"The US Has Only Succeeded In Accelerating Middle East Disintegration"

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Submitted by James H Kunstler of Kunstler.com,

For public consumption, the fatuous haircut-in-search-of-a-brain, a.k.a. Secretary of State John Kerry, hauled out the dog-eared playbook for “negotiating a ceasefire” between the Palestinian Hamas leadership and Israel. Neither side takes him seriously, of course. In this historic moment of Islamic uproar across the entire region, Hamas is just following the larger script: act up and act out.

They would like to catch the momentum of rampaging ISIS next door, but Hamas is not a mobile force of mostly young male psychopaths. They’re stuck in Gaza embedded among their women and children doing what they can to eliminate Israel and replace it with an Islamic state. For the moment that means lobbing rockets from launch sites planted among the homes and institutions of daily life in the densely urbanized Gaza strip.

So far in the current offensive, they’ve launched over 700 missiles at Israel. Some of the rockets, purchased through the world’s arms bazaar from China, are powerful enough to reach Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. But they are poorly-targeted and Israel’s “iron dome” anti-missile system can intercept some of them before they land on anything.

Unlike previous offensives, when Hamas rocketeers could set up mobile Qassam missiles in alleyways or rooftops, and beat it a few minutes after firing, the new larger rockets require sturdier installations. Thus they can be systematically discovered and targeted. Hamas is quite willing to sacrifice the women and children who eat and sleep around their rocket installations for the propaganda value of pretending that they were not deliberately put in harm’s way.

Israel has accepted the reality that Hamas deliberately uses its own people as human shields and has opted to destroy the missile-launch sites in any case, because the alternative is to give Hamas free reign in bombarding Israel. One would think that world opinion would understand this equation. But there is little sympathy for Israel’s predicament, and little appreciation for Hamas’s calculated ruthlessness vis-à-vis its own people.

The birth-rate in Gaza is among the highest in the world. If it is a deliberate result of social policy, it is a cruel bargain for the Palestinians, who are apparently regarded as expendable by the Hamas leadership. In a culture that glorifies suicide bombings, routine human sacrifice must be normal, though to a Western sensibility it seems tragic.

It shapes up as a struggle to the death that will not be impeded by reason, the good intentions of others, or sentimentality. What Israel remembers is that nobody was on the side of its people in 1939 and they’ll be damned to make the same mistake of not fighting back again. This certainly sets up a situation of extreme political danger in the region, but no more now than the ISIS juggernaut, or the larger beef between the two basic branches of Islam, or the fate of the fragile Saud monarchy.

This is not a region of the world than can support large populations of human beings of any religious persuasion, and in the new age of extreme resource limits blind circumstance itself more than personalities or doctrines will determine who gets to inhabit what rockpile.

What’s changed is the perception that the USA has any role to play any longer even in the diplomatic theatrics. The Middle East is disintegrating faster than any polity in historical memory. It appears that, if anything, the USA has only succeeded in accelerating the process wherever we turn our attentions. Since the 1970s, we haven’t felt the ultimate consequence of trouble in that part of the world, which would be an interruption in the oil supply coming out of there.

Back then, there might have been something we could do about it. Now there is nothing we can do but stand on the sidelines and wait. In the meantime, wouldn’t it be a good idea to attend to our own problems, especially the critical need to prepare for American life in a post-oil world?

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excuse me while I dust off my Nobel Peace Prize Trophy...

john39's picture

seems like mission accomplished to me...  for all the nulanders out there doing what they so love to do...

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"Only succeeded"? That was their goal.  Let's just say they succeeded.  Why do people keep writing articles about the government's or central bank's unintended consequences.  They are 100% intended.  Let's stop playing this game and call things by their name.

onewayticket2's picture

a similar facilitation is happing domestically with the destruction of the economy.....and our soveignty.....and political speech.....

john39's picture

and our culture... our health...  physical and spiritual.

Oh regional Indian's picture

I spit on the grave of civilizers past and their modern verison, democratizers....

Fuck civilization, the anti-thesis to life.

Everything civilized "stands" for needs help to stay standing.

There is a ponder worthy metaphor.

The only way civilizers finally broke the eastern masculine's back was with the advent of the gun and now final supremacy by cowardrones.

Deception and cowardice have been the prime tools of warcraft from the west......

Fuck civilization.....


Hulk's picture

Well Ori, you hit that one out of the park, couldn't agree with you more...

RichardP's picture

Wonder how many women agree that civilization sucks. Or don't they count?  Women are just a tad less hardy than men in many ways.  Civilization was created by men, for women.

