Why You Feel Poorer

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Via Economic Noise blog,

You feel poorer because you are poorer.

In the last fourteen years, has your income increased over 50%? If you think it has, has it done so after taxes? Even if it has, you likely have not kept up in terms of inflation.

If you are a retiree, living on fixed income, a pension or bonds, you certainly have become poorer. If you had bought the Dow-Jones on 12/31/1999 you would have entered at about 11,500. It closed last week at less than 17,100. That would have been an appreciation of 6,600, better than 50%. But, of course, that was before taxes.

As a retiree, you have seen your purchasing power stolen by Fed policies. Whether you invested in fixed income or equities, you lost ground. Anyone in that position has seen their lives become poorer despite a lifetime of successful work and careful financial planning.

For those still working, most are losing purchasing power each year. Wages are not keeping up with inflation, even the understated numbers reported by government. In short, the decline of a once-great economic power is well underway. The country is no longer growing enough to raise everyone’s standard of living.

Government has killed the golden goose and in an attempt to hide the obvious is debauching the dollars. Government tries to hide their own failure with phony statistics and a welfare state designed to placate the masses. Bread and circuses are deceptions not progress.

This charade will not work! It is merely a futile attempt to prolong the Ponzi scheme for a little longer. While the process continues, the parasites who plunder the productive ready expand in numbers. The productive either give up or remove their capital from the country. Those who stay build compounds with the walls around them to protect against the   soon-to-become enraged masses. Bread and circuses precede poverty. They don’t continue through it.

To understand the loss of purchasing power, look at this series of items:


H/T Zerohedge

The last two items are what government claims is price inflation over this period. Wikipedia defines them as follows:

The personal consumption expenditure (PCE) measure is the component statistic for consumption in GDP collected by the BEA. It consists of the actual and imputed expenditures of households and includes data pertaining to durable and non-durable goods andservices. It is essentially a measure of goods and services targeted towards individuals and consumed by individuals.[1]


The PCE price index (PCEPI), also referred to as the PCE deflatorPCE price deflator, or the Implicit Price Deflator for Personal Consumption Expenditures (IPD for PCE) by the BEA, and as the Chain-type Price Index for Personal Consumption Expenditures (CTPIPCE) by the FOMC, is a United States-wide indicator of the average increase in prices for all domestic personal consumption. It is currently benchmarked to a base of 2009 = 100. Using a variety of data including U.S. Consumer Price Index and Producer Price Index prices, it is derived from the largest component of the Gross Domestic Product in the BEA’s National Income and Product Accounts, personal consumption expenditures.


The less volatile measure of the PCE price index is the core PCE (CPCE) price index which excludes the more volatile and seasonal food and energy prices.


In comparison to the headline United States Consumer Price Index, which uses one set of expenditure weights for several years, this index uses a Fisher Price Index, which uses expenditure data from both the current period and the preceding period. Also, the PCEPI uses a chained index which compares one quarter’s price to the last quarter’s instead of choosing a fixed base. This price index method assumes that the consumer has made allowances for changes in relative prices. That is to say, they have substituted from goods whose prices are rising to goods whose prices are stable or falling.

The last one, the PCE Deflator is used in government’s calculation of real GDP growth. To the extent that this number is understated, reported real GDP is overstated by an approximate amount. That is not an accident.

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Fucking killjoys

Oldwood's picture

You are supposed to just roll another one and light up. Everything will seem just peachy then. You will find it is but reality that has you down and once you can get around that, things will get much easier. I learned this by studying the great economists of our age.

COSMOS's picture

Poor ain't broke just yet but they will all be there real soon.

Supernova Born's picture

This situation is making saving for my deflation protection nest egg quite difficult.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Here’s my two cents. Add your nickel, if any to be found:

It's all a big scan. Our wages and profits, as well as minimum wages shitty jobs, are All powered by cheap money and lots of credit.

Minimum wage hogwash, free-market delusion, land of the free self-deception are just meaningless slogans ‘clichés’ to distract the clueless from the real issue —to many people and little growth.

The idea that we are sooooooo productive; and that we have the answers, is a complete joke.

