Pro-Russian Rebels Flee Slavyansk After "Massive Shelling", Demand Putin's Help To Avoid "Genocide"

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Pro-Russian separatist forces have been forced to retreat from their stronghold in Slavyansk following "massive shelling" in the early morning from Ukraine's 'anti-terrorist' forces. Armored vehicles entered the city and the rebels, according to RT, decided to move back to their headquarters in Kramatorsk to 'prepare' in advance for further offensives. Just days after the cease-fire was lifted, newly-appointed Defense Minister Valery Heletey commented the "order to free Slaviansk from the (separatist) fighters has been carried out," but pro-Russian supporters are not done yet and exclaimed: "Pass on these words to Putin: the people of the Donbass believed him for some reason when he said he would help. But now they (government forces) are killing peaceful civilians and if that is not genocide I would like to know what is."



As Reuters reports,

Government forces recaptured a flashpoint area of eastern Ukraine from pro-Russian rebels on Saturday, and Ukraine said its blue and yellow flag was flying again over what had been the separatist redoubt of Slaviansk.


A Reuters reporter saw a convoy of about 20 military transport vehicles and buses filled with armed rebels driving out of Kramatorsk where they had gone after apparently earlier fleeing Slaviansk 20 km (12 miles) to the north.


"Your order to free Slaviansk from the (separatist) fighters has been carried out," newly-appointed Defense Minister Valery Heletey was quoted by the presidential website as telling Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.





"A significant number of militants have left Slaviansk ... along the way, our battle groups are greeting them. They are suffering losses and surrendering," he said in a statement on his Facebook page.

As RT reports, according to Channel One’s information “there was massive shelling” and then armored vehicles entered Slavyansk and street fighting began. That’s when the self-defense forces took the decision to leave the city, the channel said.

“Despite the massive shooting, the fighters stormed out of the city and headed for neighboring Kramatorsk. Part of their hardware was shot down in the process,” the channel said.

Prime Minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Aleksandr Boroday, explained...

“Our troops have consolidated at the reserve lines of defense, in an organized way and having kept their weaponry. We were prepared for this option, as we have to face tens of thousands of Kiev's military men and hundreds of armored weaponry units – which means almost all the battle-ready Ukrainian army,” Boroday said.



"Taking into account the ‘scorched earth’ tactics employed by Kiev's punitive forces, and the strategy of genocide toward the Donbass population, we declare that every hour of military action claims civilians’ lives,” Boroday said.

This followed impassioned pleas for help late last week...

Igor Strelkov, a Muscovite appointed as defense minister of the self-declared Donetsk People's Republic, said without Moscow's aid the region the rebels lay claim to, known as Novorossiya (New Russia), would fall to Kiev's forces.


"Slaviansk will fall earlier than the rest," he wrote on a rebel website.




"Pass on these words to (Russian President Vladimir) Putin: the people of the Donbass believed him for some reason when he said he would help. But now they (government forces) are killing peaceful civilians and if that is not genocide I would like to know what is.


"The (rebel) fighters are without shoes and don't have anything to fight with."

So far the only actions taken by Russia are to stop selling arms to Ukraine...

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced Saturday that Moscow is halting the process of delivering weapons, Ukrainian military forces' equipment and funds from the territory of Crimea to Kiev authorities due to their military actions in the east, which have resulted in the “deaths of civilians, including children, and civilian infrastructure in Donetsk and Lugansk regions being destroyed.


“The decision will be valid until a full ceasefire in the east of Ukraine by the country’s military and until a peaceful solution is reached,” Russia’s Foreign Ministry said.

*  *  *

As the tensions shift from blood in the streets to energy-wars centred around Austria, Bulgaria, the South Stream, new 'targeted' sanctions, and a potential German-Russia alliance, one wonders just how long before Putin must act.

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yrbmegr's picture

No Putin worship?  I thought he had won the whole world.

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this is about the 4th inning of the game, and Obama's limp-wristed pitching arm is already getting worn out...

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I agree, theres more to come yet and it will be something none of us thought of.

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Your words and thoughts are interesting because from a historical standpoint that is exactly what happened in the Baltic Republics where Jews were involved in and controlling the blackmarket operations within those countries.  At the first opportunity the indigenous population turned against them.  This has been the case in other countries also, even in Spain when the Jews profited at the expense of the locals under the Arabs.  As we have seen on the news many people get killed over even paltry amounts of money if the other person feels they have been slighted in a transactions.

