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Freedom: Summed Up In One Image

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Braveheart's William Wallace would be proud...



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Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:12 | 4937432 Big Corked Boots
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8. Your taxes are due. NOW.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:14 | 4937438 cifo
cifo's picture

So then why go?

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:22 | 4937475 chumbawamba
chumbawamba's picture

8. Resistance is futile.

9. You will be assimilated.

10. I am Chumbawamba.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:27 | 4937493 Four chan
Four chan's picture

dont use the rules their not for you, their for the fools, and you're a fool if you dont know that, so heres the rule you stupid fools.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:42 | 4937531 centerline
centerline's picture

+1 FC.  Chumba knows this.  He must just be baiting for a fun response.

I would rather consider myself a virus (my wife would probably... umm... definately... agree).

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:48 | 4937554 Dane Bramage
Dane Bramage's picture




Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:52 | 4937573 CH1
CH1's picture

Land of the Free!

Fuck yeah!

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:56 | 4937585 TeamDepends
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Land of the fee

Home of the taze

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:11 | 4937646 whotookmyalias
whotookmyalias's picture

Oh yes, and enjoy your day! 


4 chan, I upvote you everytime I see your comments and yet I have never read them.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 21:08 | 4937842 linniepar
linniepar's picture


Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:11 | 4937651 Manthong
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Well, I imagine then that open carry is out of the question there, too.. eh?

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:14 | 4937662 DeadFred
DeadFred's picture

Pretty much the whole country now except they still sell beer.

Wed, 07/09/2014 - 05:39 | 4938663 eurogold
eurogold's picture

What did Janice once sing ? "Freedom's just another word for....nothing left to lose......."

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:01 | 4937610 Dr Brown
Dr Brown's picture

You mean they're, not their

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 21:47 | 4938019 swmnguy
swmnguy's picture

Cheat, cheat, or don't get anywhere.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:58 | 4937598 Kirk2NCC1701
Kirk2NCC1701's picture

@chumba... "8. Resistance is futile"...

ZH arguments are irrelevant.

9. You will be assimilated.  Or eliminated.


Wed, 07/09/2014 - 00:08 | 4938434 SF beatnik
SF beatnik's picture


11. Please do not walk on the grass,

12. Observe proper recyling procedures when depositing any trash on these premises. Failure to place items in the proper receptical can result in a fine of up to $250.

13. For the enjoyment of all park users, please keep noise to a minimum. No loud radios or excessive cell phone use.

14. Restroom use requires a token than can be purchased for $1.50 at City Hall during normal business hours.

15. Smoking is permitted only in the parking lot. Please do not obstruct lot traffic when you smoke. 

16. Maximum penalty for defacing this sign $1,000 or up to six months in state prison.

17. Your tax dollars at work. We wish you a pleasant stay. 

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:25 | 4937485 centerline
centerline's picture

Right on cifo.  Fuck em.  Plus, the risks just aren't worth it (drunk drivers, etc.).  Create your own fun... your own world right in your own space with (gasp) neighbors.  Be the first on your block to forge a new sense of community.  Others will follow.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:55 | 4937517 Dewey Cheatum Howe
Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

What if you rigged an election and no one bothered to show up to vote?

What if you destroyed a country but the people you really wanted to break just left and prospered elsewhere?

Freedom and Liberty really don't give a fuck what the flag looks like since it is represented by the people themselves. The flags and pieces of paper are incidental not guarantors of shit.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:08 | 4937634 centerline
centerline's picture

Gresham's law applies to people too.  Free markets will always win in the end.

Fuck... I hate to preach... but THIS is the lesson of history.

Sociopaths just rise the top every time and set the world on fire.  Again and again.  We are terrible as a species at recognizing and eliminating such profound threats.  No real good answers on this though... but, now I am getting philosophical.



Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:43 | 4937763 knukles
knukles's picture

The Only Thing We Learn form History is that We're Going to Repeat

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 21:20 | 4937832 centerline
centerline's picture

(First in line to buy an authentic knuckles t-shirt)

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:56 | 4937809 BLOTTO
BLOTTO's picture

We are not succeeding to a higher level, because someone or something is holding us back.


This is not logical, nor natural for us to be fucked over this many times.


Tue, 07/08/2014 - 21:17 | 4937887 centerline
centerline's picture

Just imagine how far we have come in such a short period of time.  What was life like 100 years ago... how did that compare to the previous 100 years.  Etc.

Mankind has leaped forward so profoundly in such a short period of time.  So far we have come.  So far to fall.  Logic is so far suspended. I - for one - am not surprised.  The connection between action and consequence in daily terms is so far removed that it is no wonder to me that we can be fucked over again and again.  A death of a thousand cuts.

Wed, 07/09/2014 - 00:52 | 4938498 SofaPapa
SofaPapa's picture

"The connection between action and consequence in daily terms is so far removed that it is no wonder to me that we can be fucked over again and again."

This is the heart of the philosophical problem, and it is related to our energy system.  Because of fossil fuels and the technologies they have permitted, production is no longer spatially connected to consumption.  This simple disconnect has profound spirtual consequences.  Energy is becoming more difficult to harness.  The rest follows.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 21:36 | 4937974 Help Is Not Coming
Help Is Not Coming's picture

"Gresham's law applies to people too."