And most hedgers still can’t get it…, Go Figure!

Oldwood's picture

Easy credit is used to disguise a rotting economy, while simultaneously enabling the monied elite to buy us, to own us and all that we will ever produce. I think it is called "leverage" and the entitled poor are the fulcrum used to pry the remaining freedom existing in our societies.

Pants McPants's picture

'to [sic] many people and too little growth'

You have it within your power to reduce population by one, and support your theory in the process.  I could be wrong, but I'm not holding my breath for you to put your money where your mouth is.

Just be honest: you want other people to die so as to make your own life more comfortable.  Sounds rather tyrannical, don'tcha think?

americanreality's picture

Where in his/her comment do you get that someone needs to die?  Educate women, provide birth control, encourage 2 children through tax incentives, etc..  There is always some idiot that assumes, when someone mentions overpopulation, that they are calling for a cull of some sort.  You are that idiot. Congratulations.  Emotional, illogical, reactions like yours reveal that your brain is somewhere on the far left of the bell curve.  

TheReplacement's picture

"Educate women, provide birth control, encourage 2 children through tax incentives, etc.."

What "American" would want to give government that kind of control?  What would it lead to?  Oh yeah...  Nazis and communists like that kind of control

Pull your head out of your ass.  It was government fiddling that lead to our current situation.  Government meddling will not get us out.  Only the market can do that.  Trust the market.  Only the market knows what it can bear.  Fake government fiat, stimulus, welfare, winner/loser picking... these are government actions that have denied the reality of the market.  It is all hubris.

You are not a god.  No man is.  No man should have that power.  Screw anyone who says otherwise.

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It's better to be broke with some bud, rather than just plain broke.

Proofreder's picture


A friend with weed is a friend indeed !

MiTasol's picture

Dope will get you though times of no money better than money will get you through times of no dope.


-- Fat Freddy

Grumbleduke's picture

Actually, it was Freewheelin Franklin.

Citxmech's picture

Any Freak Bros. reference, is a good reference.

PS  They still thinking about doing a movie?

Escrava Isaura's picture

Skater..... Bud?


You need to get a below minimum wage job and be a real Hedger

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

It is beyond question that the average American is poorer.  And there are many guilty parties responsable, including the individuals themselves.

Yes, the Fed and our .gov have made their mighty contributions to dragging down our Republic.  But, our culture has gone all to Hell too (many have helped in that effort).  Standards have slipped.  Who's polite anymore?  Part of the blame lies within each of us, some worse than others...

Save your money, get wealth OUT of the financial system, and start preparing to look after yourselves.

WorkingFool's picture

What can an average person do to "get wealth out of the financial system"?

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

I should have been clearer.  Take some of whatever wealth you have (eg, bank accounts) and get it OUT.  Gold is a good start.

How you build up wealth is beyond my scope.  Maybe you could date that RICH WOMAN in the ad ---------------->

COSMOS's picture

"get wealth out of the financial system"?

For one thing you can get a position such as Fed Chair, or Treasury Secretary, or just have family connections with such individuals.

You can also raise some capital from your neighbors and give a small amount to your politicians, that money invested in their campaigns will come back to you more than a thousandfold.  Great way to stay ahead of inflation and make a killing.

Oh and you could also run for political office.

Rinse and repeat the above.

Radical Marijuana's picture

"... that money invested in their campaigns will come back to you more than a thousandfold ..."

As you know COSMOS, "a thousandfold" is actually an accurate number of what is typically possible from successfully corrupting the government. Nothing is more regularly and spectacularly profitable than reinvesting some profit from legalized frauds in more frauds that will be enforced by the government.

My standard view is that the vast majority of people have been getting poorer because they have no effective ways to resist the triumphant application of the methods of organized crime to capture control of the powers of governments by special interests. The powers of "We the People" have more and more been privatized in ways which were robbing them blind. However, the ways that worked, through legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, resulted in the vast majority of people being rewarded by agreeing with bullshit, while being punished by disagreeing with bullshit. The persistent and systematic application of those carrots and sticks has reduced the vast majority of people to being political idiots.

