WTF Chart Of The Day: "Wealth Effect" Edition

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Forget irrational exuberance; ignore exorbitant privilege; dismiss the idea that The Fed's actions are for Main Street not Wall Street... the following image says everything you need to know about "the recovery"...



A chicken in every pot and a Rolls Royce in every garage... it's "fair"

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Skateboarder's picture

Damn, the weather must be f**king great in all those places.

slotmouth's picture

Do they make a Rolls Royce with a convertible top?

NoDebt's picture

"Too much free money chasing too few crappy, overpriced 'luxury' goods."

cougar_w's picture

Hot money fleeing from China.

They already bought all the available real estate on the US west coast, nothing but consumer goods left now.

Gonna be fun to watch the claw-backs once the wheels fall off the Chinese economy.

max2205's picture

Turn off that CNBC shit!

Jumbotron's picture

Remember.....Rolls Royce puts engines in these "peace" loving machines.....

Winston Churchill's picture

The car company has had nothing to do with aero engine company for 50 years.

They just share the marque.

motorollin's picture

How else is a FSA'er supposed to pick up their welfare check? Huh?

Stoploss's picture

Or, how to avoid neg interest.  Stupid Mario. Now they are driving the bank account around. So much for neg rates LOL!!!

cougar_w's picture

He wanted them to spend the money. That was the entire point of NIRP. Didn't matter what they spent it on, it's out of the bag.

Expect a lot more NIRP, coming to a command economy near you.

i_call_you_my_base's picture

The unemployed of Europe should have a "Roll a Rolls Royce" day.

J Pancreas's picture

Although I agree with you, those things weigh as much as a Suburban. The unemployed would need good coordination (or a couple black guys wearing hoodies) to flip dat thang.

i_call_you_my_base's picture

Right, probably easier to just light it on fire.

SanfordandSon's picture

Me and my boy have the junk to take care of that.

ajax's picture



"The unemployed of Europe should have a "Roll a Rolls Royce" day."

Damn right, whoever is buying those Rollers in Europe cannot be carrying EU passports...

Oldwood's picture

Is it safe to park a Rolls in France overnight, for fear of a family of homeless moving in while you sleep?

Big Corked Boots's picture

I'd settle for a truck that wasn't rusted thru.

NoDebt's picture

I am interested in buying your rusted-through truck for $2,000.  I will have my agent contact you to make delivery arrangements with the trucking company, as I live in Saskatchewan and can not pick it up myself.  I will be paying you with a bank-guaranteed money order, which is a very safe way for you to receive payment.  Thank you and I look forward to receiving your rusted-through truck.

Dr. Engali's picture

I too am interested in your rusted out truck and as the founder of CYNK I would like to pay you with 1 share of company stock I've owned since I founded the company. We are a fast growing social networking company and since inception my company stock has grown 23,000% so your potential for the upside is unlimited. Based on today's prices you could potentially earn $326,600 for your rusted out truck. As you can see this is a far superior offer than NoDebt's. I look forward to doing bidness with you.

FreeNewEnergy's picture

What? They produce about 40 cars a year? So, a 33% increase in the first half would be 12-14 more?

Not a big deal or even a WTF.

Edit: The company said it sold 1,968 cars in the first half the year compared to 1,475 in the same period last year.

OK, so I was a little off. Kill me.

Phineas J Whoopee's picture

Rolls Royce, making Range Rovers look well built since 1906

Winston Churchill's picture

Not possible.

I was visiting the Range  Rover production line the day the first US version rolled off it.

The line manager insisted I got into the very first unit ,with its QC sticker on.

Nothing worked that I tried out,seats, a/c, etc..,.

Never seen anyone so humiliated as that.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

And people say the Central Banks are doing a bad job.     

We know who those people are:   the people who hate success!

pods's picture

The European ones were bought with that $5 billion that Nudleman brought over. 

Cookie Delivery Vehicles.


Jlasoon's picture

You know what's wrong with this planet? We can't fuckin' leave. 

NoDebt's picture

Well, you can, and one day you will, but.....

Jlasoon's picture

With my luck super Ben "shalom" will have mortgaged off what's left of the afterlife.  

NOTaREALmerican's picture

There still might be time to get in on the ground-floor, but you've got to act soon or be priced out forever!  

Row Well Number 41's picture

Look somebody still watches CNBS.


J Pancreas's picture

I think half of CNBS's web clicks are generated via ZH referencing something comical on their comedy shows.

Dr. Engali's picture

This shit is getting so out of balance that there won't be a place on the globe these assholes can hide when this comes crashing down.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Naaa,  come on....    The inferior class NEVER (well, hardly ever) attacks the winning (I mean, superior) class.   They usually attack other inferior class members that have different features (eg nose, eyebrows, etc...).  

WTFx10's picture

Interesting that the terrorists never terrorize the true cause of the criminal corruption.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Most terrorists are obsessed with their imaginary-friend or the shape of "those people's" noses.

Dr. Engali's picture

They will when they can't eat.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Naaa,   come on...    They'll eat each other before they figure out who actually won.    Dumbasses are dumbasses, that's why they lost.  

U4 eee aaa's picture

That's because it is never wise to bite the hand that feeds

numapepi's picture

Looks like the money printing is helping the elite. Even if the rest of us are not.

fonzannoon's picture

Looking at those numbers someone please explain to me why the fed needs to engineer a crash.

supersajin's picture

The .01% THRIVE
The 99.98% Strive to survive..

NOTaREALmerican's picture

The top 10% aren't doing so bad.

litemine's picture

But to be rich in a poor land will not make all Happy, will it? What comfort will you find when everyone is starving, and your fat ass is a target everytime you leave your home?

ArmyofOne's picture

Who cares about R.R. What's the going rate for hookers and blow?



orangegeek's picture

all financed to the hilt - and no one gets paid when this thing tanks

The Navigator's picture

Worldwide up 33%

Asia Pacific up 40%

Middle East up 30%

Europe up 60%

US ??

Guess US is irrelevant 

Tulpa's picture

With the other numbers (especially Europe) so far above the worldwide average, the US increase must be pretty low.  Either that or RR is losing customers in droves in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.