Second US Spy Busted In Germany In One Week

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It just hasn't been a good week for the CIA. A year after Edward Snowden revealed that the US was bugging Angela Merkel's cell phone, first one then, moments ago, Suddeutsche Zeitung revealed that a second "spy case" involving the US (read CIA) have been revealed. According to SZ, an unidentified man working in military-related area likely to be questioned today over suspicion of spying for a U.S. intelligence service in Germany. The home and office of the suspect were being searched in Berlin area.  SZ adds that the case is more serious than unrelated allegations against double agent at BND Federal Intelligence Service that emerged last week. In the meantime, the US ambassador to Germany went to the foreign ministry for a "talk" - perhaps it is to remind the local just how extensive Angela Merkel's DDR file is, and just what would be revealed about her proximity to the Kremlin if  push came to shove.

More from AP:

German authorities are investigating a second spy case reportedly involving the U.S., a week after the arrest of a German intelligence employee cast a new shadow over relations between the two countries. Federal prosecutors said Wednesday that police raided properties in the Berlin area on "initial suspicion of activity for an intelligence agency." They did not elaborate or specify what intelligence agency was involved, but said they had not made an arrest.


The daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported, without naming sources, that the man being investigated worked in "the military field" and is suspected of spying for the United States.


A 31-year-old German intelligence employee was arrested last week on suspicion of spying for foreign powers since 2012. German media have reported he spied for the United States and offered his services to Russia.


The case has frayed relations between Berlin and Washington, which were already strained by reports last year that the National Security Agency spied on Chancellor Angela Merkel's cellphone. The U.S. ambassador to Berlin was summoned to the Foreign Ministry on Friday after news of that case broke. He was asked to help clarify the case.


Ambassador John B. Emerson was at the ministry again on Wednesday for a meeting with a senior official, said a German official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to discuss the case publicly. It wasn't immediately clear whether Emerson was summoned and whether the discussion involved the new case.

Curiously, while Merkel had much to say about the historic Germany trouncing of Brazil in the world cup, she had no comment on either of the spy cases. One wonders just how much dirt on the German chancellor the NSA has. Here's a hint: "New Biography Causes Stir: How Close Was Merkel to the Communist System?" Then again, considering the public fury over US spying, maybe the recent two "unmolings" are an indication that just as the US prepares to punish Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank, Germany will no longer stand idly by and allow its "closest ally" to dictate its fate much longer.

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I wonder how long it is before Putin offer'S the FSB's assistance in helping weed out Ami/German double agents?

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We only spy on our allies......cause we love them.


Yes we can.....and sure as hell will.


Sending Hope and Change to the world.

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The USA leftists must really love us.

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I guess we still need German Technology.  We are like leeches on that country.

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Maybe she's rounding up a collection of CIA spies which she will only hand back to the US when it gives germany its gold

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"perhaps it is to remind the local just how extensive Angela Merkel's DDR file is, and just what would be revealed about her proximity to the Kremlin if  push came to shove."


Except the USA is such a toxic brand around the world that any time they try and discredit a national leader the target suffers with soaring approval ratings. See Vladimir Putin.


If the CIA published any embarassing secrets about Merkel and the Kremlin that would merely consolidate her power.

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when it gives germany its gold


Heh heh....when are we doing that again?

post turtle saver's picture

when they can come over and get it themselves

don't hold your breath waiting for it

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It looks like Germany is finally growing a pair. It took long enough...

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Maybe I missed something. Sure they've uncovered some things they weren't previously aware of.  But I haven't seen them do anything about it except poke out their bottom lip and look like sad puppies.

They wanna be loved by pimp-daddy.  But don't mistake that for actually planning to do something about it. 

Perhaps they took all that repressed hurt and pain out in Belo Horizonte last night.

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The life of a poodle is difficult. Especially when you're trying to maintain the fiction of being a sovereign nation.

Bitch slap a few low level sources and then strut the important strut. In private, listen respectfully and do what you're told.

