125 Years Ago... Or Today?

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Ripped from the pages of the Wall Street Journal in July 1889 - it's never different this time...



How The Wall Street Journal of 2014 might have covered the news of July 8, 1889 (Source: WSJ)

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Tom cruise work'n on the railroad, All the live long day.


Come on everybody!



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Great job Tyler, must have left out the GS thing to see who would catch it, OK land rush..... only now it is the oil people buying it up... 

Same ole thing different day...

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That's pretty amazing. What's old is what's new. We think we invented all these things but they go back probably all the way to the invention of modern capital markets way back in the 1700's, if not the 1400's.

For that matter, there are probably equivalents to all these economic actions all the way back in Rome and Greece.

Why, if I didn't know better, I'd think that economics was the study of finite resources which have multiple uses.

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History doesn't repeat itself....but it often rhymes

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Don't see any articles on "racism" or suits regarding such.

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No gays, illegal immigrants or Kenyan Presidents, either.

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That's why it's different this time, there is a gay, illegal alien, Kenyan president in charge.

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I just can't stop staring at the faces of Hattie and Elizabeth.  Hattie, the one that's looking at the camera, has a defiant expression.  She's wrapped in clothing, primped but not attractive, upright and leaning back from the camera (remember how Buckley used to lean back from the camera during his interviews?)  It's a power position.

Only her huge, shapless busom protrudes.  Furthermore, she doesn't look at the camera as did most women at that time.  Think of old family photos.  Though people didn't smile for the camera as they do now, women generally tried to look feminine and gentle.  These gals are tanks.

Maybe this bothers me because I'm a woman?


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OMG it is Hitlery's grand mother!

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Hetty Green used to live right up the road from me, in Bellows Falls VT.

Known as the Witch of Wall St. Had quite a rep in town.


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From 1889, The Century of the Rothschilds.

Wait! I used to drink at that bar!

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Reading Dickens this summer.  Currently on Little Dorrit written between 1855 and 1857.  A character named Mr. Merdle is considered the top of the social ladder because he is a rich guy from out of nowhere.  Of course he is running some type of pyramid scheme and it crashes down. Dickens also has a bunch of characters working in something called the Circumlocution Office which is a satire on government beauracracy.  150 years and nothing different and Dickens was probably saying at the time, this shit has been happening since 1700 and those people were saying this shit has been happening since 1550 and those people...

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Mark Twain got rich quick and poor quick. Then he spent his "retirement" on a world-wide speaking junket to make sure that he did not die owning anyone any money. And he paid off all of this debt.

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History : Made Up Daily.

I don't know who (re)-wrote this but the (Ms.) in Ms. Stanton precedes its first use by femenists by about fifty years.

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Mother of Gawd... those are some ugly women.

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I see the problem and her name is Hetty Green.

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"NEVER underestimate the power of the handout seeker's vote"



"boath party's hour the sane"

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The TROLLS really pounced on this article.

When that happens, it means the article is close to the truth.

That means we're all in trouble.