Awesome. Thanks centerline! I hope you don't mind if I use that as my new .signature file.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 21:49 | 4938030 XitSam
XitSam's picture

"Free markets will always win in the end."

When there is something to compare against a totalitarian system, yes.  I think the statists learned this in the previous century.  This century they are going for the whole enchillada. All the marbles.   

Something about a boot on a face, forever.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 22:09 | 4938126 xtop23
xtop23's picture

So then why go, is the exact question people should be asking.

An easy solution to this sort of thing is ........ dont !

As soon as the money dries up because of inadequate patronage..... maybe they'll change their tune.

Or, like most of the parasitic fucktard entities in present day America, they'll appeal to government for a solution ( either a bailout or legislation making it somehow mandatory for people to bless this haven of freedom ).

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:17 | 4937454 Greenskeeper_Carl
Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

most americans don't care about freedom anymore. they want safety. And as long as they are able to ride their fat-mobile scooters around walmart, and suck down all the processed junk food they want for cheap, and watch mindless bullshit on their huge fuckin' flat screen all day, they are perfectly happy

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:35 | 4937513 Oldwood
Oldwood's picture

The single biggest demonstrable increase in risk of the last fifty years is being butt fucked by our government. All other risks are hyped to create a perception of risk to scare us like rabbits into the pen. Ultimately, if we are to be so weak minded that this can be done, then it is obviously appropriate, This doesn't minimize the evil that has been deliberately perpetrated upon us, but Christ, seriously, if we are THIS stupid, then maybe we should be treated like sheep.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:40 | 4937523 centerline
centerline's picture

Example... my own father-in-law, now in his 70's, living mostly in front of the TV, now has this exact viewpoint.  He even goes so far as to think it is okay for cops to dispense justice on site like some Judge Dredd movie.  He has done a full 180 (okay maybe a 120) from the person he was 25 years ago.

(I look for social barometers as a means of determining where we are headed)

I got into an argument with him the other day about all of this.  He tried to pull the usual "if it was your kid" argument... which I quickly reversed into an alternate scenerio.  He could not even listen to the flip side... let alone the unintended consequences, or historical references (pre-WWII Germany for example).  It is all lost on him.  He is frustrated with the world and does not know how to add it up.  He does not know who to blame.  And he does not want to think about himself or his loved ones (me included actually, he is actually a really caring person) living in the world that he knows in the back of his mind is not going to be as good as he had it.  It is massive cognative dissonance at play.  I can actually see it happening.  My words creating a "divide by zero" error... a frustration he cannot process.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:03 | 4937622 MiTasol
MiTasol's picture

In all fairness to your father it appears to be a generational issue.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:11 | 4937647 fonzannoon
fonzannoon's picture

My Dad was driving home about 6 months ago and called me. He rattled off the few possessions he had and then said "I am going to try to preserve these for you, I hope it's enough because you are completely fucked".

That was as close as I have ever come to having an understanding with him.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:20 | 4937689 centerline
centerline's picture

Hey fonz, nice to see you around.  Hope all is well.

That is pretty cool.  Admission that things are going to be tougher for generations to come is profound.  Coming from a baby boomer, it is even more profound.  Worthy of a hug and no further conversation.  If he alludes to that much, he probably doesn't want to talk about it.  lol.  I can tell my dad thinks the same...


Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:30 | 4937725 fonzannoon
fonzannoon's picture

all the best to you centerline. i am going to prob be down your way again this fall for a few days. lets make sure to grab a beer.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:44 | 4937766 centerline
centerline's picture

That would be really cool fonz.  Beer (good stuff) is on me if your in my neck of the woods.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:23 | 4937652 centerline
centerline's picture

Yeah, it is generational.  I can see that.  My own dad is a little more plugged in - but still has similar viewpoints.  To be born post WWII was an exceptional era if one avoided Vietnam.  Most middle-class wealth I see today resides in those born 1940 to 1960 range.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:39 | 4937753 TheMeatTrapper
TheMeatTrapper's picture

My Father in law is a retired Special Forces Colonel. He fought in Vietnam in the 5th SFG. He's a hard core red team is good blue team is bad, Fox News watching Ditto head. He draws a very nice pension and lives a very comfortable life. 

He has never held a private sector job - ever. 

He cannot admit that Iraq is a mess of our making ("we gave them their chance and they dropped the ball"); the hippies were responsible for losing in Vietnam, and we can just drone Al Qaeda forever because we are all powerful. 

He simply refuses to face reality - or face the fact that his grandson will inherit a shitty country and will never draw the pension he does.

Wed, 07/09/2014 - 02:21 | 4938561 drstrangelove73
drstrangelove73's picture

You are a clueless tool and you and your fellow morons who elected this communist putz (twice!) are the proximate cause of the cluster fuck our country is right now.Your old man is 10 times the man you will ever be and no amount of whining about 'baby boomers'will ever change that.
When will you,and your little participation trophy generation x slacker boys man up and pull your weight,grow a pair or whatever it will take for you to quit blaming your own hapless mistakes on someone else and help get rid of these communist homo boys who are running the greatest country ever into the ground?
What will it take?Does Obama,or maybe Nancy Pelosi have to come to your house and rub dogs shit into your face to make you angry enough to recognize your enemies and respect your father,as he deserves to be respected?

