Forget ECB's Bazooka, Here Is China's Anti-Pollution Gun

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It was a month ago when we showed 13 "insane" proposals to fix China's unprecedented smog problem, which incidentally is now worse than any other place in the developed (or developing) world due to the country's ridiculous and unmatched pace of industrialization. As it turns out while those ideas may indeed have been insane, what we saw overnight reported by China's Xinhua is, while still completely bizarre, certainly fully operational, supposedly.

Presenting China's "anti-pollution" gun which puts even the ECB's (and certainly Hank Paulson's) "bazooka" to shame.


Technicians adjust the parameters on the "multi-purpose" anti-smog car. In Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, the first station called the "fog gun" multi-purpose vehicle, is being used for fog suppression. The versatile vehicle can spray mist into the air, blasting water mist at a distance of 100 meters, 60 meters high, to achieve rapid fog suppression purposes. Xinhua News Agency

Some more pictures of what any other day could be confused with preparations for World War III.

Surely this alone will boost the next Chinese Markit manufacturing survey through the roof as suddenly every producer will feel so much better now that China's pollution has been fixed (that and the whole "hey Markit, nice IPO you got there, would be a shame if anything bad were to happen to your stock price...")


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I think I saw that thing in the new Transformers movie.

chumbawamba's picture

Long anti-pollution cannon manufacturers.


knukles's picture

Anthromorphic Global Wanking

jbvtme's picture

i keep looking for the industrial symbol that we've hit bottom. until now, it was the leaf blower.  might have a ways to go yet

pods's picture

At least China has an over abundance of fresh water to waste?


Manthong's picture


They have stolen Nancy Pelosi’s oral cavity and respiratory system.

..or was that Biden’s?

BlackChicken's picture

Sorry Manthong, that's her bidet.

MeMadMax's picture

Good idea in theory.

Too bad you need a few thousand of those to actually make a difference...


Manthong's picture

If they really work, they will probably make more than a few thousand.. in just a couple of months.

But I wonder how much pollution the engines spew V the smog abated.

Atomizer's picture



What? No clown popped out of the cannon?

Butthole Surfers - Human Cannonball

/ heheheee

Edit: Fuck, found it after I posted. Here you go.


Jumbotron's picture"......kidding me ??!!

I feel a Kinison coming on.

wakablahh's picture

I still don't get what it does. It shoots water to thicken the smog so it doesn't fall into the city? huh?

Big Corked Boots's picture

Basically, yes. A fine water mist theoretically will adhere to particulates in the air and wash them down the storm drain. The technology has been used in demolition projects for years... and it is only a little bit effective. Of course, the contaminants end up downstream. Sucks to be there, but the dead pigs in the river probably won't complain.

Jumbotron's picture

Looking at those pictures......there's justice coming.  Gotta be for that kind of shit.  But nobody's gonna like it.

Matt's picture

Better to have coal dust in the water than in your lungs, I think. As long as nothing needs to consume that water ...

SAT 800's picture

I have to comment on the line that the pollution is due to the insane pace of industrialization. this simply isn't true. China, nationally, is a wealthy county, they can afford to put scrubbers and electrostatic precipatators on the smoke stacks of their coal fired power plants. But they don't give a shit. you can't sue their government, and they won't make anything off of it, so why bother? They could easily afford newer and much, much, cleaner burning coal fired powered plants, but they don't give a shit. once again, it's a centrally dictated economy; the people's opinion means nothing; so why bother? They have two shit-loads, ( which is a large number ), of crummy semi-effecient coal fired power plants, and they're still building them ! You can't un-elect a communist party boss; and they have other things to do with the money, so there you go.

ziggy59's picture

Its not its using petroleum to help rid air of pollutants.?

On Bizarro World " they am" very proud...

Antifaschistische's picture

water mist, or rain, or Niagra will adhere to atmospheric particulates.  But I still don't get it.   If they're going to use this much energy to blow mist down the drain, why didn't they just put a giant HEPA filter on the back of that truck and filter the air.

But that's not efficient either compared to just putting a catalytic converter on the cars and dealing with it at the source.   The problem with China is that they've grown so rapidly they have no means of enforcing stricter auto polution standards.   I think they'll figure it out eventually, but we'll see a lot of abstractions along the way.

