Russia Warns Of "Gas Crisis" By Fall, Blasts Poroshenko "Personally Responsible For New Deaths"

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While the USA has been oddly quiet since Ukraine's President Poroshenko unilaterally ended the cease-fire, the Russians have not. This morning's "anti-terrorist" shelling of East Ukraine buildings stirred Russia's Prime Minister Medvedev to warn:


Of course, Ukraine is 'fixed' - it must be: stocks are up. However, it appears a new round of violence (with little seeming room for negotiation) appears set to start as Ukraine moves ahead and Medvedev makes it clear there will be repercussions.


As Voice of Russia reports, Ukrainian President Petr Poroshenko made a fatal mistake when he had ended the truce, Russian Prime Minister believes. Poroshenko is now personally responsible for casualties, Medvedev believes.

"Having ended truce, President Poroshenko has made a fatal mistake. It will bring new casualties. And he is personally responsible for them now," Medvedev posted on his Facebook account on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Medvedev said that Russia would take protective measures concerning its market after Ukraine signed an association agreement with the European Union.

"On June 27 Ukraine signed an Association Agreement with the European Union. This is Ukraine's right. Russia's right is to switch to new conditions for working with it. To protect its market. The decision on protection measures will be made after consultations. The Russian government is analyzing the current situation and devising our steps under the CIS free trade zone agreement and the WTO (World Trade Organization) rules," he said.

Medvedev predicted "a full-blown gas crisis" by autumn as a result of Ukraine's denial to pay for Russian gas.

"Ukraine doesn't pay for gas. The debt is huge. They take gas from underground depots. There'll be a full-blown gas crisis by autumn," he wrote, Interfax reports.

Then the to-ing and fro-ing began...


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If only the Russians didn't have nukes, ICBMs, bombers, a leader with balls, etc., then the USA could liberate that gas and oil from those militant communists socialists muslims Orthodox Christians, just like we did in Iraq and Libya.

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Did Putin's little puppet just say something??

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Didn't you see Hollywood's latest Jack Ryan propaganda movie?  The evil Rusians will be responsible for the dollar crashing.  The debt-addicted US Congress and co-dependent and enabling banking cabal known as the Federal Reserve Bank will have had nothing to do with it.  It is important we know who to blame.

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Poor Tom Clancy.  He died before his US vs Russia war fantasy could be realized. 

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In the movie, only by tapping into all private aspects of our lives (without a Court Order) is the US government able to save us from the evil Russian plot. 

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I would suggest any American who wants war with Russia study Russian history.  Start with 1000 AD.  Then afterwards share your thoughts.

john39's picture

Americans are being led to the slaughter by their insane zionist masters.

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Can you say Burrrrrr

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Fuckit, I'm on vacation but logged in just to stir the pot.

Everything is a zionist plot, even this post. The whole ZOG gimmick was cooked up by the KGB in the 50's because they could not secure a toehold in the new Israeli or Saudi states, thus locking them out of 80% of the action in the post-war world and their expansion plans for Stalinism post-war (Argentina/Korea was looking like a lost cause for Russian style USSR hedgemony at this stage). Anyone who truthfully believes that 10 families have conference calls every three weeks to steer the world is deluding themselves out of a rational life.

Here's the red pill: ZOG is a easy excuse to explain away all your own personal failures. Never get into that big job ? Jews did it. Stock market crashed? Jews. Army followed a bi-polar Artist into a suicide march on the Russian Front? A jewish family who had 80% of their assets stolen by said crazy Artiste did it. The only reason ZOG rhetoric is allowed to continue well into the 21st c. is because under scrutiny, 99% of it makes zero sense. It is the world's oldest troll, and one everyone is in on. But you. Get a life, do a bit of investigative work, and maybe, just maybe you will find a real corrupt group at play (like the currency fixer's, none of which were ZOG's).

Tom Clancy is on the record that most of his famous segments, including red october were done with a big spoonful of help from his "friends down the road", who like all white collar guys like to share the stories that will live on long beyond the burner box.

Anyone who was around for the German adventures in 1995 know this is what Germany does best, play both sides. Nothing changes. Germany needs dirty black russian cash to prop up their DB and other regional banks who are loaded to the gills on shit-club loans. Germany will turn a blind eye to the looting of Crimea and Lughansk while locals flee for West Ukraine, and Petrograd backed Oligarchs take over the industrial assets (coal & electrochemical), which funny, is exactly what Germany needs to continue their export dumping. Russia will back Germany (and their new French friends) in supressing populist reforms to equalize or improve growth conditions in the EU, skewing the trade towards foreign capital boltholes like Monaco or Lux. German industry is failling to compete with Chinese/US exports (esp. with the Fed dumping dollars to crush Mercedes/Audi/Kyrupp) so Russia is their bolthole, lest their own overleveraged balance sheets need audit and a few P/E multiple downgrades.

