UN Demands Europe "Open Its Doors" As Syrian Refugees Reach "Saturation Point"

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Syrian refugees, whose numbers are set to pass 3 million in the next few weeks, are almost all in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, with smaller numbers in Iraq and Egypt. But, as Reuters reports, that looks set to change: UNHCR chief spokeswoman Melissa Fleming exclaimed that Europe must open its doors to more Syrian refugees, having welcomed only a "miniscule" number while Syria's neighbors have reached "saturation point."


As Reuters reports, in more than 3 years of war, very few Syrians have made it to continental Europe.

"The trend is obvious now, they're moving beyond the neighboring countries. The neighboring countries have reached saturation point. And many Syrians are now seeking refuge in Europe and we're asking Europe to do more."

There have been 123,600 asylum requests, mostly in Sweden and Germany, but that figure includes double counting, since some have asked for asylum in several countries.


"Relative to the 2.9 million refugees in the countries immediately surrounding Syria, these numbers are small, in fact they're miniscule. They represent only 4 percent of Syrian refugees," Fleming told a news briefing in Geneva.


"Just to put this into perspective, Europe has a population of 670 million people. Contrast that to Lebanon, which has a population of 4.4 million people and has received 1.1 million refugees."


Although the European Union (EU) has been a leading donor for the humanitarian aid effort in Syria, some countries on the continent have "terrible" conditions for receiving refugees. Some detain them, and some - Bulgaria, Spain and Greece - have tried to reject them before they land in unseaworthy boats.

The UNHCR calls out Russia specifically...

One country in Europe - Russia - has sent 12 refugees back to Syria, breaking an international law principle that no would-be refugees should be sent back to a place where their life or liberty would be at risk, the report said.


Russia - an ally of President Bashar al-Assad - has not granted refugee status to a single Syrian, although it granted 1,193 temporary asylum requests in 2013, it added.

But she is insistent that Europe open up...

Fleming told Reuters that European countries should admit "everyone who wants to come", which she said was a minority of the overall refugee population, since many wanted to remain closer to home in an Arabic-speaking community.


"We’re asking for other forms of protection which include family reunification, extending student visas, offering scholarships, all kind of different mechanisms that could allow for the admission of more Syrians."

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We have an idea - Europe pays for flights from Syria to South America and then all the refugees can pop across the border into Texas... problem solved (you're welcome).

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jaap's picture

Maybe they should stay at the Kagan Nudelman ranch...

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Scatter and intermix the races.....except for the Tribe(tm). 

knukles's picture

Ha ha ha ha ha
Now you fucking preachy touchie feelies in Europe getchur own Mexican Border.



pods's picture

Wow, I am happy that the US is not involved with causing this one.

Err, nvmnd


Muddy1's picture

Next up:  UN demands the US open it's borders wide, and Obama/Kerry comply.


john39's picture

The plan is very simple, destroy European and North American cultures, by swamping them with debt, immigrants, pollution, GMO poison etc...  all to make room for a new power, that could not rule as it wants if threatened by these countries...  

SWRichmond's picture

+1, and dont forget the chaos that will ensue (plus the need for more police state tactics) once all of these people are spread all over the globe.

This is deliberate, the chaos in Syria and Iraq is deliberate, Ukraine is deliberate.  Cui Bono?

"We must have more security spending, less liberty, ..."

COSMOS's picture

Ship them all to the USA, its the American money, training, and Arms that have caused this problem.  Why should Europe take them in.  Why wasn't the UN condemning the USA for all the crap its done in the ME and in Ukraine.  Where is the outrage there.  As a matter of fact house the mofos in the UN building.

I guess we want to give the Euros a taste of our Mexico problem lol.

Sure get the mofos off the Middle East Petri dish so they can proliferate on our Culture plates at home while the few left over there repopulate in the span of a generation with their >5 kids per family.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

We have Mexican and Central American illegals (or "Undocumented Democrat Voters").  

It's only fair that Europe welcome in their Muslim neighbors ("Future Sharia Voters") as well.

I am so pleased that the UN displays its wisdom and proclivities for Europe to see, LOL...

angel_of_joy's picture

UN (as an institution) would look way more serious AND intelligent if it would just shut up.