There is no doubt in my mind, proven by working directly on the issues of the roles of money in politics, that at least about 99% of the people act like Zombie Sheeple, to the degree that there are no reasonable grounds to doubt that will continue. Despite a few more individuals slightly waking up, the overall problems are such runaways that there is no practical way to fix the political problems caused by the utterly lopsided funding of the political processes.

That has been getting worse faster for generation after generation. One of the worst aspects of that process, which makes it the most hopeless, is that the "opposition" has become almost totally controlled. The most successful politicians are the best professional liars and immaculate hypocrites, because that is what works. That works because the majority of people who vote were scientifically brainwashed to believe in bullshit, while most of those who know better have given up on voting, or vote in ways that have no practical effects upon the actual outcomes.

The more that people were able to still live inside of the bubbles being blown by money made out of nothing as debts, the more that they were able to indulge in believing that was O.K.. However, they were thereby always sinking deeper and deeper into the runaway triumphs of their society being controlled by enforced frauds. By that time that enough people might wake up to the degree that they were living inside of systems based on enforced frauds, it will probably be too little, too late, and too trivial to matter.

People were able to indulge in the delusions while the debt bubbles were being blown bigger and BIGGER, however, after they pop it is then harder and HARDER to actually respond to the consequences. The people who are most successful, and getting richer, are those who are most able to take advantage of the systems of legalized counterfeiting of the public money supply. However, that meant that ALL of that success was based on enforced frauds, which depended upon attitudes of evil deliberate ignorance towards the longer term consequences of building everything on a foundation of frauds.

However, none of that matters now, because the established systems have become too hermetically sealed inside of themselves. In my personal opinion, there is nowhere left which is possibly enough "outside" of the runaway systems of debt insanities headed towards provoking death insanities. The greatest successes are flowing to those who are able to operate inside the biggest systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence. The most successful careers are inside of those flows.

That all of that success is being built on top of frauds, and evil deliberate ignorance towards the longer term consequences of those frauds, never made any difference in the past, and probably still will not in the future. Instead, there will likely be more madness, accumulating towards PEAK INSANITIES. While there are lots of possible creative alternatives, none of them can deal with the basic social facts that things are actually being directed by enforced frauds, in ways which are criminally insane, because the enforcement never makes those frauds become true, but only makes everything build on that foundation of frauds more absurd, because that foundation was always absurd.

Successful politicians are now priests in the State Religions of the monetary and military systems, both of which have become so extremely fraudulent and deceitful as to be irredeemably insane.  Successful politicians are puppets performing for muppets, that are able to capture a small slice of the flow of enforced frauds and deceits. Without some series of political miracles, the madness of the State Religions will continue to trump all of the other possible creative alternatives, and destroy their potential to perhaps be integrated to transform society to not be so madly self-destructive.

We have not seen anything yet compared to how much more impoverishment will manifest when the BIGGER BUBBLES POP. However, there are no good reasons to believe that the masses of people who will suffer the most when those events happen will then be able to better understand that. Instead, I continue to expect controlled opposition groups, or reactionary revolutionaries, will continue to mislead people to regress, as they are urged to go backwards. I expect that the actually successful politicians in the future will become even worse than the ones we have now. ... Of course, I WISH that I could come to some better conclusions, however, I see no good grounds to do so.

After several decades of direct personal involvement in politics, I have come to despise and dislike the controlled opposition just as much as the establisment. The political process IS nothing but a puppet show put on by the mass media for muppets, and every hope for change always results in the best professional liar and immaculate hypocrite becoming the most successful politician, who thereafter drives things to get worse even faster.

COSMOS's picture

Successful politicians are now priests in the State Religions of the monetary and military systems, both of which have become so extremely fraudulent and deceitful as to be irredeemably insane.

I totally agree, just look at the 400 billion spent on the F35 and nowhere near a functional plane yet.

The fraud has been destroying not just our social fabric but will soon destroy our military.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Yes, while, for instance, Canadians still follow after the Americans, in looking at buying F35s, which has been a standard front page news item in the Canadian mass media for quite a while, without so far, showing any signs of that not happening.

