Israel v. Gaza: The Big Picture

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Preface: What is needed is a cease-fire on ALL sides, as the UN Security Council is demanding ..


Americans only get filtered news from the mainstream media. So here’s the big picture:

By the way, here's a little history you never learned from MSNBCNNABCCBSFOX news:

Postscript: Former Israeli Minister: Calling people who criticize Israeli policy “anti-semitic. It’s a trick … we always use it”


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Here's the REAL  "Big Picture":


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When I went to School, in a country where "Holocaust Denial" is punishable by fines/jail I was told by my teacher that 6 Million was the Total victim count not the dead-jew-count!

So by official sources not 6million jews died but less than that. Nobody specified if it was 5.5, 5, 4.5, 4, 3,1 etc. just that 6 was total and jews where the majority.

Up to the year 1990 the official body-count at Auschwitz was 4Million(people not jews) but after 1990 that was revised down to 1.5(max)-1.1(min) people(not just jews) funny that nobody bothered to revise the 6 Million at the same time as the original 4 million had be have been included in the 6.

Later (in the 90') declassified Nazi documents (in KGB possession) showed 75,000 death cases at Auschwitz(not 1+million), and you know how serious are Germans with their accounting.

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Crappiest post I've seen on ZH.  Absurd statements, links to more crappy lies.

Of course it's lovely flypaper for the local anti-semites.

Hey, "George Washington", stop abusing the name of an American hero, you don't have to be double-disgusting do you?

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formulaic and lame post.

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no, its true....i caught an employee embezzling from my company- when i fired her on the spot and had the cops lead her away, all she could scream in hysteria was: "Youre Anti Semite!-all of you -Jew haters!" etc etc.....JUST BECAUSE SHE WAS CAUGHT!!!!!!! effin-amazing

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George Washigton warming up the ovens like usual....

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Actually, they were the first Americans to go to war with Islam. " the shores of Tripoli." I know it happened a few years after you GW, but you friends are the ones who did it. Those fucking colonist land usurpers, what the fuck were they doing in in Africa? Oh and you are the worst land thief ever. You want to see a genocide? Count how many Indians are left compared to how many were here before and you'll see what a genocide looks like. Somehow the number of "Palestinians" has grown exponentially under Israeli rule. When you go back to whatever village you ancestors came from, and give up your home to the oppressed Indians, you can come back and tell Israelis what to do. Oh wait, they actually all left Gaza, not a single Jew left, your dream. And what did the local animals do first. Burn down the multi million dollar greenhouses, rather than using them to create a viable indusrty like the Jews did.

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 Oh wait, they actually all left Gaza, not a single Jew left, your dream.

The usual anti-Zionist == anti-Jew conflation. Fail.

And what did the local animals do first.

Ah, the Palestinians are animals. I guess you have to believe that, don't you? Otherwise how could you live with what you and yours are doing... to HUMAN beings?

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I happen to be of a jewish mother.  That said, reality is a few who control the monoploy to create money also create the major destruction in the world.  These people are a cult, not a religion. They use religion as a shield.  They are jewish, roman catholic and protestant in their front.  They are corporation as machine.  They do not care for humanity, but only for the means to the end as they fantasize.  Each with their fetish to create the united federation of planet.  The viewpoint from the heavens is of a goliath termite, devouring all that gives it life.


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Very persuasive, fact-based, well-documented argument, sir.  Is this an accurate depiction of your debating style:


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You wipe your ass and post it online and expect debate?

There isn't even an outline of a sane, factual argument in your entire post.

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warming up the ovens are we ?

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Here's all anybody with a brain needs to know, and just for honesty sake imagine the reverse ever being true:

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Here's an article a bit closer to the truth of what it's like to live in the West Bank.  It's also by Yahoo!

It is:

The only difference is that, in the West Bank and all of the Palestinian interment camps where Palestinians have been held for generations, you don't get freed after 19 years and you don't get any restitution for getting screwed.


