Is The Cloward-Piven Strategy Being Used To Destroy America?

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Submitted by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market blog,

In the mid-sixties at the height of the “social revolution” the line between democratic benevolence and outright communism became rather blurry. The Democratic Party, which controlled the presidency and both houses of Congress, was used as the springboard by social engineers to introduce a new era of welfare initiatives enacted in the name of “defending the poor”, also known as the “Great Society Programs”. These initiatives, however, were driven by far more subversive and extreme motivations, and have been expanded on by every presidency since, Republican and Democrat alike.

At Columbia University, sociologist professors Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Piven introduced a political strategy in 1966 in an article entitled 'The Weight Of The Poor: A Strategy To End Poverty'. This article outlined a plan that they believed would eventually lead to the total transmutation of America into a full-fledged centralized welfare state (in other words, a collectivist enclave). The spearpoint of the Cloward-Piven strategy involved nothing less than economic sabotage against the U.S.

Theoretically, according to the doctrine, a condition of overwhelming tension and strain could be engineered through the overloading of American welfare rolls, thereby smothering the entitlement program structure at the state and local level. The implosion of welfare benefits would facilitate a massive spike in poverty and desperation, creating a financial crisis that would lead to an even greater cycle of demand for a fully socialized system. This desperation would then “force” the federal government to concentrate all welfare programs under one roof, nationalize and enforce a socialist ideology, and ultimately, compact an immense level of power into the hands of a select few.

Cloward and Piven claimed that this could be accomplished at a grassroots level through community activism, and, that it would facilitate a more compassionate federal authority, however, there are numerous problems with these assertions.

The Cloward-Piven Strategy has nothing to do with grassroots activism, and accomplishes nothing tangible for the downtrodden poverty class. In fact, I would dare to say that Cloward and Piven as well as most social engineers are well aware that the concept ultimately only serves to give even more dominance to the establishment and pilfer even more freedom from the masses.

Cloward-Piven is not limited to the destabilization of state and local welfare programs. It can easily be used against federal level entitlements, and in reality, is much more effective against an entity with the proven tendency towards exponential debt spending. Though the federal government may be able to borrow fiat dollars through the Federal Reserve to prolong welfare rolls while the states cannot, a more volatile threat arises when debt monetization begins to wear down the purchasing power of the currency. Weakened purchasing power results in reduced consumer activity, less industrial growth, less GDP, and obviously, more poverty. The dollar has lost approximately 98% of its purchasing power since 1972, and after 50 years of the so-called “War on Poverty”, nearly one third of the American population now repeatedly slips under the official poverty line.

In the past decade alone, the number of people dependent on food stamps and EBT for their survival in the U.S. has doubled from 25 million people to nearly 50 million people. Those who receive some kind of payment from the government, including those on social security, disability, and veterans benefits, are approximately 100 million. Americans on social security do not consider themselves welfare recipients because they paid into the system, however, the point remains that if the federal money tap shuts down due to overwhelming participation, the checks will stop whether you paid into the system or not.

In the end, it is the Federal Government itself that is most vulnerable to the Cloward-Piven Strategy, and I believe the goal is to set fire to ALL social structures in the U.S., then assimilate them into a new globalist system.

The tactic of overwhelming the welfare structure REQUIRES the complicity of the government itself. A grassroots activist movement cannot and will never compel federal and state governments to expand welfare initiatives if they do not wish to. If welfare programs are not expanded beyond their capacity to be maintained, they cannot be overwhelmed. Therefore, government must cooperate with the Cloward-Piven Strategy by generating more and more welfare programs to be exploited. That is to say, the elitists who control our government, regardless of their claimed political party, must WANT to arrange circumstances to allow for Cloward-Piven to be successful.

Another key component of Cloward-Piven is the existence of an immense number of poverty stricken people. Without a significant portion of the population under the poverty level, there is no mass of people to use as a weapon. Again, grassroots activists would be hard pressed to actually create the kind of poverty levels they would need for exploitation. But wait! Government, along with the aid or direction of central bankers, is able to create any level of poverty it wishes at any time by simply pretending to bungle everything it does. Once again, Cloward-Piven (much like Saul Alinsky's repertoire of propaganda scams) is far more useful to the power elite than it is to the common citizen. As former White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, famously said:

You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before...”

In light of the Cloward-Piven Strategy, which is at its very core a method to artificially induce crisis, the otherwise insane policy actions of the Obama Administration and preceding puppet presidents now become perfectly logical. Obama, after all, has been a long time proponent of the methods of Saul Alinsky, the left wing gatekeeper equivalent to Neo-Con godfather Leo Strauss. Cloward and Piven were also both avid followers of Alinsky, who promoted lies, misdirection, subversion, and abandonment of conscience in order to win social power at any cost (special note – Alinsky also dedicated his book 'Rules For Radicals' to Lucifer...yeah, to the friggin' devil).