Russia needs Germany to continue to validate his empire building, which is necessary to distract the Russian army & nationalista's from the GDP and corruption problems in Moscow & Pytrograd. If Putina runs out of agression, then the structural problems + hard questions will start cropping up.

Russia or Germany I suspect will not crash the system, but after the period of complacency which will lead to the market downdraft when biotech / software downgrade, then Germany will likely pivot to Russia for bailout/backstop.

At that time, then we will see what the solevency of the Russian system is, or if they crack like Brazil.

Gas weapons are not as fun as they once were. Take that as an internet pundit talking from personal exp. :) And on that note, everyone in Moscow knows Dimi talks out his ass 80% of the time, he plays the "bad cop" this election cycle.




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Dont know who to blame exactly dude but it always helps seeing what hands belonging to what named individuals are stuck in the 'cookie jar'.  Wouldn't you say so?

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An intelligent comment poster at last.  The regular humans seem to be outnumbered here by Putin's paid troll army about 20:1.


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I would suggest any American who wants war with Russia study Russian history.

You cannot scare us!  The CIA, NSA, Kevin Costner, Keira Knightly, and Captain James T. Kirk seemed more than up to the task against those evil, Christian Orthodox, drunk, womanizing, rich, stupid, ugly, anti-semetic, gay-bashing Russians.

I know the Russians hate gays because Bob Costas told us while we were trying to watch the winter olympics.*




*Imagine the outcry if everytime the US squad played during the World Cup the television sportscaster droned on and on about how America hates privacy, waterboards prisoners, and kills children with drone strikes in sovereign nations where we are not even at war.

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Real 'muricans have been blaming individuals from other countries for the crimes of their governments since forever.  Remember Cold War era Olympics?  Eastern bloc athletes were assumed to be card carrying members of the KGB or something.  It would actually being poetic justice in a way for the same thing to start happening to Americans - but ultimately would be just as unfair. 

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Putin understands that 2 same sex parents destroys the family structure, and banned them from adopting his peoples' children. In the US they want to destroy the family structure so the state can raise our youth. Anyone who values the sanctity of family should applaud Putin for having a pair.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Remember Cold War era Olympics?  Eastern bloc athletes were assumed to be card carrying members of the KGB or something.

Really? Perhaps this was the case before 1972. From what I recall of watching the telecast of the Munich games, it wasn't like that. I think the chance to see actual USSRian people, as opposed to the Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale stereotypes they'd beed fed their entire lives, allowed a lot of Americans for the first time to see them as fellow human beings.

Between events, ABC aired brief background segments about some of the athletes. I remember one of them about Vasiliy Alekseyev, a Russian weightlifter on the Soviet team. It said that he worked as a school teacher when he wasn't training. Somehow it made him seem less like a communist agent seeking world domination and more like a normal person that lived in a different country.

The unforgettable sweetheart of the Munich games was Olga Korbut, an 18 year old Belarusian on the Soviet women's gymnastic team. She had a smile that would fill the entire venue, and America quickly fell in love with her.

Of course, you're always going to have those whose thinking has been so conditioned and throttled that they are incapable of escaping from the prison of their Cold War frame of reference. However, I believe that most people when given the opportunity to look beyond the false narratives and artificial media constructs are capable of seeing the Enemy du Jour® as fellow human beings instead of lurking monsters.

In sad contrast to 1972, the American media coverage of the Sochi Olympics was little more than vulgar, thinly veiled propaganda. That there has been a media blackout in the US regarding events in southeast Ukraine should come as no surprise. The American public simply cannot be allowed to see that Kiev's "anti-terror" operations involve shelling churches during mass, raiding hospitals to finish off the wounded, bombing water treatment facilities, scattering anti-personnel mines across fields of livestock, dropping white phosphorus on residential areas, firing on busses filled with women and children trying to escape the violence, and door-to-door death squads exterminating entire families. Nope, if Americans saw that, they might get confused about who the good guys are and who the terrists are.

luftmensch's picture

Russian xenophobia, gay-bashing etc. is news because in most modern societies, its not seen as an effective way to do business, it's exceptional at this point.  Poll people on the street of any Russian city, and its pretty easy to determine the climate of strong enforced conformity.  Not that surprising, as anyone who didn't conform was killed, sent to Serbia, or fled over the past 100 years.  

