Guest Post: The Real Purpose Of The IMF

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Submitted by Luke Eastwood of,

To much trumpeting the IMF have kindly agreed to help out desperate and war torn Ukraine. How wonderful they are we are all meant to think, but the truth couldn’t be more opposite.

The International Monetary Fund was set up in 1945, describing itself as an “organization of 188 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world.”

This all sounds very laudable, but in reality the IMF has a very different purpose from that which is stated. If you look at the history of the IMF’s intervention in countries around the world you will see a trail of disaster and looting that repeats time and time again wherever they go.

The many countries that are involved are supposed to have some influence but this is proportional to their financial clout, which in truth means that the USA has most of the control of what happens and many countries have effectively no say at all.

My opinion of the IMF, concurs with that of John Perkins, author of ‘Confessions Of An Economic Hitman’, his views being that of an insider in the system and mine merely as an observer. He succinctly points out that major western nations use financial warfare to get what they want and gain influence over other countries – the IMF being one of the tools with which they do this.

Caribbean countries such as Jamaica have been destroyed by trade agreements and much the same thing has happened throughout Africa, South America  and Asia at various times since world war II. What the IMF does is somewhat similar to a thug loan shark. The loan shark lends money to people who can’t afford to borrow so that the borrower ends up having to not eat to make the payments or face having broken legs.

In a more subtle way, the IMF behaves in a similar way. Countries are given a ‘helping hand’ as loans that they will have great difficulty paying back. In return for the loans the IMF wants interest and regular repayments and ‘restructuring’ of the country’s assets. What this actually means is the asset stripping of sovereign nations so that their economic wealth is transferred from the country’s/public’s ownership into private hands.

This has happened in Europe recently, with countries such as Greece, Portugal, Ireland and even Spain and Italy faced with the prospect of having to sell off national assets in order to finance repayment of loans to either the IMF or EU. Private consortiums, owned by the banks or oligarchs buy up a nation’s forests, coal industry, water supply etc so that instead of the country receiving income from its recourses the private company makes all the money off the backs of the increasingly impoverished population.

At the moment the Ukrainian people might welcome the IMF but you can be sure that in a short time the country will be financially raped and the population plunged into even worse poverty as a result of IMF ‘assistance’.  Here in Ireland we are realizing the foolishness of the IMF/EU bailouts that is making life increasingly difficult for ordinary citizens while the government ponders selling off our resources.

Any country with sense (like Iceland) would show the IMF the door and find a better way of clawing its way out of economic problems. Iceland is a perfect example of how a country could solve its own problems – but no-one in the media talks about this – the corpocracy does not want anyone else getting the same idea. Surely, if every nation took the same actions the corporate take over of sovereign nations would fall flat on its face wouldn’t it?

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Government is so benevolent.

I want more please.

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July 20th 2014 draws near.  The beginning of the "abduction ceremonies" according to the pagan calendar.  Hope you are getting ready.

Miggy's picture

Yeah I saw that the other day too.


John 3:16

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her "numerology lesson" there was some weird shit

UselessEater's picture

I suspect they make it weird so the majority of us dismiss it as silly and those of "us" who make a big deal of such a speech are tin foil hat loonies.

My guess is it marks an event or development barely noticeable to the masses eg an agreement is reached that takes time to play out in the "real" world.

BringOnTheAsteroid's picture

What the heck does everyone here think, that the IMF knows something bad is going to happen so telegraphs it via that press conference?

It doesn't make any sense, why would they want the world to know they knew something bad was coming and did nothing to stop it. 

OK, we'll see. My guess is the 20th comes and goes like all other days predicted to be the apocolypse. 

omniversling's picture

Appears that she knew enough to predict that the G8 would be the G7, several months before Russia was 'excommunicated' for 'annexing' Crimea...

BigJim's picture

 What the heck does everyone here think, that the IMF knows something bad is going to happen so telegraphs it via that press conference?

It doesn't make any sense, why would they want the world to know they knew something bad was coming and did nothing to stop it. 

OK, we'll see. My guess is the 20th comes and goes like all other days predicted to be the apocolypse.

Well, I gave g0atrider a greenie not because I believe in numerology, but because Lagarde's speech suggests that she or her string-pullers seem to, at the very least.

I mean, what the fuck is the supposed head of a major international institution even doing mentioning numerology, let alone seriously discussing it?

