125 Years Ago... Or Today?

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Ripped from the pages of the Wall Street Journal in July 1889 - it's never different this time...



How The Wall Street Journal of 2014 might have covered the news of July 8, 1889 (Source: WSJ)

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Wow. Websites really had a funny layout back then.

And what do you mean with "ripped"?

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And websites were only in black and white then.

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If someone bothered to check out the article before posting them might have realized it is called:

The Past, Reimagined

How The Wall Street Journal of 2014 might have covered the news of July 8, 1889

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Oklahoma land rush is the key... Poor people have nowhere to run anymore.

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I hear half of Central America is in the process of making a run for the US border.  Taco Bell should craft a campaign out of this!

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Central American Female Speculators love Taco Bell!

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Under the main pic it says, "to read the stories in entirety, go to WSJ/125.com". 

This can only mean one thing! AL Gore is a very old man....

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Lots of Global Warming™ since then.  Entire countries have been swallowed by the sea since that great man began his crusade against Global Warming™ back then.

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Cocaine was legal back then..  that’s how you upped your baud rate on the telegraph. As they started using homosexual telegraph operators on coke with their telegraph boys, they ushered in what was known as the “Gay Nineties HFT technology”.


They were way ahead of their time

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Delete this post ZH. It makes you look like a fool for posting it.

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Fucking do-gooder...


Cocaine was legal, and it was awesome days back then when Americans enjoyed the Liberty to do whatever the fuck they wanted to.


She don't lie.


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What make any of us think in another 125 years, there will not be: “250 Years Ago…Or Today?”

Since 79% are reported fine with the current level of Tyranny, so it may just be 4:1 believing we are fine come 2139 AD, no? Let’s see…


UP vote says not fine (You are the 21%).

DOWN vote says yes, its fine (You are the 79%).



For this exercise, please leave “we will not be here” scenario on the side.

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Thumbs up if you saw it coming in the 1860s.

old naughty's picture

It may be that WSJ travelled to and copied from today's headline…

(can this be equated to backwardation?)


Oh, could it be they came back from 2139 AD to 1889 AD with a pit stop midway?

(assuming WSJ folks got to go...)

maskone909's picture

Thats pure comedy gold manthong great analysis and +1 good sir

maskone909's picture

Hahahah youve been waiting years to use that clip havent u! ;-)

Manthong's picture

yup.. it's a pretty tough crowd here. :-D

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Yep, "Coca-Cola" still had the coca in it!  (Fun stopped in 1903).

Rusty Shorts's picture

"Coca-Cola" still has Coca leaves in its recipe.


How Coca-Cola Obtains Its Coca


codecode's picture

Sorry, I can't handle Zuckerberg's picture front and center... What's so great about him?

GetZeeGold's picture




What's so great about him?


He ripped off the Facebook source code and got away with it....after the settlement that is....which is why he and Bill Gates are such good friends.


Now that they're rich they can work on Common Core, amnesty, and screwing over the little people.

JRobby's picture

Xerox developed the graphical interface but did not see the value in it that Bill did. He bought DOS for like $55k I believe?

Overfed's picture

Actually, IIRC, it was Jobs who bought the GUI from Xerox, they were working on it in the very early 70s.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Gates bought DOS from a local computer programmer for $500. He changed the A: drive to C: drive then claimed it was his creation and now is the one of the richest in the world. Wow! Fraud often pays. 

Jumbotron's picture

Yeah....and that used car salesman Gates hired to be his second in command and was just pushed out for being a COLLOSAL failure....Steve Ballmer.

Hey Windows users.....these are the guys that foistered WinShit onto the world through fraud and crony capitalism.




and of course my favorite.....who actually made Ctrl-Alt-Del famous.


Dublinmick's picture

Bill is buying out vaccine companies now so he can finish off the people of walmart

Proofreder's picture

Common Core Good!

What don't you like about a course of study designed to increase critical thinking skills?

Oh, right; you're a buzzword guy = Ignorant dipshit

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Lmfao this is one of several posts on here lately that i cant tell if its sarc or not. I dont know if thats a good thing

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And the smart ones up here will be making a run for Central America.  After the Great Crash of 20xx.  I already bought a little plot of land down there. 

Kinda reminds me of the Big Dogs sucking in the retailers then pulling the rug out.

BlindMonkey's picture

Make sure you bring some exotic gringo disease down there with you.  No reason not to return the favor.

BeerMe's picture

Maybe a citizen trade program?  Socialists to the U.S.  Liberty people to Costa Rica.  Or whatever other country.  Of course after a few year the socialists wouldn't be able to leave us alone.

dontgoforit's picture

It's too humid in Tamarindo and all of Costa Rica.  It's for sure you will get thin.  Sweat like a fool down there.

lincolnsteffens's picture

Not so. The higher elevations are much cooler and the air is drier. Down near sea level its hot and humid.  Pretty much goes for everywhere the higher you go the lower the temperature.

Oldrepublic's picture

The US government should arrange charter flights from Central America to make it easier to get the kids in the US!

NeedtoSecede's picture

@GF, you could also say it like this: FREE people have nowhere to run anymore...

bbq on whitehouse lawn's picture

No one has any place to run to. "Where are you going to run, where are you going to hide; No where because there is no where left to run to anymore."

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Yes, that too.

What's that response called!?!


NeedtoSecede's picture

Of course most of us who are remotely awake know it is


Fight or flight. 


But in today's America you are more likely to get responses like this to your open ended question:

Facebook or Flight

Tweet or fight

Hashtag or fight


We are doomed!

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it was called a Hercules screen...

and it was green and black at first...


I'm that old...


zerocash's picture

You fancy boys with your Hercules screens. All we had was MDA.

WmMcK's picture

I just had a board that erased when I lifted the page.

Manthong's picture

I had MDA and CGA in my $3,000.00 Compaq Portable.

Still have the darn thing.. 4 digit serial number.. hasn't seen power in over 20-some years.

I think I'll try firing it up.. it will be interesting to see if the original boot disks are still any good.

I will have to look to see if it has a CMOS battery (which would likely be shot).

It would look interesting next to the AMD 6 core with the four 24" displays.

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Al Gore hadn't yet gotten around to inventing the internet.

JRobby's picture

And you were not profiled for visiting the news stand and buying a paper.

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Just to put this into context.....this was at the tail end of the depression that started with the Panic of 1893.....


and the Panic of 1907 which led to the formation of the Federal Reserve and the I.R.S.



Jumbotron's picture

oops.....my bad.  Misread the date of the paper.  That's 1889 NOT 1898.  Mild dyslexia going on there.

So...this was the run up to the Panic of 1893


Mea culpa