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Okay, but your article states:

"The one-year-old girl ... returned to Gaza on Monday after doctors determined they could not help her.  In Gaza, the girl's father, Abdel Salem Haniyeh, wrote on his Facebook page Tuesday that the girl was "clinically dead" with brain damage.

But here's the more important point: the Israeli PEOPLE and the Palestinian PEOPLE for the most part want peace. But the Israeli GOVERNMENT as well as the rogue HAMAS terrorists who commit atrocities want war.

“Why of course the people don’t want war … But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship …

Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are
being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”
- Hermann Goering, Nazi leader.

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See my previous post as to this. My lone Israeli client (who lives in Jerusalem) would also agree 100% ON THIS PASSAGE ALONE.

"But here's the more important point: the Israeli PEOPLE and the Palestinian PEOPLE for the most part want peace. But the Israeli GOVERNMENT as well as the rogue HAMAS terrorists who commit atrocities want war."

She tells me that many of her friends are Palestinian. NO one wants war there - THE PUBLIC AT LARGE.

To ME, it's the combined cabal of;









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except that the Palestinian people elected Hamas, and you never see a protest against them. Tell me when Palestinian hospitals treat jews.. you know it will not happen. Even now, despite the rockets Israel continues to supply water, food, medicine, fuel and elctricity to Gaza. What other country would do that? Their own Arab brothers in Egyp have closed the border and don't provide anything. Finally, I think that all the people here that claim to think for themselves should buy a ticket to Israel and go look around, see the universities/hospitals/the knesset, travel to the West Bank and see for themselves. I am not Jewish but have been 2 times and when you see the facts on the ground you realize just how much you don't know.


BeetleBailey's picture matter what anyone on here thinks.

Based on what I KNOW TO BE TRUE....based on people ACTUALLY LIVING THERE (that, surprisingly, are NOT "religious").

Another note: The outpouring of sadness and grief over the Palestinian boy - according to NON-"NEWS" SOUCRCES in Jerusalem was great.

The Palestinians rejoice and celebrate every Israeli death....


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and BTW, to your argument, if Hamas wins there will be NO "Israeli people" (I mean Jews, as 20% of Israelis are Arabs). Despite Isral winning every military battle, the number of Palestininians has increased>8 fold in 50 years. That should tell you about which side wants peace. By now the US/Britain would have firebombed/nuked Gaza the way they did Germany and Japan and gotten their unconditional surrender. Israel has not done that and will not do that.

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Millions of Japanese civialinas dies in WW2, compared to pretty much 0 US civilians. According to logic here the US was guilty of genocide, and the Japapnese were just peaceful people.

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Dropping atomic bombs on Japan had a duel purpose: defeating the Japanese, and sending a message to Stalin that the U.S. was in charge. notes:

In the years since the two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, a number of historians have suggested that the weapons had a
two-pronged objective …. It has been suggested that the second objective was to demonstrate the new weapon of mass destruction to the Soviet Union.

By August 1945, relations between the Soviet Union and the United States had deteriorated badly. The Potsdam Conference between U.S. President Harry S. Truman, Russian leader Joseph Stalin, and Winston
Churchill (before being replaced by Clement Attlee) ended just four days before the bombing of Hiroshima. The meeting was marked by recriminations and suspicion between the Americans and Soviets. Russian armies were occupying most of Eastern Europe. Truman and many of
his advisers hoped that the U.S. atomic monopoly might offer diplomatic leverage with the Soviets. In this fashion, the dropping of the atomic
bomb on Japan can be seen as the first shot of the Cold War.

New Scientist reports:

The US decision to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 was meant to kick-start the Cold War
rather than end the Second World War, according to two nuclear historians who say they have new evidence backing the controversial theory.


Causing a fission reaction in several kilograms of uranium and plutonium and killing over 200,000 people 60 years ago was done more to impress the Soviet Union than to cow Japan, they say. And the US President who took the decision, Harry Truman, was culpable, they add.




[The conventional explanation of using the bombs to end the war and save lives] is disputed by Kuznick and Mark Selden, a historian from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, US.