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Maybe she's rounding up a collection of CIA spies which she will only hand back to the US when it gives germany its gold



Guess those guys/gals better get comfy, eh?

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Germany will gets it gold on Sunday and put that 10 pound hunk (albeit an ugly rendering of the yellow metal) on a plane from Sao Paulo to Frankfurt/Main.

The world will take notice...except for those sheeple watching American Idol.


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"Cool iPhone case"  She is holding a new Blackberry.

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rotf...  but when you rush to be first there's no room for double checking photos and such.  You will lose every time.  He took his chances and came up snake eyes. 

Hey, competition is tough here in Fight Club.

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I'm sorry, whose flag is on the moon again?

don't start in on that crap that German science got us there, either... von Braun told anyone who would listen that they got their ideas from Goddard and, in the case of the V2, committed outright plagiarism in weaponizing Goddard's inventions...

and you fake moon landing nutters can hug on deez, let's just get that out of the way now... you're wrong, get over it

I guess if US labor and tech is so dumb and bad then Germans should stop manufacturing things in the US... tried to buy a BMW SUV lately that was made in Germany? you can't, they're all made in the US... just one example of many...

list of most innovative countries... USA #1, Germany #3 (after South Korea)... shall I go on or have you had enough "I was wrong for even opening my stupid mouth" for the day?

FlyingDutchman's picture

Problem is, the flag is not just on the moon.


Miles Ahead's picture

Thank you.  (I guess he thinks they moved over here because the workmanship on Chevies and Ford Tauruses impressed the shit out of them.  I'm guessing there's some other, less lofty reason...)

post turtle saver's picture

never been to Spartanburg, have you?

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Yes, we own the Moon and don't you forget it.




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China owns 30% of it though. I hear real estate is hot now...

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"I guess if US labor and tech is so dumb and bad then Germans should stop manufacturing things in the US..."

Yeah, US labor and tech is great. So great in fact that a great American company, IBM, helped the Nazi's and their extermination during WWII. That says a lot of good 'ol US of A ingenuity. Go Merica!

schnydz's picture



Shane Black called, he wants his IM3 meme back. 

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The problem is in having an unbalanced view of 'America'.  I use quote marks because you have to define what you mean by the term. It can be anything from the physical dirt within a defined geographic area to 300 million+ individuals (only a few whom we know personally). And to many politicians, it seems that 'America' means whatever big government/crony insider fake 'capitalism' agenda that they want to push at the detriment to everyone else.

To many of us, 'America' is an idea and an ideal. It was the land where it was recognized that individual human beings have rights . . . which cannot be taken away. It was recognized that such individuals were free and had the right to pursue their happiness as they wish (as long as this does not interfere with the rights of others). It was a place where those without title or wealth, could make a life for themselves and their families. It was recognized that (as Thomas Jefferson said) "the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them"

We have not been perfect, - far from that. But, as a people, we had been evolving over our short history. For awhile we we moving closer to the ideal of 'America'. (Since human beings are imperfect, we will never reach that ideal final destination in this reality, but we can move closer toward it.)  It seems that over the last century we allowed the corrupt to steer us away from that ideal.  Its time to get back on the right path again. Its time for us to strive to be "The Land of the Free, Home of the Brave" again.

It takes an independent, free thinking people of great courage to examine themselves and do what it takes to live up to their ideas (and the ideal).

Anusocracy's picture

America is failing because it is importing the type mindset it left behind in Europe early in its development.

Had it imported just libertarians and anarchists, America would still be a minarchist country.

Nothing is going to fix it unless about 290 million socialists and fascists are kicked out.

No chance of that happening.

groundedkiwi's picture

You interfered with the rights of individual human beings from the beginning, by committing genocide on native americans.

Totentänzerlied's picture

That's incredibly racist ... because you're forgetting all the African slaves and the European indentured servants.