There is a lot of stuff on the internet that is damaging to TPTB. I sometimes think they allow it to go uncensored because they believe that the sheep actually should be able to see what's going on if only they would try hard enough to find out. "You fucked us over!" the sheep will cry, to which the Oligarchs can say, "you could have made your objections known, 'everyone' knew what was going on, you were complicit." And the sheep are complicit; hardly anyone wants to know what's really going on, but they still vote for the politicians who make it possible.

Mind you, there's so much fucking noise out there, it's hard to really know what the fuck is really going on.

hairInTheSoup's picture

of course they know when something bad is going to happen : they are the one making bad things happen all the time all over the place (the bitch even states it in the speech).

you'd better wake up to this fact if you want to have a clue in macro economics and why wars are fought

(i'm not saying this youtube video is spot on, i'm pretty sure it could be interpreted in plenty of other ways)

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"Surely, if every nation took the same actions the corporate take over of sovereign nations would fall flat on its face wouldn’t it?"

No, because only individuals are sovereigns, and until this is recognized here, there, and everywhere, there will be no hope for humanity.

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IMF = intergenerational mother fuckers

Slave's picture


Rusty Shorts's picture

"Dropping Zero's today for a Zero Tomorrow" - IMF

ultimate warrior's picture


July 10 2014 Gartman: Bullish on gold

Today June 14 2014 Gartman: Gold no safety trade

maskone909's picture

Yeah getting tired of that fucker. Before it was kinda funny. But now its getting old. This guy cant hold a candle to peter schiff. Yet, on cnbc, they put him and schiff on the same stage and its quite embarrassing.

JuliaS's picture

Purpose of the IMF - economic conquest.

bunnyswanson's picture

New World Order - Elimination of 1st world nations, shifting of their wealth to 2nd world nations.  Reduce population by starving out the rest.  Middle class is being eliminated.  Put perfume on and it still stinks because nothing any of us do short of destroying the central banks and everyone assocated with them will stop them from going forward with this plan which is filled with revenge, hatred and greed.  They want everything but the workers who demand for fair wages.  They want to control us from cradle to fucking grave.


This is a transfer of wealth.  How long it takes does not matter.  Any measure is just tightening or loosening the tourniquet to reward you or punish you for fucknig with them.  Who allowed this to unfold had an assassin available to make sure anyone who argured their point would get the message.


Now, our choice is kill them or let them kill us. 

UselessEater's picture

IMF praising Zimbabwe

Meanwhile Mugabe bans whites owning ANY property (a little apartment is OK)

But Mugabe's wealthy pet cohort is a member on both the CFR and Rockefeller advisory boards (sanctions are theatre)

for fun listening:

See youtube summary for information about this audio link title The New Order of Barbarians recorded in 1991 from a workshop in 1969 attended by Dr Lawerence Dunegan in the USA. The New Order of Barbarians at the 1:49:15 mark discusses the end of privately owned properties. Runs about 2+ minutes and covers a method to force people into renting small apartments.

At the 1:25:00 mark it discusses artificially created food shortages and outlawing growing your own food. Runs about 2 minutes.

Jendrzejczyk's picture

Apologies for the off topic post.....but this is an oddly intriguing twitter feed.

Congressmen, Senators and staff editing Wikis anonomously.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

That is because the winners write the history.

litemine's picture

When they should lose their well as their  Spawn.   Just waiting for the Season to OPEN.   When you have have nothing to Lose..................But you can create an Opportunity for the "Children".

g speed's picture

good catch---thanks for the heads up

UselessEater's picture

"memory holes" in real time...

ebworthen's picture

IMF = International Malevolence Fund.

They are thieves, plain and simple, who loot and pillage the savings of individuals, just like the Central Banks.

Squid Viscous's picture

Wait... better to let the World Bank run the usury/shylock scheme - Wolfowitz and Zoellick should write a book, "finance for goyim dummies"

"The World Bank's official goal is the reduction of poverty"... ?

nmewn's picture

The only difference between the La Costra Nostra and the IMF is the imprimatur of legitimacy. Both will send Vito after the very legs you stand on.

One Vito will carry a baseball bat, but at least you always knew what would happen if you didn't pay up with interest, the other Vito will have contracts signed by you under duress, the law & finally crippling sanctions.

The best thing to do is not deal with the Vito's of this world ;-) 

espirit's picture

Not long now...

Finale from "Fate of Empires".

(d) The stages of the rise and fall of great

nations seem to be:

The Age of Pioneers (outburst)

The Age of Conquests

The Age of Commerce

The Age of Affluence

The Age of Intellect

The Age of Decadence.