New studies of the US, Japanese and Soviet diplomatic archives suggest that Truman’s main motive was to limit Soviet expansion in Asia, Kuznick claims. Japan surrendered because the Soviet Union began an
invasion a few days after the Hiroshima bombing, not because of the atomic bombs themselves, he says.

According to an account by Walter Brown, assistant to then-US secretary of state James Byrnes, Truman agreed at a meeting three days
before the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima that Japan was “looking for peace”. Truman was told by his army generals, Douglas Macarthur and Dwight Eisenhower, and his naval chief of staff, William Leahy, that there was no military need to use the bomb.

“Impressing Russia was more important than ending the war in Japan,” says Selden.

John Pilger points out:

The US secretary of war, Henry Stimson, told President Truman he was “fearful” that the US air force would have Japan so “bombed out” that the new weapon would not be able “to show its strength”. He later admitted that “no effort was made, and none was seriously considered, to achieve surrender merely in order not to have to use the bomb”. His foreign policy colleagues were eager “to browbeat the Russians with the bomb held rather ostentatiously on our hip”. General Leslie Groves, director of the Manhattan Project that made the bomb, testified:
“There was never any illusion on my part that Russia was our enemy, and that the project was conducted on that basis.”

University of Maryland professor of political economy – and former Legislative Director in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S.
Senate, and Special Assistant in the Department of State – Gar Alperovitz says:

Increasing numbers of historians now recognize the United States did not need to use the atomic bomb to end the war against Japan
in 1945. Moreover, this essential judgment was expressed by the vast majority of top American military leaders in all three services in the years after the war ended:
Army, Navy and Army Air Force. Nor was this the judgment of “liberals,” as is sometimes thought today. In fact, leading conservatives were far
more outspoken in challenging the decision as unjustified and immoral than American liberals in the years following World War II.




Instead [of allowing other options to end the war, such as letting the Soviets attack Japan with ground forces], the
United States rushed to use two atomic bombs at almost exactly the time that an August 8 Soviet attack had originally been scheduled
Hiroshima on August 6 and Nagasaki on August 9. The timing itself has obviously raised questions among many historians. The available
evidence, though not conclusive, strongly suggests that the atomic bombs may well have been used in part because American leaders “preferred”—as Pulitzer Prize–winning historian Martin Sherwin has put it—to end the war with the bombs rather than the Soviet attack.
Impressing the Soviets during the early diplomatic sparring that ultimately became the Cold War also appears likely to have been a
significant factor.




The most illuminating perspective, however, comes from top World War II American military leaders. The conventional wisdom that the atomic bomb saved a million lives is so widespread that … most Americans haven’t paused to ponder something rather striking to anyone seriously
concerned with the issue: Not only did most top U.S. military leaders think the bombings were unnecessary and unjustified,
many were morally offended by what they regarded as the unnecessary destruction of Japanese cities and what were essentially noncombat
populations. Moreover, they spoke about it quite openly and publicly.




Shortly before his death General George C. Marshall quietly defended the decision, but for the most part he is on record as repeatedly saying that it was not a military decision, but rather a political one.

General Dwight Eisenhower said,
“Japan was already defeated and that dropping the bomb was completely unnecessary” and “the Japanese were ready to surrender and it wasn’t necessary to hit them with that awful thing.”

And Truman’s chief of staff, Admiral William Leahy, who chaired the meetings of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, claims:

The use of this barbarous weapon at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was of no material assistance in our war against Japan. The
Japanese were already defeated and ready to surrender because of the effective sea blockade and the successful bombing with conventional

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Ask ANY TRUE HISTORIAN about the end of WWII in the Pacific, and they will tell you it was THE RUSSIANS COMING 3,000 MILES AND ATTACKING MANCHURIA...ON THE VERY DAY THAT NAGASAKI WAS TOASTED.....which led to Japan saying "uncle"....


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While all of that is true, it uses way too much strategic reasoning as underpinning in a way which is typical ex-post style.

One simple thing might have been the biggest contributor:
Because it was built with vast effort and resources, it now also had to be used - the logic of the beancounters.

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Dude, we nuked a country that didn't even have their own nukes!  It WAS genocide!