HardAssets's picture

No one alive today did any of that. Human beings have killed each other since the dawn  of humanity. Various people in American native tribes killed and enslaved the members of other tribes. People in Europe and in Asia have been killing on a grand scale. Look at the Romans. Look at the Mongol invasions. Look at what the English did to the Irish & the Scots. Look at what . . . well, the list of mans inhumanity to man is long and tragic. - - - So, is this an excuse for what some people did in America to the people in the native tribes ?  Of course not. But balance is needed . . . men do not wear angel wings no matter where they choose to live.

Before the time of the American revolution kings had rights. Nobels had rights. But there was no such thing as the idea of 'human rights'.  In America the idea of human rights that 'all men are created equal' was born as an idea in action.  No, men did not live up fully to their ideals.  These rights did not extend to blacks & the native peoples. (Humans did to these people what they have often done when they had something that they wanted to take - they dehumanized them.)  Human rights did not fully extend to women.  But we must compare the conditions in America to the rest of the world to make a fair evaluation.  The Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in 'On Democracy in America' about the many differences between the American character and that of other people around the world. He covered the postitive and negative.  Americans had a higher literacy rate than the people in Europe (kept ignorant & subservient). Americans had an independent 'can do' attitude. Americans did not bow to other men just because of 'title'. 

Of course, these same differences were seen as a threat to the ruling classes in Europe.


magnetosphere's picture

lay off the  crack pipe dude.  america was founded by a collection of the wealthiest aristocrats in the world for their own benefit, and not for the benefit of henry shay or the whiskey farmers.  and the elitists have maintained their grip on power up to the present day.

news flash: every culture thinks they have the best system of enlightened government, including the muslims.  and china's particular brand of asiatic despotism will in all likelihood wipe out the west because it emphasizes national greatness over parasitic banking and welfare handouts

HardAssets's picture

Of course aristocrats wanted to set up colonies in America from which they would benefit. Only problem with that strategy ?  If they got too greedy the settlers would just move somewhere else. 

You don't have to have a rose colored glasses view of America. That's rather naive and is not my point. Hell, I think the best form of government was when the Articles of Confederation were in force. (The US Constitution has its problems).  And IMO anarcho-capitalism has a helluva lot going for it as a political philosophy.

Of course, men use government to their own personal benefit - to gain wealth and power over others. Its always been that way, and maybe it always will be that way. So the question is . . . how are men to live together on this planet without killing each other?  The globalists think that they should rule over the dumbed down masses. They can use naked force, or use manipulation of their minds and the appearance of 'democracy' to have them vote in their own tyranny.

We've strayed Far from it, and we don't have it now . . . . but IMO isn't self rule by free men a better way to live for most of humanity ?  What is the alternative that people propose thats better ?

What would be great:  If Americans, (who have been dumbed down), would be taught what the American ideals are. If Americans, (who haven't been taught real history), would be taught how we have and have not lived up to those ideals.  If Americans would actually start living up to the American ideals  (including "All men created equal", "no entangling alliances & no foreign wars" and "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" today.)

BTW - Murray Rothbard wrote an excellent and balanced history of America that's worth reading.

magnetosphere's picture

dude the aristocrats who founded america were named george washington and thomas jefferson

HardAssets's picture

'dude' - George Washington could have been king, many wanted him to do so, but he refused. Jefferson lived fairly modestly given his accomplishments. His farm couldn't support itself and had to be sold by his heirs to cover its debts after the man died.

Do you know what the word 'aristocrat' means ?

Certain monied interests were pushing for a more powerful central government at the time of the writing & enactment of the US Constitution. Hamilton was at the heart of that movement - including the push for a central bank. Jefferson opposed such a bank & warned about these monied interests & how they may steal the peoples Liberty. Hamilton & Jefferson hated each other BTW.

Men are imperfect; they aren't angels. They shouldn't be put on pedestals. But Washington & Jefferson were fine men.

