Britain Buys Water Cannons; Fears Civil Unrest From Government Workers

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Submitted by Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics,



The British government has just invested in water cannons because they are fearing the rising tide of civil unrest as austerity is forcing the reduction of state workers and their pensions. I have been warning that unemployment will rise, but this time it is going to flow more so from the state and municipal workers. In the UK, hundreds of thousands have took to the streets to protest against the austerity measures of the government. Prime Minister Cameron has no choice for this is the collapse of socialism. Those who think I am anti-poor or whatever, are missing the point. It is the rising cost of government that is out of control and NO LEVEL of tax increase can reverse this trend.

The British unions called for strikes nationwide. Teachers, firemen and civil servants joined the calls and and took the streets demonstrating for higher wages and pensions. Just where is this money supposed to come from they really have no idea. They merely argue to take it from someone else no matter what and give it to them.

According to the unions more than one million people took part in the strike. About one-fifth of state employees have taken part in the strikes. Indeed, the majority had appeared on the job to maintain “almost all key areas of public service” functions. The interesting question this presents if everything can function with one-fifth less, then does this suggest that government can be run with far less people? Nonetheless, some 6,000 schools did remain closed, which was about one quarter of all schools in England. The strikes also impacted museums, libraries and garbage (refuse) collection in some cities. At the airports, such as international London Heathrow and Luton, there were delays because parts of the ground crew were on strike. Around 12 percent of government employees in Scotland joined the strike. Also in Northern Ireland and Wales there were many public institutions – including schools, courts and job centers – that had also closed on Thursday.

Public employees do not care where the money comes from, they refuse cuts and demand their pensions. This is similar to what happened in Rome where the army, when unpaid, just began sacking their own cities to grab whatever they had being justified as the army deserves it.

The central demands of the workers were against the austerity policy of the British government. In 2010, the salaries were frozen in the public service first. Then in 2012 an annual wage increase was written down by one percent. Governments are going broke because they promised pension and failed to fund it always assuming there would be ample tax revenues available.

Effectively, in Britain there was a two-year pay freeze, and then the 3rd year comes another freeze followed by a one-percent wage increase.

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Government employment is a RIGHT!!!!

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How perfect. Gubmint employees revolt and burn down gubmint buildings.

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union fights - more youtube content

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How about taxing the high end London real estate market. Its about time for the chinese and drug  overlords to start paying.

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That's quite ignorant of I assume you are elated.

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It must be great to launder drug money and then buy a castle in London. Sign me up.

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over taxation is the problem not the solution

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Downvotes for this?  Care to explain?  

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Queen Mum, the NUTs are revolting.  Whatever shall we do?

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Or, in French, "le cocque d' herpes".

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Also a sultanna pudding of dubious origins, served in all British schools,with runny custard.

A double entendre.

My wife has a UK civil service due her in about 2 years.She who must be obeyed,

will not be amused by this post.

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Oh, just give them more cake I suppose...........

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What is the justification to even allow public sevice unions in the 21st century? They can just blackmail the politicians into giving them what they want, politicians have more to fear from them, than from anonymous taxpayers.

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Government employment in the US is by in large subsidised employment for people that can't cut it in the private sector.

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It's a long train with tank cars full of gravy!

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Government employment in the US is by in large subsidised employment for people that can't cut it in the private sector

Ain't that the truth, and not just in America, bud.


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geez water cannons ??? what about DHS with thousands of MRAPs,billions of hollow point ammo, thousands of  ar-15's. Man, the English have it good...her majesties gubbermint are not planning for high end domestic COIN warfare like here in the good ol US mofo of A. Geesh

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"Man, the English have it good" Yes, a fringe benefit of a disarmed populace.

Dugald's picture

"Man, the English have it good" Yes, a fringe benefit of a disarmed populace."

 Whilst you still have yours which you appear to use mainly on school kids, and the odd President,

So how's that all working out for you guys?

Why is it that when you have a firearm you then use it on the wrong people.....seems to be a national failing.

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You forget that this corporation is a subsidiary of the CROWN.

