Taking Liberties...

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...a not so far off future in which martial law, economic collapse, and the destruction of civil liberties stood imminent...

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As Brandon Smith wrote,

"Regardless of what they might say about us in the future, these are the reasons why we will fight, and our pledges to resist are not empty assertions.  We will stop the course of tyranny from completing in this country and in this era, one way or another.  If this makes us “extremists”, or “terrorists”, then so be it.  I, for one, am tired of the long running game of lies and reserved rhetoric.  They know a fight is coming, and we know a fight is coming.  Let’s just admit it and be done with it.


Their greatest weakness is that they have to use deceit, propaganda, media monopoly, and false flag violence in order to convince the public that they are the “right side”.  All we have to do is continue telling the truth, and stand fast…"

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JLee2027's picture


They won't have the money, and you cannot control the masses when you just terminated their EBT cards. 

Expect a short, intense, bloodbath with pols, bankers, judges, and enablers/collaborators hanging from every tree. Then we can rebuild.

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Huh? Rebuild with what, the cupboard is bare, the hedge funds fronting for the New World Order have looted the world.  Have you ever looked around, people won't even fight a bogus parking ticket anymore.  Government agents plant explosives in the Oklahoma City federal building and in the World Trade Center and get away with killing loads of people.  The victims are only Americans, they don't count.  And you spout nonsense about "bloodbaths."  You are very boring, Mr. JLee.

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I don't know how  the Luciferian NWO plan of Global Genocide and Enslavement (TM) is going to turn out.  I do know that no matter what I am going out swinging.

Live free or die.  It's a win-win.


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I came into this world kicking and screaming and covered in someone else's blood, and I have no problem going out that way.


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Hmm, I think in the end that no matter how great and violent a public uprising should manifest that the most likely scenario is a that a real nasty virus will be released (domestically and internationally) that will wipeout countless numbers of the population.

Further only a very select and Cabal dedicated number of the military will be saved/retained and the rest will be subject to the same virus.

The D.U.M.B.'s and the D.U-W.M.B.s will be fully occupied by the elites of all persuasion.

6 months to a year later they can emerge to there bright, decluttered and horde-free NWO 

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Still waiting for my marching orders. Millions like me ready to heed the call when it comes. I won't need taking care of, bring my own food, drink, gear, weapons,  and lust for status quo blood. 



SF beatnik's picture

Geez. I wish you guys would just chill the fuck out. 

atthelake's picture

We're not here to chill.

Headbanger's picture

Don't forget to bring toilet paper too.

GeorgeHayduke's picture

Waiting for marching orders? Orders? From whom? Aren't ALL of you guys independent thinkers and movers who take orders from no one and act only in your own self interest? Who will be making these orders?

Once again, this is my problem with right wingers: the endless need for a hierarchy and some "authority" to make the big decisions, yet this kind of authority system is what you endlessly rail against on here. You guys are so confused when it comes to reality.

I've read these kinds of lines on ZH for years now and all are still waiting for their "marching orders". Cliven Bundy offered some hope, but that whole fiasco lasted about one, one hundredth as long as Occupy did and nothing happened. I guess nobody gave the marching orders, or maybe Bundy did, but  nobody knew that he did due to his convoluted message, inability to speak, and appearance of being out of touch with reality.

Let's look at this realistically, both parties have given away the country to corporations for decades now (since Reagan at a minimum), we've been involved in fake wars that do nothing but profit corporations for decades now, NSA spying is rampant, we've given trillions of dollars in taxpayer funded bailouts to private interests doing the usual privatized profits and socialized costs for the wealthy, the pentagon cannot account for billions of dollars that have gone missing, our police have slowly become more militarized and kill innocent people on a regular basis, etc... and still you wait for marching orders.... and wait....and wait....

sylviasays's picture

"Let's look at this realistically, both parties have given away the country to corporations for decades now (since Reagan at a minimum)."

You seemed to have forgotten about the robber barons of the 19th century who held great industrial monopolies and unprecedented wealth. Meanwhile children worked in factores and whole regions of the country were stuck in poverty after the Civil War.

You probably went to public school in the United States where American history has been banished in favor of ethnic studies and diversity training? 

GeorgeHayduke's picture

Sorry, I didn't want to do a complete historical analysis of the history of the North American continent. I tried to stick to the years during which I have been of voting age and considered an adult.I did go to public schools many years ago, I also went to 6 years of college, so I've been brainwashed by things like science, math, literature and other topics beyond the bible and the constitution. You busted me and my awful ignorance. Anyway, that was a nice attempt to discredit what I mentioned by not being all inclusive of the last several centuries.