UselessEater's picture

I ain't shifting to a mud hut for no one.

Do not chuck the baby out with the bath water. People in mud huts are not going to fair any better in the future than us white men and women so it is a false mis-directed argument, NOW more than ever we plebs are on the same side in the same leaky boat.

Do not serve the monsters by going into 'colonial' history rather than directing anger and attention where it should be ...on the bloody criminals.

p.s. white colonial history was not entirely pleasant for all the non-elite whites either, slavery takes many forms.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture



Oh regional Indian

Writes the blogger from India on his computer...

;)   ORI, just yankin' your chain!

Jumbotron's picture

Yeah...Indians.....who worship cows and gang rape women before setting them on fire or hanging them from a tree.

Fuck you and YOUR "civilization" and it's "million" gods.


Iwanttoknow's picture

Jumbo,Mossad is not training you well.India & Israel have a long history of collaboration,including arms and technology transfer.They were your best friend.Finally India is coming to it senses and realligning with BRICs.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Unfortunately very true re. our past and even present really.

Modi is also very Israel friendly.....


Jumbotron's picture

You know why Israel is buddy buddy with India ?   Muzzies with nukes in Pakistan.  Or as I like to put it....Hotel Bin Laden.

UselessEater's picture

doesn't really explain why india is giving it gold to BofE

ps Ghandi was a truly a great man

Monty Burns's picture

With friends like that.........

Promethus's picture

Seems like everyone hates the Muslims. Wonder why?  Islam is a religion of peace.  

Abitdodgie's picture

"A post oil world" , thats a joke right , the world has lots of oil just not so much the cheap stuff , they just found a trillion b in Australia.

Jumbotron's picture

That "no so much cheap stuff" is what's causing the slow motion collapse that the Powers That Be are desperately trying to float through QEternity worldwide.

There will be a SHIT ton of oil left in the ground when the industriarlized world as we have known it winds down to a lower energy level way of operating.

Cloud9.5's picture

Yes there will be oil at the end of the current era, but we run a serious risk of not having the means to extract it.

Jumbotron's picture

The means are not a problem.  The funds needed to keep developing and maintaining the means.....well....that's the rub.

SuperRay's picture

What do you expect from psychopathic megalomaniacs from the PNAC and CFR? They think they can get them all to kill each other, then walk in and take the oil. Trouble is, it'll probably be radioactive...

Hughing's picture

and for "they" , I will substitute "Obama"

Squid Viscous's picture

"Zoolander" - winning; Yellen - winning; Gold - Losing, looks like it's all wrapped up, when does NFL start...

Mr Pink's picture

The US has also succeeded in making Americans believe that this wasn't their plan in the first place

CPL's picture

It wasn't, England drew the lines on the map knowing full well what would happen.  They wanted to cross market religion, revelations of old dead prophets, with a 120 year old plan and give themselves an excuse to come to the rescue of their own really, really, really dumb plan. It's about as poorly scripted and unimaginative as it gets with a negative chance of success as it can get.

Now imagine if you are from another planet and you come to earth.  Your first reaction is "What the fuck are they all doing?".  Eventually the conclusion arrived at is this; "They don't have a clue."  Miraculously, they are even dumber than the last time you visited which is amazing. 

And since nothing can be done to change the mind of fools because it is no one's job on earth to fix stupid, just avoid it.  The only reasonable decision in the situation is you settle into a deck chair, take it easy and wait for the obvious expected and hilarious conclusion.  Which will not be remotely close to the outcome any of them supposed would happen. 

Because they aren't that smart, and they were playing with fire when they were told to never do certain things, because the conclusion is always the same.  In the meanwhile one would enjoy the stuff earth actually does well, like art, making cool things, producing amazing literature in pockets and producing neat gadgets while checking out the sights.  All the meanwhile laughing your ass off at how funny and stupid it all is.

It is sad to say this.  But Idiocracy was never meant to be a documentary.  (brawndo...it's got electrolytes)

post turtle saver's picture

worse yet, Idiocracy wasn't supposed to be a government field manual, but the general population makes that all too easy

ISIL is a case study in "astroturf" used on a geo-political scale to great effect... they happened because the usual group of Big Dogs wanted them to happen, they're effectively marginalizing decades of effort by the likes of Hamas/PLO/etc in the process and beating them in the only way they truly can be... by demonstrating results to the Arab Street... controlled results to be sure, but as far as the Arab Street is concerned results nonetheless... borders are moving, key areas are being controlled, material is being taken, heads are being chopped off, alalalalalalalalala life is as it always should have been, death to the infidels...

fence them all off in their playpen and let them hash it out, deal with the last Arab ruler standing, in the meantime the spice must flow so send in just enough blood and treasure to make that happen but not an iota more... empire building will never happen there without a level of commitment that any modern nation can afford... not even a superpower...


