What's Wrong With This Picture?

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It seems the bond market 'read' the report and the stock market skimmed the headlines...


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uhhh... 7 SPX pts? zzzzzzzz

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7 point avg......Every.......Fucking......Day.

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Yea don't worry, they'll have the anomaly corrected soon and everything will be re-correlated again higher.

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Sum Ting Wong?

Wi Tu Hi?


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usd currency reset coming at ya

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Some of the easiet money to make out there...

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While this is true, BTFATH is THE easiest money maker there is.

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My only problem with sign onto it is the end of it won't be 12 noon on a Tuesday.  It will be 12 noon on a Saturday, and the markets will circuit breaker on a Monday and maybe for several days thereafter. 

Meaning, you can't get out until it's down 80%.

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Put down the crack pipe and proof read.  Damm, I cannot make any sense of your first sentence.   Jesus!

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What's wrong with this picture? Nothing! It's the new normal!

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You have entered into a perfect world where bonds pay no interest yet everyone wants to buy them, markets go up every day even on hot selling days, Unicorns are kept as pets so children can clean up the skittles for treats, Negros will become Presidents, men will marry men, women will marry women and government will celebrate.  Paper money can be printed at will while the masses scoff at gold.  You have now entered the "TWILIGHT ZONE".

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Fourth Of July ! ! Fireworks rising...

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Big deal, it all seems just to be a game of leap frogging everything in turn higher. They better have a real solid plan to keep it going though, if this house of Popsicle sticks gets a stiff breeze it's all going down.

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Nothing wrong with that picture, been the same picture for decades now, in long-term trend anyway.  ALL assets go up, that's right, bonds and stocks, doesn't have to be an either-or in the funny money world.

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But gold down, of course.

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It is normal for bonds and stocks to crash at the same time.

Asia in 1997, Russia in 1998, Greece 2010, Argentina 2000 and on and on and on...

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to listen to the lamestream financial networks today was probably more painful than during the "green shoots" era at the start of 2009...
no mention of the inards of the "no real jobs" report just the cheerleading regarding the "Cow" reaching above 17,000...

and i know later on at the pub, dumb mother fuckers will be talkin bout how they be getting richer and richer in the Fraud Markets...
and i'll be sitting at the bar with a Silver Eagle beside my Pabsts Blue Ribbon 24oz can that i can by 10 of with that real money....
sad state of a nation...
but good for sound money men...

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indeed. how simply sad and pathetic to measure a man's worth by the value of his paper assets.  If that is the metric, far better to be consider a loser on planet usury.  there are far more important metrics to measure the worth of a human being, but the blind cannot see, and will remain ignorant of the truth until the time to weigh has come.

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Yield/S&P model is tough to trade anymore.

Economics be damned...this is a theologian's market now (belive in a divine ancient Yiddish person that lives in a white marble fortress and has the power to create things out of thin air)

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they raised cash by selling bonds and had enough by mid morning to ramp the stock market 0.5% through the close. the worst part is they probably borrowed the bonds from me just to watch me get my undies in a knot.

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zerohedge contributors on suicide watch

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I dont think there are many day traders left here.  And fewer probably who are willing to straddle this beast for nickles.

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Yea really, like riding one of those pro bull rider bulls for a payoff of $1....who the hell is doing that shit besides the connected Fed banksters?

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You want to day trade?  Trade off which day you plow your farmland vs fertilize it.

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Obozo doing his victory lap as we speak. Why is this bastard on TV everyday lately? Must be his dismal approval ratings. If things are so great tell Janet Ol Yeller to take the training wheels off this puppy, end QE and let rates normalize. I implore you P.O.S! 

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Ah what the hell does the bond market know it's only 10x plus the dollars traded in the casino. dow 17k new all time highs s&p Independance day. USSA! USSA!

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Can someone please tell me how the fuckin markets have risen in a straight line for the past 26 days????? What and the fuck is going on here???

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Haven't you turned on your cable news channel?  If you haven't:

Russia/Ukraine is fixed.

Iraq is fixed.

There is no inflation.

There is job growth.

Q2 - Q4 GDP is going to explode thanks to pent up demand.

There is no bubble.

There is more room to run.

There is no Chinese Credit crisis.

Europe will experience growth because QE is coming.

All soverign Euro countries have resolved their debt issues.

There is no bond bubble.

Rates will rise with no burden on the overall economy.

So over the last 26 days we priced in all the new good news.

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All that cash on the sidlines gonna be coming into the market real soon!

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You forgot /sarc/ I hope?

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>>Can someone please tell me how the fuckin markets have risen in a straight line for the past 26 days????? What and the fuck >>is going on here???


Oh I think I know this .........cos they aren't markets?...

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It's for the liberal democrats in November. They want to win in November at any costs.

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Considering the headlines, gold, silver and miners holding up very well into the close. Have sold 0. Like what I got. Been saying that since November. No change.

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Hey, this thing


Is likely 25% horseshit, of course, but I think everyone understands that while there's plenty of money to be made for the forseeable in equities and fx, only an asshole thinks the world isn't going to be ruled by giant radioactive apes by 10 years from now.

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Quick!!!  Where's the 1987 layover S&P chart?

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Congratulations you are a real human bean :P

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One day the market will not open as expected, all accounts will be frozen until confidence is restored. Immunity will be granted to the banks until the pensions funds can clear.
The higher the market prices go the more unstable they become.
Can any large fund cashout without closeing the markets?

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Continued forcing of rates downward until the market no longer buys the debt at that shitty yield.

If inflation breaks loose any further ( other than wages) it will get ugly so fast.

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You would probably be right if we had real markets, but supply and demand have nothing to do with prices anymore. It's just as likely that as yields go lower ("shittier") the panic into UST's will accelerate. Abandon all logic and common sense when making buy/sell decisions (if you're still trading at all, and you shouldn't be). There are numerous central banks and other well-capitalized criminals scheming their asses off to guarantee that there won't be any true price discovery in these "markets." Just stand back, stay safe and be patient.

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This "wealth" boom is unlimited thanks to the untethered printing press of the Fed. However, should the music stop suddenly (c'mon, at this point its all cherry pie and blue skies, right?) I'm certain that all these savvy "investors" will be able to time their exits well. 

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The higher it gets on monetary heroin, the lower it will crash when reality forces it to go cold turkey.