Also, 100 years from now historians will tally up the millions who died during 'Murica's post 9/11 skullfucking of the Middle East, and declare that as genocide as well.

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Get a clue. After horrors of Iwo Jima and Okinawa the Pentagon estimate that the total American casualties for a conventional invasion of the Japanese home island would be in the range of two million.  And that's just Americans. Given the Japs well demonstrated fanaticism theirs would have been 8 to 10 times higher. The world was weary of war and emotionally and financially exhausted.

The calculation was a simple one. Two hundred thousand or so dead Japs now fron using the bomb against 2 million dead or wounded Americans and 16 to 20 million dead or wounded Japs in a campaign that could have taken a year to complete.

With those horrific numbers and that we got to put the Russians in check at the same time made the decision a no brainer.

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And please remind me why we would have had to invade?  That's preposterous.  We more than had our pound of flesh after Pearl Harbor prior to the Enola Gay taking flight.  They were even mulling over a 3rd nuke, and my grandpa would have been the navigator on that flight.

I studied WWII extensively in college, and am definitely "schooled" on this theory.  However, this is the high school history book version.  GW posted some links showing alternative theories, and I am more incllined to believe Japan was ready to surrender.  Hell, they were practically goaded into war with the embargos to begin with.

If dropping two nukes was as noble as you say, and potentially saved millions of US lives, why did the Generals in charge dodge criticism by saying it was a "political decision"?  

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There were thousands of American and British POWs being held in camps all over Japan. Many of them were in remote areas and had been abandoned by the Japs resulting in wide speed starvation.  My uncle received the DFC for locating several of them and then leading in supply drops.  Given the already proven brutality of the Jap army we weren't about to abandon them by some foolish unilateral cease fire. The military's Bushido code had made it clear that they would not stop fighting period.  This was further demonstrated by the attempted military coup after word got out that Hirohito had recorded a message of surrender to the Japanese people.  Japan still occupied Korea, Taiwan, SE Asia, Indonesia and large swaths of China. By using the bombs we shortened the war, saved lives and achieved an orderly surrender and withdrawal from their occupied territories.  The message to the Axis powers from the beginning had been consistent; They started it and we were going to finish it and it was going to end in their unconditional surrender.  What you think you're the only one who has studied the war?  I don't give a rats ass about GW's or anybody else's "theories". I only care about the hard cold realities faced at the time.  Theories are for assholes who never put their lives on the line.

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the stupid, it burns. A bully jumps you and knocks you down. you find a stick, get up and beat the shit out of him. You are guilty.

Congrats moron, we know you like being an easy target. According to your logic, Israel should be limtted to crappy weapons and LAUNCH THEM RANDOMLY AT A CIVILIAN POPULATION. godd thing for the arabs you are not prime minister of ISrael, otheriwse there would be no arabs alive with your "proportionate response". Thank God idiots like you don't run this country, otherwise we'd all be speaking German or Japanese.

"War is hell and it is my job to make it so."-William Tecumseh Sherman

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 the stupid, it burns. A bully jumps you and knocks you down. you find a stick, get up and beat the shit out of him. You are guilty.

Erm... the 'bully' here is Israel, whose citizens murdered their way to owning land that had been owned by the indigenous Arabs for scores of generations.

Try again, Hasbara.

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Yeah, your response is what I expected.  It's too bad you've been conditioned to think this way. It appears you aren't very intelligent either, so that's a double whammy.

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Your Israeli friends don't even publicly admit to their arsenal of over 80 nuclear warheads in their possession and they jail their own countrymen who admit to it.  

Further, your nation has been responsible for the publication of articles since the Carter days stating that Iran is within months of getting nukes, while leaving out that you've had them for 50+ years.  The common theme for over 30 years of these articles is that "Iran is within months of getting nukes, and they always will be."


You probably have the most powerful air force and army in the world, even without American backing.  You don't need our help, but it's a lot cheaper for you to use the U.S., in which you have Israeli eyes and ears in every congressional, senate, executive and legislative office in our land.  

