Initial Jobless Claims Beats; Continuing Claims Rise For 3rd Week

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Europe is collapsing, contagion is spreading, US firms are admitting "it's not the weather"... but initial jobless claims news is great so BFTD? After 5 weeks of misses, initial claims beat and fell to 304k - just shy of the record low for the cycle. Continuing claims rose though, missing expectations for the 2nd week in a row - this is the first 3-weeks-in-a-row rise since Feb.

Initial claims...


Continuing Claims rise for 3rd week in a row...


Chart: Bloomberg

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Of course we continue to "beat expectations"... ... all the way down...

same as it ever was.

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The beatings will continue until morale improves!

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When nobody's working; there's nobody left to layoff...



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Lots of new goverment jobs changing diapers at the border.

drendebe10's picture

As if anyone with any functioning cerebral cortex believes any of the bulls*t numbers put out by any of these bulls*t bureaucrats who have better health insurance, retirement and benefits than a tax paying US citizrn private sector worker.

LawsofPhysics's picture

If you were to consider subsidies and government contracts you quickly realize that the "private sector" is an illusion.  It has been for quite some time.

What you are finally seeing is the tyranny that has been in place for 40+ years.  You really think Halliburton (a "private" company) could have made it without all those fat government contracts?  You are a fool.

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This shit wont end.  Despite the fact that the numbers are unreal, the media keeps this sham going.

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there is a point, where, imho, when you look tv with for exemple job = 100, unemployed = 50, but u live in a 500 citizen town with 350 not working, folks start to  realize there 's fucking gap between their reality & what "they" ( .gov) says.

french tv chanels & news focus on nano problems why global scale is seriously falling.


unemployement  is now about 2 years continously raising, ( they manipulate numbers, fire ppl from list to keep stats showable ).


 what france gov does ?

  • forbit free shipping for amazon because of illegal commercial behavior... as there is no  threshold limit for the fee, amazon solved the pb same day : 1cent delivery shipping..

just another couple of lines on the law's book, for what... 99.99% of people don't know.


  • from 2900 dead on the road  by car crash to 3k+ on 1 years,  total country limit speed down by 10km/h

soon in france you will have to get down of the car unce you started the engine & set neutral, go rear the car & push it to go forward...


  • our defense minister, his son,  do not pay tax ( unemployed, last year,bought 10 million dollar appartment in paris... 3 days ago he didnt stop a police control.... been jailed ? fuck no... "fabius's son " police just received call " wtf u doin man wanna loose you job ? "


keep goin .gov, keep goin... abuse as long that sheeple can eat. 

there is nothing more dangerous than an hungry human being. and now, 25% of the country feel the pain in the stomac...



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Oh, come on...!!?  This is an increasingly meaningless propaganda statistic.

When you have an economy in which "not in labour force" soars, involuntary part-time jobs grow inexorably and full-time jobs (the loss of which unemployment claims can be made for) dry up, what do you expect?

Those of us working part-time, hiding in school, in the basement, self-employed, etc., etc. DON'T MAKE "INITIAL CLAIMS"!!!! 

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When they cut your hours from 40 per week to 29.5 that's not considered a lay-off.

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I came to ZH, like many, as it was then a sea of truth in what appeared to be a collapsing economic and social landscape.
I rarely, if ever, post. Choosing instead to read, learn, and enjoy the verbal sparring of others. And the paid shills. Love them.
It has gotten to the point where it's all just meaningless. Having learned much from those who posted here in the past, and the posts from the Tylers, I tried to explain to family and friends alike just how manipulated and dangerous things were and are. How nothing is fixed, just papered over and the risks shifted.
But it has become clear to me that this will all continue (until it doesn't) and the only reality most people see is the here and now.
I have arrived at a point many of you have reached before me.
I am now numb to the lies, manipulated statistics and piles of matchbooks surrounded by open gasoline cans we call an economy/society.
I will continue to come to ZH daily, not posting since there are others much more knowledgable than me.
But..... I give up. I will run my small business. I will maintain my limited 'preps', I will try to avoid getting sucked in to the 'everything is awesome' world view so common among a middle class being decimated and raped and pillaged with a smile on their faces.
But there is no reality other than what 'they' want it to be, until they can no longer sustain it.
Wake me when things really start to fall apart.

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I hear ya.  I used to trade based on the realities that things were not as rosey as the govt and MSM painted, but you know what, I lost way to much money waiting for the bear markets.  Instead I pretty much follow the trend.  It seems the dumb and stupid peeps are much smarter traders than me.

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You may not have long to nap...



10mm's picture

You will awaken all by yourself. Yet, your already awaken.

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Yeah. We "lost" 500k full-time jobs last month, and yet initial claims continue to be near record lows.

Which number do you think is the harder number?

Hal n back's picture

we may have lost 533k full time jobs but we gained 799k part time jobs. Even though the net hours worked for the folks decrease by the equivalent of some 40,000 jobs, in the Presidents perspective its a gain--good old fairness. Or disinformation. Thats ok--the media played it that way too. And thats what most people want to believe anyway,





d edwards's picture

By "most people" I take it you mean the dumb masses. :-D

ajkreider's picture

I hear you about the offset, but that won't affect initial claims. Those 500k should have filed for unemployment.

One of these numbers must be wrong, and I don't see how the Feds could screw up the claims number.

Hal n back's picture

if you are a little older, as in your 60's or 70's, you can remember real growth. Jobs added, more real unit sales. Real product produced.


Now we have "social Media" and music streaming from a zillion companies on line. Or "Apps" or computer games. Or Zillow to confirm the price of your house. We have Netflix, but Amazon is also in that business as are others in slightly different ways.


Where is this country adding value for the necessities of life versus the needs of life? Even the great Walmart--all it reallly is is a distributor. Same for Amazon and AMZN does not have much in the way of margins after 18 years of being a listed company. Great potential to make money someday LOL.


Meanwhile we beat up on people who might make too much money discovering a cure for a number of diseases, and let the banks bonus themselves for derivatives , with money printed and owed by the taxpayer, and Martha Stewart goes to jail, proving its not what you know, its who you know.

The corp execs get to set up stock buyback plans to juice earnings and stock price so they can profit on their options and stock owned which they are selling into the financially engineered stock price, and any one of us can get stopped for doing 39 in a 35 and be read the riot act.


this also goes back to the population and workers esp after THE war. The soldiers (that could) came home and worked hard to create lives for their families, took business risks etc. Actual work ethic and passion. Today we have an entitlement for everything and if you do not get it you whine.


A lot of bitching here about Israel. Go live on a Kibbutz for a while and learn how you have to contribute to get. Here we are working on higher minimum way--which btw, is already over my starting wage ($4.61) as a CPA 45 years ago, after 4 years of college. Thats partially inflation and partially welfare.


we also raise min wage, we increase tax revenues--without rate increases. This is so complicated we cannot type ideas and thoughts to cover it sufficiently.



Just asking.

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I think it is because of the weather.