BTW, if I do remember my history correctly, it was anarchists of the time who lead the way against the robber barons and many of the other injustices of the time, not conservatives. Again, that's one reason I have little faith in conservatives of today leading any charge to make this world a better place, as history shows a pathetic track record of any such accounts But then, I went to public schools so what could I possibly know?

Nick Jihad's picture

It's easy to make fun of those who have got their arms and ammo, and "waiting for marching orders". And, it's easy to downplay the signifcance of the confrontation at Bundy Ranch. But I think that from a broader perspective, you are overlooking the real value of these things.

First off, simply being armed is a big step. As the NRA so often points out, often simply having a weapon is enough to protect you, and you never need to actually use it. As we have seen in CCW states, the mere possibility that you _may_ be armed provides an important level of protection from violent crime.

I'm going to remind us all of Bastiat, what is seen, and what is not seen. You snarkily point out, that you don't see these posters taking any real action. That is what is seen. But, what is not seen? We know from theory, and from recent history, that socialist systems must rely constantly escalating levels of coercion to sustain themselves. In the Soviet system, this manifested in mass political murder and engineered famines. This type of escalating coercion is, from a Bastiat perspective, what is not seen - it is significant by its absence.

And the Bundy Ranch confrontation is a perfect illustration of this. You belittle the outcome at Bundy, but contrast that with what happened in Waco Texas at the Branch Davidian compound. In Waco, seventy adults and children were murdered with impunity by the federal government. At Bundy Ranch, the Feds backed down without a shot fired.

Monty Burns's picture

You and several others are very contemptuous of those who claim to be 'prepared and waiting for orders'.  But the reality is that such individuals can't go off half-cocked and blow up the nearest bank or some such.  That's what TPTB want them to do. The reality is that it will take a tipping point event (such as economic collapse) and/or the emergence of a powerful leader to mobilize such people in a practical way.

In the meantime it's great to know that there are so many out there ready and waiting for orders.

GeorgeHayduke's picture

Hell, I am prepared and ready. However, I am not waiting for any marching orders. There's a whole bunch of folks who have this whole revolutionary war fantasy thing going on in which all of a sudden there are skirmishes everywhere and then it's all over and the good guys (they patriot of course, whoever they are as all side make this claim) walk away and all is right with the world again. Forget that a single A-10 Warthog counts for all the guns and ammo the "prepared" folks bring to defend a ranch.

On the other hand, I hear of people who are building their own communities and essentially dropping out of the current system and making things happen right now...without marching orders or a hardon to kill someone to make things aright. You see people making fun of those you claim are prepared, maybe they are saying that you may be heading down the wrong path with a single-minded focus on guns, ammo and a fight. It may all come down to that, but that may not be how it turns out at all. The better prepared person is the one who adapts instead of setting their mind toward a certain outcome. JMHO.

cpnscarlet's picture

OK carp, but I still keep telling my friends that I damn my own cowardice for not firing the first shot.

No hero here.

But the night is still young....

Monty Burns's picture

Exactly. Things are heading in one direction only and something will kick it off in due course. Be prepared.

Newsboy's picture

We'll need food, water, fuel and communications.

Oops, our enemies control all of that.

Guess we'd better get prepping.

JLee2027's picture

Huh? Rebuild with what, the cupboard is bare,

The cupboard is bare now. It'll look a lot better when there is no debt after the Jubilee and men have the freedom and liberty to do productive work again without some smuck picking your pocket to honor the socialist disorder.

Anusocracy's picture

So True. Almost everything government does is a total waste of wealth and resources.


Government is nothing more than totally useless people ruling over pathetically stupid people.

Dick Buttkiss's picture

Almost everything?  What would the exceptions be?

And how did the people become stupid?

shovelhead's picture


It gets the job done.

Dick Buttkiss's picture

You mean perseverance in the indoctrination that is one of the few things — along with lying, cheating, stealing, and killing — that government excels at, right?

moneybots's picture

" Government agents plant explosives in the Oklahoma City federal building and in the World Trade Center and get away with killing loads of people."


A total fiction.

goldpercent's picture

It isn't a stretch to believe that key buildings would be wired with explosives.  It would be part of a self-destruct system.  In the event that the site needs to be abandoned in a conflict, you would want the ability to destroy the site, so that your enemies can't use it against you and so as to destroy any important information you left behind.

