French President Urges His Countrymen: Stop Bashing Your Country, Have Some Confidence

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A few days ago it was that other great egaliatarian president, Barack Obama, who urged Americans to tear free from the shackles of cynicism and to unleash some more of that hopium that got Obama elected in the first place. Now it is the turn of that other just as impressive socialist, France's own Francois Hollande, who just like Obama has seen his popularity rating crumble to unprecedented levels, come up with his own prescription for how to fix the troubles that ail France. In short: "less lamenting and disparaging, more confidence."

From Reuters:

In the television interview to mark Bastille Day, when a crowd stormed a Paris prison on July 14, 1789, at the outset of the French Revolution, Hollande said his compatriots were more inclined than some others to put their country down.


"We are very proud but, at the same time, I would say there is a sort of sickness, which is not serious but which can be contagious, whereby we are always lamenting and disparaging," he said.


"Speak well of your country because, when I'm abroad, people do speak well of France, of what it's doing in the international arena, in the diplomatic sphere, on defense, the operations we have carried out for peace, but also innovation, companies."


The president also cited entrepreneurs, major companies with significant exports, the tourist industry and agriculture.


"We have to fight but, most importantly, we have to have confidence in ourselves," he said.

Bottom line: watch your president and government lie every day while pandering and preaching, working solely on behalf of the rich, while you rot away in your part-time jobs or worse, unemployed, surviving day to day on the measly pittance the government hands you to make you a docile little handout addicted serf, and at the end of the day, whatever you do, don't become a jaded, cynical lamenter and disparager, but have "hope and confidence." Truly the road to socialist utopia is paved with best intentions.

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Duffy Duck's picture

It will be Arabs' country soon enough.

Remember - if a european people wishes to retain its culture and homeland, it is racist.

keep repeating that until you understand, or you will be sent to a Hope Camp.

El Vaquero's picture

What did not make it in the MSM with those muslim riots all those years ago in France is that the Frogs kinda incited those riots and then contained them to their own neighborhoods.  The French may suck at war, but I don't see them being taken over by muslims.  Besides, they are likely to wind up with a bunch of broke and angry Germans next door needing a scapegoat. 

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The president also cited entrepreneurs, major companies with significant exports, the tourist industry and agriculture.

That idiot left out beautiful actresses?

Eva Green

Stuck on Zero's picture

Thieves, scoundrels, fraudsters, criminals, hoods, liars, and politicians just don't understand why everyone around them is so cynical.


Pladizow's picture

When will these ignorant fucks learn that it is not the country the citizens are bashing but the government!

Manthong's picture

Vive la Prance!

(prance: noun:   a proud stiff pompous gait )

Scarlett's picture

to have confidence in France I need all socialists crucified

NoDebt's picture

"because, when I'm abroad, people do speak well of France"

Who spoke well of France?  I want names.

I have NEVER said a single nice thing about the French my entire life and neither has anyone else I know.

Excursionist's picture

I once lived in a hotel a block from the beach in Nice for a month.  Just L-I-V-I-N, livin'.  Possibly the best 30 consecutive days of my life.

I went as native as possible, made an effort to assimilate (e.g., no where-da-hamburgers-at?) and the people were great.  Shocking, right?  Make an effort to blend in and leave the "My grand daddy freed your grand daddy in Dubya Dubya Two" bullshit behind, and people treat your more or less as one of their own.

economessed's picture

France is wasted on the French.

Offthebeach's picture

They have a different word for everything.

Headbanger's picture

The French HATE each other.

I worked in Southern France over 30 years ago and could not believe the distain they have for each other.

And they're class conscious as hell with each other.

So fuck you France, your arrogance, your wine, your cars and your aircraft too!


barre-de-rire's picture

such comment from a guy like you just proove one thing, u dont like us, we dont like you neither.

"arrogance" from an american this word is like your fuck word to media, you dont say it & are most puritan people of the whole planet but once on internet 99% of porn come from you.


for sure your inner child was never fixed. nothing to add for someone living in a country tolerating bestiality in 2/3 of the states i guess ?


you stated about armpit's women  days ago, for sure a man living in the past with such clichés is the only one neo retaining the truth, please, flow us master....



Analyse2's picture


You should travel a bit ...




CCanuck's picture

DaveO...I did not know that Shrek was French.

asscannon101's picture

I would like very much to see her Tooter. This- and only this- can make me believe in the Glory of France again. Show me her Tooter!!

medium giraffe's picture

...or a bigger back yard.


Monty Burns's picture

They don't need to 'defeat' the French.  Demographics will do it. French women (real French women, not just those with a passport) are having children at a rate well below replacement levels.  Muslims are breeding at double the replacement rate. That's why already Muhammed is the most common name for newly borns in France.

"Millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory."

Former Algerian President Boumediennce.

barre-de-rire's picture

sad, but true.


known under the radar for 15 years now.

most kids are hybrid.


hybrid is like hybrid car, with petrol motor & electric silence,  concepted to get the best of the two world, but do all bad, no autonomy, expensive, ugly.

same as half arabs/white in france : lazy, unability to brain to record & keep information just like reel niggers btw, thiefs, liars, why working, dealing dope is x30 within 20h of work...

