The Home Of The Brave: Where America's Military Veterans Live

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The following map shows the percentage of each county’s civilian population (aged 18+) who have veteran status... in other words... where exactly the home of America's brave really is...


Source: Visual Statistix 

Which is perhaps worth comparing to where the local police are the most SWATified...


Seems interestingly anti-correlated...

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Nothing brave about picking up a gun and enforcing the will of the government.

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It seems false until you think about it.

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When are the brave going to grow some balls and frag Obama?

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To stop a Punch and Judy show one needs to kill the puppeteers not the puppets.

The puppets can be burned later.

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The puppet masters have remote controlled strings, and you will not find them. For example, the Rothchilds are not even listed among the 100 wealthiest.

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So the top counties for vets to live in are all near big military bases.   Big surprise.

Veterans like to retire near military bases so they can shop at the base PX.   ANYBODY could have told you that.

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The first graph is a little suspect...Sumter county north of Tampa for example. Thats where the Florida national cemetery is.

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A lot of cemetaries voted for Obama.

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Which is perhaps worth comparing to where the local police are the most SWATified...


Very simplistic and incorrect knee-jerk conclusion...

There are many military vets who are very much against militarizing local police forces.

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Vets can buy cheap GMO raised KFC style chicken at the commisary of those bases.

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In Iraq, the US Military supply train included all manner of fast food corporate outlets. Subway, KFC, McDonalds, All of them. Of course these were on US bases, but the US had hundreds of bases.

It was a long time ago when I was in the Navy, but in those days we actually had trained cooks who started with raw foods and ingredients and actually cooked unique meals. I hear now a days much of the food is from factories and only heated up by military cooks. In my day ship board food was fucking good, very good. Well prepared and good ingredients used. This was before corporations got inbetween a sailor and his chow.

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They just heat up pre-made factory food onboard ship now ?  Just like in the public 'schools' ?  

That was one thing that made the Navy better than going in the Army. At least you got decent chow and your own rack to sleep in when deployed.

Recently I saw some guys stopped at a gas station. They had camo utilities with Marine style caps, all in freakin' shades of blue camo.  'WTF ?' , I thought.  I got closer and saw that they were Navy. 1st and 2nd Class POs.  Guess thats the uniform they wear today. (I've been out for a long time.)

They sure as hell didn't look like sailors, but I guess they are prefectly prepared in case they have to hide behind some blue bushes. Newflash Navy!:  guys on board BIG freakin' SHIPS aren't really hidden by your dumbazz blue camo. Ya just look like azzhats trying to keep up with the ground pounders.

I wonder what genius came up with that decision.  Does the Air Farce also wear the blue cammies ?

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One of those new-fangled lesbian Admirals...or the dumbest fucking cocksucker to ever put on a star.

The baggy feature of those new BDUs tends to "hide" the fatness in the females. It makes THEM feel better. The fucking Navy should just anchor all of the ships and disban. I am ashamed of my service when I see this shit. Seriously.

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For the Navy, they've contracted out the dining on many Base Retail/Club (NEX/MCX/AAFEES) Facilities; but for the most part the Galleys (on Shore and at Sea) tend to use semi-prepped material and Menu Cards.  They may rely on canned Spaghetti Sauce (or Tomato Sauce to work with. 

When I managed Base Logistics and Support Operations of a Special Forces Training Facility, our Galley placed Honorable Mention in its Size Category - as a "Prize", we sent one of our young (and high performing) MessCooks (who happened to be an African American Woman, for the record) to Culinary School for a few weeks. From what I've seen, the Navy has allowed the MS(Mess Mgmt) Rating to diversify to Culinary Specialists, so there appears to be an effort to allow for bona fide Chefs to make something via the Supply Pipeline.  

That being said, we're dealing with a situation where Troops are deployed in the Field and at Sea where Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, and MIlk Products (outside ot UHT MIlk) don't last for more than 7-10 Days. So if you don't make a Port Call or aren't close to a major (and reliable) Rail/Truck/Airlift Hub (that can carry goods approved by Uncle Sam's Food Weenies and MDs), relying on semi-prepped/premade entrees is expected. 

Many a Pacific Fleet Sailor (for the non-sailor: Blue Water Navy, as opposed to the Atlantic Fleet's "Brown Water" (Shallow - not many days to cross Ocean( aka, Pond), since Pac Flt implies Pacific AND Indian Oceans) Navy) has lived with the occassional shortage.   Save for the Carrier Dweebs.  ^_^

As for the Uniforms, Davey Jones is STILL playing with Uniforms.  It's a boondoggle for the Manufacturers, with some boots costing 90+ Dollars a pair.   As if they need to "blend in" with the Water, Kelp, Industrial Shipboard Surfaces, Piping, and Wiring, and the "Haze Gray" (or Dark Blue/Blk for Submariners) Paint on the Hull...