Mr. Saxby's picture

I'm sorry, but is simply naive to think that the elite haven't anticipated this eventuality. I expect that 1/3rd of the real federal government is dedicated to analyzing this very possibility. The smart move is to let us exterminate each other, not hope the military can withstand the mother of all insurrections. Thus, if the elite ever truly feel threatened, either by the masses or the consumption of the masses, they're simply going to turn the lights out and wait it out. A year later, 80% of us are gone and the military can easily mop up what is left. This is why they're so adamant about having Orwellian surveillance.

willwork4food's picture

True , but there are forces that will intervine against them that they are not aware of.There are forces that intervine that help us that we are not aware of.

Carpenter1's picture

Exactly. How many guards, drivers, trusted house cleaners and the like have woken up the last 5 years or so? They don't know, and this is one reason they need their big brother state, in hopes of weeding out their inner circle,


It'll help, but you can never get them all, always a few here and there get by. We only need one to leave the back door open.......

Winston Churchill's picture

Some of us already have unfettered access to their homes.

SuperRay's picture

Thanks, gandalf..


btw, it's intervene..

SilverDOG's picture




That is the true front line.

Ironically(not) the majority of movies, and idiot box programs portray these forces.


Plato's Law's picture

They filled the PDs with insane, insanely violent, highly paid and blood thirsty scoundrels.  And the reason they did this is to help protect themselves from the masses when starts the insurrection.

El Vaquero's picture

PDs will, by in large, disappear if SHTF.  They're used to being able to come in after one person or a very small group with overwhelming force.  When the tables are reversed, they'll take off their uniforms.  Look at their reaction to Dorner and figure what their reaction would be when they are outnumbered and out gunned.

lakecity55's picture

Yeah, that was a hoot. Dormer had them falling apart in like two days!

El Vaquero's picture

The whole police apparatus of CA shut down and diverted all of its resources to catch him.  And they shot the fuck out of some vehicles that weren't his.  They reacted out of total fear.  For those of us who weren't burned up, it matters not what Dorner was, but what the reaction to him was. 

conscious being's picture

A mom and here daughter delivering early morning newspapers.

toady's picture

I was truly surprised they didn't drone him. Maybe LAPD didn't have a weaponized drone yet back then, but i'm sure they learned the lesson and have some now.

moneybots's picture

"I was truly surprised they didn't drone him. Maybe LAPD didn't have a weaponized drone yet back then, but i'm sure they learned the lesson and have some now."


The LAPD has no weaponized drones, let alone had any back then.  In fact, Dorner was not in the city of Los Angles when he was found.

The city just recieved a couple of drones to use and the LAPD has not decided what, if anything to do with them.



Nick Jihad's picture

During the Rodney King riots, the LAPD hid. That's right, they hid, and waited for the National Guard to arrive and restore order. I know, I was there.

sleigher's picture

That is actually a really good point.  I would like to see how the LAPD would react to 1000 Dorners.  I bet you are right and most would take off the badge out of self preservation.

Monty Burns's picture

And the way the NOPD totally collapsed within days of Katrina hitting.

hootowl's picture

The military have family, relatives, friends.  Who is going to take care of them while they are busy killing, murdering, and maiming their fellow citizens.

Tall Tom's picture

With bullets to the head delivered by other soldiers they will be taken care of.


If you are Military do not worry. When you are off killing one soldier's family another soldier will be killing yours...

El Vaquero's picture



They won't have the money, and you cannot control the masses when you just terminated their EBT cards. 

Expect a short, intense, bloodbath with pols, bankers, judges, and enablers/collaborators hanging from every tree. Then we can rebuild.

It ain't that simple.  I pretty much hate cops today, but I understand that they are somebody's family, and that breeds bad blood.  Bankers?  Angry mobs will probably be just as happy to burn down a branch and kill tellers 1500 miles from the headquarters as they would be to string up Jamie and Lloyd.  Problem is, tellers probably have just as much of an understanding of how corrupt banking is as the average sheep.  The judges in my district don't deserve killing, though I won't argue that others in other venues don't.  The enablers/collaborators will be just as worried about the supply chain breakages as you and I.  Probably even more so. 


You cannot control the masses if they decide they want to be controlled by you, and that goes for the federal government as well as revolutionaries.  Shit like this always gets messy. But it is inevitable. 

Skateboarder's picture

One of the tellers I usually interact with at the local Smells Farto is a really pretty mid-late 20s girl. Really nice too. I once mentioned pre-65 quarters to her. *whoosh* right over her head. I don't expect she knows what the Federal Reserve is/does. Boy is she cute though. ;-)

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

Yes. I would like to pick up a couple of those immediately post collapse....at least for awhile.