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Millenium old Musim axiom repeated often but not reported much: "First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people." This is for you GW. You're next. No matter how much you hate the Jews, the Muslims hate them more and they hate the "infidel" Sunday people just as much.

George Washington's picture

Good Number 1!

BTW, how do you know whether or not I'm Jewish? Maybe I'm Jewish ...

Carl LaFong's picture

The number just proves my point. All you infidel "Sunday" people are dumber than a box of rocks. You can't even recognize a death threat nor can you recognize your real enemy - even when they tell you straight out they are going to kill you - because it doesn't fit into your agenda. You simply do not have the capacity for rational thought. And, GW, if you are a Jew, you're like the ones that do special Ramadam celebrations in the synagogue to show how "tolerant" you are to the religion that doesn't even have that word in their vocabulary. You mistakenly believe that if you show them love, they will love you back. They only love death while the Jews I know love life. I almost feel sorry for you and the other "dhimmi" Jews like you. You're like the Jews in Germany who never believed Mein Kamph and the "final solution" until it was too late. If you are a Jew, your guilt and self-loathing are beyond my comprehension.  

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 The number just proves my point. All you infidel "Sunday" people are dumber than a box of rocks. You can't even recognize a death threat nor can you recognize your real enemy - even when they tell you straight out they are going to kill you - because it doesn't fit into your agenda. You simply do not have the capacity for rational thought.

Yeah right, we in the West are all in peril from the dangerous Muzzies who are going to invade and make us live by Sharia, and it's the brave Israelis who are keeping them at bay. Fucking please. You're having to fight the Muzzies because you stole their fucking land.

And no, it's not 'anti-Semitic', or 'self-hating', to understand that when our (alleged) ancestors leave a country 1400 years ago, we have no claim to it. Absolutely NONE. The Palestinains, however - whose land YOU and yours have stolen within living memory - have every claim on it.

So suck it up, Hasbara. The world and non-Zionists Jews are waking up to the fact you're a bunch of thieving murderers. Yes, you may wind up owning the Arabs' land in perpetuity, if you can kill enough of them or just hold on to it until they give up in exhaustion - but you can't claim the moral high ground while you're doing it. You want to be the 'good' guy? Then give them their land back. Otherwise just sit back and admit what you are - racist criminals.

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Turning the Jewish people against one another would just be a rumor site and comment section away.  As a tactic, it would paralyze the entire global Jewish community as they sat for hours nonstop defending and admonishing each other. Oldest ploy in the book used at this very moment in several collapsing countries.

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You hit the nail right on the head.

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Disagree that a Cease fire is needed.


To finally end this daily israeli show, what is needed is one low level nuke planted squarely in Jerusalem.  That would rid the world of both the israelis and the palestinians forevuh.  

Then a NoGoZone sign that doesn't permit any occuption of the radiated area for about a hundred years.  



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“What would serve the Jew-hating world better as repayment for thousands of years of massacres but a nuclear winter? Or invite all those tut-tutting European statesmen and peace activists to join us in the ovens? For the first time in history a people facing extermination while the world either cackles or looks away have the power to destroy the world. The ultimate justice?”
–Professor David Perlmutter, writing in the Los Angeles Times, April 7, 2002

“We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force…We have the capability to take the world down with us, and I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”
–Martin Van Creveld, Israeli Historian

Israel Deploys Nuclear Weapons on German Submarines 06/03/2012

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The Samson Option - How Psychopathic Megalomaniacs Blackmail The World With Nuclear War (3:38)

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Yeah, Goldilocks, that is basically the real problem that we face!

The only way that the world has so far been able to cope with the development of weapons of mass destruction was through the policy of MAD, Mutual Assured Destruction. Meanwhile, that military power continues to back up the established MAD, Money As Debt.