In general the USA still dominates the world, inasmuch as the American Dollar is still the global reserve currency. That is why the destruction of the American Dollar, as that debt slavery becomes debt insanity, despite being backed up by the American Military, is such an extremely problematic issue.

American political economy still effects the rest of the world to a great degree. Therefore, the destruction of the American economy, along with its destruction of the American middle class, etc., have far reaching implications!

MrButtoMcFarty's picture


Nothing changes until K Street burns.

BeerMe's picture

I tried dating my banker lady.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

"Of greatest importance; when the Average Person stores their disposable wealth in silver, it immunizes that wealth from most of the bankers’ financial crimes – most particularly their theft-via-currency-dilution. Obviously one cannot be victimized by the bankers’ relentless, extreme, and deliberate dilution of our (paper) currencies if one does not hold their paper.

It is certainly possible (in theory) for gold to fulfill the same function, since it possesses the same monetary properties. However, because of its greater scarcity (and thus greater value); gold tends to be the “money” of governments and/or the wealthy. It is also not as practical for use in most of the commerce in which the masses engage.

It is silver that is both accessible to all of the masses (thus allowing them to protect their much smaller nest-eggs of wealth) and is most-practical for using in most of our routine, daily commerce: paying bills, or shopping for groceries and most consumer goods. It is only the more-extreme suppression of the price of silver which makes it currently seem impractical for use in even larger purchases.

It is these two vital roles which silver could (and should) be fulfilling in our economies which terrify the bankers even more than gold’s role as our economic “barometer”. Unless it is also used to back our currencies (i.e. a “gold standard”); gold merely serves to warn us of the bankers’ financial crimes – most particularly those relating to currency-dilution.

It is silver which not only protects us from the bankers’ predatory/rapacious plundering, but commensurately, it also reduces the size of those crimes. Storing our wealth in silver protects every ‘dollar’ of that wealth from theft-via-currency-dilution, and thus reduces the total quantity of the bankers’ funny-money in circulation.

Equally; using silver in our commerce would similarly reduce the demand for the bankers’ fraudulent paper, and thus reduce the amount in circulation. As our economies turned more and more to “honest money”; the financial carnage wrought by the bankers within our economies would be greatly reduced, even if our corrupt governments continued to refuse to uphold the Rule of Law. Such is the power of silver."


Radical Marijuana's picture

The 1792 US Coinage Act provided for a national Mint where silver dollars were to be produced along with gold coins, beginning in 1794. The Act states: "The Dollar or Unit shall be of the value of a Spanish milled dollar as the same is now current, to wit, three hundred and seventy-one and one-quarter grains of silver." The Act also prescribed the death penalty for anyone debasing the national currency.

The Congress shall have Power ... To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures; (Constitution of the United States, Article I Legislative Department, Section 8, clause 5)

The demonetization of silver was one of the international banksters' first steps towards the destruction of the American economy. That the words "money" and "dollar" have themselves had their original meaning perverted and inverted, and thereby negated, is one of the reasons why it is now practically impossible to have any sane public debates about the economic system.

It was after President Lincoln's assassination that silver was demonetized. The European central bankers wanted the re-institution of a central bank under their control and an American currency backed solely by gold. They chose gold as gold has always been relatively scarce and therefore a lot easier to monopolize, than, for example, silver, which was plentiful in the United States, and had been found in huge quantities with the opening of the American West. So, on April 12th, Congress went back to work at the bidding of the European central bankers. It passed the, "Contraction Act," which authorised the Secretary of the Treasury to contract the money supply by retiring some of the Greenbacks in circulation. This money contraction and it's disastrous results is explained by Theodore R. Thoren and Richard F. Walker, in their book, "The Truth In Money Book," in which they state the following, "The hard times which occurred after the Civil War could have been avoided if the Greenback legislation had continued as President Lincoln had intended. Instead there were a series of money panics, what we call recessions, which put pressure on Congress to enact legislation to place the banking system under centralized control. Eventually the Federal Reserve Act was passed on December 23rd 1913."