As has been stated here, Russian leaders have raised blaming the country's woes on outsiders to a fine art.  If you really luv your Putin godfather and his band of oligarchs so much, why don't you just embrace your lifestyle choices and stop blaming others for your problems, as they are clearly self-inflicted..  

TheReplacement's picture

On your last comment, that would be great.  Actually some (NORK, Iran, who else are we threatening) just might do that but "we" consider them so obscure that it is not reported to us. 

Stoploss's picture

I'll take Anti Multiculturalism for a thousand Alex.

tony wilson's picture

listen soldier we dontes needs to reed no gay histry.

we got beliefs freedum and der flag and with are brothers in london and tel aviv the world is dere for =der takin

CrashisOptimistic's picture

"Personally responsible" type verbage is the sort of thing that turns into a war crimes prosecution.

If Poroschenko is ever captured by Russia, the trial will be in Moscow.

Aussie V's picture

Thta's how I read it too! Russia is now threatening Poroshenko with 'personal retribution' because he has 'personal responsibility'!
Poroshenko thinks if anything bad goes down he will always have his US mates ready to whisk him out of the country on a 'Saigon like' chopper to freedom sucking on chocolates.

Instead the reality is more like him being hunted down like the US and EU did to Gaddaffi.

He is betting his life on a pair of 7's but, playing the game like he has 4 Ace's

Oldrepublic's picture

Tom Clancy, the war lover, who never fought in a war

Jack Burton's picture

Good old Tom was obsessed with the long standing US Navy and Soviet Navy underwater Submarine cold war. I got to take part in that for a number of years. And Tom was allowed access to many things the public was not allowed to learn of. He really did make his fortune off of the Cold war and his fantasy of a Soviet/NATO war. I never read his books, but I know the higher up in the USN were very happy about the sterling reputation he gave to the NAvy's Submarine and Surface ASW forces.

Most people really enjoyed the cold war, profits for corporations were huge and long lasting. Best of all, few people got killed in it while profits matched those of a real shooting war.

I believe the American elites made so much money and were allowed to amass so much power over the Red Scare, that they are desperate to reignite a new cold war for profit and power accumulation. Nothing, but nothing Washington DC craves more than a return to the good old days of a large and evil enemy.

Israel especially loves to see Christian Russia set against a largely Christian NATO. And both sides are largely white and European. Splitting  the white European Christians and making them want to kill each other is a great accomplishment for the Zionest elements world wide, but most especially in Israeli occupied Washington. Think about why the two biggest enemies on earth are forced into being the white christian Euro Ethnic peoples. Count the ways these serves zion. I think you will see the Neocon movement is largely a zionist movement, and it is they who created this new cold war. I would say shame on them, BUT, we Americans most of all should be the ones told Shame on you! We walk right into the Israeli trap.

Anusocracy's picture

Well, nature does occasionally parasitize parasites.

Buck Johnson's picture

I always thought that guy was a deuche, sorry thats just my opinion.  And it looks like they are trying to find someone to blame for the implosion of the dollar and our economy.

flapdoodle's picture

Notice that the "Russians are the bad guys theme" is popping up in many of the new Hollywood movies recently ('monuments men', the jack ryan movie, the new captain america movie, even 'gravity' - and there are many more)

I really liked the barrells full of jewish gold teeth in 'monuments men', or the carefully staged photo scene of cate blanchett with "jude" and the star of david on the wall. so artistic!

Its nice to see them getting so blatant about it. I used to think I was just a conspiracy paranoid...

flapdoodle's picture

Then again, why are those black helicopters following me??


Squid Viscous's picture

Flak your Zio-con hatred of Putin is getting old and transparent, give it a rest -  nobody is buying here - maybe try ""

luftmensch's picture

Squid, we are very much buying your dime romance novel love affair with czar Putin.

Seriously, ZH is about alternative, independent points of view.  Putins propaganda machine has a higher bullshit ratio than even the western press.  Why bash one oligarchy just to embrace another?  Lets destroy them all equally ;).


Jack Sheet's picture

please honor us with your assessment.

caconhma's picture

These ZH clowns cannot comprehend that there is no Slavic-Russian people anymore in today Russia. THe POS Putin, a Zionist puppet, clearly stated that Russia belongs to Russian-Speaking people. Putin is an enemy of Russian nationalism.