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:40 | 4937526 junction
junction's picture

Notice 2: If you are caught walking on the roadway, a loaner California Highway Patrol cop will pound you into submission, especially if you are old.  You have been warned.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:14 | 4937660 Postal
Postal's picture

...and he will shoot your dog.

Wed, 07/09/2014 - 09:38 | 4939158 fallout11
fallout11's picture front of your kids.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:18 | 4937675 crazzziecanuck
crazzziecanuck's picture

The sign looks like a really bad photoshop job.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 21:00 | 4937827 bonin006
bonin006's picture

That's right - or it's a magic sign that has no shadow.

Wed, 07/09/2014 - 00:57 | 4938506 SofaPapa
SofaPapa's picture

I saw a similar sign in the park near our house on the 4th.  This is the message they are sending.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 21:31 | 4937955 williambanzai7
williambanzai7's picture

Wed, 07/09/2014 - 16:59 | 4940938 Catflappo
Catflappo's picture

No mention of drugs?


So presumably, meth, heroin etc all OK.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:12 | 4937433 TeamDepends
TeamDepends's picture

8)  Non-whites can ignore these rules

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:42 | 4937538 GS-DickinDaMuppets
GS-DickinDaMuppets's picture

Non-whites and illeagal aliens can ignore these rules

There, I fixed it for you.....WTF

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:06 | 4937631 rsnoble
rsnoble's picture

Most of the time that annoys me as well but in this case at least the non-whites have balls.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 23:21 | 4938350 studfinder
studfinder's picture

I double dog dare someone to go put that sign in a park in inner city Chicago hood.  Triple dog dare you if you try to enforce it.  

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:12 | 4937434 Dublinmick
Dublinmick's picture

Could add if you bother the queen's deer, you will get the rack.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:14 | 4937440 Raymond K Hessel
Raymond K Hessel's picture


Wed, 07/09/2014 - 10:08 | 4939282 Stalkedbyhackers01
Stalkedbyhackers01's picture

I don't understand why you people are trying to destroy my life. I made some dumb comments while I was drunk or stoned, but what did I actually do to any of you people? Yes it's me the guy that hackers have been stalking since August of last year and the guy who watches a lot of porn and watches a lot of anime. I was also messing around because of the situation and playing to an audience as far as my rants.  From some of your comments I am assuming you know of the situation. Trying to utterly destroy someone's life though over what? Haven't you people done enough to my life at this point? I am about to be homeless due to all of this. I did what everyone else does simply comment on blogs and I had a little fun but to go so far regarding my situation? I also never posted a single thing on Zerohedge or anywhere else I typed into a search engine or notebook on my own PC. I just don't get it to declare all out war on someone over stuff so minor? Did you people really go as far as to report me to some agency and for what? Every blog people say the same nonsense. The only reason I did the FBI thing is because I lost my job and I assumed since I wasa good worker the same people who have been making my life hell for months were behind it since even when I bought a new computer I was still tracked down. I also was willing to drop it, you do realize how desperate I felt? I also don't understand why the people on this site want to crucify me, why can't you people just leave me alone in peace why after so long. I don't do a thing to anyone and bother no one. Who was my audience when I was typing in yahoo search or google? The hackers with the keylogging stuff on my comps? I was messing around given the horrible situation I was and still am being humilated. If anyone else was in my situation how would you feel? Was there really a camera or was that just a troll? I know you won't respond or play it off so at lest leave an indirect message. Of all the people you  or whoever can pick I'm already a broken beaten person why kick me down further? I've seen enough hell and human suffering to last several life times and the only thing I want is peace I'm more exhausted than you can imagine. Yes I'm that guy the one you all love to mess with, though you didn't start this for some reason you were simply made aware of me. Disabledvet calls me postal boy and I guess I have the name of oxy moron now as well. I'm just wondering why? Why do you want to see my life in ruins so badly?

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:14 | 4937443 BeetleBailey
BeetleBailey's picture

Where the fuck was this?

Nazi Memorial Ditch Park.....Dachau?

Zero on the fucking fun meter at this laugh-it-up place.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:22 | 4937479 chumbawamba
chumbawamba's picture

This was in 'Murrica.  The best country in the world!  LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT.


Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:42 | 4937530 Oldwood
Oldwood's picture

Collectivization necessarily requires everyone to surrender their rights to the majority rule and that means anything outside of the very most basic core demands is gone. Just wait until cash is eliminated and when you try to buy a candy bar from the vending robot, it informs you that national healthcare standards deem that as you have already had two this month, your quota is fulfilled and no more will be available till next month. We are just seeing the tip of the berg here. They have been constructing this monster for years. Bureaucrats are lined up just waiting for the chance to impose their will upon us. Its always about power.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:54 | 4937581 centerline
centerline's picture

The irony here is that if you impose this en masse those who are most likely to go ape shit will do so.

Electronic money is on it's way for sure.  But for the sake of taxation.  Not for health care... which really should be redefined.  Death care is more appropriate.  Is inevitable though.  Just take a look at historical population growth on a timeframe going back at least a few hundred years.  The chart looks the same as bacterial growth.  Any idiot can draw the necessary conclusions.  Is just math.  Nothing else.  Inevitable contraints (resource, social, etc.).  The crap going on around us is a geopolitical struggle by sociopaths wanting to remain in power through this shit storm, keeping the masses from eating them alive while the 1% rape and pillage.  A regular clusterfuck, free-for-all waiting to be awknowledged by the masses for what it really is... just like the illegal immigrants who have already figured it out and are jumping our borders.

