Stocks Tumble - Give Up All The "Great" Jobs Report Gains

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Whocouldanode? Treasury yields continue to push lower (now below Thursday's lows) having not looked back since the jobs report. Stocks - having exuberantly spurted to record highs to ensure American consumer comfort over the long weekend - have now collapsed back and given up all their post-"great-jobs-report" gains... CNBC is puzzled...



As a reminder, here's why the headline jobs print was not so great after all...

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Don't worry. It is all noise.


So much noise, I need some Bose know, to help with the summer heat wave consumer spending swoon and such. 

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CNBC is puzzled


Yeah that's pretty normal.

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"having exuberantly spurted"

Told ya it was vinegar strokes last week!

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Is it still Bush's fault, or should we start blaming Putin?

knukles's picture

Thatz razizt.
Everybody should be included.

It's Obie's Fault

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Can't be Ozero's fault.

He's providing hope and change for hundreds of thousands of 3rd world dreamers by relocating them to a crime infested ghetto in a town near you.

And, if your town didn't have a crime infested ghetto before the forced migration, be patient, it soon will be.

disabledvet's picture

Wake me when his poll numbers hit 20.

Calls for impeachment will start to get heard as well. "Tea Party surge" will be enormous. No one in their right mind will want to be labelled "Democrat" or "Republican" in two years.

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It's  HILLARY'S  fault for not getting elected in '08 !!

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CNBC? What's that? (sarc).

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Can Never Beat Cartoons


As always, it's about ratings ...

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Stocks tumble?? Bullshit! This is the token pullback that the Fed allows for the sake of: "SEE, STOCKS AREN'T MANIPULATED" - After every inexplicable rally whether good news or bad. Loading the boat with Aug. call option on SPY. I'll make 20% on that bet by 3:30 this afternoon. Watch


So much noise, I need some Bose know, to help with the summer heat wave consumer spending swoon and such. 


* edit* err, double post

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The noise of propagandist trying to shout over the disharmonics from fundamentals grinding against fed manipulated toothpick levers.  

May the bird of paradise fly up their collective noses.

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Transitory noise and tradition.

Dr. Engali's picture

Start levitation in 3......2........1......

GetZeeGold's picture



I'm concerned....printer 5 is starting to smoke.

nmewn's picture

Its the #5 valve on the new pipeline they stuck directly into the Ink Factory.

I'm on it!

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Great call.  ZH again nails the daily bottom.

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Noise. So.... get to work Mr Yellin!

toady's picture

Yep. Throw a few more quadrillion into the dark pool, and hurry!

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You ain't heard nothing yet!

Better put on some ear plugs and your Kevlar helmet with the face shield

And pray the over pressure spike doesn't crush in your sinuses.

Number 156's picture

Tumble? Youre jumping the gun. Its too early to say.

nmewn's picture

Liesman? LIESMAN!?!?

Come back Liesman, we love you ;-)

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yeah...come we can riddle your fat body with pedo smiling fuck

ArkansasAngie's picture


shoot the fucking bitches, Dip

syntaxterror's picture

I thought the Pouty Faggot said his health scam wasn't destroying full-time emplyoment.

tc06rtw's picture

He's NOT pouty — he's Contemplative.

espirit's picture

The unemployment rate will drop until everyone is unemployed.

Ministry of Dis-information.

yogibear's picture

It's the weather again. Too hot for people so their not spending.

That sounds good for a sheeple excuse.

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All my disposable income goes to Beans, Bullets, Bullion.


Anything leftover pays off car debt.  I aint spending shit.


In fact I got a rainbarrel to offset my water bill.  Can't tax the clouds bitches.

foodstampbarry's picture

No, but the EPA has now dispatched a drone to your residence for illegal rain collection.

Village-idiot's picture

Some idiot politician (I'm being redundant here) in California, last year, proposed that rain barrels should be taxed. The few politicians with just a tiny amount of sense shut him up.

But you know Democrats, they keep trying until they get what they want.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

village, rain barrels well here in MD they tax Rain fall!!, on other note of my attempt to derail the tyrany, had a lady at my door telling me she was here to confirm our electric smart meter, I said get off my property I told her I had written to my elec co and refused the Smart meter. She then said, well you need an offical letter from md public services giving me that right..she was told to leave my property. I call md public service commission, and was told no such letter is sent by them or required to refuse a smart meter. but I was informed I would be billed $75 to not install it, and $17 per month for meter reading...what's behind this smart meter stuff?? I will pay.

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Not sure I would call it a tumble...oil now that is tumbling, until a new conflict can be started in short order..

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Have no fear...HFT"s will levitate things back to green by the end of the day, and if not, tommorrow is Turbo Tuesday

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Ben has his "helicopter".  Yellen has her "noise".  Both of these tools are better comedians than economists.

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I'm shocked .... shocked...

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We traveled 1100 miles since last Tuesday, visiting our grandchildren in Ohio.  We couldn't help but notice the light traffic and the empty parking lots at malls and businesses.  Everyone we talked to from hotel front to gas station operators said business is anemic at best, desperate at worst.  Many businesses are holding on by a thread.  The stock market can go to 50,000 - so what.  At the rate things are going there's not going to be anyone with any money because 1/2 the population is going to be unemployed.

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Tumble?  Yeah, right.

Wake me when the VIX gets above 20, and then I can watch the Ponzi Munchkin shite herself.

Until then, it's all just 'noise'.

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Yes, but remember 'this time it's different', those in the markets are highly leveraged so even small drops are a big hit.

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Busch Gardens & Seaworld reported lowest July 4th weekend traffic EVER!!!

Noticed a dramatic cut in park staff!


The poor man's Disney World vacation.

hahaha ...........

Maybe someone could post an article on the REAL consumer.

Not some fabricated faggot conjured up by the Federal Reserve?

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Road traffic was super-light around Los Angeles this holiday weekend, no idea what the significance might be.

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How do you ever expect to become  RICH  if you're not  CHEERFUL !!