Momo Massacre 2.0 - The Post-Jobs-Report Crash

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What did investors in the growth-leveraged momo-darling stocks, that have raced back to record highs and "proved" that all is well in the world again, see in the Non-farm payrolls report that scared them short? From the peak last week, momo growth names have been monkey-hammered and even M&A-driven Biotech exuberance has given up over 7%...


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No Fear  PPT is on the way. Won't close green but certainly won't be double digit unless someone wants an assignment in the Baghdad stock exchange.

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Another ZH article marks the intra-day low.

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Can't happen now cause you just jinxed it.

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ZH articles are designed to make you lose fiat :)

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Nope.   All you did was just double down on the jinx so now the market is really fucked.

And it's all your fault.

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I wonder how that long-the-most-shorted fund is doing to today?

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More massaging of the 'markets' in order to lure in moar shorts. BTFD.

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We've been in a recession for the past year and I think that's about to be confirmed statistically.

President and Congress' poll numbers are clear confirmation of this. Just outright abandoned properties are starting to appear all around here...let alone a plethora of for sale by owner.

I still think if these high beta names really start getting whacked again it's a good time to start building a position in the Russel which simply put has not confirmed the rally in the other equity markets and has been sucking wind all year.

Prices have clearly reset highway over the last five years...quite dramatically so...but now we have collapse. Once people start raising chickens and goats these prices will fall. Demand has never recovered since the 2008 collapse...and these clowns wilding in the high yield debt markets are on the verge of being annihilated.

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 "Just outright abandoned properties are starting to appear all around here...let alone a plethora of for sale by owner."

Ever think that maybe they're selling because of you?

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Once people start raising chickens and goats these prices will fall. 

Would be a blessing. God we need victory gardens back!

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Its pretty bad out they


Love dem tatters

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And somehow the S&P is barely down half a percent, outperforming all other global regions.  Gold getting beat up too now.  The kleptocrats are still winning ...

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Cause they have got to rescue the Almighty Dollar from becoming the Worthless POS it really is if the world stops using it to buy oil!

Which means, they is beating the crap out of gold and will boost yields which will obliterate what's left of the U.S. economy.

Which makes it a lot easier for the Gubmint to get us into a major war to maintain our military "exceptionalism" !

Unless of course there is a coup by U.S. Military to stop the insanity first.


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what was the catalyst to drive gold down about 10 bucks/oz. this AM? the jobs report, or interest rate hike talk? or just the usual: just cause, since who needs a reason to beat gold down?

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In a word, liquidity. Good time to buy everything if you have the balls.

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My post on another thread about the. Germans not having anything bigger than a frigate to send to ny for thier gold

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The canary must not be allowed to sing. It was singing that the dollar was falling like a rock.

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Aw, HECK!  Missed my Russell opening short entry by a few cents, then like an idiot hesitated while it dropped like an anvil.  Like a youngster on a blazing summer day who, upon hearing the ice cream truck's inviting music (Oh, ye cruel doppler effect), looks out the window to see it dissappear over the horizon . . .

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Please don't share your bad karma here

Keltner Channel Surf's picture

May your next Dilly Bar have a stale center       :)

Keltner Channel Surf's picture

Reversed the Karma -- ate a piece of Russell-flavored shortcake with a big scoop of vanilla for lunch

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Let me try some market mumbo jumbo.

Spinning out the gimps on the gravy mixers which should recoil the hot pepper trades for big dick shops with lever action who have a pipe line to the pimp on 16 Penn

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Relevant repost:

Dip! Dip! Potato Chip!


*Ref: *

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Nope, do not believe we hit the "intra-day bottom". We just may have a real time correction. And just about ready to give up on the idiots at MarketWatch. So gold drops 10 bucks, not even one percent and the headline is "gold, silver spike lower". The indices slip 1% plus and they advertise they "slip". What a crock of shit they have become.

And so sick of "10 things" blah blah. They are racing to the bottom with that most intelligent channel CNBC>

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hic', cud u give me 10 rfeasons why ur soo sicc?

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I dare you to BTFD today haha cause the pattern is making it to easy for monkeys to make money!!

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No widespread panic, looting or rioting, yet.

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what do you mean? it scared the shit out of me so I looted my bar, hic', have one on me.

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One of these days, Alice!  One of these days!  Pow!  Zoom!  -  any day now to DJIA 8,000

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Looks like somebody finally loaded the algo bot that noticed the 80% of the last 3 months 'jobs' were birth\death spreadsheet plugs.

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It's fucking Tuesday! Who is responsible for this, Yellen get your fat ass in the trading floor and do something!

This is ridiculous, whats next? -Cut the funds for ISIS. shit!

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Green close today - book it.

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Time to shear a bunch of dip buying leveraged sheeple, bah.