The great Russian Empire was destroyed by Zionist-terrorists back in 1917. Lenin-Blank and Trotsky-Bronshtain brought a genocide to the Russian-Slaves: millions were slaughtered and millions left Russia-USSR. The Stalin killed another 25 millions Russians and Ukrainians. Then was another great slaughter: the WWII when USSR has lost 37 millions people.


Russia is finished. Both Putin and his puppet Medvedev are living on borrowed time and will end like Saddam Hussein with Russia looking like today Iraq.

mrpxsytin's picture

One thing that concerns me about Russia is it's low population replenishment. I believe they are facing population decline. But this can be reversed.

I wouldn't worry about Russia being 'finished'. In fact Russia seems to be going back to its roots and rebuilding its modern image on a solid foundation that has worked throughout the centuries. They also appear to be building relations with old soviet states via political and economic means, which are much more efficient than the old style occupation methods.


luftmensch's picture

I, for one, am willing to volunteer for the population replenishment project.

grekko's picture

Liberation, and in the process destroying everything the people need for life.  Spent uranium anyone?

Freddie's picture

ZH has these banner ads for the NEA (teachers union) to sign a petition to help our littlest learners. The picture has all these blond and blue eyed 2nd graders in a classroom.

WTF!?  Is this for Iceland or Finland?  The NEA wants classrooms filled with little dreamers who arew incapable or learning anything except EBT cards and love for La Raza (aka The Race).

IndianaJohn's picture

Hedgeless, -- Russia has an army that is free of queers too. 

Flakmeister's picture

Yeah, sure thing buddy, whatever you say...

Freddie's picture

LOL!  I bet Flake-meister knows a few things about sailors and merchant semen.

Jack Burton's picture

 The US Navy now allows women on board all combat ships except the Submarine force. The British Royal Navy has just put the first women aboard. So I think the USN is not far behind. I gather from sailors I know that straight sex is not unknown on our Navy ships during deployment, and in port it is rampant.

Way back in Gulf War I, a USN supply ship in the Gulf was namned "The Love Boat". I forget exact figures, but as many as 17 of the 25 women onboard for a months long deployment returned to port after the war pregnant. Given birth control, one suspects all 25 women must have been active to produce such a %. Worse still for the lovely ladies was confronting their husbands in port. Over half the 17 had husbands ashore or at sea, being sailors themselves.

From reading insider reports made by senior enlisted petty officers in the early 2000's, I gather that sex is the norm and stopping it is impossible. What hurts morale are the sailors jealous that the lady sailors are servicing others regularly but not them. We all know this from High School. But imagine a ship deployed for 6 months, mostly at sea, and men outnumbering women 10-1, and the women all sexually active. Need I paint a picture of the results for morale?

FeralSerf's picture

Strange. The Japanese claimed they helped morale by providing a co-ed environment.

COSMOS's picture

LOL, maybe those ladies came back with not just a bulge in the stomach but a bulge in their bank accounts, after all, having a captive customer base, what hooker wouldnt sign up for the navy, and the sleeping quarters and meals are freeee


Anusocracy's picture

Humping and thumping, the only abilities some people have.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

I'd be more worried about Putin if I were you.    It's like all those fundamentalists with pent-up (uh) "confusion" who are eventually caught at the Man Hole on Halsted St. 

NoPantsSpongeBob's picture

Gay men have been allowed to serve in Russian military since 2003.

angel_of_joy's picture

Sure dude. They have also been allowed to serve in prisons around the world (in exactly the same roles) since... forever.

A piece of advice: if you are gay, and somehow got yourself in the Russian army, don't tell anybody !

IdiocracyIsAlreadyHere's picture

No, they just don't feel the need to wear it on their sleeve like they do here so it is not such an issue.  While the culture is not pro-gay in any way they are not so obsessed with finding out every detail of your life so I'm sure gays have been serving in their military just as most other places (even places that claim they are not). 

COSMOS's picture

I am all for making a requirement that all commanding officers be gay, this would see a drastic decrease in casualties since they would not waste good men on either side.   This would also likely result in no more wars.

luftmensch's picture

haha...yes, they just have a system that forces most 19-23 year old men to live together with no women in extremely macho environments, take showers together and sleep together for several years.  

Gay bashing often comes from those least comfortable with their sexuality.  None of the gay hate could possibly be from that guilty feeling about what happened in their youthful indiscretions not being fully supported by the orthodox church, hmmm.

Here we have it from that bastion of truth, Pravda itself:

luftmensch's picture

Russia recruiting cutest Ukranian soldiers to be  Russian army prostitutes for its bases in Crimea?  Is this the real motivation for the invasion?