This is how the, "Contraction Act," passed by Congress affected America (the money supply goes down purely because currency in circulation is being withdrawn): 1866 - $1,800,000,000 capita in circulation - approximately $50.46 per 1867 - $1,300,000,000 in circulation - approximately $44.00 per capita 1876 - $600,000,000 in circulation - approximately $14.60 per capita 1886 - $400,000,000 in circulation - approximately $6.67 per capita Therefore in the twenty years since 1866 two thirds of the American money supply had been called in by the bankers, representing a 760% loss in buying power over this twenty years. The money became scarce simply because bank loans were called in and no new ones were given.

1872: Ernest Seyd is sent to America on a mission from the Rothschild owned Bank of England. He is given $100,000 which he is to use to bribe as many Congressmen as necessary, for the purposes of getting silver de-monetized, as it had been found in huge quantities in the American West, which would eat into Rothschild's profits.

1873: Ernest Seyd obviously spent his money wisely, as Congress passes the, "Coinage Act," which results in the minting of silver dollars being abruptly stopped. Furthermore, Representative Samuel Hooper, who introduced the bill in the house, even admitted that Ernest Seyd had actually drafted the legislation.

1874: Ernest Seyd himself admitted who was behind the demonetizing of silver in America, when he makes the following statement, "I went to America in the winter of 1872 - 1873, authorized to secure, if I could, the passage of a bill de-monetizing silver. It was in the interests of those I represented, the governors of the Bank Of England, to have it done. By 1873, gold coins were the only form of coin money."


The real money system is based on robbery, (taxation & legal tender laws) backed by ultimate form of robbery, which is the power to kill (law enforcement). In theory We the People are supposed to direct those powers, through the mechanisms of a democratic republic's rule of law. That is a good theory, except when too many of the people become brainwashed to believe in bullshit, so that they no longer understand that, and allow it to be subverted and perverted to the point where it is TOTALLY BACKWARDS to what it should be!

What actually happened is that the power to rob and kill was used by a shadow government, of puppet masters, that were able to take control of the puppet politicians. Those puppet politicians, inside of that context where a shadow government, operated by the best organized gangs of criminals, working behind the scenes, who were able to bribe, intimidate, and even assassinate, in order to take over the actual political processes, so that laws would be made and maintained which make American "money" become BACKWARDS!

However, in order to understand that better, in order to maybe fix it, one must focus on the basic realities for HOW and WHY that happened, which is that all money exists within the flow of energy, and that energy directs its own transformations, and so, the crucial core of those events were the acts of murder, that controlled the real social system, to direct everything else that it did. Unless enough of We the People understand that money is backed by murder, and that power should be directed by the People, for their greater longer term benefit, then their money system will NOT be consistent with energy laws in ways that serve them.

What has ACTUALLY happened is that those groups who were the best at being dishonest, and backing that up with violence, were able to take control of the American government, to direct that government to give those criminals the power to make money out of nothing, as debts placed upon all of the other people. For generation after generation, the American people have been living inside of systems which were based on private banks having the privilege to legally counterfeit the public money supply. The vast majority of people gradually adapted to accepting that, in ways which required them to become political idiots, or act like Zombie Sheeple.

Way too many of the American People have been brainwashed to believe in the biggest bullies' bullshit, and that is more true about their understanding of "money" than anything else! The real money systems are due to the reality of murder and robbery being controlled by the best organized gangs of criminals, operating a shadow government, which took control of the public government, and used the powers of We the People, to rob those People. Tragically, that established system is now on a runaway path towards massively murdering many of the People, because the debt insanity numbers are threatening to finally provoke death insanities as their consequences, when those debt insanities finally cause psychotic breakdowns of the established systems, which is extremely problematic since those are now globalized electronic frauds, backed by atomic bombs, whose collapse into chaos can not be comprehended.

These days, with globalized electronic frauds, backed by the threat of the force of atomic bombs, it no longer looks remotely possible to actually return to money being backed by gold and silver. The principle of the conservation of matter has been superseded by the principle of the conservation of energy, in which matter has become an extremely concentrated form of energy. Therefore, old-fashioned notions of the ring of truth being inherently present in gold and silver (as forms of matter that are more obviously directly related to the laws of nature, such as the conservation of matter, where creating matter out of nothing is not possible), is no longer a sufficient approximation towards relatively greater objective truth standard for "money."

