Everything's Down

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Oil, yes; Stocks, yes; USD, yes; Gold, yes; Silver, yes; Copper, yes; and bond yields, yes. Seems like it's time for some USDJPY or VIX rampage...



Sure enough... JPY to the rescue...


Charts: Bloomberg

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Going down like Ke$ha.


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Gold is actually up, $3 at this moment.

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Gold is actually up, $3 at this moment.


Dammit....who did we put in charge this this?


Please tell me we're not actually giving Germany it's gold back.

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+4 now.

Taylor, check your sources.



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That place is suit and tie only since they canned Jon Nadler. Not sure what took them so long....but they finally got there.

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Probably Nadler was a mole for GS.

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hardly, just wait until it all drops like a prom dress...

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Fuck it... when in doubt, turn the charts upside down... now everything is up.  Same thought goes into the GDP recalculation.  Good thing they did that a few quarters ago and everyone forgot it, because that negative 2.9 print would have been more like negative 5.  



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She just got out of the pool.

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down is the new up..

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So flaccid is the new erection?

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"Going down like Ke$ha."

UuuuBLECHhhhhhhh !!

Thanks pods......involuntary retching in the morning is JUST what I had in mind to start my day !

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lol.  If my daughter has put that song in my head, I am obliged to pass it along.

Shall we sing Dark Horse next?

Or the "Everything is Awesome" song from the LEGO movie?


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Bond yields going down is not an example of something going down, as in a bear market; yields going down is another way of saying the prices paid for Bonds are going up; In simple English, this is where the money is going that's leaving the Stock Market.

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And a smelter and molds and a press and powder and those little round thingys that spill all over when you least expect it...

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There's something very wrong with those charts except the Gold one.

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I just tried to google the "real" change in housing prices. The graphs I found were all different, though the 2000's bubble was apparent in all of them. The main ones though back out housing portion from CPI which gives a false reading by the amount of the housing portion of inflation. Thus they all look like housing is way ahead in real terms.

Since we all know CPI is understated, the use of the correct inflation adjustor would likely show that housing is still in the normal range in "real" pricing. As for payments to own the house, I would think that inflation adjusted, payments are much lower today. Wages haven't risen in line, so the payments to income ratio is of course out of whack.

Oops, wrong thread.


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What?  No morning wood?  Look at POMO you homos, no surprise here.  Some people still understand that "gains" are only realized once you sell...

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"you homos"? Ah, back to my high school days.

You suck moose cock.

mt paul's picture

ever wonder

if a walrus cock was waterproof 

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Show me a cock that isn't waterproof!

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Time to smash the vix into single digits.

AccreditedEYE's picture

Exactly.. It's their favorite plaything. Still red too.

AccreditedEYE's picture

The safe bet is to always remember these people have zero tolerance for pain/red ink. Their media minions will continue to post insane headlines like "This Could End The Market Rally" all the while they short VIX and get long. Don't be fooled...still need currency to buy gold!

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"controlled collapse"

_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture


Who invented that word anyway? Airy idiot??

Tall Tom's picture

His name was Oxy Moron...


(Fight Club bitchez!!!)

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Rusty Cretin's cousin?

Stalkedbyhackers01's picture

Am I oxy Moron? Just wondering.

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Time to BTFD!!  Controlled turbo charge to S&P 2000!!  Then we sell!!!

css1971's picture

How can everything be down? They would never allow it.

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The last dying gasps of a zombie market. Fear not. Mr Yellen rides the bomb.


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Whatever the subconcious reason, I keep rewatching the movie "Zulu".

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Nothing's down, dammit.

-5% of anything is down

-10% is "monkey hammered"

-20% is crash

-0.anything is NOTHING and just noise.



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Algos often trace out an arc on FOMC days that goes ~50%, both up and down, toward the eventual levels they might reach depending on whether the eventual news is "bad" or "good", then end somewhere in between by 1:45.  After the crazy gymnastics from 2:01 to 2:30, they typically sprint to the previous high/low of the day, then add the rest of their targets thru 3:40 or so.  After going partway toward yesterday's Russell 2K lows, the Russell volatility measure is getting slammed, and we're magically back to the main Pivot.

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The problem with saying' everything is down' is: Compared to what?

LawsofPhysics's picture

I prefer to ask "priced in what?"

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The problem is that it's a foolish error; bond yields being down means money is flowing into bonds; people are buying them; which is an indicator in itself.

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Now that's better than up.  Down +$5 gold beats the fuck out of up -$5 gold.

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We took a vote.....you're now in charge.....don't let us down!

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Showin' me some love? Bro, where you been?

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Three little maids from school are we,
Pert as a school-girl well can be,
Filled to the brim with girlish glee,
Three little maids from school!

Everything is a source of fun. (Chuckle)

Nobody's safe, for we care for none! (Chuckle)

Life is a joke that's just begun! (Chuckle)

Three little maids from school!

Three little maids who, all unwary,
Come from a banker's seminary,
Freed from its genius tutelary
Three little maids from school!
Three little maids from school!