Germany Instructs Its Companies To Limit Cooperation, Procurement Orders With The US

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Update: it just got worse. Moments ago Bloomberg followed up with the second, and expected, part of this story, namely that just like China cut off major US corporations from big procurement contracts leading to a collapse in CSCO and IBM Asian revenues, it is now Germany's turn. Per Bloomberg, the German Interior Ministry reviewing rules for awarding govt contracts for computer, communications equipment and services as political rift w/ U.S. widens, people familiar with matter told Bloomberg News’ Cornelius Rahn, Amy Thomson.

  • Ministry will probably issue new purchasing guidelines in coming weeks to replace “no-spy-order” dated April 30
  • Details being worked out, may require suppliers of components of bidder’s goods or services to guarantee they don’t hand over confidential data
  • IBM, CSCO, MSFT may be affected by any tightening of procurement procedures: Forrester Research analyst Andrew Rose

* * *

Congratulations America: after severing ties with Russia, crushing cordial relations with China (leading to this stunning announcement by China's president), alienating France (which is now openly calling for an end to the petrodollar), the Obama administration - following not one, not two, but three spying scandals in just the past year - has managed to sour relations with Germany to a point where one wonders just who is a remaining US ally in Europe these days.

According to Bloomberg, the German chancellor’s office has issued instructions to national intelligence services to limit cooperation with U.S. following alleged U.S. spying case, Bild reports without saying where it got information.

The newspaper also says:

  • Instructions cover all activities not related to the immediate security interests of Germany and the safety of German soliders in Afghanistan, other foreign missions and terrorism threats
  • Decision to ask U.S. intelligence representative to leave taken July 9 after the regular cabinet meeting at special meeting at Chancellery attended by Chancellery Minister Peter Altmaier, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen, Justice Minister Heiko Maas and Interior Thomas de Maiziere
  • Main reason for decision was failure of U.S. to cooperate in investigation of operations following revelations by Edward Snowden
  • Foreign office subsequently gave U.S. Ambassador John Emerson 72 hrs to have U.S. agent leave Germany voluntarily or formal expulsion proceedings would be started against him
  • Only 3 of the 218 BND documents sold to CIA were related to Bundestag espionage investigation

That said, the US is hardly be too worried: after all it is a well-known "secret" that of all European leaders with a very checkered past, the NSA has all the goods on Merkel (and her proximity to the communist system in her DDR days), which can and will be disclosed using the proper channels at a moment's notice, with an appropriate (pre-vetted by the State Department of course) replacement in place should relations with Germany truly sour. It certainly explains why despite loud demands for a "formal espionage investigation", nobody in the German government has lifted a finger to find out just how deep the NSA rabbit hole goes.

Look for how big the upcoming DOJ fine levied on Deutsche Bank, will be to evaluate if US-German relations are indeed in any danger of collapse, or if this too is merely another public spectacle to appease the German public which is rightfully furious at Obama for being constantly caught spying on America's biggest European ally.

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Manthong's picture

WTF is their problem?

It’s not like we stole the family jewels (or gold) or anything like that.

flacon's picture

Anyone remember Valerie Plame? LOL!

Mad Max's picture

Maybe, just maybe, the Obama/Jarrett regime is trying to destroy our national standing on the world stage?


Fundamental transformation and all that jazz.

kliguy38's picture


codecode's picture

or USA gov is out of control...

john39's picture

the american implosion continues... all designed by a fifth column, which no doubt already has its next host all lined up...

Manthong's picture

I think that there might be a few folks out there that have not progressed to the level of implicit /sarc.

SoberOne's picture

And it's all intentional. Where are the adults to replace these treasonous  children running the country?

onewayticket2's picture

"If elected, i will restore America's credibility around the globe..."

"in my second term, i'll have more flexibility"


Keyser's picture

Why is anyone surprised...  They have to break the back of the US in order to implement Agenda 21...


knukles's picture

Agenda 21, Cloward-Piven ... All's according to orders, Captain.

Thought Processor's picture



Seems so. 


Germany distancing itself from the US is ominous though.  Just look at the events preceding the first two world wars.



Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Will Germany start booting these US corps out of the fatherland? That would be true retaliation.

sushi's picture

It is all part of Obummer's grand plan to force regime change in the USSA.

SF beatnik's picture

Obummer is too fucking dumb to have a grand plan. 

But why is the USA going down the shitter faster and faster?

Beats me. 


redwraith's picture

It's not Obummer's grand plan, it's the plan of his handlers.  He's just a puppet, as are all U.S. presidents.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Yes, ZH veterans have had to resort to a kind of "diplomatic*-double-speak", to avoid getting hoisted (like Francis, RIP).

Which is probably just as well -- as it raises the bar from a vitriolic level of juvenile name-calling, to a more intellectual level that addresses the core issues, and tactics and methods of the "5th Column Enemy" (5CE) of We The People.

* Diplomacy -- the fine art of political verbal ambiguity (wiggle room for future deniability).  It is also the fine art of telling someone to go to hell, such that they will enjoy the trip.  E.g., Instead of telling someone to F-Off, you may kindly ask them to "Take a long walk off a short pier".  ;-)

Kirk out.

Crawdaddy's picture

Controlled demolition to make way for the one world govt that all the TV watchers know is just a crazy conspiracy theory. Until one day, it isn't.

Drudge right now shows Obammy saluting the NWO's god. For anyone thinking the leaders of other countries disagree, stay tuned.

goldpercent's picture

Are you refering to "hook em horns"?  I think he may simply be pandering in this case.

Jack Burton's picture

Well said John. Their brilliant shift after World War II from Britain to America was an epic move that insured their continued dominance of world affairs for over 60 years. Where next after they kill off the USA?