CPL's picture

The smartest goat in the herd is still a goat, which is only slightly, by a fraction, smarter than a sheep.  Now arm that goat to the teeth and fill it's head with doom broadcast 24/7/365, make it dumber than a sock by underfunding it's education as a goat.  Then feed the the philosophy that murder is bad, unless you are given orders to.  Because someone is so totally wrong. 

Imagine if the same practice was done on the internet.  You know, start a war over someone being wrong on the internet,  That couldn't ever happen.  Could it?  It's impossible someone was wrong...on the internet.  Therefore it seems reasonable to assume we should all have wars over someone being wrong...on the internet.

Looking from 50000 ft view.  If seeking the law of attraction and definitive outcomes of the law of attraction.  Hey, they got it in spades.  This turns out 'better' than originally they would have every planned.  Not anyone that is near or on Earth mind you...but better than anyone could have guessed.  If people keep defining things like Arab or American or whatever, instead of their heritage and ancestry, everyone make sure to keep yourselves as deluded and fractured as possible.  It leaves the door open for many things that aren't in anyone's best interests on Earth.

post turtle saver's picture

some goats are more equal than others

CPL's picture

And all delicious in stew and curry on rice with peas.  The sheep are a little on the skinny side btw, where as the goats are nice and fat after eating everyone else's meadow.

Promethus's picture

It couldn't have been our plan. It's working.

midtowng's picture

What is missing from this post is the fact that Israel doesn't mind killing Palestinian civilians. Doesn't mind it at all.

Jumbotron's picture

You shouldn't ever mind killing blood thirsty pagan animals.  Kill as many as needed to stop the missile attacks.  Kill them all if necessary.

john39's picture

i recall hitler saying something along those lines...  

Jumbotron's picture

Yeah....all those nasty Joos raining missiles down on Berlin in the late 30's.  They had it coming.

Squid Viscous's picture

your definition of a "missile" is quite broad Jumbo-joo, they are more like oversized bottle rockets...maybe that's why we see alot of sirens and scampering around, but no-one ever gets hurt otherwise it would be the lead story on the nightly zio-news

Jumbotron's picture

It's only a bottle rocket until it hits your house and kills your family.

I'm glad Israel is going "Chicago Way" on them.  "They send one you to the hospital.....you send one of them to the morgue."

And you keep doing that day after day until all the missiles are gone and they beg for mercy.  That's the only way you deal with Muzzie animals.

Jumbotron's picture

No...it's called reality. 

TungstenBars's picture

nah you're def unbalanced; maybe too much zionews

Squid Viscous's picture

wow the same 4 downvoters every time, let's see bob the slob,jumbo joo, flakmeister and... ?

where_is the_nuke's picture

I could have annihilated all the Jews, but I left some of them to let you know why I was Annihilating them.

Fuck you filth Jewish cunt. Fuck the jews. Kill them all.

Jumbotron's picture

It's ok.  The mind of the anti-Semite is a fragile one.  It breaks the moment it realizes that with ALL the world's Muslim countries surrounding it and with ALL the Muslim countries getting some form of aid from the U.S., Russia and Europe....they still can't seem to eradicate the Jew.

It's either God......or the awful, pathetic, loser nature of the Muzzie.

Either way....not a pretty picture for the Muzzie or their leadership.

where_is the_nuke's picture

fuck the muzzie. But first fuck the jews. There was a reason why they got their ass fucked from time to time. They are the parasites world needs to get rid off.

Jumbotron's picture

Step up bubba and put your mouth where the Muzzie's dick is.  They need help.  So many of them getting wasted every day.  LOL !!!

TungstenBars's picture

"Step up bubba" - I recall the zio money exchangers of germany used to say that to the german popualtion they were sheering; how did that turn out?


Israel doesn't remember its lessons past

UselessEater's picture

Some ZH posters should reflect on the above comments - especially the fact that the same attitudes are being spread about you and your family and our nations.

Damn we're all going to drowning in this mis-directed hate which destroys our innate compassion.

Just because you have an anonymous handle its not a license to go totally feral and lose complete perspective.... meanwhile children are being caught in the violence and the usual few are grinning as serfs fall under the spell.

where_is the_nuke's picture

Just one solution.Eradicate the satan worshiping jews from the earth.