I have noticed that recently TB posts has taken a more radical point of view in direct connection with the events in the Ukraine where the hands of certain actors have shown themselves.  He is obviously angry at innocent people getting killed for the sake of someones offshore accounts as a country is being plundered.  History all too often repeats itself and people on 'both' sides repeatedly make the same mistakes.

I think Tahoe Billy needs to be banned for that kind of language but yet he has not over the course of many such similar posts.  Why is that the case Tyler, is he one of your buddies that has immunity ?????????


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American's dipshit Ukraine is quite happy to destroy its eastern provinces, if it means goading Putin into invading, and alienating himself from the West he's been getting cozy with.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

them are dumb fucking shits, Pull the plug when they need your help. Little dumshits will need a plug, help them out, dont make it hurt.

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I'm from the Baltics and your post is just pure nonsense. For example jews consider Estonians a friendly nation. There are all sorts of memorials for jews and jewish/estonian relations. So quit talking shit!

In 1936, the British-based Jewish newspaper The Jewish Chronicle reported after a visit to Tallinn by one of its journalists:

"Estonia is the only country in Eastern Europe where neither the Government nor the people practice any discrimination against Jews and where Jews are left in peace.... ...the cultural autonomy granted to Estonian Jews ten years ago still holds good, and Jews are allowed to lead a free and unmolested life and fashion it in accord with their national and cultural principles"[5]



You know who really hated jews ? The Soviets (The Russians)! So stop talking shit about things you know nothing about. If any crimes were commited against Jews by Estonians, it was done at gunpoint. We're not like the barbarians behind our eastern border.


COSMOS's picture

Really now yeah whatever keep lying you POS

....Before World War II, 4,550 Jews lived in Estonia, the smallest of the Baltic States, about half in the capital city of Talinn. The Soviet Union occupied Estonia in 1940 as a result of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact. The Germans conquered Estonia in July 1941 and many Jews fled to the Soviet Union. Those who did not manage to escape were placed under a harsh regime of restrictions: they were forced to don the yellow star and were stripped of their possessions. With the arrival of the Einsatzgruppen units the destruction of Estonian Jewry began. Local right-wing militias assisted in the murder of the Jews. By October 1941 most of the Jewish males above the age of 16 had already been murdered. It was reported at the Wannsee Conference (January 1942) that Estonia had been successfully rendered “judenfrei”, free of Jews.

Really the Soviets hated the Jews yet the jews ran to them to join them in their fight against the predominantly nazi leaning Baltics.  Tell me more if I dont know nothing. Maybe yadvashem knows nothing also...

I guess the Jews did not know their neighbors that well in '36.  Glad I dont have you as my neighbor

Tradehard's picture

Yeah like you had a choice. FREE ESTONIA has NEVER persecuted jews in any shape of form. It was a kill or be killed situation. We did not invite the Russians here and neither did we invite the germans. You really think the locals had a say in the matter ? If they had they would of told both parties to GTFO back to their own country. This was not our fight, we we're forced into it. The only reason we welcomed the Nazis was because the Soviets we're so horrible. We soon found out that it was just same shit on a different day. Although the Nazis we're bit more cultured than the flea infested cavemen from the east.


Again..FREE ESTONIA has NEVER persecuted Jews. You can no judge us for the acts of foreign rulers. Keep in mind tens of thousands of Estonians we're sent to Soviet death camps. We were a bit more worrid about the survival of our own nation at the time. Our future was much less certain than the future of the Jews. If Russias attempted genocide would have succeeded I would not be here to tell this story.

stoneworker's picture

If Stalin did to the Estonians what Hitler promised to do to the Russians you would have all been gassed to death a year after the end of ww2...goes to show you that there was no planned genocide just regular poor communist policies. 

stoneworker's picture

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't there a parade in the baltics every year commemorating the nazis? I think its called the Latvian legion day....So pro Jewish or anti Jewish you still have nazi parades happen every year....

Duffy's picture

Any chance the Jews in Estonia were a tiny minority with wildly disproportionate wealth and power, and any chance they collaborated with the Bolsheviks because the Bolsheviks, until some time after Stalin's purges were heavily, perhaps even mostly Jewish?

