California Highway Patrolman Caught On Tape Pummeling Black Woman

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"Life, liberty, and the pursuit of police brutality?"

In what has quickly become viral as yet another example of extreme (and unchecked) police behavior against the people, California Highway Patrol says that it is investigating footage posted on YouTube that shows a policeman repeatedly punching the face and head of a prostrate woman. As the disturbing clip shows, "the policeman just pounded her," and described by a witness, "If you look at the video, there are 15 hits. To the head, and not just simple jabs. These are blows to the head. Blows. Really serious blows. And this is ridiculous to me... I find it hard to believe there [was] no other remedy in this situation."

Happy Birthday America?

As The BBC reports, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) says that it is looking into the details of the incident, which has been condemned by civil rights leaders.

As a matter of policy, every time there is a use of force by our officers, there is a review conducted to determine whether the use of force was appropriate," a CHP statement said.


"That will be done in this case. However, since there is an ongoing investigation, it would be premature to comment on this specific video segment without reviewing the entire incident."


When the video starts, the officer is seen trying to detain the barefooted woman, who walks a few steps away from him.


But the officer is seen forcing her to the ground, briefly struggling with her before repeatedly pummelling her. A few moments later, a plainclothes officer enters the picture and helps his colleague put the woman in handcuffs.


A CHP spokesperson was quoted by CBS Los Angeles on Friday as saying that the agency was trying to bring Tuesday's incident "to a just conclusion".

Starting at around 15 seconds, the CHP officer just loses it...

But, as CBS reports, the community wants answers...

The video caught the attention of local civil rights leaders, who expressed shock and outrage at their own news conference.


"Speaking for the women of this community, we are angry, we are upset," said Lita Herron of the Youth Advocacy Coalition.


Community activist Earl Ofari Hutchinson, speaking at the local leaders' news conference, agreed.


"Over the years, CHP has had a very good track record in terms of community relations," Hutchinson said. "That's why this was so shocking."


But Hutchinson said that "excessive force, abuse of authority, is not going to be tolerated," calling for a federal investigation and for the officer to be immediately suspended pending the results of the federal probe, reports CBS Los Angeles.


Hutchinson said the group has not received any information from the CHP about the context of the video, although he could not think of a reason that could justify the officer's actions.


"We don't know at this point [what occurred before the recording]. The only thing we have the video," he said, insisting that no matter what transpired "the officer crossed the line."


"To subdue, that's one thing. But to beat, that's another thing," Hutchinson said.

CHF Chief Chris O'Quinn added...

"I can say that the tape only shows a small part of what transpired. There are events that led up to this. Until that's collected and put into -- perspective, we aren't going to be able to make a determination."

*  *  *

Perhaps the SWATification of America's police force is going to their heads, and the fact that America is rapidly becoming a consequence-free nation, at least judging by America's so-called leaders.

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Keep up with the police state here.....

localsavage's picture

No excuses.....that cop needs to do some time for this.

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"Life, liberty, and the pursuit of freedom?"


It's supposed to be the "Pursuit of happiness"... and speaking here in the cop's defence... pounding the snot out of a defenceless black woman clearly makes him very happy...

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There go the property taxes to pay for this one....and she just won the lottery

hedgeless_horseman's picture



"I'm with the government, and I am here to help."

Fascist pig.

The Juggernaut's picture

"Fuck the police!  No justice, no peace!"  It has a nice ring to it when 10,000 people are chanting it through the streets.

remain calm's picture

Will Michelle Obama please tweet something out to remedy this. Thank you

SoberOne's picture

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever.  - George Orwell

hedgeless_horseman's picture



If you want a vision of the past, watch a bunch of fascist pigs beat the crap out of Rodney King.

COSMOS's picture

Regardless of who was wrong or right in this situation the spill over effects can result in a lot more people dead if there are riots, at times like these being able to defend yourself and your family with your guns is priceless.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Riots?  In America?

"There are going to be situations where people are going to go without assistance.  That's just the facts of life." 

- Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl Gates


Fear we are returning to a time in history where it is a common occurrence to fight for one's life?

COSMOS's picture

Good points HH in the video the guys that almost killed Reginald Denny were Crips Gang members.  The criminal element will always try to take advantage of the unrest.  Be it rape, murder, theft etc.  Your safety and well being is your own responsibility.  That is why the founding fathers created the second amendment, as well as to empower the people against oppressive governments.

jbvtme's picture

does iphone make a 38 caliber hollow point app with a scope?