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Corporations just like .gub, are run the same with little pockets of need to know with very few getting the "hole" picture. 

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It is England after all. Do you think the crowds would even notice more water?

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The Governments Mercy falleth like the gentle rain.........

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Bitterwolf - In the United States we are about four years behind Britain. There are going to be a lot of pissed off pensioners. Lot of unhappy people also receiving shrinking benefits in draconian fashion. First it mainly was by inflation and now during the deflation phase of the bust are and will see here decreased benefits, less medicine and procedures covered under Medicare and Medicaid and higher healthcare costs (Obamacare).

What is happening slowly but surely is rationing. $40 a week food stamps will keep you alive with basics like bread, milk, eggs, poultry but it isnt a picnic, people here that think they are eating lobster are not correct (That was the late 1990's). Better eats than the Soviet collapse I suppose. Anybody think of a new brand name for America yet? Like Soviets, we'll change it to 2.0 of some kind. I am weary of false flag to justify the final last killing of the social contract. I hope I am wrong.

China is new reserve currency and part of that job is global policeman. There role will increase (Chinese defense stocks smart buy and hold) as ours decreases like the previous reserve currency host - Great Britain. See the arguments in the early 1930's there about cuts in the navy for example.

I suspect cuts for government personell in these ranges:

Military: 40%
Intelligence: 15% (the NSA evil memo while true is more about the coming budget pruning CIA are top dogs only so much to go around).
Education: 20%
Pension and Benefit Reduction in General: 30% (we devalued 30% already in the last 8 years. That is draconian indeed but it has/had to happen to restructure our economy. Of course the politicians are not telling the people directly but that is what is shaking out in real terms.

Then the bust will be over. Do you think those DHS bullets are for bloggers? Please. Maybe one nutcase out of thousand.

A risk to serious journalist and owners is imprisonment during civil unrest to keep them silent and use them as forced labor to make widgets for a time until order is restored. Time will tell, hope I am wrong on this last part but history is replete with examples...

So ya truth telling in such times is truly a revolutionary act. Have the intent to care for ALL people and individually you'll benefit more and suffer less.

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It is over, taking from the private sector to fund the public sector and to print money to account for the difference.

Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor.  In many countries they rob from everyone to give to .gov and those who won't work for minimum wages as they feel they are entitled to more.

Meanwhile governments keep buying war toys, which aren't cheap.  America has more military mucle with its weapons of mass destruction that they could have imagined in World War Two.  Why?  No one is attacking them and the USA is now funding the people they accuse of 9/11.

It is all screwed up.

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In Britain they get off easy. All they have to buy are a few piss cannons. In the US they need hollow points...lots of 'em.

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Now you see why the US government wants your guns.

BobTheSlob's picture

They can "want" in one hand and take a dump in the other....

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Uh huh. If trained jackboots armed with automatic weapons show up at your door and demand your guns, you're going to tamely hand them over. What're you gonna do... fight back with an unwieldy fucking hunting rifle with your kids in the line of fire? Sure you are. But don't worry. For that exact reason,  the .gov isn't going to bother taking your guns. Fat-ass office workers armed with hunting gear that gets used once a year are not going to kick ass on trained men with modern military hardware. The jackboots know it, and they are not scared of you and your gun.

Freddie's picture

There are 14.6 million licensed hunters and many of them have those "unwieldy *unking hunting rifles" with scopes and .308/30-06 caliber.  My guess is you know very little about hunting rifles.  You sound like a lib with your "automatic weapons" meme.

How many AR 15's have been sold to citizens in the past 6 years?  My guess is about 5 to 9 million.   Fat-ass office workers?  LOL!  Like the Boston lockdown.  Who could not find a kid hiding in a boat?   Go F yourself.

2handband's picture

I have plenty of hunting rifles and am a reasonably good shot. I'm just not dumb enough to think those rifles are going to do me any good against modern military hardware. 

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Robin Hood stole from the King... i.e. the state. 

Village-idiot's picture

Robin Hood stole from the corrupt rich such as the Crown and the Roman Catholic church, to give to the poor.