I'm asking, not being coy.   Because based on what happened in other countries, I'd guess that the above is roughly what happened, which would explain, if not justifiy, the ethnic Estonians siding with the Nazis, just as the Ukrainians did.

By the way, to this day most of Ukraine's millionaires are Jewish and they own a large part of the media. 


They are less than 1% of the population.

Lea's picture

Lots of Protestant dudes cannot take crimes being committed by their own ilk, i.e, WASP scum, so they blame it all on the Jews, the Freemasons (wait, that would be WASP garbage too), the Illuminati, Grey Aliens, you name it as long as it's not them. They should check themselves, though: as there's nothing they love more than hating, it should tell them who's really the root cause of the problem, which of course, is none other than themselves.


COSMOS's picture

Me thinks you are quite correct JR.  In much older posts TB has a very conservative Christian and pro Zionist point of view.  Now he is a hand puppet of a different sort.  Rather comical situation.  Trying to instill hatred for what other purpose Billy???

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Billy dont hate...he survives as s Christ is Lord. American Jewss will perish, not as I seek, but as thy slander my Father their souls shall rest.

COSMOS's picture

Billy you are truly offensive as a Jewish Troll, insulting Christian values and painting Christians as anti semites only shows that it is you who are Anti-Gentile.  Careful where you trott with your hatred.

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Fuck the books of LIES, The Torah, The New Testament, the Koran and all those who use the teachings of these books to kill and steal from their fellow man.

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Right on! Cosmos.  


But how do you get 5 up and I'm 5 down? I'm very tired of the hypocrits who call themselves christian. 

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Maybe his account was hacked and now some OFA stooge is using it to smear the rest of us.

PS - I liked the other picture better.  This one has too many bright colors for my poor eyes.

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Both very pretty girls, this girl is Belarus and is quite a 'Bella Rus' LOL, the first one is Ukrainian. From what I see both these girls make pretty good money on video chat.  That is another way foreign hard currency gets into this country.

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Tahoe, I sense that you're holding back. Quit beating around the bush and tell us how you really feel about the Jews.

Urban Redneck's picture

Barry isn't the pitcher, and limp-wristed isn't a term I would to describe the neo-Imperialists' strategists and executioners. They've set a simple heads-I-win, tails-you-lose gambit, and regardless of the response (which actually is fairly certain on a long enough timeline), the PEOPLE of Ukraine will be losers, regardless of their mother tongue.

The strategic question is whether the Kremlin's planners craft a response that avoids the lose-little/lose-big opening traps that have been laid (on something less than a long enough timeline).

Of course while the made-for-muppet-TV domestic Ukraine game is going on, there is also the big enchilada match, where the entire nation of Ukraine (people, oligarchs, industry & resources) is merely a sacrificial pawn and where the prize is American hegemony, and which somewhat hinges on whether the EU contributes to an imbalance (since it and its serfs is also a part of the winner's prize package)...

Sirius Wonderblast's picture

Also depends on there being an EU, hence why the stinking cadaver has been kept staggering along by the servants of GS & co.

franzpick's picture

The 7th inning stretch is where he'll be worrying about his limp appendage.

Mr_Vladimir_Putin's picture

I do have something in mind. Reming you we are playing chess and not golf

JustObserving's picture

I am shocked, shocked that our Nobel Prize Winner is unwilling to help them.  At least, Nuland can bake them some cookies.

Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has published an article demonstrating that the US government and President Barack Obama knowingly lied when they claimed that the Syrian government had carried out a sarin gas attack on insurgent-held areas last August.

August's picture

>>>the US government and President Barack Obama knowingly lied

Say it ain't so!  Bitter humour aside, when it comes to "information" released by the US Government, or its President (D or R), said information must be considered a deliberate falsehood, until proven otherwise.

COSMOS's picture

Hey USA where is the NO-FLY zone to keep the civilians safe????  Where are the limited NATO strikes for the defense of the civilians?????

Look Putin has very limited options, he is doing what he can by providing volunteers and self defense aid.  He has the 800lb gorilla breathing down his neck waiting to start something.