Good luck with the Russians... they seem to be the only ones with a brain. Keep the Syrians at home and force them to fight and clean-up their country, instead of spreading their mess everywhere.

Europeans are idiots... but that's not really news.

As for Americans... it's heartbreaking, but not worth talking about it anymore.

CheapBastard's picture

Except for Spian, suthern Europe sucks these days. Hard to wal out at night. In fact, even some the suburbs of formerly nice places like Stockholm are ghettoed with MENA people. Anyone drive thru downtown Stockholm these days? You'll be surprised. A word of advice; keep your car windows rolled up.

Keyser's picture

Agenda 21, here we come... The great equalization of humanity, cultures and religions... Just look how well it's working in Europe...  /sarc


August's picture

>>>As for Americans... it's heartbreaking, but not worth talking about it anymore.

It's only heartbreaking since most Murcans grew up with the belief that their country was very, very "special", and a genuine boon to all humankind. 

America certainly had it's days of power and accomplishment, but those were just the natural outcome of a technically advanced culture acquiring an "empty" mid-latitude continent.  The great American Centuries, and their lifestyle, will not be repeated, at least not on this planet.

As to the current US regime (and I'm not referencing Obozo specifically), the best response is to withhold consent, to the maximum extent, and by whatever means, are possible.  

Otto Zitte's picture

illegal aliens are

45% catholic child rape survivors (latinos)

38% chins


PS relax. Lighten up. Don't take yourself so serious. THINK.

You may be The One. Your solution might be the one that works. Just ignore all those years of your one life that we beat the hell out of you. Please help us.

SF beatnik's picture

Why can't the UN send the Syrians  to Uganda, Somalia, Yemen, Ivory Coast, Liberia? There they might actually improve things in their new countries.

snr-moment's picture

If Europe could defend itself, and wasn't dominated by muliculti morons, this wouldn't even be a consideration, now would it.

Sandmann's picture

Europe could defend itself but the indoctrination after 1945 made it a thought crime to promote youir own culture, embrace your own people, wave your own flag, sing your own patriotic songs, and march in your own boots.

Germany was rendered impotent and its modern army the Bundeswehr is represented by soft-spoken PR men in suited uniforms and fat overweight slobs in Flecktarn. Their grandfathers would see what happened once Prussian Feldgrau ceased to be acceptable and the armed forces became feminised to the point of Germany's Labour Minister being assigned to build more kindergartens in the Bundeswehr and make it "family friendly".

Europe has been turned into a continent run by bankers and overseen by social workers both propagated by US doctrines of national enervation

Crawdaddy's picture

Germany needs to throw off paganism and return to their roots. They suffered Nazi pagans and now they suffer NWO pagans that will prove worse. Not just Germany - everywhere else too. Pagans are leading the sheep to the doom. 

Keyser's picture

Ship them to the Hague... They've got the checkbook...


BuddyEffed's picture

Naw, Belgium seems like they are cash flush.

Monty Burns's picture

Exactly.  It's getting so obvious now that only two options are possible. First they're getting worried and need to push on. Or second that they're totally confident they've won, we're beaten so let's just finish the job in plain sight.

NoDebt's picture

I'm starting to think that we're going to be seeing a LOT more "refugee crises" in the future.  Worldwide.  Ours is entirely manufactured by our treasonous current president, but still, I'm long the RCI (Refugee Crisis Index Fund, 4x leveraged, obviously)

BigJim's picture

How about Saudi and Qatar house these refugees? They're the ones paying the 'rebels' to destroy Syria, after all.

Pool Shark's picture



Let me get this straight...

Europe: "You Syrians apparently can't govern yourselves or live peacefully or prosperously among yourselves; so you want to spread your culture to our countries?"

 "No thank you. Have a nice day."



Monty Burns's picture

That's RACIST HATE!!!  Let them all in now!

goldhedge's picture

Since you "fuckers" started these "spring revolutions" you should open your precious U.S. soil to these muzzies.


Monty Burns's picture

The American people had nothing to do with these 'revolutions'.  All the work of Controllers.

Antifaschistische's picture

our job will not be finished until we have completely saturated the working population with hoards of parasites.   Then, it will be over.  There is no place left for hard working industrious people to escape to.   But when the industrious stop working...the parasite game ends.

BruntFCA's picture

No, they should go to USA and Tel Aviv...oh wait.