Frank N. Beans's picture

giant fart machine

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Ah, ah, your comment having closeness of accuracy possessing.

Machine condensates and precipites harmful matter judiciously. Air pollutements concentrated into brown paste given then to roadside depositions cleverness of manner. Air breathings now the cleanly.

i_call_you_my_base's picture

So in other words, an acid rain generator?

knukles's picture

Bingo!  And we have a winner!

Amish Hacker's picture

Yes. State-of-the-art electronics cleverly turn a small amount of the air pollution into water pollution.

old naughty's picture

My 100 meter is clean(-er), who gives a shit 100 km downstream.

Not industrialization.

pods's picture

That Chinese lettering on the side of it roughly translated:

"Makin it rain, Bitchez!"


screw face's picture

impressive............. MOAR thrust

ImnotPOTUS's picture

A re-purposed snow making blower.

I wonder if the instructions on the side mention DO NOT USES BELOW 10C.


Never-mind that one, I see it is pumping some sort of liquid.

It reminds me of the Steven Wright joke. I put a humidifier and a de-humidifier in a closed room and let them fight it out.

mjcOH1's picture

"Never-mind that one, I see it is pumping some sort of liquid."


They'll soon enough realize they can spray untreated sewage from it, and still call it an anti-smog machine.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Hmmm.   I liked the mayor of Mexico City's smog idea much better:  Build a ring of fans around the basin that Mexico City is in, and blow the smog away.

cougar_w's picture

Maybe I'm just tired, but I see that as test runs for a new kind of anti-crowd weapon.

robertocarlos's picture

Replace the water with gas and light the fuse.

knukles's picture

Betcha ICE and Border Patrol order up a whole buncha these things to wash the newly arrived masses.

kaiserhoff's picture

That's not nice, knucks.

Hilarious, but not nice;)

Bastiat's picture

Mobile snow maker on cold days; it could be followed around by a sand truck -- a Krugmanian wet dream.

Dublinmick's picture

They are probably directing the smog Japan's way as retribution for bowing to the war criminal shrine.

Lin S's picture

I like it.  Can I buy one at Wal-Mart?

kaiserhoff's picture

Attach that some bitch to  a smart car (aka stoopid car) and I think you got sumpin'..,

  but WTF?

One And Only's picture

Water is a greenhouse gas. In fact water (aka water mist, aka H2O) retains far more heat than carbon dioxide. So clearly this device is a provocation of war aimed at every liberal in the US with an iphone made in China.

If the liberal global warming fanatics are correct in their "science" this weapon was created to destroy coastal cities all over the world.

cougar_w's picture

Water has a residency time in atmosphere of about 9 days. For CO2, when turn-over is considered it's about 2,000 years.

You can play around with water all you want to, in 9 days it doesn't matter what you did.

With CO2, you get to live with what you did for 2,000 years.

If you don't get any of that, fine. Nobody else gets it either.

knukles's picture

So the more I breathe, the more immortal I become.

cougar_w's picture

Dude. You were already a ZH immortal about 3 years ago. Any other kind of immortality pales in comparison.

knukles's picture

Gasping for breath!

cougar_w's picture


We gave up guessing about shit like that 300 years ago.

One And Only's picture

So if Antarctica measured in ice is growing (most recorded in modern history) and so are the northern polar ice caps...and the temperature of the Earth has been cooling. How does the residence time of water not matter?

It seems to me as Antarctica grows (less water in the atmosphere) and the temperature of the planet has been cooling it very much matters.

By the way the residence time of water in Antarctica is 20,000 years. So the fact that Antarctica is growing at such a rapid clip should be disconcerting.

One And Only's picture

Water is the largest contributor to the greenhouse gas theory. So more ice in antarctica (and north pole) = less water evaporating from oceans (as more water is concentrated and "frozen" in ice). The Earth has actually been cooling over the last couple of decades when one removes the manipulated data from NOAA (NOAA admitted).

With a longer residency time in ice and less water in the atmosphere and the climate has been cooling how does this not make sense?

Less water in atmoshere = cooler climate.