European Stocks Slide, Close At Lows On Austrian Bank Concerns

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It appears concerns over Erste Bank are reducing investor risk appetites in Europe despite Draghi's promise to catch every falling knife forever... EuroStoxx Banks closed down over 2% - their biggest drop in 7 weeks. This led to broad weaknes across European stocks (down 0.5% and closing at their lows led by Spain and Italy; and late weakness in Sweden's OMX). Peripheral bond spreads nudged wider. Perhaps most notably the European financial credit spreads widened modestly but remain dramatically disconnected to financial stocks.


European Bank stocks trumbled...


and credit markets remain entirely dominated by Draghi carry technicals... for now...


And heading into the close, broad European stocks were accelerating lower



Charts: Bloomberg

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Bullish!!! They will cash out of EU stocks and come to American indexes! 

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Yup... now move along dirtbags....nothin' to see here!! By Monday mornin' we'll have this shit mopped up and shining........

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NY having a nice time instead of levitating the whole world's stocks up? shocking

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In the US the markets would have shot up on the news of a bank bankruptcy.  Those Europeans are so messed up


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To me, a lay person (non economist), it would seem that too much sudden increase money flow from outside into the US stock markets would be a sign that there really is no where else to put one's money. Thus too bullish a climb from here in US equities would be an ominous sign, like the final convulsion before one dies.

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That is a good and yet ominous observation.

Have European stocks moved to record levels like US stocks have?

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It looks to me like the only way to save this mess is for moar brown people to die.

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Yep Austrian banks must be under stress, they have recently agreed to FATCA rules....

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Can't be.... They gave a shitload of bonuses on newyear to their leaders!

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Ring ring ring... Hello, Christine? Yeah, we would like to discuss your plan for funding...

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Sudden Debt's picture

And all the countries are broke and the maastricht treathy doesn't allow money printing.


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As a Trader, all I know is that EVENTUALLY, the fundamentals will dominate.  Just like the false housing boom.... this too will meet reality sooner or later.  Then the BOYS will pull another rabbit out of their hat!  I've been watching this for 50 years and I've learned to never underestimate their control.  However, this too shall end.....  the only question is, will I see it in my life time?  Will I see the BOYS create the "NORTH AMERICAN UNION"?  They truly are doing a great job and I don't see any of us stopping them.  Actually, the really smart traders I know have SOLD out and left the U.S.A., giving up their citizenship (except the last one left too late).  The last one left in 2007.  What am I doing still here?  I guess I think I can, or want to, make a difference.  I'm such a believer in the Constitution that I can't just walk away, even though I know I should.

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-2%? Shit, I'm suicidal. And call me back when Lindsay Lohan's credit spread widens.

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Nothing the algos can't fix Sunday midnight, to open bright green Monday morn!

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I'm sure the markets will reverse these losses on Monday in response to an oppressive government enforcing rules on a bank.  Someone will have to punish these rogue governments.  After all, for higher stock markets, governments are supposed to report to banks, not the other way around........

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fuck this makes me happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!