanced.


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I hear you Sod....but beating Ghana is not exactly world beating.

Glad the US is out. Fuck that shit. Soccer is for NON-Americans. Fucking nap-inducing shit.

Highlight ONLY watchable. Plus, the fucking flopping and faking is simply asinine.

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Fucking World Cup.....talk about a shit-show....

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when a sport depends entirely on the subjective judgements of referees, it becomes most unbareable to watch.  coupled with the academy award acting and over-the-top celebrations, i would rather watch paint dry.

enjoy this clip of what could easily be mistaken for any b-rated celebrity acting reel