Peak Abenomics

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For the world's sake... Someone better start talking about 'Abenomics' again soon...


It appears we have passed "peak Abenomics"...


And with it - peak JPY-carry-funded exuberance...

h/t @auaurelija

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Can I ask MBS (our Japanese bearing supplier) to lower their prices now?  Sure would come in handy...

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Japan is one super-typhoon away from near extinction given Fukushima's situation, and by association to connectivity, the entire globe is at risk... But hey, let's not get too worked up... Major League Baseball is in full swing! Get yer GMO popcorn here!"

And it's one-two-three strikes your out at the ol' ball game!"

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Don't forget that NFL training camps will soon be open. Time to purchase another over priced personalized jersey for the home team.

disabledvet's picture

Just got my NY Football Giants Chase Card today!

in4mayshun's picture

NFL??? I still have my knickers in a twist from the anticipation of which team LeBron is going to...

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"Japan is one super-typhoon away from near extinction"

From your lips to God's ears.  Giant hurricane bearing down on Japan as we speak.

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Okinawa will take the brunt. It's part of an archipelago ~1,600 km to the south of Fukushima. Big US military base there. Expect some rain and wind to hit Fukushima, spreading radiation and impeding cleanup efforts.

Powerful Typhoon Sweeps Across Okinawa

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It's large; but the people are prepared - save for one moron who drowned when his fishing boat was tipped over from the waves.

Lots of rain expected for a few days.  The Typhoon should weaken once it moves on to the 4 main Islands and the Sea of Japan (Cold Water).  Two High Pressure Zones East and North are slowing it down.

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Hey DoChen.  I couldn't get any more off-topic than this but I just ordered Timken bearings for a project I'm building, are they decent quality?  I'm restoring an old Jeep pickup to get to my favorite grouse hunting spots when the weather turns sour here in 'da north woods.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Timken is very high quality, have no fear about that.

Timken is too expensive for most people in Peru though.

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Seriously, what does that graph have to do about anything.  It was a waste of my time to look at it.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

When it comes to a faith and belief fiat any news is good news for the debasing of the currency. Active discussion creates the appearance of credibility while no discussions leads the herd to lose their faith.

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I recently completed a true crime murder book.  The part that dealt with case when it was handed over to the Jury was illuminating, sadly so.

4 did not vote the murderer guilty.  One, when she was asked by the other jurors, why she was sure he wasn't guilty in spite of overwhelming evidence against him, she said on a TV program she once saw called, "Quincy", the use of under the fingernail evidence was used to convict.  In this case there was no evidence under the murdered woman's fingernails so none was admitted by prosecution.  That was all she could focus on.  

When you have this kind of idiocy dealing with the most important fact --- life and death------ one loses all hope that any kind of progress can be made in human bean evolution. 

In this case, active discussion does not lead to the appearance of credibiity, but its opposite.

COSMOS's picture

Let that be a lesson to the ladies, never cut your fingernails and make sure you scratch as much as you can.  That is unless the guy has a brush and some bleach or lye solution to scrub the underside of your fingernails :(

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 Japan continues to slide towards an economic abyss with each passing day. The writing is on the wall. Japan is facing a wall of debt that can only be addressed by printing more money and debasing their currency. This means paying off their debt with worthless yen where possible and in many cases defaulting on promises made. Japan's public debt, which stands at around 230% of its GDP and is the highest in the industrialized world.

 The moment the Japaneses stock market fails to rise enough to offset inflation this will turn into a tsunami of  money fleeing Japan and constitute the end of the line for those left holding both JGBs and the yen. This has been a long time coming and I contend the cross-border flow of money leaving Japan is why some stock markets have remained so resilient . When Japan crumbles it will be felt across the world. More on this subject in the article below.


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So, I'm back in Tokyo for a month and being a ZH'er I decided to ask the Japanese wife her thoughts about Abe's programs and results.  I mean, according to Tyler, she should be ready to put the blade to Abe, right?

Contrary to posters here might believe, she thinks the Japanesae economy is on the rebound.  Employment is up she says, bonuses are up she says, spending is up she says, Abe has full support she says.

So if you think Japanese housewives are on the verge of any kind of revolt against the status quo, you are wrong.  My wife is as mainstream as they come.  

Just sayin'



Lore's picture

Re: "My wife is as mainstream as they come."

That explains her opinion. She need to dig deeper.  Most Americans are the same.  If a face on TV says all is well, they believe all is well.

Interesting that you begin your post with "So."  I notice that a lot lately in mainstream media, particularly among young people. When asked a question, rather than launching directly into a sentence, the interviewee prefaces his/her response with "So."  It strikes me as peculiar.  Is it a verbal pause, like "Ummmm?"

Hindenburg...Oh Man's picture

It's the latest and greatest verbal tic. Starting sentences with "so" has been going on for a long time. It is particularly ramptant in finance and technology. Janet Yellen answers every question with "so" (if you actually listen to a press conference). I hate it not because of some grammatical reason, but, because (see above).....all these douche nozzles in tech and finance use it constantly. 

Lore's picture

Thanks. It seems very poor taste, quite glib, on par at least with "Basically" at the start of a sentence or "Like" as a universal modifier or "impact" as a verb or "factor in" as a verb. 

Comte d'herblay's picture

While we're on pet language peeves, having digressed, I would like to vent my own anger at three 2-word phrases:

Anti-semitic -  all sons of Shem are "Semitic", not just Jews.  But the Jews hijacked the phrase and now it only included Jews.  

