America - Before & After (In 1 Cartoon)

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Safer, more secure, more stable? Change it did.



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This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

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Exactly.  Either you have a spine, or you enjoy/tolerate the kool-aid.

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Way to skinny to be BeBe, besides pretty sure he would never 'soil' his chosen hands in such a heathen manner.  He's gots people to handle that sort of thing.  Just my 2c 

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If it were PePe, he'd be carrying bomb grade uranium out of the country.

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Fundamentally changing America['s borders]

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Stay away from nail guns Ramirez!

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Even those of us that have a Spine and are FED the F%(# up, are caught in a holding pattern 'until' this shit #Collapses and the sheeple stampede begins.  Until then sit back, relax, train, learn, and wait for the Grande Finale to begin.......


De Opressor Liber 

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even as an obama hater imo it takes some cojones to claim the scary hadji with the nuclear device chasing the 'murcans occurred after obama.

whatever.  turns out the weather is too hot for the economy.

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"until then sit back, relax, train, learn, and wait for the Grande Finale to begin..."

Been at it for years now.

Cross training?

Nous Defions

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BTW, in case you've never been San Diego way, the sign on the left is a real sign you will see on I5 down there on the way to Mexico.  I'm guess as outlandish as those signs seemed 20 years ago, the one on the right probably won't be too far off from reality any day here now.

After all, it is a road sign, telling us what to watch out for dead ahead.

I am Chumbawamba.

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In Idaho, both signs would be riddled with bullet holes.

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nyet tovarich, just bad groups. - Ned

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Racist against yellow signs?  If they don't want yellow signs shot up then don't put them up in the first place.  Sheesh.  Haven't you ever been to Arkansas?  They shoot up every sign there is, no matter the color.  It's a total massacre and nobody says anything for the poor victims.

Haha.  You mean illegal immigrants?  Well, they are unlawful invaders no matter the race.  Invaders should be repelled and expelled.

No?  You mean Ahmed?  He is also an illegal immigrant bent on attacking the people of this country.  A violent and dangerous unlawful invader.  Such should be driven off or killed.

Try to find a sign representing someone who is here legally and see if it gets shot up, except in Arkansas of course.

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Hell in Nevada they have signs saying "no shooting from freeway". Of course they are full of bullet holes too.

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So, you are saying the Land of the Free is not dead yet.

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Get your wacist whambulance the fuck off ZH!

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NOT racist!  It's Achmed the Dead Terrorist before he bacame a celebrity.

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Is it racist if it's true?

(And trust me.. it *is* true. I see it every day. Idaho residents seem to have a special hatred for any government message mounted on a stick.)

Note: spelling edit (for those anal-retentive enough to give a shit about such things.)

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In retrospect, this amuses me; I've vacationed in Mexico a few times, Costa Rica, the Carribian Islands.
And in most of these places, shit- hola airports, more akin to cattle processing stations.
But THEY sure do SEEM to take their immigration and visa rules seriously. I mean, our borders are WIDE the fuck open, no passport'e required. Come on in, we're havin a party, and everybody's welcome. ( well I would bet, if there was a smidgen of a hint any of these new "refugees" would vote red team, they would slam that mutha fuckin border closed tighter than a crab's ass. And that's watertight, for those who don't know)
But anyhow, wouldn't one think it would be the other way around. Off the plane, into a taxi, and start spending money on drinks with umbrellas.
I mean, what the hell are they checking for? Who wants to " sneak in " to some of these ratholes? And they are. Don't wander too far from the beach.
I was in Saint Maarten . I love that place, by the way. Wouldn't want to live there. Driving around, trying to "experience" the island. Made a turn and ended up in a place that just didn't look to swell, by any standard. A huge dude, with dread locks, saw my and said, real cool, " hey maan, yo don't wont to be here, turn around and go that way" I thanked him a got the hell down the road.