Under Obama's watch alone, our real national debt including unfunded liabilities and entitlements has risen to nearly $200 trillion. Our “official” national debt has gone from $10 trillion to $17 trillion in the short time Obama has been in office. Real unemployment including U-6 measurements stands at around 20% of all Americans. Personal wealth and savings have plummeted. Wages remain in stasis while prices on necessary goods continue to rise.

In my articles 'The Socialization Of America Is Economically Impossible' and 'Obamacare: Is It A Divide-And-Conquer Distraction?', I examined much evidence suggesting that Obamacare was actually designed to fail, and that the bumbling of the Obama White House when dealing with the program was purely deliberate. When coupled with Obama's handling of the current illegal immigration conflict, I would say that the Cloward-Piven Strategy is in full force.

Why fight tooth and nail against all common sense and history, why lie openly to millions of registered voters to get the program in place, only to allow it to derail because of a poorly designed website!? Because, Obama and his handlers know full well that it will end up costing the country billions that we cannot afford, and aid in a resulting crash.

Why the sudden surge of illegal immigrants into the U.S.? Why not! The White House has made it clear that it has every intention of keeping them within America by allowing the border patrol to ship the detained across the country where they are then released. Obama's threat to use executive action to force through his own version of the immigration bill is the icing on the cake. Amnesty is essentially guaranteed, I believe, in the near term, which is why tens of thousands of Central American parents are willing to send their children on a journey where they could very well be kidnapped by sex traffickers or killed. If the White House really wanted to stop this humanitarian crisis, the President would state publicly and clearly that America is not a drive through welfare center, that there will be no free goodies at the second window, and that there will be no chance of amnesty, instead of diverting more agents to the border to ensure more illegals are shipped into the interior.

The president does not wish to stop the flood of immigrants exactly because Cloward-Piven requires their presence. Not only would this officially add millions of people to welfare rolls, but I would venture to suggest that Obama will likely include automatic sign-up to universal healthcare as part of his amnesty measures.

If there wasn't enough strain on the social welfare structure before, there certainly will be now.

I would remind readers, though, that in the final analysis this is NOT about Obama. I have seen other commentators including Glenn Beck discuss Cloward-Piven in the past, but always through the blinders of the false left/right paradigm. Obama could not have attained the levels of destabilization he has without standing on the shoulders of those political errand boys who came before him. Ronald Reagan, for instance, was also responsible for signing the Immigration Reform And Control Act of 1986 into law, which was supposed to trade the amnesty of 3 million illegals for greater border security.  This new "more comprehensive" security was never implemented by Reagan.  Both Republican and Democratic regimes have made our current calamity possible, and the leaderships behind both parties are nothing more than paid mascots for international financiers and globalists who have a very different vision of what America should be.

If we allow ourselves to fall into the trap of making the developing crisis about a singularly unimportant man such as Obama, then the elites get exactly what they want – an angry and desperate citizenry out for the blood of a middleman and out for the blood of each other, while they sit back, relax, and wait to swoop in as our financial saviors with strings attached.

For those naïve enough to assume that Cloward-Piven is just a well intentioned activist method, it is important to understand that even if that were so, the effect of the Cloward-Piven Strategy will never achieve the goal its creators claimed to support. In my view, it is probable that they never really intended for it to produce wealth equality or an increased quality of life.

The tactic can only decrease wealth security by making all citizens equally destitute. As we have seen in numerous socialist and communist experiments over the past century, economic harmonization never creates wealth or prosperity, it only siphons wealth from one area and redistributes it to others, evaporating much of it as it is squeezed through the grinding gears of the establishment machine. Socialism, in its very essence, elevates government to the role of all-pervasive parent, and casts the citizenry down into the role of dependent sniveling infant. Even in its most righteous form, Cloward-Piven seeks to make infants of us all, whether we like it or not.

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The_Prisoner's picture

Yes, among others.

Oldwood's picture

equality through universal dependency.

_disengage_'s picture

How much is spent on social welfare per year versus war, graft, corporate welfare, etc? While ballooning the FSA's ranks isn't a good idea, I think there might be a few bigger fish to fry.

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You are wrong.  Dependency changes the society in ways the others can't.  But you are using the common argument which follows the false logic that because the cost of welfare does not approach the cost of war, for example, it is not as detrimental to the nation.  It is by following such logic that America finds itself on the long slide to ruin.

_disengage_'s picture

I never said it wasn't detrimental, but I don't think it changes a society any more than 2 sets of laws for rich/poor, a republic going fascist, total innundation with media/marketing from birth, or destroying resources as fast as possible for no real return.