Native American - any one born here in the United States is a Native American, not just Indians.

Gay Marriage - There is no such thing in reality, only in some ridiculous gay, legal fantasy.  Marriage is between a man and woman.

Oh, and putting quotation marks AFTER a period. That one really bugs me.

Lore's picture

What's your beef with quotation marks?  Where would you put them?

Comte d'herblay's picture

I was educated in the American style, but have come to believe more in the British.

My own rule now says that punctuation, not part of the material being quoted, has no business being inside the marks.


English language comes from Britain, so they rule the 'rules'.  It is a corruption to put punctuation INSIDE  quotes. 


But since it's only a Pet Peeve, I'm not going to be dogmatic about it or how anyone else does it.  I will however, place my punctuation OUTSIDE of quotation marks in homage to King George.


O/T He made a fatal error in not conquering those Founding Fathers in concocting a nation with far too many states to be one nation. 

He should have won, made certain no more than a few states were permitted to ally themselves, AND he should have foreseen the Virtual possibilities due to the internet that join up Florida with Southern Californica as one country and forbade any more than 10,000,000 people in one country.  By now we should then have had nearly 30 countries in what is now the disUnited States, which would have in turn negated any possibility of the juggernaut Leviathan on the Swamp, and the miserable corruption that passes for government of, by and for the people.  (Which should read: "Of, by and for the 10%".  (punctuation OUTSIDE the Quote). 

IronForge's picture

Mr. Bond,

Px are creeping up; and covered on the Major TV News.

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Wait a minute! Can't they use the wall of debt to cordon off the radiation from Fuk?!? Gotta work better than the ice wall, right?

The_Prisoner's picture

Abe is signing a free trade agreement with Australia today.

They get beef, wheat and dairy, Australia gets irradiated sake and shitty cars.

[edit] oh, wait, apparently there's a deal to transfer 'defence equipment and technology' as well. All in the name of the new peaceful-er Japanese Constitution.

disabledvet's picture

"LCS" or Littoral Combat Ships. Think the company is called Austal. USA has spent a fortune on those things...don't even know if we use them. They are big though. They use impellers...300 foot long jet ski's basically.

They look really "war-shippy" too...which in the end is all that matters.

The_Prisoner's picture

Not sure how the Littoral performs. But another Australian company, Incat, makes 300ft wave-piercing catamarans using the same propulsion principle. Those things can average 40 knots.

The US army bought a couple.



goldpercent's picture

And cruise missiles launched from a truck, boat, sub, bunker or plane top out at around 5000 knots.  Though, they would make for a badass yacht.

Lore's picture

Thank goodness those cars aren't American. Then they'd REALLY be shitty.   /s

DadzMad's picture

You need Oakley sunglasses and a tactical beard to ride one and say things like "downrange" and "lock it down".

Totentänzerlied's picture

Irradiated sake is completely identical to and indistinguishable from non-irradiated sake (though if the water wasn't properly filtered [e.g. reverse osmosis] then there's a chance of radioactive contamination, but that is something entirely different from irradiation).

The_Prisoner's picture

You are correct. I meant to say radioactive.

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It is beyond comprehension how many Americans out there do not have a clue what is transpiring on this planet. They go around, buying TVs, phones, I Pads and crap. Restaurants here are busy, traffic not so much. They seem to begin to get that food inflation is beginning to take off but most do not understand exactly why. As posted here over 70% of Americans feel they have enough freedom and are not concerned. The drought in CA. will become cataclysmic if we have another dry year out here in the West. And no one seems concerned. Water, not a problem, my faucets keep spewing it out. 

So many sparks ready to ignite in the Middle East, A Congress worse than a group of baboons, (no disrespect to Baboons.) a President who does not have a clue what to do....except spend 2 million a day playing golf with the "important people". Two entire college generations loaded with debt are having a difficult time paying it back, not to mention our debt of almost 18 Trillion that we can Never pay back. A Fed that is as scary and impotent as ever I have followed. How is it possible that so few Americans understand what is going on? I just do not get it. But when the Tsunami hits, and it will, I think they will finally figure it all out. Sad!

nink's picture

What problem? Don't forget when the market opens it's Tuesday and we all know what that means. BTFD

newdoobie's picture

I think a congress is a group of baboons.. like a flamboyance is a group of flamingos, or a herd is a group of cows.

o.t.p.s's picture


Sadly its not only the americans, the whole world is as sleep, and watching a wordcup, le tour the france, and other sports, but hey whats the worst can happen, no?

Be prepared and talk about this stuff with people, try to convince them, at least i do so. But mostly they think i am paranoid, but you have to.........

Comte d'herblay's picture

Unless it is announced on the GMA, or other televised media, it will convince no one.

Unless you are on TV and announcing it, save your precious breath.

Several years ago I told my dad that he ought to take some Vitamin C every day.  Naturally he didn't believe me.  7 years later he called me and told me that I should take vitamin C every day/ He just saw it was recommended to do so on one of his nightly news broadcasts on TV.


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Hey Compte, we're not all perfect, so don't sweat the small shit.

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Its natural human behaviour to only react to somethiing when it is upon them. When the SHTF many sheeple will say, 'We never saw this coming' many economists too!

The only subject i failed in my life was economics and even i know this whole game is fucked.

Hedge Acordingly.