People Not In Labor Force Rise To New Record, Participation Rate Remains At 35 Year Lows

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Those following the labor force participation rate (which as even the Census Bureau showed is declining not so much due to demographics but due to older people working longer and pushing younger people out of the labor force as we showed yesterday) will hardly be surprised to learn that alongside today's impressive NFP print, the reason why the unemployment rate took another big step lower from 6.3% to 6.1%, was once again as a result of the number of people not in the labor force, which in June rose to a fresh record high of 92,120K, up 111K from June.


The civilian employment to population ratio remained at cycle lows, if rising modestly from 58.9% to 59.0%

As a result, the labor force participation rate remained flat at 62.8%, matching the lowest print since 1978.

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Jimmy Carter = Barack Obama

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Jimm Carter > Barack Obama

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does nobody get the script yet?  the dems know they are done this november, and a market correction will be blamed on any other party as they gain more seats as a vote of non-confidence and used for the next two years before the pres election.  pretty simple.


in the mean time everything will come up roses for BO....the pure negative correlation of econ reports and his popularity is obvious.

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i am thinking some correction happens before Novemember.

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I was joking.  But OK.  2014 is as good as any.

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I like how the line drops  just about vertical right after the ObowelMovement was elected.......but "both party's hour the same"......
"an Busch did the same thing two"

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After the McDaniel/Cochran fiasco in the Mississippi primaries how can you claim there's that much difference.

GOP Dirty Tricks Revealed
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You are such a pussy.  There was the story here yesterday for all you party pussy types about how Americans wish they voted for the other cum stain.  Where were you defending the Republicans???  


That's right you had an epic one-liner, "flush the Obowmovevment."









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lol... what were you expecting, War And Peace?  geez... lighten up!  It's a silly comments board!

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Why, is you pussy hurting too?

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Sure. They can tell me I'm good looking and I can appreciate the compliment, but I still know they are lying, which always makes me want to know why.

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GOP isn't going to take the Senate back.  They may have trouble even holding the House.  Tea Partiers are going to stay home after the USCoC and GOP leaders spat in their faces in the Mississippi senate primary, and the Dems are ramping up the "War on Women" garbage again.

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Damn right.  At least Jimmy Carter deregulated the airlines, interstate trucking, and homebrewing.  What has B.O. deregulated?

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adherence to the Constitution?

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That's so true I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

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Take 1 full time, make 2 part time = great headlines = Obama King

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Obama has no where near the balls Jimmy did; the Iran situation was a CIA fail and was the confirmation that the CIA, and not the executive branch, runs foreign policy.

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I can't believe there's 59% of the population employed still.  But employed doing WHAT and earning how MUCH?  Wild guess:  noting important for very little money.

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I dare you to spin that negatively



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Its not hard for me as I'm wearing "shit" colored glasses.

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Quick fly to mexico then cross over back in the U.S. You can get free new glasses for life.


Hurricane alert ! please turn in all your guns.

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And your precisous metals, and any loose cash laying around, along with any valuable electronics such as cell phones, flat screens, stereo equipment, laptops/iPads.

Wouldn't want the costumed thugs,.........ahem, I mean thugs rummaging through your house to take anything valuable.

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They are all trying to do a social media app and go public....that is the only thing I see that is making money...

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Oh, yeah, then there's that...

Spin:  America returns to traditional family value of stay-at-home, son, daughter, uncle, family friend.

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Even all the family pets have a wide variety of tv shows to sit around and enjoy, courtesy of Animal Planet:-)

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The stay at home family.  I like it.  We'll all have so much love, support and togetherness we just want to strangle eachother.

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These charts show the truth behind the lies that are reported in glowing light

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And to think this is the good times. What happens when things start to go bad(der)? 

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Wow!  This is really great news.  6.3% to 6.1%....6.1%.  We're starting to get very close to full employment; which would be measured as basically anything below 5.5%

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how do you revert a chart like that?


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Yea but the not seasonally adjusted numbers were good M/M. This report was the best ( not seasonally adjusted) in years. BUT several questions remain of quality of jobs, and is this merely the summer bump, a whiplash back effect from winter? Additionally, the specter of rapidly rising rates because the fed has moved too slow and we get super hot inflation except in wages...then the brakes get slammed on and the economy train wrecks.

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Going to be a growth industry in repo's next few years.. so why the negativity?

Repo's ought to count towards the GDP in the Brave New Normal..

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Looks like Obama has taken us back into war in Iraq. All this armor is used to defend the Embassy? not fooling anyone.

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Does anyone remember what unemplyment number Bernanke said he would end QE on? Serious question. I thought it was 6.5% perhaps.

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Luckily Yellen subscribes to ShadowStats for her unemployment numbers (~23%)

Everybodys All American's picture

I looked it up and Bernanke said it would be when we were below 6.5%. Go figure they moved the target. This is all a dog and poney show anyway and at this point the central banks own the whole trade-able market.

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The kind benevolent government has made not working more profitable than working for so many at the bottom.

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jobs are soooo over rated, gheesh.

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I hear manufacture of the Abrams is being outsourced to China soon there goes the last of our export market.....

Rakshas's picture

........ My bad they are sending the finished product for diplomatic reasons sorry ....... Rock on

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when obama first got elected , a few people i spoke with said that a black man will be the perfect president for the CIA because they can engineer a massive problem in the united states towards the end of his presidency and it will all be blamed on him by the public , in part because he's president (like bush) but also because he's black. the racism only helps.

i tend to agree because the timing of financial implosion of the markets (and the previous market mania) were NOT an accident with respect to their coincidence with the end of the bush presidency. the powers that be can and do use the timing of presidential swaps to sell a narrative to the public --bush as the answer to clinton----obama as the answer to bush---- the next presidency will be especially important to the powers that be and thus they cannot afford the anti-war dialogue of people like rand paul to be taken as they stand. most likely the only way to deal with this is to arrange a well timed set of false flag type bombings of shootings, that the media will propagate as the major if not the only story that is important for many months prior to the election.

if that's not enough, they will engineer a major false flag like the killing of a few thousand people in a major u.s. city, in order to ensure that everyone understands they should be supporting the pro-war candidate. that is how things will go down most likely. they can always rig the elections so that their candidate comes out at 52% , however the rigging must seem feasibly otherwise it becomes difficult to pulloff. of course, the point here is they want to rig the election in favor of the person who is winning the election BEFORE the election even happens.

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Full time > part time.

The participation rate is ridiculous.

It's a race to the bottom.

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Does anyone know of any studies of "those not in the labor force"? What on earth are these 90 million

people doing? What do they live on? Why are they not in the labor force?