The Money As Debt system is debt slavery, which necessarily drives its numbers to become debt insanities. Those debt insanities will Peak at the same time as there is Peak Everything Else, so that things like Peak Oil, or other tipping points with respect to being able to continue to support exponential growth by strip-mining the Earth's natural resources, run into real limits from diminishing returns from being able to do that, at which points the precarious Debt Insanities will necessarily cause social storms and psychotic breakdowns of the currently established globalized systems of electronic fiat money frauds, where that "money" is almost all Money As Debt, over-leveraged to degrees where the real collateral is now less than a ratio of 1 to 100.

Therefore, the MAD, Money As Debt system is inherently headed towards collapsing into chaos. Meanwhile, that globalized electronic fraud is being backed up by governments with atomic bombs, which are delicately balanced against each other through their necessarily hair-trigger policy of MAD, Mutual Assured Destruction. Inside of that overall context, the most dominate, internationalized, pyramidion people, at the top of the social pyramid systems, tend to be organized crime gangs, that control national governments, that have a significant number of members which are Zionists, which created the state of Israel, with the assistance of the Anglo-American establishment, which were mutually interpenetrated by those Zionists.

Overall, there is an Anglo-American (Zionist) Empire, which is based on its combined money/murder systems, which are both MAD. The most extreme form of that MADness is manifesting through the Middle East, in the ways that Israel is in conflict with the displaced Palestinians. That is the most extreme particular facet of the ways that the established systems have become runaway criminal insanities, wherein the combined MAD monetary systems and MAD military systems, are driving themselves towards causing severe social storms, and psychotic political breakdowns, as their debt insanities provoke death insanities. That little video linked above demonstrates the ways that Israel has become like the fortified club house of the best organized gang of criminals, who, despite their relative small numbers, were nevertheless able to dominate the governments of the Anglo-American world, as well as most of NATO, due to their ability to back up their deceits with destruction.

The basic problem here is that the monetary aspects of that MAD situation are necessarily driving us from Debt Slavery towards Debt Insanity. Therefore, more and more pressure is being placed on top of the MAD military situation. However, since the Zionists are currently the best organized gang of criminals in the world, while all their opposition is other gangs of criminals, none of which will recognize and admit the radical truth about themselves, the only thing which can apparently be done is to wait and watch as their MAD systems become ever more criminally insane, as their pressures build and build and build ...


Therefore, the more one learns about those facts, the worse it gets. Globalized systems of electronic fiat money frauds, backed by governments with an abundance of weapons of mass destruction, are due to the world having been organized systems of lies, operating robberies, more and more, for several thousand years, resulting in the construction of social pyramid systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, which were covertly directed to develop by the best organized gangs of criminals, which currently happen to be Zionists, relatively more than any other groups, although they are all basically different varieties of similar organized crime gangs, dominating various domains.

THE COMBINED MAD MONEY/MURDER SYSTEMS, BUILT THROUGH THE METHODS OF ORGANIZED CRIME, DOMINATE THE REAL WORLD IN WAYS WHERE THEIR CONTRADICTIONS CONSTANTLY PUMP UP GREATER PRESSURES ... Since nothing seems to be able to more sanely and safely release those pressures in any more coherently and comprehensively planned ways, the only plausible prediction for the foreseeable future is that the runaway debt insanities ARE going to provoke runaway death insanities.

(People who regularly read Zero Hedge appear to have a front row seat to watch and wait to see when and how that happens.)

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And the sad part is that it is OUR taxpayer dollars paying for this slow-motion genocide of the original inhabitants of that area, the helpless, victimized Palestinians, both Christian and Muslim.

Israel treats the US like this, and that, fellow ZHers is all one needs to know:

Radical Marijuana's picture

Yes, Laddie, the USS Liberty events were some of the clearest examples of the degree to which Zionists were able to dominate the government of the USA. Of course, the 9/11/2001 events were even more spectacular examples of that. However, I must maintain my overview, which is that there are NO "good guys" in this situation.

Thousands of years of the development of the Art of War, in which success was based on deceits, while spies were the most important soldiers, has created the situation which were are in today, where the chronic political problems are resolved through means which rely upon the maximum possible deceits and frauds.