Wed, 07/09/2014 - 09:40 | 4939169 fallout11
fallout11's picture

Stunningly prescient!

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:18 | 4937681 Postal
Postal's picture

The sad irony of it is, considering some of the fat slobs I see--even those of my own family--I'm more inclined to be sympathetic toward it. Not seriously, mind you. Nor do I advocate more gov't control. But, geez, can't these fat cows learn some self-control?

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:48 | 4937782 centerline
centerline's picture

Just let it go, make healthcare impossible, and the problem solves itself.

I keep coming back to the saying that your health is your wealth... or the first wealth is health, and find this more apropo for the future each passing day.


Tue, 07/08/2014 - 21:59 | 4938084 Postal
Postal's picture

Hey, I'm all for letting the fat fucks choke on their own greese. The problem is they vote for people who steal everything I have to pay for their sickcare.

As far as "your health is your wealth," I couldn't agree more. I've done far better than most at mainintaining my physical being. Not perfect, mind you, just above average in medical needs.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:10 | 4937648 viahj
viahj's picture

"This was in 'Murrica.  The best country in the world!  LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT.


it's quite ironical as to how all of the enlightened people of this nation have condemned the nation to the grips of oligarchism and yet still find the effort to berate those around them for not upholding the ideals that the enlightened deem would classify the individual as enlightened. 

fight for your people against the common enemy.  stop with the divide and conquer bullshit.  take our nation back or STFU because where are you going to go?  away from "MURRICA?


Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:43 | 4937757 Dewey Cheatum Howe
Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

If you believe in voluntary association then you'll understand that you can't help people who won't help themselves and are not asking you to help them in the first place. If they want the boot in their face then so be it. All you can do is call it out for what it is while you are still here and hope the message eventually gets through. If it does then you can help and fight the boot that is being stomped on these poor sons of bitches faces. Nothing changes until the people want the change for the better. They ain't my people, I don't own them for starters. I don't worship the idioltry of the flag or citizenship card. Free people are free people regardless of any of that. Those are my type of people not these assclowns. It is not my nation nor represents anything I believe in at this point, I just happen to be here. If it did we wouldn't be this far down this path for starters.

The world is a big place, freedom and liberty will persist somewhere in it just not in America because it has become too big and dysfunctional. It needs to kickstart again from the bottom up through small communities and build larger not salvaging a turd from top down.

Walk away and they will eat themselves alive as it implodes. None of these people including the owners can feed themselves without idoiltry. You starve them of your consent and their idoiltry loses its power and they all starve to death.




Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:58 | 4937822 centerline
centerline's picture

I hate to say it, but... same as it ever was.  Each cycle hopefully learning something.  This time around the internet, globalization is the something new.  We really have a chance this time to step forward.  This same "chance" is also the "risk" of being pounded back into a new dark ages... or worse.  We are truly at the edge of the proverbial cliff here.

So, where do we really go from here that solves the real problems?  The problem is that there are no good answers which do not result in some sort of moral hazard.  Likewise, nothing global can realistically be accomplished.  As a result, what do we have?  Moral hazard.  And impending disaster.  What a surprise.


Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:45 | 4937776 Cruel Aid
Cruel Aid's picture

Easier said than done when half of the country wants it to turn to shit. Solid voting for the change.

We'll have more data points on the divide and conquer vs submit and comply soon.

There is no working together anymore. The clones won't have it.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:50 | 4937791 chumbawamba
chumbawamba's picture

Don't preach to me, boy!

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 21:51 | 4938040 centerline
centerline's picture

No need to.  But I am known for poking bears just to see what happens!  ha ha.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:15 | 4937445 Chief Wonder Bread
Chief Wonder Bread's picture

Wait! I recognize that sign.

It's in 'Independence Park'.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:15 | 4937447 stant
stant's picture

I thank god I live where I do. Please don't come here and fuk it up.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:23 | 4937705 Postal
Postal's picture

*konfused* But... That's what we do.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 21:52 | 4938047 centerline
centerline's picture

where again do you live?

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:17 | 4937448 The man with po...
The man with pointy horns's picture

8. No liquids are allowed, any liquids brought onto the park will be confiscated.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:20 | 4937691 NoPension
NoPension's picture

#8 why don't you, your kids and dog just stay the fuck home.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 21:52 | 4938044 TheFourthStooge-ing
TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

"This is not your park. Go away."

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:16 | 4937449 stinkhammer
stinkhammer's picture

freedom isn't free

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:44 | 4937546 CCanuck
CCanuck's picture

You are right hammer, but phones, ebt, section 8 housing are.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:16 | 4937453 trader1
trader1's picture

no specific restriction on weed smoking.  


Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:18 | 4937456 NOTaREALmerican
NOTaREALmerican's picture

Country First !

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:20 | 4937464 mrpxsytin
mrpxsytin's picture

I was thinking just yesterday that perhaps a lot of us (ZHers, contrarians, etc.) dramatically overestimate the cognitive faculties of the rest of the herd. All of these rules are violations of freedom, but how many here would actually use the freedom to get horribly drunk in a family friendly venue? 