(e) Decadence is marked by:





An influx of foreigners

The Welfare State

A weakening of religion.

(f) Decadence is due to:

Too long a period of wealth and power


Love of money

The loss of a sense of duty.

(g) The life histories of great states are

amazingly similar, and are due to internal


(h) Their falls are diverse, because they are

largely the result of external causes.

(i) History should be taught as the history

of the human race, though of course with

emphasis on the history of the student’s own



nmewn's picture

The final duty to all mankind is to guard the gates my friend. They can't be allowed to pass to the outside.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Any country with sense (like Iceland) would show the IMF the door and find a better way of clawing its way out of economic problems. Iceland is a perfect example of how a country could solve its own problems

According to Kyle Bass, Iceland is a roach trap of a country.  Getting involved with the IMF is a bad idea.  Trying to weasel out of an agreement with the IMF is an even badder idea.

The Most Interesting Frog in the World's picture

Well no one wants to take responsibility for their investments.  I guess if I made a bad investment and I lost my money and the country was not willing to sell it's soul to the IMF so I can get bailed out, I would call it a "roach trap of a coutry" as well.

That, BTW, is the very argument that leaders of coutries are given.  If you default on this debt or try to print your way out you will be isolated by the IMF and other possible lending sources.  In the end, they are essentially enslaved by taking these deals, so isolated would appear to be a far better option.

mkkby's picture

It's hard to feel sorry for these countries.  They got into a jam because their own corrupt politicians looted the treasury.  Hang the bastards and fire all their friends and cousins on the payrolls.

The bankers who made the loans had to know the politicians were scheming to loot the treasury.  There was no way they could be paid back legitimately.  Therefore, they were in collusion and the loans should be invalid and not paid back.

Monty Burns's picture

In many Western countries, most notably the USSA, voters are given no real choice.  All candidates come prepared by the Real & Permanent Government.

Caviar Emptor's picture

I like their shoes. Fancy oligarch shoes. You can always tell. There's a market for their used shoes: you too can feel like an oligarch

Dre4dwolf's picture

Most of these oligarchs have no soul, who would want to pretend to be one?

Completely empty and foul creatures.


Maybe I would buy a pair for Halloween or something, but other than that . . . 0o

Caviar Emptor's picture

Ahh to feel like a soulless oligarch!

Caviar Emptor's picture

Ahh to feel like a soulless oligarch!

Aussiekiwi's picture

Everyone knows by now that the purpose of loans by the IMF is to bail out large corporations and overseas banks on their loans to the country in question so they don't lose any money, the loan amount is then owed by the people of the country to the IMF which then demands they reduce their standard of living in order to generate profit to pay back the loan plus interest....same old story over and over.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Sadly, I do not think anyone knows that...

UselessEater's picture

IMO you're both correct so I do not understand the down votes. The worst part is not do only most people not grasp the fact but even if they get an inkling they think "bugger you jack, you must have deserved it, I'm OK".

Few realise the IMF austerity vice-like-grip is on our door step - whether you be from USA, Australia, NZ, Canada.... they're coming and they have been fine tuning their death grip on developed nations in Europe since the GFC.

The Most Interesting Frog in the World's picture

Exactly, these coutries should keep their printing presses and print their way out.  That is their bankruptcy.  If there is war, so be it.  It's basically like having $100 k in credit card debt (that you can get rid of) and replacing it with $100 k of student loans, which you can never get rid of.  Unbelievable...

yatikto's picture

with exception of gazprom

Rusty Shorts's picture

Does anybody remember the Future??? what happened? the IMF.


FUTURE by Todd Rundgren





Hobo Sapien's picture

+1 good one, but the reality is more like this:

Snakefinger-The Man in the Dark Sedan


The Most Interesting Frog in the World's picture

Greece, Spain, Italy, etc. they should have all stayed out of the EU and kept their printing presses.  Leaders of these coutries and their public "servants" (highly compensated government employees) should be brought to justice for Treason.  So greedy, refused to take barely any hit.  Now these countries have to sell their national treasures, beaches, land, etc.  

USSA, you are next!

hairInTheSoup's picture

don't forget ireland that refused by refenderum but was still forced & rushed into.

france too said no by referendum altough all mainstream politic parties asked their people to say yes

so came the shortened treaty; so short it didn't need no more referendum obviously

it was a 5 words treatry "we'll fuck you all"

kchrisc's picture

IMF loots what's left and enslaves those that haven’t yet fallen under the boot.

And I would bet my "junk" that the IMF is Ashkenazi "heavy," especially at the top.