Paradoxically, the human evolutionary experiment is on the verge of cancelling itself out, unless it can make a quantum leap of comprehension regarding how natural selection drove the selection pressures for that to be internalized as intelligence, in ways which could operate artificial selection, but which happened in ways whereby that ended up being most successfully done through the maximum possible deceits and frauds about itself doing that!

Human beings are working through the profound paradoxes which follow from being able to build mental models of the world, with models of themselves within their models of the world, wherein social success was achieved by being as deceitful and fraudulent as possible. Along the way, we have thereby discredited ourselves as much as possible.

For instance, what was promoted as "eugenics" was actually warfare, which therefore presented itself as deceitfully as possible, which thereby eventually so discredited itself as to make it practically impossible to have any saner scientific public debates about human ecology problems. The Middle Eastern area, with its conflicts between the various dominate religions that originated in that area, are all ways that society developed the runaway insanities of success based on deceit, which were actually the primary ways that the real human ecology operated.

Objectively speaking, it is clear that natural selection always existed, and drove evolutionary ecologies. Furthermore, it is clear that as human beings developed the ability to grow brains, that could better model the world, those processes went into positive feedback loops, leading to progress in science and technology. However, the murder systems operating the real death controls through the maximum possible deceits were always the core to those events. Furthermore, upon that basis, a political economy, with a monetary system based on the maximum possible frauds, was made and maintained.

Therefore, the social situation in the Middle East is the most intense manifestation of the bigger problems that the human experiments have developed, which are that we necessarily ended up modeling the phenomena of natural selection, in ways which generated artificial selection processes, while those ended up being operated most successfully through the maximum possible deceits and frauds.

As the present time, the conflicts between the Zionists and the Islamic Palestinians, are the most extreme case of the ways that their history of BOTH being social successful through deceits and frauds have apparently become irreconcilable, because neither can admit more radical truth about that overall situation. Indeed, I feel that the ONLY thing that is significantly different at the present time is that the Zionists were better organized criminals, who were better able to dominate bigger organized crime gangs, such as the government of the USA, to back them up, so that they were able to defeat the then less well organized and funded crime gangs, in the form of the people who were previously able to hold and live in the territory that Israel was able to take over during the 20th Century, which process is continuing to be worked upon at the present time.


Inside that context, the government of the USA acts in criminally insane ways, because it became dominated by the success of the dishonesties backed by violence of the Zionists, while the Islamic societies are similarly criminally insane in their own ways. Thus, the biggest, most dominate, organized crime gangs, share in being criminally insane in ways which result in them attempting to continue to be successful, by being even more deceitful and destructive.

Tragically, we appear to be on the path of the progress in science and technology having been able to make weapons become trillions of times more powerful, while those are still being used to advance the most extremely deceitful and fraudulent social systems possible, as if that would continue to be possible to resolve our chronic political problems in favourable ways, such as were possible during previous human history.

The history of success in warfare based on deceits backed by destruction has been pumped up orders of magnitude through advances in science and technology, while, due to the paradoxical ways that kind of success depends upon society becoming more completely insane, as it became more dominated by triumphant frauds, that necessarily is driving the Middle East to lead the way in which the entire globalized Neolithic style of civilization has become runaway criminal insanities!

The Middle East was the origin of the kinds of combined money/murder systems that dominate the whole world now, with their advanced forms of State Religions, such as the monetary system and national security. Meanwhile, more old-fashioned State Religions, that are still powerful in the Middle East, are old-fashioned systems of lies backed by violence, which have become the most extremely psychotic, due to being the most out of touch with the realities of advances in science and technology, making things like weapons of mass destruction and mass surveillance able to be created, which are still attempting to promote the increasingly absurd purposes of those old-fashioned religions.

At the present time, I cannot readily imagine any way out of these runaway criminal insanities, than for them to collectively annihilate each other. The days of there still being able to be success through backing up deceits with destruction, in old-fashioned ways, appear to be numbered by the fact that the available weapons have become trillions of times more powerful. At the present time, the more horrible predictions are the most plausible, that there are going to be future false flag attacks using weapons of mass destruction, which will make all articles like this one, as well as comments upon it, become ridiculously irrelevant to that new reality, other than for some sense of individual satisfaction, from perhaps understanding those events better when they actually happen, rather than being fooled by them, (despite their objective effects still ending up being overwhelming.)