Real Estate Geek's picture

OK, I 'greened' you, but don't choose "Firearms & Amunition for $1,000, Alex," until you've done some brushing up on the topic.  ;-)

BellyBrain's picture

Good thing he punches like a bitch... but it WAS done "for her protection" after all.

kliguy38's picture

its all done for our protection

chumbawamba's picture

I feel safer ever since George Bush created the "kinder gentler" nation that was announced upon his being elected to the office of President in 1989.


Stackers's picture

Quick shoot her before she hurts herself.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

I'll be honest. I'm Caucasian and I prefer living with others of my race. I'm wary of other races, especially if they don't speak my language.

However... the beat-down of anyone of any race by roid-raging cops is un-fucking-acceptable.

What we have are a bunch of sick cowardly passive aggressive fuckers who won't themselves admit to similar opinions, so instead they secretly cheer for the beat down of other races by thugs. We just had a Negro/Hispanic fella beat to death by the cops this spring in Moore, Oklahoma. You can clearly see cops kicking him in one video even though they tried to blur it out. No charges and the cops are now back on the street! Basically zero public backlash...

chumbawamba's picture

Right on, brother.

Here's how a cop properly arrests a person who is clearly not right in the head.  Note that the cop is outmatched by this woman by probably a hundred pounds.  Not only does he NOT emply any undue force on her but he remains calm and respectful throughout the entire action:

Cop could've easily whipped out his billy club and smacked her across the head with it to knock her down to the ground, then put her in cuffs and hauled her off for some more abuse at central.  Instead, he did his job, with grace and dignity.  This should be required viewing in all police academies across the nation.

If I could find out who that cop is I'd write a letter of commendation to his chief.  He deserves a standing ovation, or in the very least your praise and admiration.

I am Chumabwamba.

Raymond K Hessel's picture

Great example of restraint by the cop, but the guy taking the video, holy shit what a racist douchebag!!!

conscious being's picture

Raymond, hate to butt in here, but come on for a minute my zhtarians, What if its fake?  Look at what else went on today an is not in the Amerucan media



See if this woman and this cop really exist.  Was the cop MKUltra'd??  He certainly acts like he's out of his mind.   If the woman really got pummled like that, its a disgrace.  So what's up with the maniac cop??





Gastroinfidel's picture

"What if its fake?" ~ conscious being

I wouldn't put it past them. Read my previous response in this thread.

Gastroinfidel's picture

Apparently, the USA prison/farm was founded in part on black slavery; the cops rely on a coercive/violence-based/non-opt-out, thus fundamentally unethical, state system that creates the social problems that it then tasks itself with treating (like a racket?); USA cop history was founded in part on slave-patrols (see Kristian William's, 'Enemies In Blue'; and the USA apparently has a higher than per capita percentage of minorities in prison. It's the Matrix.

"Note that the cop is outmatched by this woman by probably a hundred pounds." ~ chumbawamba

It's a woman, and I see more than one man there.

"I am Chumabwamba." ~ chumbawamba

You could be low-level state shilling, too.

Miles Ahead's picture

I'll be honest.  I prefer too.  But I'm Native American, Black, and Portugese.  Grandma straight from Lisbon.  I don't who to live with...

(is Caucasian a race?  Would you prefer living with Serbs, or Croats?  Or Bosnians...).  Hey buddy, it's complicated.  A lot simpler in Moore, OK I'm sure.  Anyway, I feel ya.  Just yankin' your chain.

Me, I left all that complicated racial shit back in the USA.  You all enjoy.

elephant's picture

Have you found a place without complicated racial shit?  Please share.

Breezy47's picture

Did you actually just blame that on George Bush? 

chumbawamba's picture

No, but I was expressing my opinion using a classic linguistic device called "irony".  Perhaps you've heard of it?


Skateboarder's picture

*Terrizzst logic device.

You don't need language to emit irony. It is more of a signal, produced by logic blocks. From orbit, this place reeks of irony all over.

Terrizzst because you are leaking confidential information relevant to national security.

Miles Ahead's picture

lol... yeah, that was reaching just a bit there.   Everyone with half a brain knows it started with Ronny Reagan, The Gipper.

StychoKiller's picture

I recall Chicago's finest going all midevil on some folks back in 1968...

Paveway IV's picture

This is just sad on so many levels, but an odd thing for calling-out on ZH while ignoring news of equally brutal police beatings of U.S. citizens overseas.