Instead, what now applies are the principles of general energy systems. The deeper problems with understanding human systems as general energy systems is that doing that in more thoroughly consistent ways reveals that human civilizations actually, and necessarily, operate on the basis of the principles and methods of organized crime, operating fractally on different levels of society. Better understanding of general energy systems principles necessarily converges with a better understanding of the history of successful warfare based on deceits, being the foundation of successful finance based on frauds.

While it is important to understand how the original American monetary system, which was supposed to be backed by gold and silver, whose value was set by Congress, gradually got totally perverted to become almost totally privatized creation of "money" out of nothing as debts, the deeper lessons from that are about how and why governments are the biggest form of organized crime, controlled by the best organized gang of criminals, the biggest gangsters, the banksters.

The runaway impoverishment of the vast majority of the American people is primarily due to the systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, which have been imposed upon them, which have caused them to act with evil deliberate ignorance towards the social and natural environment. However, those problems have now become so extremely severe that there is no realistic way to resolve them by going backwards. Instead, recognizing the deeper levels of those problems requires perceiving that money is measurement backed by murder. From that deeper perspective, there are no possible reforms to the established systems of enforced financial frauds which could be sufficient, since their foundations are totally rotten. Instead, there must be monetary revolutions, and those necessarily must be based upon the central social facts that the debt controls are backed by the death controls.

Tragically, I do not see any way that the impoverishment of the majority of the American people could be adequately dealt with than through some substantial processes of the established systems of debt slavery, backed by wars based on deceits, driving themselves through psychotic breakdowns. We are already inside of situation of debt slavery that has generated numbers which are debt insanities, and those are headed towards provoking death insanities.

In my view, anyone who believes that going back to some commodity backed money would be enough to resolve the problems does not understand those problems. IF the American monetary system had never been corrupted, but was always backed by the principles of the conservation of matter, which were not so utterly open to frauds, then that would have been an interesting situation. However, in fact, the American monetary system was totally corrupted, and made to become almost inconceivably crazy.

The problems ARE now globalized electronic frauds, backed by the credible threats of the force of atomic bombs. Piled on top of those weapons of mass destruction are now weapons of mass surveillance. All combined, the North American society has achieved tremendous progress in understanding general energy systems. However, we have made almost no progress in understanding human civilizations as general energy systems themselves, because that kind of progress necessarily reveals that civilization actually operates in ways which are best described by the principles and methods of organized crime.

The primary reasons why the American economy is being systematically destroyed, and the vast majority of the American people are being impoverished, is that they do not understand, because they feel that they do not want to understand, that, as citizens they are actually members of an organized crime gang, called their country. There can be nothing less than them better understanding the radical truths about that, which might lead towards better resolutions of the political problems caused by the methods of organized crime taking control over the government, to be used by special interests, to rob the vast majority of people.

Those deeper problems can not be fixed by going backwards to any kind of old-fashioned, nostalgic notions about how to have a more honest and sound money system. There is no way around dealing with the real problems directly, which are that human civilizations actually are controlled by the methods of organized crime. The failure to understand that fact is why the vast majority of Americans are becoming poorer, while they have no ways to better to adapt to the underlying reasons for that, and therefore, no better ways to resist that.

However, since the established systems became enforced frauds, which engendered attitudes of evil deliberate ignorance towards the social and environmental facts, so much, for so long, recovering from the degree to which American society has become almost totally controlled by systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, is overwhelmingly mind-boggling! That is especially the case because the established systems are just as much made up of controlled opposition groups, as they are operated by the established groups.

The degree to which the opposition to the banksters are merely controlled opposition makes resolving the runway problems of the destruction of the American economy, and the impoverishment of the majority of American people, much more difficult and dangerous than it is possible to easily imagine. At the present time, the controlled opposition to the banksters tend to be quite unscientific, or even anti-scientific, about those problems.

Applying better principles of general energy systems, and evolutionary ecologies, to American systems is something which has paradoxically been done by the banksters' covert criminality, while almost none of the controlled opposition groups actually offer anything better, but rather continue to stay within the same frame of reference of bullshit which was originally promoted by the banksters, in order to cover over and get away with their organized crimes.

