Train Derails In Montana, Dumps Boeing Fuselages Into River

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Until now, whenever Warren Buffett's preferred mode of industrial transportation - that would be trains - derailed, it would usually involve spilling generous amounts of oil into the surrounding area, far more than any hypothetical pipeline disaster to date would have resulted in. Then, in an apparent first, overnight a train derailed in Montana and spilled fuselages of Boeing 737 airplanes into the Clark Fork River. One wonder if all of these airplane orders had been funded by the Ex-Im bank.


The investigation continues into the derailment of a train near the town of Superior, Montana Thursday night.


Some of the cars carried aircraft components.


Nineteen cars on the westbound train derailed. Three of the cars contained aircraft parts and ended up in the Clark Fork River. Sources tell KING5 the parts were heading to Boeing in Renton.


Crews spent the night and into this morning cleaning up.

Photos from the derailment site:

In any event, since the capital order will have to go through twice, expect a bumper month when it comes to July Durable Goods, and thus Q3 GDP. In retrospect, the "derailed airplane fuselage" theory of economic growth may soon replace the "broken window" falacy as a means to "boost" the US economy.

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that's a lot of broken windows.

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He sent thank you notes to Berkshire and Boeing the minute he read about it on ZH.

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I wonder if you get a discount if you fly on a plane made from one of those fuselages from the derailment?

By the way was the conductor of that train Malaysian or a CIA dude.

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This article gave me a krugman which lasted more than 4 hours. Off to the ER!

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Do you believe in omens?

Buffet dumps Boeing?

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"Sovereign Citizens did it!" in 3...2...1...

max2205's picture

Capt SCULLY did it better

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Just build the Keystone XL Pipeline already!  Oil in pipelines has been proven safer than on trains in tank cars.

Even carefully building and inspecting the pipelines (with a BIG fine for mistakes or carelessness) still winds up being considerably cheaper.


Yet, if one of Warren's trains spills a large amount of crude on the (say) Nebraska prairie, would the environmentailists scream...?

svayambhu108's picture

Jam those fuselages in the XL pipeline.

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DoChen: If you weld all the tank cars together end to end you get a pipeline!!


g speed's picture

forget MH 370---that's 93 ----proves terrists did it.

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That would be 'Sully'.

Headbanger's picture

Just turn those fuselages into giant rowing sculls by punching through holes for oar locks under each window!

Or you could make a helluva pontoon party boat with two of em!

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Oh, those aren't planes. That's the INTERNET!

It's a series of TUBES!

I know where senator Ted Stevens' lost emails are now. They're floating down some river in Montana.

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Who insured this shipment? Whoever it is is about to get slaughtered.

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I'm not sure if it would be insured at all. Does anybody have more info?

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Well...lest we forget "the train derailed too." That would the the National Transportation Safety Board. I would be surprised if this wasn't insured as a: Boeing has the money b: the railroad business has a terrible safety record and c: that insurance is really expensive.

Ironically the safest mode of transportation by far is flying.

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Not to worry. I'm sure that it is insured by one of the large insurance companies like AIG and if they can't afford it I'm sure that they'll get bailed out again.

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I think there is a whole raft of issues here ....

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The taxpayer is the insurer of last resort.

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You will know you are on one of those flights when the flight attendant tells you to buckle up and ignore the smell of mildew.

All Risk No Reward's picture

No, Krugman wants to crack YOUR windows so that his Money Power employer's corporate fronts can profit off of your expense.

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"Alright, who's the U-Boat Commander?" Ehrr, I mean Engineer....

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My friend was a locomotive engineer for CSX until he quit 2 years ago. Stand up guy.  All their skilled enginneers were treated like shit by the company, and CSX ran the crews like a cross between a Chinese fire drill and the three stooges. He never had a set schedule, was forced to be on call 7 days a week, and had no life and no time off for the entire time he worked for those assholes.  CSX has a slow and steady continuous loss of skilled / competent men. 

                   He predicted that we were going to see a gradual increase in train accidents on the news ( and a whole boatlaod of accidents that never make the news ).  Since he quit, he has been dead nuts correct, and everytime we get together we get a good laugh at the latest slew of major derailments. 



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Yup, I used to work for the railway until I quit. It was a "man's world" and not in the way I like, if you know what I mean LOL

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Heard an interview with a BSF conductor the other day who was fired for refusing to skip pre-operation tests of the airbrakes.  Sounded like their culture was completely corrupt.  