90% of thoses rats got .gov help to eat ( 500$/month) & magically drive BMS 55.000$ cars.


btw, this is the case of FABIUS's SON!nUnzixogYMDLs%2F&edit-text=

Analyse2's picture

"Muhammed is the most common name for newly borns in France"


Most common male name for newly borns in 2013 in France.

1 Nathan

2 Lucas

3 Léo

4 Enzo

5 Louis

6 Gabriel

7 Jules

8 Timéo

9 Hugo

10 Arthur

11 Ethan

12 Raphaël

13 Maël

14 Tom

15 Noah


17 Théo

18 Adam

19 Nolan

20 Clément

Most common female name for newly borns in 2013 in France.

1 Emma

2 Lola

3 Chloé

4 Inès

5 Léa

6 Jade

7 Manon

8 Louise

9 Zoé

10 Lilou

11 Léna

12 Sarah

13 Camille

14 Maëlys

15 Lina

16 Éva

17 Louna

18 Clara


20 Romane


AnAnonymous's picture

As it is in this 'american' world, it is when others want to retain their culture and homeland 'americans' consider it racist.

But, hey, 'americans' need to take shelter in fantasy to avoid facing the reality they've created.

snr-moment's picture

To be a liberal one must be a europhile and watch soccer.

AnAnonymous's picture

Liberals are 'american'.

'Americans' have many inside factions.

But who cares? They all share the 'american' ideal, they all are 'american'.

SilverRhino's picture

Maybe if they win a few wars I'd respect the French. 

They can start with the islamic infestation in their own nation.

Oh and clean up CDG airport already.  That thing smells like shit, body odor and garbage.


Whatchamacallit's picture

The US hasn't won a single war since VietNam, so shut up already.

Fíréan's picture

When did the USA last win  a war ?

Even the American  War of Independence was won with French assistance, both financial, equipment and soldiers on the ground.

Or still pissed that Napoloen sold to "you" the French claim of near to one quarter of what is the present USA after he'd only just taken the (claim to the ) territory for nothing from the Spanish, and didn't even own it anyway ?

barre-de-rire's picture

very surprising  that 90% of americans do not have passport & never leaved their country but the only 10% who travel are the most dumbfuck retards on earth.

El Vaquero's picture

This sounds like a peanut farmer's strategy of "talking tough" to fix the economy.

RacerX's picture

If you like your thick sweaters, you can keep your thick sweaters.

NoDebt's picture

Doesn't it, though?  Next thing you know he'll be turning down the heat and wearing a cardigan sweater in his TV appearances this winter.


Pool Shark's picture




Hollande: "Les flagellations continueront jusqu'à ce que le moral s'améliore."



Xibalba's picture

He sounds more in touch with his people than Americas Emperor. 

AnAnonymous's picture

'American' managers (since 'americans' have no leaders) must be in touch with their 'american' middle class.

If they are not, they are out of the game.

NoDebt's picture

No, man.  The middle class is the enemy.  Biggest mistake any society ever allowed to happen to itself, and turbocharged in the 20th century by cheap energy.  

How in the world will our betters control us if there is a large middle class that's capable of making it's own decisions and has the financial means to act on those decisions?

That's a mistake they are currently recitfying and have no intention of repeating.  Ever.

medium giraffe's picture

A world of flying unicorns shitting rainbows that taste like strawberries and lemon drops.

Big Ben's picture

I've never understood how a country could have an annual celebration for the start of the "Reign of Terror".

daveO's picture

Also, compare tax rates now versus before BD. No need to celebrate, anymore. The serfs lost.

Pool Shark's picture



Funny to think that THIS was what they stormed the Bastille for:

"At this point, the Bastille was nearly empty of prisoners, housing only seven old men annoyed by all the disturbance: four forgers, two "lunatics" and one "deviant" aristocrat, the Comte de Solages (the Marquis de Sade had been transferred out ten days earlier). The cost of maintaining a medieval fortress and garrison for so limited a purpose had led to a decision being taken to close it, shortly before the disturbances began."


suteibu's picture

They do it to continue the ruse that the leaders are mere common folk just like the modern day serfs and not at all like the royalty taken down in the revolution.  In fact, Bastille Day may be more important to the elites than to the average serf for this reason alone.

AnAnonymous's picture

'Americans' in the US celebrate annually the start of 'americanism' This set the standard for the rest of 'americans' around the world.

'Americanism' is the best thing to have ever happened to humanity.

Marginally, in the US, 'americans' also celebrate stuff like thanks giving day or how to be grateful to welcoming hosts.

This is how it works in an 'american' world.

freedogger's picture

Barack and Hollande are HOPING that this lack of confidence doesn't migrate to their currencies. They should realize there is little difference between either.

agstacks's picture

"Don't be cynical. Be hopey."

AnAnonymous's picture

There are egalitarian among 'americans'?

Waooo, must be the same types as those 'americans' who declare themselves for freedom, truth and justice.

What next? That is no growth environment, the rich man's gains are not the poor man's losses?

Oh, wait, was it already done?

Itchy and Scratchy's picture

Time for somebody to confiscate 75% of this freak's assets so we can witness his 'joie de vie!'

AnAnonymous's picture

Only 75 pc? Man, 'americans' are ageing.

Usually, those natural born thieves hit the 100 pc confiscation scheme.

At this pace, maybe, one day, 'americans' will return what they've thieved.

Oh, they wont be able to do that since they will have consumed it all.

Ariadne's picture

Never trust the French.