In that context, it is hard to tell which is the worst component in the overall American system, the ruling classes, or those they rule over. Both have shared in systems of enforced frauds so much, for so long, that neither actually wants to face any more radical truths about the nature of their problems. PERHAPS, both would be motivated by the psychotic breakdowns of the established systems to embrace a series of political miracles, in the form of genuinely better understanding their problems. However, at the present time, that seems practically impossible ... but of course, we have not yet seen the BIGGER BUBBLES POP, nor how much more drastically those crises are going to affect North America ... to perhaps motivate more radical thinking in those circumstances?

Nobody, including me, of course, really has a clue what happens to globalized systems of electronic frauds, backed by atomic bombs. In my view, that is one of the reasons why the current bubbles continue to be blown to get so BIG, where the debt slavery systems have generated numbers which are such absurdly HUGE debt insanities, despite that previous notions of common sense would have expected them to have already collapsed. Those, globalized systems of electronic frauds, backed by atomic bombs, are unprecedented BIG BUBBLES, whose possible popping has nothing in human history to compare that to ...

cape_royds's picture

Full responsibility always and everywhere lies with those who have the practical firsthand decision-making power.

Those unwilling to accept 100% moral responsibility for all outcomes have no business making decisions.

The upper class bears the entire blame for everything. If they don't like getting blamed, then they should abandon the status.

StandardDeviant's picture

You know, you could save yourself a lot of time by simply posting links to these rants rather than pretending to have written them yourself.  ZH readers can google any significant portion of the above text and find it verbatim on any number of crackpot sites.

As for Seyd, this story has been debunked well over a hundred years ago.  (Yeah, yeah, Wikipedia; but see the links at the bottom.)

Sean7k's picture

You believe that story? What a rube. There is a reason stories are changed twenty years after the fact. Seyd does admit to being in the employ of London bankers. Perhaps if you researched a full history of the silver dollar, "Pieces of Eight", you might begin to realize the significance of the coinage act. It is unconstitutional. Unconstitutional laws do not happen by "chance" nor do they survive unchallenged.

StandardDeviant's picture

This coinage act, whatever its significance or constitutional status, is of no particular interest to me.  However, epistemology is.

So, let's see: if I did want to learn more about the subject, should I believe the Wikipedia story, which includes links to the Congressional record, Seyd's own writings, and the newspapers of the day (including a public retraction by one Congressman, from an age in which that meant something)?

Or should I believe the unsubstantiated assertions of an anonymous plagiarist on a site which is, alas, becoming overrun by a contingent who consider themselves skeptics, but simultaneously seem all too ready to pounce on every shred of speculation and conjecture which feeds their frankly paranoid world view?

You may well be right that this coinage act was a bad law, unconstitutional, etc.  Call me names if you think that'll help make your case.  Or, consider adding credible, substantiable information to the discussion.  (Is "Pieces of Eight" a book, for instance?  I can't find it.) When throwing a random sentence from the original post into Google turns up, not just several instances of the identical text, but a fairly thorough-looking dismissal, the gods know it could use some assistance.

Sean7k's picture

So, the bill is not important, just the source material? Did you READ the source material? Because it clearly states in the congressional record that the congressmen received advice from Seyd AND they did NOT write the bill, but were in agreement with it. The instances of people changing their claims years later is legion. However, I'm willing to bet you didn't read the source material and prefer no one else does as well. End of page on the pdf and continues to the mext page of the congressional record.

One reference to money history is from the Aldrich library, of Federal Reserve Act Fame.

Quotations refer to a book title. The Author is Edwin Vieira Jr. 

Trusting Seyd's writings is like trusting Keynes' writings. You have to look further. 

The coinage act is unconstitutional. Attempting to disperage facts over delivery is just typical propaganda technique. As is your name calling and attempts to color the discussion with worthless verbiage. Wikipedia has never been an acceptable source material for historical reference. So, have any real epistemology? 