You gotta wonder how many pencil-whipped tests it takes to pay for an accident like this.  F'n idiots.  

patb's picture

CP blew up Lake Megasnake up in Quebec last year. They've got some pencil necked MBA running the shop.

He ran CN into the ground and is now destroying CP and killing people.



GooseShtepping Moron's picture

Several years ago I applied for a train conductor position with BNSF. I drove 600 miles at my own expense to take the pre-certification tests, drug tests, and interview. Then I had to endure a ruthless anal probe of a background check, employment and criminal records for the last 10 years, fingerprinting, an isokinetic strength test on my major muscle groups, and a hearing test. This all occurred in April. And then there was nothing. Three and a half months of absolute silence from the company. All of a sudden one day, in the middle of July, I get an email from them telling me that I had the job, and would I please be ready to pick up and move to Nowhere, Montana by next week?

I never returned the message.

I can certainly sympathize with the old engineers who say the railroad business is going to shit. I knew almost right away that I didn't want to be part of an outfit like that. Companies these days seem to be doing everything in their power to liquidate the experienced workforce and to enact policies that result in a goat rope of confused inaction and a hostile work environment. Nobody sees the big picture; nobody has a comprehensive philosophy of life which informs them about how the world, human beings, and the economy are supposed to operate. There is neither prudence nor wisdom in the high places of the world today.

I attribute this in a large measure to the "Too many generals, not enough privates" problem. As I've asked before, where do you think all those people of middling intellect who went off and got useless college educations (from which they could not benefit anyway) end up? They end up in "management," performing a host of clerical and logistical functions about which they know nothing. These are the "little Eichmanns," the useful idiots who help the financial class to strip-mine the value out of profitable concerns and leave the empty husks in their wake. Worthless theories of managerial efficiency (such as Six-Sigma and its imitators) comprise part of the socialist ideology of the day.

What makes me very sad and anxious about all this is that the attitude has worked its way into almost every industry at every level. It will inevitably cause the fabric of daily life to fray as the wheels of industry start to grind to a halt, and it has all been the result of stupidity, laziness, incompetence, and greed. The refusal to put real men of worth in positions of power has consequences, as Rudyard Kipling explained in A Servant when he Reigneth.

Seeing Red's picture

Best post I've read here in at least a week, moron.

p.s.  I have this odd feeling that I ruined a serious compliment somehow ... but I can't quite put my finger on it ....

DanDaley's picture

That Kipling poem really hits the nail on the head.


A favorite Kipling quote — 'A man can never have too much red winetoo many books, or too much ammunition'

BlindMonkey's picture

Anybody else reminded of the Wesley Snipes sequel of "The Fugitive"?

disabledvet's picture

I was thinking of the Denzel Washington one actually...the one where the two trains are hurtling out of control at each other from the very beginning.

thamnosma's picture

That "runaway train" was so lame.  The great movie "Runaway Train" with Jon Voigt is the one to watch.

patb's picture

The people of Lac Megantic wish Denzel Washington was there.

cbxer55's picture

That would be U.S. Marshalls.

junction's picture

An airline crash before takeoff.  Like Obama winning a Nobel Prize before he had a chance to do anything.  Such as crashing even further the USA's reputation. 

FeralSerf's picture

How is that different from "preemptive war"?

rainingFrogs's picture

those aren't fuselages.  they are mutated salmon going upriver to spawn. they had been swimming way offshore in the pacific and happened through a rather large area of radioactive water contaminated by the Fukushima leak.  obviously, the water in the river is not deep enough for their mutated size, and they have been beached.  sad really.  anyone for sushi?

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How much does a plane ticket on a boeing on Buffet Airlines from the railroad tracks to the river cost?

SilverIsKing's picture

I wonder if the train conductor failed to turn off his electronic device.

Actually, this looks like a train that transports giant dildos to me.

fonzannoon's picture

It's too bad it was not just one plane or they could have painted it white and told everyone it was Malaysia flight 370

COSMOS's picture

Well at least they didnt lose the fuselages.  Wouldn't be surprised if they said we can't find the fuselages.

COSMOS's picture

Could make a hell of a house out of those fuselage shells.  Wonder if they could be purchased.

f16hoser's picture

Underground Bunker's???