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@NoPension: "I went to the place where every white face is an invitation to robbery"

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"What kind of bomb was it?"


TheReplacement's picture

I want a big juicy steak.  I know it's not real but mmmm.

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Retarded. Modern bombs use electronic fuses.

Sathington Willougby's picture

Retarded.  Modern terrorists use government.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Retarded. The second sign should be a whole herd of stampeding children with a cloud of lice above them, hopping from head to head.

TheReplacement's picture

Not retarded but the last sign should show the idiots and internal enemies who are instigating this invasion and humanitarian crisis.  They are the real danger, not the illegals.

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"Not retarded but the last sign should show the idiots and internal enemies who are instigating this invasion and humanitarian crisis.  They are the real danger, not the illegals."

The problem is, thousands of them are infected with disease, and this is not Ellis Island c. 1914, where immigrants with diseases were quarantined or deported. Under Obama, the border is wide open, and all women and minors are being released and told to “report” to an immigration hearing in places as far away as Hartford, CT.

NoPension's picture

Retarded; Modern governments use terrorists.

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Dude's supposed to be lighting his shoe.   Duh.

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Or his panties... So Chertoff can move those scanners and make a ton of shekels for his Chertoff Group cronies.

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You mean Israeli dual citizen Michael Chertoff?  The same Chertoff who, while he was US attorney, convicted US Congressman James Trafficant (R, OH) of corruption based on shaky evidence at best...after Trafficant called out Israel for its criminal and immoral activities toward the US?  The same Chertoff who, after he convicted Trafficant, Bush rewarded by appointing him the first Chief of Homeland Security, after Chertoff's fellow Chabad Lubavitch crew ordered their slave Bush to reward Chertoff?

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Kind of makes one think of the fox guarding the hen house, eh?

With people like that "protecting" us . . .

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Hah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
So, Islamic children are now immigrants, not terrorists?

Your Cloward-Piven Tax Dollars at Work

Thaz razist, the raghead's only got flip flops on...

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May as well have Obama holding Hadji's hand while running with the bomb.  Same thing in reality.

disabledvet's picture

"Von Manstein recommends letting the Russians attack."

And of course Hitler ignores this VERY risky but VERY clever plan.

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3:1 or 1:3, or even better ...

Sathington Willougby's picture

Here's how to fuck terrorism in the ass.

Tell them "who the fuck cares" and go about living your life.  Quit acting like a pack of pantywaists, learn to shoot for cunts sake.  You are also free to tell them about Jesus as well.  They clearly don't get that either.

americanreality's picture

Jesus?  You're kidding right?  How stupid do you have to be to believe that crap?  Why don't you and fellow moron ""team depends" go get an education in biology and evolution.  We can't have brain dead retards spouting off nonsense on these boards. It drives away the intelligent posters when you blather on about that hocus-pocus bullshit.  

Oldwood's picture

I'm so confused...Are you saying we should hide behind big rocks while waiting for the big O to show up with the cavalry? Personally if general Barack O'Custer showed up I would be more inclined to run away from him than the rag heads. He is by far more dangerous. Those he doesn't kill he will get killed.

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If Jesus was here he would love you unconditionally and invite you out for a beer.  Shame on you.

I am Chumbawamba.

Sathington Willougby's picture

His teachings live on while empires continue to fail.

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No shit.


Jesus sat down and ate and drank with the tax collectors and hookers of his day. The Sanhedrin and Pharisees hated Him for that.

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"Jesus sat down and ate and drank with the tax collectors and hookers of his day. The Sanhedrin and Pharisees hated Him for that."

What a concept. So if he were to come back today to the U.S. with it's wide open borders, he could sit down, eat and drink with tax collectors and hookers while waiting for his death from Islamic terrorists once they detonate their suicide bombs? No more long drawn-out deaths on a cross! 



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If Jesus were here he'd soon find himself on a rendition flight to Guantanamo, where baptism is generally rather un(Geneva)conventional.