A 15-year-old American kid from Florida is overseas with his family for his cousin's funeral, and has a couple of police thugs beat the living crap out of him. Kicked in the head while handcuffed and being held down by another cowardly cop/soldier/thug/psychopath. He's still in jail there. The kid was attending the funeral of his second cousin, a 16-year-old who had been kidnapped and burned alive earlier as an anonymous act of revenge.

No U.S. public outrage? That was an American citizen. No secret JSOC death squads dispatched to take out the leaders of that country? No economic sanctions and seizure of bank accounts for the officials involved? No target list for a few salvos of Tomahawks? Not even some training for rebels that want to overthrow the opressive psychopathic regime running that country? Of course not - because that country is Israel.

Any Americans die by the hand of a few nutjob Palestinian extremists and it's on the news 24x7. Americans crushed to death by buldozers, shot in the head, or beaten to a pulp and jailed by Israeli government psychopaths? Hell, it apparently doesn't even rate a mention on ZH. 

chumbawamba's picture

You hate jews, brah?


COSMOS's picture

You hate Justice Chumowombo??

Here you are railing against an edited video and not in full possession of the facts but if there is any injustice perpetrated by someone you support its all KOSHER isn't it.

Make up your mind Mr FAKE

chumbawamba's picture

Oh jeez, not you again.  You don't know what you're talking about.  Shut up.

I am Chumbawamba.

COSMOS's picture

Oh jeez not Chumbadanga again



conscious being's picture

Cosmos it was an attempt, [not a very appropriate one given the topic, imo] at humor via sarcasm.  Maybe, like me, Chumba's seen too much of this in his lifetime??

Paveway IV's picture

The Jewish people have been defined by a religion for a few thousand years, brah... not by the psychopaths running the government of Israel. Why would you suggest they are the same thing?

conscious being's picture

Paveway -  Congradulations to all who figured it out.  Looks like a lot of the regulars bought it hook, line and sinker.  I think the subject matter is guarenteed to, maybe you could say designed to cause a strong reaction.  Stories about murdered school kids don't have the same gut-punch affect anymore after Sandy Hook and the Boston thing.

The question is, Why is TD playing along?

conscious being's picture

Guardian link to 15 y.o. American boy, American born, brutally beaten while handcuffed and held down.  Repeatedly getting the Israeli jack-boot to the face.

J S Bach's picture

What instantly strikes me when a story like this appears is how it's always the (rare) white on black brutalities that make the national news.  What about the 20-1 beatings/rapes/murders that occur black on white?  Nothing to see here.

Both are equally horrible, but not equally reported on.

praxis's picture

Yep.  Tyler(s) has/have fallen into the MSM distortion of reality meme that it's blacks who are bearing the brunt of oppression and violence when in reality it's whites who are getting their heads smashed in by blacks via "the knock out game," flashmob's and a host of other assorted indescrimate peripheral random assaults. 

chumbawamba's picture

Yep, let's turn a case of 'roid-assisted assault and battery and abuse of authority under color of law into a discussion on race violence generally, which has nothing to do with an out of control dickhead with a badge beating the shit of a woman on the side of a freeway in plain view of dozens of motorists.

Where the fuck do you assholes come from?

I am Chumbawamba.

praxis's picture

Chumba, I dont like bullying cops either...

I dont like bully's period.  Nothing to do with race.  Dont call me an asshole, you might be surpised who's got your back.

Son of Loki's picture

“Lets teach ‘m a lesson, and burn our own neighborhood down,” Leroy boasts to Tyrone.

Miles Ahead's picture

So J.S. Beatch, blacks murder whites at 20-1 to the reverse?  Same with rape?  And assaults?  My.  You whites should be commended for restraining yourselves.  Unless they are of course 20-1 more inclinded to take it like beatches like you.

And Prickis?  Nothing to do with race?  Then why did you bring it up?  Hey don't take offense to being called asshole.  If the sphincter fits, wear it.

praxis's picture

So Miles Gives Head...does you're a fagatus communist fit?

chumbawamba's picture

I got everyone's back.

I am The Law.

COSMOS's picture

Just to be Devil's advocate, she is on a freeway walking the edge and maybe she could of ran across trying to get to the other side who knows (or maybe she already did), but first a few things

1) getting taught a lesson by a few fists is better than getting slammed dead  by a car, and we dont know what she did in the edited portion of the tape

2) if she had caused a major accident and say someone or several people got killed you would be cursing the hell out of this chick

Just saying not all facts are in and everyone is rushing to bad mouth someone else.

3) and all the millions of times LEO do their jobs politely and courteously are just not that interesting to film and put up on the youtube

4) what was in the edited portion of the tape????