Further, the writer above does identify his source material, "The Truth in Money Book" and its' authors. So where does plagiurism come into play? Or were you so intent on smoke and mirrors, you forgot to read the comment?

StandardDeviant's picture

You'd lose your bet, I'm afraid.  I did read the congressional document, and really don't have any preferences as to what anyone else reads or doesn't read.  Of course I agree that Wikipedia isn't an especially reliable historical reference; the point was that the article does contain useful links.

As to plagiarism, the writer above did cite "Truth in Money", but then copied and pasted large chunks of text (notably the "18??:" sections) from other sources, without quotes or attribution.  The text may well be from the same book, but it's made to appear as if he wrote it himself.  Even in ZH comments we should give credit where it's due.

At any rate, thanks for the pointer to the Vieira book.

Sean7k's picture

How do you know it was pasted from another source? It is relevant to the book's subject area. When I see material in bold, I assume it is a quote. If you want to complain about length, I'll agree to that. However, his post seems to be reliable. The Vieira book can only be bought from the author and it is pricey- about 160.00 for a two volume set. If you need the particulars, just ask.

Did a search on the book, it's a textbook on the monetary history and the FED, so I think his quotes may be alright. Heck, ask him!

Hey Radical- where are the bold quotes from?

Radical Marijuana's picture

Sean7K, the original source that I copied was stated to be by "Anonymous." The original link to that no longer works.

Radical Marijuana's picture


I was not attempting to pretend that I wrote the historical stuff. Obviously, I have no first-hand knowledge of what happened more than a Century ago. However, I have, since then, looked at lots of different material that made me believe that what I copied appeared to be correct ... ALTHOUGH I DO NOT TRUST ANY SOURCE WHATSOEVER ANYMORE.

I keep a running thread of my research here: Some Monetary System articles.

(Along with this collection of Excellent Videos on Money Systems)

The original comment above that I replied to motivated me to search through that thread, and copy some of the relevant historical statements about silver, that I used to set up my kinds of comment. However, when I spliced them together, I neglected to put quotation marks.



I post on Zero Hedge merely for my amusement, to pass the time, thinking out loud about topics that I find interesting. However, despite believing those topics are important, I do NOT believe that more "truth" will actually change anything, because the established systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, have gone OUT OF CONTROL.

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What can an average person do to "get wealth out of the financial system"?

Average people are smart. Start looking around and acting. On Your Own.

Supernova Born's picture

Average people are of average intelligence.

Average people acting smart gets them into trouble they can't handle. Take the Fed.


stacking12321's picture

take the fed?

is that like, take my wife. please!

All Risk No Reward's picture

Invest your money in ways to gain control over the necessities of life.

When criminals run the system, and make no mistake - criminals are running the system, nothing is safe.

You are responsible for evaluating all advice in this dangerous environment.

Minimize bank exposure as they don't have 99 out of 100 dollars that they owe...  and there will have to be bank "haircuts" ala Cypress...  and Cypress isn't done yet, either.

Some people keep their money in the mattress.  Others keep it in Treasury Direct accounts linked to their Credit Union (you are moron if you use a big bank!).  They buy short term and then roll it over into Treasury Direct's cash account.

When the collapse comes, they will move it out into hard assets - the idea being that the banks collapse before the governments do.

All risk, no reward, homey!  There are consequences to societal nescience, ignorance, gullibility and apathy.

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Did you mean Cyprus or are you referring to the conifer?

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"Who's polite anymore?"

There is now a whole generation that can't get their noses out of their itoy. Nobody says hello anymore when you walk by.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

There are still pockets of polite behavior.  Like the local pedophile, eager to make a good first impression.

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how can you feel poorer with all this Hope & Change.......

Oxbo Rene's picture

I was wondering why I felt poorer ......

NoPension's picture

What is the job description of the guy/ gal whose job is to modify the formula to keep the numbers low ?

And the Fisher Price Index gave me a chuckle. I thought " magic 8 ball"

Hulk's picture

I was wondering what happened...

Oldwood's picture

I feel poorer because this country is no longer what my ancestors believed in. They did not come here for money, they came for freedom. Now everything is measured in money and little else.

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Million dollar post !!!