In my opinion, the whole world is collectively stampeding itself towards committing suicide, due the ways that social success based on backing up deceits with destruction were what enabled the people currently existing who were the best organized gangs of criminals to believe what they believe, and therefore, behave in the ways that they behave. The real world is controlled by a cascade of the best organized gangs of criminals being able to dominate what happens.

In those ways, the Zionists were able to dominate the government of the USA, etc., so that the current situation in the Middle East, and especially as Israel displaced Palestine, devolved into the runaway criminal insanities that dominate that area today. The basic source of these dilemmas was that thousands of years of human history, in which success was based on military deceits and financial frauds, has created psychological and political habits in various groups of people which have become psychotically out of touch with their own reality, especially due to the most intense aspect of that paradoxical dilemma, due to progress in science and technology, based on rational evidence and logical arguments, enabled to go through profound paradigm shifts in perception, that have NOTHING in common with social and political factors, which are based on various kinds of absurd State Religions, or ideologies, which were selected to become dominate because they were the best at backing up their deceits with destruction in the past.

The Middle East currently displays the most extreme form of the paradox of final failure from too much success at controlling things with dishonesty backed by violence, because of those ways that they developed their expedient sets of solutions to chronic political problems inherent in the nature of life. Human beings were always systems of organized lies, operating robberies, since human beings were always acting as entropic pumps of energy. Furthermore, they must continue to be so, to the degree that we perceive them as separate from their environment. However, the profound paradoxes that doing that best was based on the history of combined murder/money systems based on the maximum possible deceits and frauds makes the current political situation in the Middle East practically impossible to resolve in any other ways that more runaway death insanity situations.

As far as I can tell, almost nobody involved in these conflicts would ever recognize nor admit more radical truth about their situation. Clearly, at the present time, one cannot imagine the government of the USA publicly perceiving how it was dominated by the Zionists, such as demonstrated by events such as those involving the USS Liberty, or on 9/11/2001. Furthermore, and more importantly, almost nobody goes through enough deeper thinking about how and why that happened, to be able to respond in a more coherent way, because almost everyone continues to think using false fundamental dichotomies, and their related impossible ideals, regarding the deeper nature of these problems, and their possible better resolutions.

For human beings to go through enough of the kinds of political paradigm shifts for enough of them to understand the extremely paradoxical ways that natural selection developed artificial selection appears to require a prodigious series of political miracles. Meanwhile, at the present time, the entrenched systems of deceits backed by destruction are already runaway criminal insanities for almost everyone involved in their own attempts to continue to try to become successful by being even more deceitful and destructive, such as we see in the Middle East today.

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Ah yes, the big picture... Why then no mention of Iranian Fajr-5s and Chinese M-75s being stored by Hamas in Shifa hospital, mosques and UNRWA facilities, which are deliberately fired upon non-combatant civilians? Or the many hundreds of tons of foodstuff and supplies that Israel supplies to Gaza on an almost daily basis? Or the electricity Israel supplies Gaza with, despite the 150 million dollars it is owed in unpaid Gazan electric bills? Or the Arab states continued refusal to recognize Israel's right to exist? Or the rejection of the 1947 partition plan? The Arab boycott? The closing of the straits of Tiran? Palestinian suicide bombers? Hamas' kidnapping of three boys, shooting them to death in a car and then throwing their bodies in a ditch?

Yes, we've got the "big picture" right here, folks. You read it on ZH. Straight from the mouth of "George Washington".

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Sieg heil bitches. I look forward to your downvotes.

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Yeah, because anyone who knows about the history of Palestine, and knows how the native Arabs were fucked over by a bunch of murderous, racist European Ashkenazi carpetbaggers, are Nazis.

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Could someone please explain HOW the AskeNAZIs,  that spoke mainly Yiddish as a mother tongue (Mixture of German and Russian) can be Semitic???

Thanks in Advance.