We know who these rules are directed against; those people with such poor impulse control and/or conscientiousness, that they will stop at no end to cause discomfort to their fellow revellers. 

Yes, most of us here would have the level of self-control required to enforce these rules on ourselves, but I think we have to accept that there is a large part of the herd that simply cannot control themselves. 

What is the solution to this? I'm leaning towards the enclave solution, whereby you simply extricate yourself from the ignorance of the masses. I don't like this solution though because I know that humanity is all linked. You can only escape the ignorance for a time until it drags you out of your home and lops your head off with a guillotine. 

What is the solution? How can we have 300pound, corn syrup eating, Wal-Marters and freedom at the same time? 

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:26 | 4937489 The man with po...
The man with pointy horns's picture

What is the solution? How can we have 300pound, corn syrup eating, Wal-Marters and freedom at the same time?


You can't. As long as the majority of the population remain greedy, feel entitled, stay ignorant and watch MSM without a second thought then we are back to square one. Government simply reflects the mindset of the people, and if people for a prolonged period of time don't give a shit about their rights, why should government give a shit either?

People have power but if they don't use that power than the wolves in sheep's clothing will use it instead.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:32 | 4937510 knukles
knukles's picture

Nonetheless, if somebody wants to become a 300 lb corn syrup consumer, that is their inalienable right under the Laws of Nature and Nature's God.
That's their personal freedom.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:43 | 4937539 mrpxsytin
mrpxsytin's picture

And what if their decision to become 300 lb impinges on someone else's freedom? Obesity has a host of costs that drain on the overall economy. And generally, these costs are beared by healthy productive workers. But they are having to work harder (or get taxed harder) so that the 300lb person can have their personal freedom. 

You can say this is a by-product of the statist system. but without that statist system the person would probably never be able to gather enough food stamps to get the required corn syrup to become 300lb. So for some, the statist system may actually further their personal freedoms. And for others the statist system violates their personal freedoms. 

I ask again, what is the solution to abject ignorance? The kind of ignorance that demands statism. 

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:55 | 4937579 Overfed
Overfed's picture

How about if we just do away with entitlements completely?

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:50 | 4937792 knukles
knukles's picture

It is not "society's" place to tell anybody what to eat, their physical prowess goals, etc.
It is not "society's" place to insure, protect anybody against themselves
If one becomes too fat for a public transit chair, so be it.  Too fat to get health insurance, so be it.  Too fat for common sense and dies an early death, so be it.

FFS, people, anybody railing against the WalMart People, trying to mandate their personal behavior is just plain fascism.
And espoused by many of the ones and sames railing on about government staying out of our faces.

Fucking Spiritual Arrogance.

That's why there's a Declaration of Independence and Constitution that are supposed to be upheld by the government.
Not to tell me or anybody else what to eat or drink, how to dress, what accent of dialect, what to read or think.


Thanks, Overfed.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 21:00 | 4937627 chumbawamba
chumbawamba's picture

The problem boils down to a lack of shaming.  Shaming has a very pertinent purpose within a society: it is used as a way to generally define the borders of that society; what is considered "socially acceptable" and what isn't.  Without shaming, a society will be defined by those forces outside of it society boxing it inwards and shaping and molding it.

Thus, in America our television news and tabloid programs (one in the same now) have taken over the role of shaming those deemed unacceptable to the manufactured American society as planned and implemented by the corporations that own everything in this country.  We no longer shame bad habits, destructive tendencies, ill manners, or poor behavior, but rather groups or specific individuals that have become the enemy of the state.  We overlook those things that are truly problematic (inasmuch as it doesn't affect us directly) and focus only on what we are programmed to have shame for and subsequently to reject.

In law, a jury is composed of twelve people, each members of society, and each is said to represent one twelfth of society; each of their votes represents the beliefs and values of one twelfth of all the people in that society.  If enough people are annoyed by a particular member of society's behavior, shaming and shunning should be employed on that person until their behavior conforms to expected norms.  Yes, this means that certain "non-traditional" or "unorthodox" folks who are otherwise kind and decent will be outcast, but hey, a society has to have its borders or else it isn't.  And it means you can go to the park on your national holiday and not have to see signs like that (and ideally the people to whom it is directed).

So what we need to do is turn off the television and radio, re-grow our balls and tell people outright when their behavior is offensive, and multiple members of society need to join together in the shaming to both have the courage to speak out to an asshole and to reinforce the idea that it's not just one or two people but "society" generally frowns on that behavior.

I am Chumbawamba.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 21:57 | 4938072 centerline
centerline's picture

oh oh.. I do this... and get shamed for it.  Funny.  And I dont give a shit either.  I consider myself to be "ahead of my times."

Onward assholes!

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 23:23 | 4938352 falconflight
falconflight's picture

Jesus, please take yer Hillary's "it takes a village" swill elsewhere.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:44 | 4937548 Oldwood
Oldwood's picture

The government may well reflect the majority of the people (although I would contend its only the loudest of them), it is the government themselves that claimed the power to act upon it. The majority can want what they will but our constitutional republic was supposed to insulate us from the worst of it. That has failed.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:33 | 4937509 mrpxsytin
mrpxsytin's picture

Just further to that I remembered something about generators. I was in a very remote wilderness park in Western Australia (Karijini National Park) that is about a 16 hour drive from the nearest city. It is a real wonder of nature, so peaceful and basically untouched except for some access roads. 

