RANsquawk - Weekly Wrap 4th July 2014

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Who's up for nearly one thousand three hundred brand new, finely tuned statist regulations being jammed up your quivering patriotic ass for the holiday!?


Happy Independence Day, now bend over ;-)

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Now come on, you know we have got to pass these things to see what's in them. I myself think this is a great job creator. Just think how many people will be employed just to read and implement these changes.

I want to be on the United States Preventative Task Force. I'm sure it pays better than what I am making now and probably far less work and stress. May be I can get a promotion to Death Panel if I kiss enough booty.


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bloody hell !!
Who s going to read 609 pages of this guff!!!

Come to think if it who actually WROTE 609 pages ditto and how many US TAXPAYERS hours did it cost you residents of the Land of the Free

I live in UK it doesn t affect me ..... yet .. but FATCA is here so though I have no links with USA AT ALL I daresay they will find a way of taxing the worldwide income of THE WHOLE WORLD soon .

Otherwise how in hell are you going to pay off the debt !!!

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damn i miss the shah of iran

and the good old days when saddam was our buddy

at least we have our puppet-tyrants in saudi arabia

and that hitlary-libya overthrow, that was good for a few laughs

I ain't really sure, but it seems

I remember the good times.

Were just a little bit more in focus.

[/Tom Petty]