So who's behind this "yankee" jihad? What Syria needs is a central bank leveraging its currency off the back of the wonderful "reserve" US dollar, sure worked well in Lybia.

I guess USA needs to add Europe to the ever growing list of people that hate them.

As an aside, I wonder if there are any lobby groups that suck the USA into foreign conflicts for a small pointless country in the ME?

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

I've actually been to the kagan nudelman ranch on a day when they were branding palestinians. IT was remarkable. The head dude there is a cowbow by the name of bucky goldstein.


Either way too bad they couldn't take a train to the texas border.

StychoKiller's picture

I "Demand" that Ms. Fleming start coughing up plane tickets!

monad's picture

The Black Pope is behind the weaponized illegal aliens and they will keep on coming until he is dead. When the democratic republics started to succeed in the new world they threw off catholic empire oppression. When the czars starting moving toward a republic the vatican and the monarchs created Lenin to hijack that republic; the rest is history. TPTB have been coming for US ever since.

p00k1e's picture

The Sumerian texts are even older than the most current Brown God doctrine. 

Round ‘n round it goes…. 

Crawdaddy's picture

Non-RCC aligned religions are under attack all around the world. A common denominator or mere coincidence?

In the US there is a big push to unify all religions and make anyone who disagrees into the "others." The big mainline denominations are slowly coming on board under this thing called One Church. A central element of the NWO plan is a one-world religion.

Crawdaddy's picture

lol Odin's followers are still pissed about his kid Thor getting a better day named after him. Thor got Thor's Day (thursday) but Odin got Wedensday? Woden's Day?

August's picture

And who doesn't love Freja?

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

We have an idea - Europe pays for flights from Syria to South America and then all the refugees can pop across the border into Texas... problem solved (you're welcome).

You have no idea how close to the truth that is......

Only 1 or 2 things need to happen first though before the jawboning turns to the US. Jihad involves all of the west but to come here amnesty needs to be in place first in order for them to be able to stay unlike Europe.

Jstanley011's picture

"What is that they're talkin'? How's come these here Meskins can't habla no Espanol?"

"Maybe it's Mayan.".......

Urban Redneck's picture

When the US Embassy in Bern (SWITZERLAND! - where there are 4 official languages other than English) mailed me my new passport it came with a brochure that read:

Su solicitud de pasaporte ha sido aprobada y ya se expidió su pasaporte.

Spanish ain't one of the 4 languages.

Secretary Horse face: Take your incompetent Microsoft bundler back and replace her with an proper Ambassador.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Arab radicals have been coming illegally to the USA via Venezuela for many years...

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

That is small potatoes. Radicals or not. The plan is overwhelm the balance without integrating into society to turn it eventually into a muslim dominated country. You need a big push initially through immigration then breed like cockroaches once granted amnesty.

A few radicals even a few thousand aren't enough to fundamentally transform this place into sharia law country.


DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Arab radicals can raise hell immediately.  Longer term Muslim immigration (and child-breeding) changes societies, as you write.

"Ud. es de Venezuela?  Habla conmigo un ratito, pues..."

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

I'm not from Venezuela though South America is looking more and more attractive by the day, even Venezuela at this rate, Maduro or not.

Radicals, Arab or not can raise hell immediately but the reality is those 3 letter agencies love them some 'radical' types since they can 'recruit' them and use them do their dirty work for them, redirect their hostilities elsewhere.

Yo soy de Estados Unidos desgraciadamente.

Though it is good to see someone knows when to use you formal vs you familiar. It is one of subtle distinctions English language first speakers tend to not pick up on. I took a few years of Spanish in school though I am not a fluent speaker.

BTW I am all for immigration even for muslims but only for those that actually want to be where they are immigrating to and have enough respect to understand you are in some else's house first and foremost as a guest. That simple courtesy and respect that goes with it is abused big time these days.

Monty Burns's picture

Sooner or later ALL Muslims start causing trouble in Western countries. Period.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

It is not just Venezuela either, they like to come through Canada usually colonizing there first then jumping across the border after they get their western papers since it makes it easier for them to move back and forth. Problem is though they can't saturate Canada fast enough and the longer they stay well Canada rubs off on them and they lose their 'edge' the longer they stay.