Is the only history Americans get either the 'rah, rah . . we're # 1 ! ' stuff or Harold Zinn (and worse)  America bashing today ?  Of course, most Americans don't read a serious book after high school or college, so their 'history lessons' come from t.v. and movies.

magnetosphere's picture

uve been duped.  the idea of returning to the garden of eden / paradise recurs in all religions: christian / jew  / confucian / democracy / muslim

HardAssets's picture

@magetosphere - and what do you propose as a counter proposition ?  What should be the form of governance ?

magnetosphere's picture

form of government is not particularly important.  they all get overthrown after a few centuries of degeneration to imbeciles like kaiser wilhelm II, tsar nicholas II, louis auguste, churchill, empress dowager cixi, bush/obama/hillary/bernanke/greenspan/robert rubin.  then the strong capable people start over and build a new society.

HardAssets's picture

@magnetosphere - so ya got nothing ?  'Build a new society" ?  What does that mean, and based on what ?  What is your definition of a 'society' ?  Might makes right ?

And if the king wants to break down your door and rape your wife or girlfriend, he can just come in and do so ?  

magnetosphere's picture

kings that lose the mandate of heaven get overthrown.

and make no mistake.  detroit/greece/england have been overthrown.  people don't care about your fundamentalist ideologies.  they want food to eat

HardAssets's picture

and how is the best way to produce the food that people eat ?

You mentioned China. You do know they couldn't feed themselves before the west invested over there (and offshored American industry), don't you ?  Do you know about Stalin and how many starved when the farms were collectivized in the USSR ?  The system and philosophies of governance make a Big Difference as to what happens in the real world.  Little catch phrases that have no concrete meaning have absolutely no value. Do you think we should just have a 'king with the mandate of heaven' ? 

Oh yeah, that's much more concrete than Jefferson and Paine.


HardAssets's picture

@magnetosphere:  "and china's particular brand of asiatic despotism will in all likelihood wipe out the west because it emphasizes national greatness over parasitic banking and welfare handouts"


Youre the one on crack if you believe that.  The Chinese communists killed millions of their own people and they could barely feed themselves until western investment and offshoring stepped in. They were quite willing to destroy 'national greatness' if it meant the communists staying in power.  Under communism there is no 'welfare' because everyone is paid by the state. I have no love for the parasitic banksters, but China just has its own set of parasites.

Newsflash:  Psychopaths seem to come to power just about anywhere & everywhere in the world.  That's why the American founders warned of the dangers of too strong & centralized power. Of course that lesson was ignored for the last 150 years.

Too many people take off the rose colored glasses when viewing America (which is good), but then put them back on when looking at other places around the world.

FlyingDutchman's picture

To many outside the us for a very long time, it was also a shining example.

And worst of all, criticism is painted as envy and hatred instead of concern. 

HardAssets's picture

@FlyingDutchman - good point.

Nothing can be remedied unless you look at the truth. IMO America got off the right path a very long time ago. A good case can be made that this happened almost at the beginning, during the time of the constitutional convention. Patrick Henry refused to attend that convention because he feared that it threatened states and individual rights. That said, the fact that we often haven't lived up to our ideals doesn't mean that those ideals have no merit and shouldn't be pursued.

Plato's Law's picture

400+ foreign military bases and counting.  Protecting borders around world...but here at home, the only place the flag is required to fly, how is our own southern border?

With all the talk about 50k foreign child invaders from the south since last fall, not one peep about the fact that apparently any foreign terrorist could just waltz over.  And then they stick their fingers up the wholes of law abiding US citizens who merely want to board an airplane?

Gotta love them chest pounding Merikenz!  



HardAssets's picture

Washington & Jefferson warned about getting involved in wars and foreign conflicts around the world.

Of course, they purposely took the teaching of real history out of American schools beginning a little over a century ago.

post turtle saver's picture

lol @ downvotes... yeah you haters, bring the hate lol...

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

this gives germany's people a bad name, after hitler you could not trust a german until the berlin wall fell, they spy at the drop of a hat..stasi double agents were legendary in the spy world...and we are shocked.

Sudden Debt's picture

True, every good realtionship is build on distrust and suspicion.

crazzziecanuck's picture

Maybe I'm just being conspiratorial, but could all of this just be for show?  in the way you open up the valve on top of a pressure cooker just enough so that the whole thing doesn't explode?  To create an illusion for the 5% of the influential population that could force change?