What difference is it being dependant on big brother and scared of big brother? Or being dependant on a paycheck versus a gov check?

suteibu's picture

Because if a third of the nation was not dependent on maintaining or growing the status quo (who would vote to give up their largess?), the government would be more afraid of the people and not the other way around.  All of the other things come and go with time, a society's downward slide will be nearly impossible to reverse.

_disengage_'s picture

Isn't 99% of the nation dependant on maintaining the status quo? You seem to be moving away from getting people hooked on EBT/welfare and getting people hooked on credit.

suteibu's picture

And you seem to be intent on keeping the discussion away from the welfare state.  There is a lot wrong with America, too much debt being one, however, nothing diminishes the impact of a massive dependency class on the social structure.

Anusocracy's picture

Yes, we can recreate the hunter-gatherer society worldwide.

Sincerely, the hunter-gatherers.

suteibu's picture

Another false argument which claims that, sans the welfare state, only anarchy can exist.  Is throwing out trite talking points which have no correlation in history the best you can do?

markmotive's picture

Take away the giant ponzi and you're not left with much of America to destroy.

Satyajit Das on the end of ponzi prosperity:

chumbawamba's picture

In the 1930s, during the turmoil of the "Great Depression", the concept of birth certificates, licenses for occupation and marriage, property registration, income taxation, and a whole host of regulations governing nearly every little aspect of our lives began to encroach on a distinctly unique American society.  The pre-1930s American society was still more than vaguely a republic in its character.  However, things changed after the depression of the 1930s, which lead to the bankruptcy of the government created of/by/for the people and endlessly perverted throughout the preceding century, and resulted in our being converted to collateral for the bankrupt United States corporate entity.

Ever since then, as you'll notice, the politicians have consistently referred to our system of government as a "democracy" which, according to our founding documents, is completely wrong.  Thus their utterance of this mischaracterization is either a result of abject ignorance or evidence of willful fraud (for ignorantia legis neminem excusat, ignorance of the law excuses no one)--or it's the truth.

Assuming they know full well what they are doing--and let's face it, they are not all geniuses, but they are all lawyers, and they go to expensive law schools to know this stuff--then they are telling you how it is.

I am Chumabwamba.

economics9698's picture

To sum it up we need to start killing bankers.

sylviasays's picture

"To sum it up we need to start killing bankers."

Next all the lawyers?

Keyser's picture

Please, the politicians come before either the lawyers or bankers... 


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dates back to 1913

dates back to 1907 panic

dates back to panic of 1884

dates back to war of succession and greenbacks

dates back to war of 1812

dates back to revision of the articles of confederation

dates back to annapolis convention

the union was killed within a decade

happy july 4


thatthingcanfly's picture

That's "secession."

And are all of your punctuation keys broken?

BigJim's picture

We don't need Cloward-Piven or NWO schemers to explain what's happened; E. T. Peterson, riffing off the Kyklos of Aristotle and all those guys, commented in 1951:

A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy.

All Risk No Reward's picture

>>A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy.<<

But if you actually look around, that's not happening, is it?

The common people are being screwed no matter what lever they pull in the election between Money Power financed and promoted candidate #1 and Money Power financed candidate #2.

If you read what I wrote, you will understand exactly why society is getting shafted.

Debt based monetary systems are prima fascie fraud.

Money is Our God! Tom Simmons Comedy

Debt is not a Choice

How to be a Crook

Renaissance 2.0 Full

The Secret of Oz

Debt Money Tyranny

Weapons of Mass Debt


WeNeedaRealGovt's picture

Only the peace loving Jesus freak Evangelicals can wax so eloquently about killing people that disagree with them.

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

Haven't read much of the Qur'an, have we RealGovt?

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

Only the peace loving Jesus freak Evangelicals can wax so eloquently about killing people that disagree with them.

And we have a winner for Most Absurd Out-of-Context Assertion.

Vin's picture

What the hell are you babbling about?  Communists have killed 100's of millions of people in the 20th century.  And communism is in bed with the one-world-govt crowd.

Either focus your anger on the fed govt or shut the hell up, you're just confusing the issue.

MeMadMax's picture

I wish I could go back in time and stop your mom and dad from doing the dirty deed that ended up squirting your dumbass out...



OldPhart's picture

Wait, wait, wait...

Shakespear told us to first kill all the lawyers.seems reasonably antiquated and feasible to me.  That should also take out about 90% of the politicians.

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

By jove, OldPhart, I do believe you have the hang of it!

didyoujustpullthatoutofyourass's picture

Most politicians are lawyers or bankers.

ImGumbydmmt's picture

All three are just pawns. pick any 500 politicians, removal and replacement changes nothing if TPTB who direct the bankers can still buy off politicans, and SCOTUS and POTUS and and and....

I have been repulsed for a long time about the anti semitic occasional posts on ZH. Then somone just pointed out the last 5 US Fed Reserve chairs have been jewish?

umm yea, what are the odds of that?