This is but a battle in a much larger war to starve the NATO monster of its financing, ie dollar hegemony.  There will be battles lost, do not forget that other battles are slowly being won across the world as people switch currency to trading with their own currencies.  IF you can't stop the big war machine directly you try to starve it of its financing.  That is the only way to win this game.

Jack Burton's picture

The Kiev government has brought in the entire army because they have to finish the resistance before fall. The coming winter is going to bring a severe depression to Ukraine. By then the soldier's families will be without heat and unemployed. The junta government has signed the EU austerity package and Russia has stopped much trade and dealing with Kiev. Russia is where Ukraine exports go, that market is going away. Hundreds of thousands of jobs with it. With gas at market rates millions will not be able to pay. With gas shut off, millions will go cold. Kiev has no economy and loans are all they can get to stay alive.

Whatever Putin's strategy, it is long term. This war is short term, that may me Putin will allow destruction of the resistance in order to please the EU and Washington. His long term belief is Ukraine will collapse and the junta will be victim of another revolution of the starving masses. If so, then long term Russia has a strong hand, short term the people of East Ukraine are royally Fucked! Political pressure form society is leaning towards anger and disgust that Russian government will let tens of thousands die as Kiev brings it's forces to conquer the East. Without military aid, the rebels will not last till September.

franzpick's picture

I hope I'm around long enough to tune in to the NulandBerg War Crime Trials.

disabledvet's picture

You and I both will have to live a very long time (couple hundred years?) before we will see that.

The fact is...hard as it is for me to say this...but "killing Russians is cool." This whole Crimea thing made Putin "The Invader" and now the more Ukraine "skorches the earth" the more their moral authority grows.

I think the idea of a Russian/German alliance is laughable. Don't know if Putin is in a fight for his life...YET...but this only gets worse for Russia as time goes by. The whole "south stream" mularkey is really ridiculous. Europe WANTS Russian natural gas...but it does not NEED Russian natural gas. Putin will pay premium pricing to have that gas shipped through Austria "and then he's got another adversary on his hands."

You'll know if there's a problem if a multitude of foreign Navies start calling the Baltic and Black Sea their home to start "rolling back the menace."

Goes without saying the US Navy's got point on this too.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Europe WANTS Russian natural gas...but it does not NEED Russian natural gas.

Riiiiiiight.... been off to the Magic Kingdom again?

Jack Burton's picture

I hear the military was loaded with drugs in the late 60's early 70's. The vet may have served his time then.

Lore's picture

@DisabledVet: Your entire post is pitiful. Is this really the best your own mind can produce, like some brainwashed hick from the sticks, or are you paid in US Dollars to leave these poor droppings, like a sad attempt at disinformation?

Jack Burton's picture

Pathetic old cold warrior stuff. Straight from the 70's cold war and anger over losing Vietnam. His insight into 21st century political and economic reality in Ukraine and Russia and the EU is zero. Terrible comments and transparently cold warrior time warp stuff. The vet must be in his 60's.

stoneworker's picture

If you think killing any nationality is "cool" I suggest you get your head checked... I guess we can call it Ukraine fever.  "the more Ukraine "skorches the earth" the more their moral authority grows." the more the EU will have to pay to rebuild it? Seems like a great plan why not just wipe out your industrial base and radicalize even more people meanwhile facing a winter without gas supplies and people losing their jobs. "I think the idea of a Russian/German alliance is laughable."....keep laughing...the fact is the EU and the US are competitors...the EU and Russia...not so much. "The whole "south stream" mularkey is really ridiculous.' I agree with you here it is ridiculous...if you don't need the gas don't buy the gas...why would you stop the building of a pipeline unless you know that it's not in your interest...and lets see who would be very interested in not seeing this pipline built...the US working through a dubiously appointed EU commission and their "eastern european allies"....BJ givers according to Sikorski. "and then he's got another adversary on his hands." I am not sure who this adversary is, but if it's US lng I think that is just laughable. 

MakeMineADouble's picture

Yeah Jack, that is so cheap that the masses in the east will be slaughtered....for what??  I don't get it?  If Russia doesn't assist they will lose all credibility.  

COSMOS's picture

Really?  I think you have it wrong, the West is losing credibility as it plays right into Putin's trap.  Ukraine will be the final nail in the dollar coffing, mark my words.