 Tradition says he was actually a rich land-owner (the Earl of Huntington) until his lands and money were stolen from him by the Crown.

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Robin Hood stole from the corrupt rich such as the Crown and the Roman Catholic church, to give to the poor.

 Tradition says he was actually a rich land-owner (the Earl of Huntington) until his lands and money were stolen from him by the Crown.

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War toys?

The UK just launched a new aircraft carrier. They have no planes to fly from it, and forgot to order new supply tankers when they switched to diesel engines from nuclear. They also don't have enough support ships in the navy to make a carrier group.

Oh, and they ordered a second one just in case. Prime Minister Brown's idea, just to keep some employment in his town.

As far as I remember, the British never have enough money for bullets or shells.

Interestingly, they also removed the Guards' barracks from near to Parliament and Buckingham Palace so they could sell the land. They moved them 30 miles away. Now that's rapid response. I think they are supposed to catch a London bus into town if ther's any trouble.

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If you want to cite Robin Hood, at least get the story right. Robin Hood stole from the tax man (the rich) and returned it to the tax payer (the poor).

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LOL...the government needs to look at the bright side. These people willingly disarmed themselves YEARS AGO. So what difference does it make? Let them bitch, whine, and gnash their teeth while the Bobbys spray them down with royal ecoli water from the Thames.

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They've forgotten one very important thing - We've got water hose pipe bans.  When they come back and the people see big gov pissing it around the Street's - that in itself will start a riot.

They should probably mount the BoE printers on trucks and spray sheets of the Queen's own loo paper at'em, probably would improve the economy better than QE and soon stop the cohorts of unhappy followers.  That or water will be $100/oz and people will come with empty buckets ready.

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The government doesn't care about watering restrictions; they're above the law. After all, we're talking about national security here!

In any case, the tax-payer will pay the bill in the end.

giggler321's picture

Well I agree with you in as much as the government doesn't care for anything but its control and self interest; the rest including tax paying minions are white noise to them.  The side effect of robbing them through taxation is to pretend through democracy they are listening, a small price to pay for any gov wanting control.

Village-idiot's picture

The government doesn't care about watering restrictions; they're above the law. After all, we're talking about national security here!

In any case, the tax-payer will pay the bill in the end.

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The economic news flowing from the UK has been spun to give the impression of robust growth. How do you explain the pick up in growth to a mature country that has been struggling under debt? In general the UK economy is not particularly competitive, over-weighted in the service sector and global finance it is vulnerable to problems that surface throughout the world.

As usual we must look deeper into the facts to get a clear picture of what is really happening. It now appears much of the recent strength comes from the fact that thousands of Britons are receiving compensation for Payment Protection Insurance (PPI).  Most Americans reading about the pickup in Britain's economy never even heard of the PPI. The total paid out so far, £13.3bn or about 22 billion American dollars has been a huge economic boost. More about this in the article below.



theprofromdover's picture

It is also the chinese buying up all the real estate and companies. The financial sector french all moved to London last year. The italians, greeks and spanish all moved their money into London property because it wasn't save in their banks, and the swiss are too scared to take it now.

The UK's balance of payments (imports against exports) deficit is completely out of control. When the City of London crashes -or even just wobbles- , Uk is done for. The people will probably be mildly annoyed.

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Would you please, please stop pimping your blog?

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The public sector worker right here are your dream.

The public sector, after allowing water guns, for the first time in history will be your very last worry.

The fucking public sector?  Idiots, fucking clownish idiots.

Go on Boris, kick the cunt off.  Lets play a game man-child, lets see who blinks first you in-bred cunt.

Dont just bank on it son, book the cunt as profit boy, you WILL need it.

Childish cunts


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Naming your union NUT - always a great idea.

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Some union slogans :

"Once a NUT, always a NUT"

"NUTs have to stick together"

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Emergency phone and internet data laws to be passed


And the only reason that will be for, is for spying on the people who want to protest at rising inflation, and even higher rising taxes, and theft by bankster robbers