I still don't like the anti (pick a group) rants, but this Fed Chair factoid did just cause me to have a "WTF????" moment.

Who Set that up? over and over again?.....9/11 dancing israelis suddenly didn't seem so tin foil hat anymore.

WTF , should have took the blue pill......put me back, i want to enjoy steak again.


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comment removed by NSA

pending review by DHS

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Wish they all were removed. It's a pathetic start to a discussion.

That said... Old tyler would've wished a 4th Open Thread Bitchez by now EST.

... While jerking off to DOW 17k.

Instead I gotta read 3 day old Drudge articles.

Think about it bitchez. Sux.

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Comment added pending review by FBI for hacking my system and harassing me since August of last year. For posting illegally obtained data pertaining to me on this site as well as others. Tell my hacker/stalker fan club I said hi and why did you go and hijack my identity?

BigJim's picture

 To sum it up we need to start killing bankers.

There's no point. Our entire economic system is predicated on debt-money; which means it will be defended by everyone with a stake in the status quo.

So you'd have to start offing the status quo. But the status quo in a democracy aren't the status quo by accident; they're there because the electorate think they need them. Start to off their status quo and the electorate will turn on you quicker than you can say 'but they're your enemies too!'

All we can do is try to educate people at this stage. Frankly, I think collapse will come sooner than mass awakening, but just because our options are poor doesn't mean we don't have any.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Rothchilds funded both Bolshevism and our beloved "progressivism" (I love that chosen title, if you aren't a progressive, you don't like progress!). This goes way back before the Great Society. I am sure plenty of well meaning dupes thought they were on the right team, but the powers at the top are simply manifesting their World Order in the long game. Very few seem to see the long game, but the documents exist to prove it.

Anusocracy's picture

The Constitution won't stop a bullet.

Especially if it's fired by a government tax-eater.

redd_green's picture

Enough baloney, piled end to end, will stop a bullet.    Should we call it a baloneybulletproof vest?

Think about it.

redd_green's picture

... during he turmoil of the great depression RIGHT AFTER THE PASSING OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE ACT of 1913 ...   

chumbawamba's picture

It goes further back than that, player.  Think 14th Amendment.  Think Civil Rights Act of 1866.  Think the Constitution itself.  Think one thousand year chess game, then you start to get the idea.


All Risk No Reward's picture

It's a wonder humanity has lasted this long...  well, I guess it hasn't.  Only a few have been privileged to live in "Elyseum" while the rest of humanity lives under difficult circumstances.  People want parity, the dElites mean to give to us by sending everyone but their club to the bottom of the barrel through their societal enslaving debt money fraud.

NoDebt's picture

Seitbu, I don't know how you can continute to calmly (and absolutely correctly) put up arguments against Anus without blowing your stack.  His distract-and-redefine tactics are the obvious hallmark of a pre-programmed state-bot.  The kid's never been in the real world a day in his life.  Mom & Dad pay for his basement internet connection and he bounces back and forth between ZH and HuffPo, like everything is morally equivalent, regardless of how it affects real people.  He doesn't have the slightest clue what he's regurgitating actually means.

He's a turd.  Hit the flush lever and move on with life.  Every minute you spend arguing with him is another minute of your life you won't get back.

suteibu's picture

Thanks and duly noted.

Anusocracy's picture

Obviously you misunderstand.

I'm just stating an unwillingness to be a slave to your and suteibu's idiotic beliefs.

Keep them between your ears - where they won't do any harm.

Anusocracy's picture

I am happy for you to be a servant to whatever form of government you want. Same for _disengage_.

I just don't want any part of either, or any other form for that matter.

But that will expose the real problem: those who think that they are the owners of everyone else.

Hopeless for Change's picture

ahhh, that good old binary way of thinking.  Don't like an intrusive government overstepping its bounds and driving us hopelessly into debt?  You are an anarchist.  Don't like open borders?  You are a racist.  Don't like Obamacare?  You hate the poor, and are also a racist.

Deer Hunter's picture

Amen to that. I'm happy being a racists, go white, black and brown people, as long as you were born here and don't take handouts from the fed.

SafelyGraze's picture

a rising storm-surge sinks all boats

hurricane arthur


TeamDepends's picture

Columbia University, while you've had some superstar great minds who have worked for good, you have also given shelter to many far-left asswipes who have gone on to destroy this country.

Monty Burns's picture

asswipes who have gone on to destroy this country

...who have gone on to deliberately destroy the country.  There, fixed it. Cloward Piven, Alinsky, the Frankfurt them and the dots will form a very clear picture.  Nothing will ever look the same again.

TeamDepends's picture

Dude, you forgot Barry Obongojimihendrixsoetorosoebarkajammalamadingdong.