Anyways there was a rule to turn generators off at 9pm. And I can tell you that unless that rule was inplace there would have been people running their generators all night. And if you've never heard the sound of a big generator running at night while you're trying to sleep it is the most mind numbing experience. There was one person in this place who kept their generator going exactly until the 9pm deadline. 

So yes, there are people out there who are that self-absorbed that they need these ridiculous rules in order to stop them from violating the freedoms of others. I didn't travel 16 hours to listen to a generator. But this moron would have happily kept everyone within a 2km radius awake so that he could watch TV or listen to the radio. 

What's the solution to this ignorance?

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:40 | 4937520 knukles
knukles's picture

Either rules or go to a different park
Or change your attitude
Or wear earphones
Or ask him nice to stop
And if he doesn't, kill his dog in front of his kids, his kids in front of his wife, his wife in front of him and then him in front of the other people in the park.  And remind them that you'll personally let them know when they can fire the fucking things up some time well after day break, and you just might be sleeping in late with a bodacious hangover.

Then take the smallest kid's guts, drape it about your neck, and tie a nice Double Windsor.

Nightie night!

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:46 | 4937552 Oldwood
Oldwood's picture

Extremism in the pursuit of liberty is no vice!

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:48 | 4937557 mrpxsytin
mrpxsytin's picture

Were you the guy running the generator that night? 

What if 1000 people were camping and one person wanted to run a big generator all night? And if some of those people were babies who couldn't wear earphones? 

There are no other parks like Karijini. It is a unique park which is why people travel 16 hours drive to see it. 

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:53 | 4937801 knukles
knukles's picture

I just said "rules or...."
What the fuck you missing?
Reading comprehension?

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:49 | 4937564 chumbawamba
chumbawamba's picture

Now that's my kind of justice.  Can I please be your bailiff, Judge Knukles?


Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:03 | 4937618 Armed Resistance
Armed Resistance's picture

Everybody knows with guts it's a half-windsor.  Please don't exaggerate.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:56 | 4937584 Oldwood
Oldwood's picture

There is a lot wrong with what is going on, but the issue is the whole concept of "public" lands.

People living in high density areas running off to the woods dragging their conveniences with them. Roughing it.

Relying on public lands to express your freedoms is about as nonsensical as I could imagine.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:03 | 4937619 nmewn
nmewn's picture

You drove sixteen hours to "get back to nature" and bedded down with the same types of people you left behind who also drove sixteen hours to bring the "city to nature".

If you would have wandered off away from these people with their noisy generators and pitched a tent you would be under natures rules...but you didn't want that, you wanted mans rules.

Just a little bit of nature but not too much, with an access road ;-)

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:18 | 4937678 chumbawamba
chumbawamba's picture

No, because if you did that you would be cited for camping outside of designated areas...



Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:30 | 4937727 Postal
Postal's picture

At a certain point, one deserves to be caught. If I couldn't successfully evade law enforcemet for an overnight camping trip, I deserve to be caught.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:53 | 4937798 chumbawamba
chumbawamba's picture

Caught?  Caught for what?  Resting one's ass on this part of the dirt over here rather than that part of the dirt over there that someone else pre-designated?

Your entire basis is skewed, my friend.


Tue, 07/08/2014 - 22:05 | 4938109 Postal
Postal's picture

You're the one who said I would be cited for illegal camping. I merely pointed out that I'm used to all kinds of illegal sleeping arrangements (wait, that wasn't how I meant it officer).

The basis of my argument is that if they can find me, I deserve to be cited--implying that I should be good enough to keep that from happening in the first place.

Wed, 07/09/2014 - 00:50 | 4938497 chumbawamba
chumbawamba's picture

Right, but I was being ironic.  And the point I'm trying to make is why hide like a rat?  You have a right to sleep where the fuck you want in the wilderness.  I ain't hiding from some shitty cop because I'm afraid I might be sleeping in an "undesignated area" in the middle of the forest.  Ya dig?  Again, irony.


Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:39 | 4937524 Dublinmick
Dublinmick's picture

The GMO corn syrup eaters

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:58 | 4937587 Armed Resistance
Armed Resistance's picture

The solution is personal responsibility and self control.  And it is a hell of a lot cheaper than the union wages with the overtime and the three generations of pension built into one current officer.  Most of the rules on that sign are simply "over-reactions" to some past transgression, and can be tolerated or allowed based on severity.  If some lady has a "purse-dog" that never makes a sound and doesn't bother me what's the care?  A few adults enjoying a cold beverage, OK by me unless it get's out of hand.  If it does then I will appeal to their good nature and if that doesn't work THEN I'll call the cops.

The loss of freedom should "ratchet up" and not down depending on the day's transgressions, not the other way around.  Timmy shit in the pool again- pool's closed.  I rest my case.  

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 21:10 | 4937855 thamnosma
thamnosma's picture

I think that was a Baby Ruth bar.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:08 | 4937635 chumbawamba
chumbawamba's picture

"...if a nation expects to be ignorant & free, in a state of civilisation, it expects what never was & never will be." - Thomas Jefferson, letter to Charles Yancey, January 6, 181


Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:20 | 4937465 The Most Intere...
The Most Interesting Frog in the World's picture

Used to take my girl to the park when we were in high school. Surveillance, now that would have gotten interesting....