SWRichmond's picture

While China slowly but sureley yanks Japan away from the American sphere of influence...painful but obvious to watch.

dontgoforit's picture

The insidiousness of all of this is appalling.  Who's on first?  Whats'is name.  Too screwed-up to be an accident.  I vote the Dreams of My Father guy and his controllers are purposefully making all efforts to destroy the USA and any chance of peace.  I vote they are demonic.  If we're not in he last days, we're in the last weeks.

Manthong's picture

It's just a shame that we do not have a Congress that understands its duty to the Constitution.

junction's picture

More likely, the organ grinders at New World Order HQ figure that as long as they have the Obama muppet on a string (as opposed to the Romney Mormon muppet, whom they preferred), have him do a Punch and Judy show with the rest of the world.  Great fun all around unless you were in the Two World Trade Center in 2001, when the NWO had its biggest show so far.

Monty Burns's picture

Or get lucky like Larry Silverstein. There every morning for breakfast for four years.  Then on 9/11 had to vist a dermatologist.  What luck!

Freddie's picture

China cut off major US corporations from big procurement contracts leading to a collapse in CSCO and IBM Asian revenues, it is now Germany's turn. Per Bloomberg, the German Interior Ministry reviewing rules for awarding govt contracts for computer, communications equipment and services as political rift w/ U.S. widens, people familiar with matter told Bloomberg News’ Cornelius Rahn, Amy Thomson.

Who wants to buy hardware or software filled with spyware shit?  Companies want to buy a good product not some defective crap that allows people to spy on them.   F pro-amnesty and pro-gun control Bloomturd "news" trying to spin it as a political rift.   No one wants USA spyware shit.  Who would pay for that crap.  Boeing too with 777 that disappear.

Are the Germans still cheering for Obama?  Silicon Valley - you ***ing VOTED for this  F them!

Jorgen's picture

Does it mean that the German government will start using RuPads from now on?

barre-de-rire's picture

"wtf is their problem " you fucking kidding me ?  u the 1st to whine when someone put nose on your shits in the garbage, your country sniff the whole planet,  then start to really be pissed of  by such behavior and you ask what is the problem ?


ok man, keep watching tv, after all you just gonna be one of the 315 million under the collapse.

666's picture

Obummer needs to read "How to Make Friends and Influence People."

Mad Max's picture

Instead he's been dutifully following "How to do the banksters' bidding and set the stage for the largest short in history as we destroy the US economy to usher in something different."

BlindMonkey's picture

He read the muzzie edition. It involved swords and beheadings.

Max Damage's picture

Don't worry Cameron will still go down on him on request

AccreditedEYE's picture

This is what comes of the arrogance of the Progressive Elite on both the Left AND the Right. Clintons, Bushes, Biden's, Boner's (yes, I know), Pelosi's, McConnel's. These people are driving us down a road to ruin. Libertarian policies supported by Ron Paul have to be the new way forward. Germany is a model of doing things right. Entertainment and "financial innovation" are no way to survive in the world for very long. (Don't talk to me about tech... our "tech" brands continue to piss off the world being in line with our NSA/CIA)

LetThemEatRand's picture

What is really disheartening is that none of this has to do with any particular administration any longer.  The world is now effectively governed by a shadow, unelected government that is armed to the teeth thanks to decades of free spending on military hardware under the guise of protecting the "homeland."  The MIC and especially the intelligence agenices are now a government unto themselves, serving the interests of those who pull the strings behind the facade of elected officials.   They are not governed by the laws that apply to the rest of us, and it's good to be King so they plan to keep it that way.

kliguy38's picture

Yup and they're out in the open in your face with it saying fuck you and WHAT R U GONNA DO ABOUT IT PUNK???? 

tarsubil's picture

This article is kinda pointless. The shadow rulers can already blackmail everyone they need. Can't put this demon back in the bottle.

ForWhomTheTollBuilds's picture

Anyone else here been listening to the John Bachelor show as linked over on Turd's site these last few months? These guys (whos motives are unclear to me) do a pretty good job of cataloging the disasterous US policy in the Ukraine.


Its starting to sound like Putin is getting ready to move troops in but is waiting to Germany and France to at least give a tacit approval if not an overt public approval for his intervention.  Good thing the US isn't working overtime to alienate them by spitting in their faces over and over and over.



gatorboat's picture

It all stops when USD loses reserve status and dollars can't buy cooperation anymore.

USD is their achilles heel, their weak spot.  And someone in that shadow government said "we'll just kill the dollar".

layman_please's picture

you got that right! governments are fronts for some families and their agendas. always has been, always will be. democracy and that shit is just lipstick on a pig.

Typing Typer's picture

Hey, Obama is an Indonesian Communist. Any damage done to the US is a win win win in his book.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

Hey Germans -
you guys need to quit with the phony outrage shit...
you r a bunch of bitches...
dont have the balls to demand your Gold back that the US has sold or is hoarding for itself...
dont have the balls to tell the US to shut those bases down and go the fuck home...
dont have the balls to do anything except kick a fucking soccer ball...
hope Messi whips your bitch asses thoroughly...
Fuck off Germany...

ps: i know where my real money is and its ALL THERE.


BobTheSlob's picture

I declare your post the POST OF THE DAY!

rwe2late's picture

 It is the US that has already determined the "limits" of German cooperation and any possible non-cooperation with the US.

Germany obviously was not and is not a key insider privy (like the UK) to most of the top NSA-CIA dagger&cloak operations.

Germany does not have access to the US "Gladio" plans to keep any German government from ever becoming "unfriendly" to supposed US "core interests".

US military occupation forces directly and/or through the US-controlled NATO ultimately determine what are the limits to the "independent" policies of Germany, Japan, S. Korea, Iraq, Kosovo, and Afghanistan.