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:20 | 4937466 JenkinsLane
JenkinsLane's picture

8) Have a great July 4th!

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:20 | 4937470 The Reich
The Reich's picture

UNited KZ of Murica

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:26 | 4937488 Seasmoke
Seasmoke's picture

Rule #3. Stupid motherfuckers. 

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:27 | 4937492 Flagit
Flagit's picture

Got there early. By the time I finished reading the rules, it was time to leave.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:28 | 4937495 the grateful un...
the grateful unemployed's picture

doesn't say anything about smoking. on oversight on their part?

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:29 | 4937499 post turtle saver
post turtle saver's picture

#6 tells me it's a photoshop for sure... people will put up with just about anything but lord help you if their oh-so-precious dogs aren't allowed to run free in the park and shit all over everything...

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:30 | 4937501 Tinky
Tinky's picture

Luckily my propane tank fit into my shoe, and I didn't fly to the park.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:31 | 4937504 nmewn
nmewn's picture

Where's the bullet hole?

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:38 | 4937522 Sathington Willougby
Sathington Willougby's picture

What's needed is a surveillance holiday party where lenses are properly saluted at 2000 fps.

Where are all the rednecks when they're needed? 

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:46 | 4937553 nmewn
nmewn's picture

Mostly laughing at people who obey or need signs in order to go through life &

Here...hold my beer & watch this! ;-)

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:35 | 4937516 Bennie Noakes
Bennie Noakes's picture

Freedom must have been great. Too bad we lost it in 1913.

So now I celebrate July 4th as "Dependence day" by hanging around sobbing, complaining and begging for spare change.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:45 | 4937550 docmac324
docmac324's picture

Well, at least they didn' say anything about weapons.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:48 | 4937563 litemine
litemine's picture

Watch the movie Cider house rules........(rules Posted, no one could Read)

Post Rules because nobody reads or follows them,..... But if complaints appear, so will the Police.....

To prove a point.....why waste a good Holiday?

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:51 | 4937565 Duc888
Duc888's picture



Ask yourself this.  You're born on planet Earth.  Why the fuck should you have to pay rent to live here?


As far as a galactic community goes we must be the short blue bus riding window lickers.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:01 | 4937604 Oldwood
Oldwood's picture

Better question. Why bother to work, to earn, to save, if you cannot own? Are we supposed to all be free range? Would you build a house on a piece of land that you didn't own? Where will you live? Government housing?

The biggest change in the human condition was the ability to keep what you earn and have legal rights to the property that you worked to pay for.

Prosperity is a product of productivity and when you tell someone they can only own what they can eat, you are going to see productivity we are today.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 19:50 | 4937567 grunk
grunk's picture

Let freedom ring.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:01 | 4937609 Mi Naem
Mi Naem's picture

This would an unreasonable imposition on my freedom. 

I have a right to set up a canopied tent for 15 people.  Too bad if it blocks your view. 

I hope my dogs and those of my 14 friends don't shit where you'll be stepping, but that is our right. 

#7 really sucks - my kids have the right to play where they'll be blasting off professional fireworks. 

If my generator makes too much noise, don't worry, I'll try to drown out that noise by turning up the volume on my ghetto blaster - Justin Bieber doin' the Rap thang. 

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 22:09 | 4938127 Postal
Postal's picture

The generator is one thing. But Justin Bieber is likely to result in my 9mm introducing one of his friends into your "blaster."

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 22:48 | 4938247 WeNeedaRealGovt
WeNeedaRealGovt's picture

I'm sure these Red State posters would think what you posted is just fine, but they don't have public parks since no one pays taxes. Or can read.

Remember, these are the people who complain about gubmint waste, but rely on Feds for 120+% of their state expenditures. You know, keep your hands off my Gubmint subsidies, while I complain about Gubmint subsidies.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 23:16 | 4938335 falconflight
falconflight's picture

I'd bet both of your undescended testicles that you paid NO federal income taxes in 2013 or probably ever.  How deep is your tick head into the body politic?

Wed, 07/09/2014 - 02:48 | 4938582 gallistic
gallistic's picture

He is referring to the phenomenon of how the political discourse of recent decades has dramatically shifted from social and economic equality to the use of wedge or cultural issues such as abortion, gay marriage, and religious issues which are used to redirect anger toward "liberal elites."

This gives rise to political conservatism in the social and political landscape of states which espouse economic policies that do not benefit the majority of people in the state.

In turn, this creates the situation where the biggest "takers" and "welfare queens" are conservatives and the biggest "givers" and "generous hard workers" are liberals.

They are typical red team/blue team shenanigans. For what it's worth, here is an illustrative example of the top and bottom givers and takers.


Top Ten states that got the most back in terms of federal benefits (9 Red States, 1 Blue)

1.  New Mexico
2.  Mississippi            
3.  Alaska             
4.  Louisiana                           
5.  W. Virginia            
6.  N. Dakota              
7.  Alabama               
8.  S. Dakota              
9.  Virginia                  
10. Kentucky                


Top Ten that give more to the federal government than they get in return (10 Blue States)

  1.  New Jersey
  2.  Nevada
  3.  Connecticut
  4.  New Hampshire
  5.  Minnesota
  6.  Illinois
  7.  Delaware
  8.  California
  9.  New York
  10.  Colorado

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:04 | 4937620 alfred b.
alfred b.'s picture


    Park owned & operated by Federal Reserve.

 that DC??


Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:05 | 4937626 Incubus
Incubus's picture






Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:13 | 4937657 samsara
samsara's picture

They hate us for our illusion of freedom

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:22 | 4937701 Amish Hacker
Amish Hacker's picture

No worries. You don't have to memorize a whole lot of rules and regulations, just remember that everything not prohibited is mandatory.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:44 | 4937769 therover
therover's picture

On the beach in LBI, there on no bassinets allowed. The life guard actually made a mother WAKE UP her baby from sleeping and told her she had to take the bassinet off the beach.

Trying to figure out why the fuck bassinets aren't allowed, I come to the conclusion that some enterprising 20 year olds got a bassinet and filled it with beers one day. Seeing this, the all knowledgable town council, instead passing an ordinance that states you can only have BABIES in bassinets, decided to make ALL bassinets illegal.

When asked the reason why they are not allowed on the beach, the idiots stated that the bassinets are dangerous when the wind blows ( must be a mighty stiff wind to blow a bassinet with a baby in it over)......yet they still allow the big beach umbrellas which when they blow over and tumble down the beach, are like big spears just waiting to impale some one.

Also, you can only be 10 feet apart or less when throwing a football.

We have gone full blown bizzarro with beach and park rules these days.

All the beach and park signs should read 'Just sit there and sweat....and please come again'



Tue, 07/08/2014 - 21:08 | 4937847 WeNeedaRealGovt
WeNeedaRealGovt's picture

Bassinets, really?  Moron, the wind does tend to blow in gusts at the beach I really have to explain?  I'm thinking you haven't spent much time outside, let alone the beach.


Tue, 07/08/2014 - 21:52 | 4938042 therover
therover's picture

Hey jackass...I live at the beach in the Summer. Fuck you and your wind blown gusts. The point of the entire post is the fact that it's getting more ridiculous everyday with these fucking rules.

Why don't you go to a beach where you just sit there on your fat ass and do nothing and be happy everyone around is doing nothing too.

Fucking dickweed.  I bet you complain that the kids are having too much fun and making too much noise and it is getting in the way of your 'quiet time'.



Tue, 07/08/2014 - 23:08 | 4938308 WeNeedaRealGovt
WeNeedaRealGovt's picture

Let's guess, Fire Island, near Long Beach Island? or Cal - you spend much time in Frisco?  

Wed, 07/09/2014 - 07:44 | 4938778 therover
therover's picture

Keep guessing. There may be a possibilty the 2 brain cells you have can figure it out.  You may have to stand up first, since sitting down on those 2 cells will cause them to shut down.



Wed, 07/09/2014 - 07:45 | 4938784 Mi Naem
Mi Naem's picture

"spend much time in Frisco?" 

Folks from that area love it when you call it that - they know they've got a rube to whom they could sell anything.  "See that beautiful bridge over there?..." 

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 23:13 | 4938324 falconflight
falconflight's picture

Don't you steal enough freeshyt from the TaxPayers?  I hate bloodsuckers like you.  Jefferson and Franklin hated bloodsuckers like you and Yours.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 22:12 | 4938135 falconflight
falconflight's picture

No frisbees allowed either.  Plan and take action when called accordingly.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 21:05 | 4937831 WeNeedaRealGovt
WeNeedaRealGovt's picture

What a bunch of phonies...if there were no rules you would be blaming Obama for allowing the turds (could be anybody, but guessing people like Open Carriers, ZHers and the people here complaining about lack of freedom) access without limits for a Pure Christian Park Experience.

Zhers, lost the election in 2008/2012/2014? and now the world sucks, so instead of trying to make it better, we vote for people who actually say they'll make Obama fail.  And they're failing at that!

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 22:16 | 4938149 falconflight
falconflight's picture

Hey now dear ChattleCratic TaxEating swill bucket, a/k/a member of the human tick colony, I think you took a wrong cyber turn.  You are very much at home at Yahoo, USA Today, or HuffPuff.  7 weeks me bloodsucker.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 22:37 | 4938214 Kprime
Kprime's picture

don't hold back, tell us how sweet that obama dick tastes

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 22:50 | 4938250 WeNeedaRealGovt
WeNeedaRealGovt's picture

Freudian slip there, gay boy?

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 23:11 | 4938319 falconflight
falconflight's picture

Oh don't be a hater, men sucking boys little penises is next godliness for the Socialist Swine of Amerika.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 21:11 | 4937863 WeNeedaRealGovt
WeNeedaRealGovt's picture

This site is for moron's who make a serious comment about a park sign.  

I'm guessing all GOP Tea Shitters here in Red districts, you voted for Palin, right? I knew it.

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 21:57 | 4938076 Buster Cherry
Buster Cherry's picture

If I, I'd have given her my vote for governor.

And, I think she'

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 22:10 | 4938128 falconflight
falconflight's picture

When the time comes, and it will; I can't wait to watch you beg as you suck on my cold blue barrel.  

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