When my Cruiser went to the Gulf, during the Iran-Iraq War, we simply painted our Hull Numbers to Gray/BLK from the regular WHT/Gray, loaded up on sandbags, weld-mounted 50-Caliber Gun Points, wore Flame Retardant Shirts, and carried/wore Masks, Helmets, Flack Jackets, and Hoods on our Person as we went about our business.  During a week long maintenance anchorage outside of the Gulf, Ships assigned outside of the Warzone (Surface Nukes (Super Sanitary and Isolated)  and Tender(Mix Gender LoveBoat/Repair/Medical) Crews used to call us "Pirates"  ^_^

I once joked with the other JOs to see if I could get away with putting Gray/Blk Electric Tape over the Hull Numbers on the Glass-covered Painted Portrait of the Ship in the (Officers') Wardroom (aka "The Weirdroom" per my Men).

No Cammies in the Gulf, either.  We had SEAL Teams and the Jar-rines (for the civilians, Jar-Head (Haircut) Marines) wear those, where it's ACTUALLY NEEDED FOR THE JOB.

Thanks,  I enjoyed reflecting on my Fleet Days. Seeing the Uniform Merry-Go-Round unfold at a local Air Force Base (mostly desk and satellite drivers - though I'm sure many deployed to the hotspots) just express the Signs of the Times.  ROTFL!!!

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Where are the Chinese, Russians, and UN troops being bivouacked?

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Me thinks that won't end well if they're going to go against veterans of foreign wars.

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Those vets would be great allies.  Seeing as they know how the Government would go about fighting a 'civilian insurgency' (previously known as revolution).

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Its not like a soldier ever tore off his patch and sewed a different one on or swore allegiance to one thing and then when the parameters of that allegiance ,"changed"...well...

I would imagine it must keep some "of them" up at night, wondering ;-)

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Look up the 'Bonus Army' ( to see what the government did last time they faced vets of foreign wars....

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If they live near the base, it is easier to keep an eye on them.

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"When are the brave going to grow some balls and frag Obama?"

when are you gonna' do sompin'????


- Ned

{and let's play ASSFACE}

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Same... I used to get all patriotic for these guys. Why should they automatically be labelled heroes?

Do many truly believe or know what they're fighting for... or are they just there to 'earn' some income?

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How long did you serve, bucko?

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Well, I did 9 years commissioned + 4 years at Annapolis. When it came time to take the oath of office again, I couldn't do it with a clear conscience.

The criticism that some servicemembers use the military as a welfare program is absolutely accurate.

The criticism that some servicemembers joined the military because they were too stupid or lazy to get another job is absolutely accurate.

Pity, because there are also some really great guys in the armed forces for all the right reasons. A good start to making their jobs more meaningful will be getting the women the hell out.

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Do you/Did you see yourself as a hero (which I think are very rare) - or perhaps a patriot (which I think is great).

On the women thing - I think the whole moral compass of the US society is askew. Gays in the military, gays in the boy scouts, same sex marriage, fraud in the VA. Hey - even smoking pot was such a terrible thing often times you had to swear under oath you never tried pot (we are talking career determining decisions) - now if you pay the tax all is good.


BadPenguin's picture

Moral compass askew, now?

Like it was less askew when slavery was acceptable?  Or 100 years ago when the Fed was created?

Religion has apparently destroyed your ability to think rationally.

Freedom is freedom, be it gun rights, gay rights or women in the military.

If you think your chosen 'freedoms' are more important than the freedoms of others, you're no better than a liberal twat trying to ban guns.

Granted I think having women in the military is an absolute distraction for the men, but freedom is freedom, I can't justify the morality of denying others of their freedoms while wanting mine.

If the ladies want to kill for the bankers then so be it, be my guest.

The fraud in the VA is unacceptable, but if you are surprised by it you haven't been paying attention to the plea of the veteran for the last thirty plus years...


drstrangelove73's picture

Yes,the moral compass is askew.
Did you own slaves?Your parents?Your Grandparents?
Well,I don't,and no one in either side of my family did for the 8 generations I can account for.
This country fought a war over slavery,and ENDED it,159 years ago.
What the hell does the former practice of slavery,in this,and every other country that has existed,except in the African countries where it still thrives now,have to do with morality in America?
And the social experiment that is women in the military is just as great a joke as any other progressive political power issue you can name.You need to read a bit of history to rid you of the ignorance your pathetic public school education has inculcated in you.
You sound like you get up every morning and drink your thoughts from the propaganda spigot the progressive media open for you every morning.

StormShadow's picture

Bravo! Bravo! Do you hear me bitching because my Irish family was locked out of many jobs 100 years ago? Hell no, they worked hard and made something of themselves. We're not rich, but we all make a good living and no one has a hand out for Uncle Sugar to slap the welfare cuffs on us. Reparations?!---KISS MY ASS, we've been paying out reparations since FDR! If you put it all into Doritos, cell phones, cars, stereos, crack or whatever and have nothing to show for it that is your goddam problem to fix, not mine with my money.

thatthingcanfly's picture

Peter Sellers:

No, the country did not fight a war over slavery. Mr. Lincoln's War, to which you are referring, was fought to suppress Southern Secession. The South seceded because of the punitive tariff that would have wrecked the (already struggling) Southern agrarian economy. The tariff was passed by the Northern dominated Congress with the expectation that at least some of the Southern States would secede. When they did, the pathological liar in the White House came up with the most convenient excuse he could think of to invade and murder Johnny Reb: slavery. His real aim, encoded in his Gettysburg address, was to redefine the loose confederation of States enjoined into a Republic under the Constitution 70 years earlier into an ideological socialist utopia, "dedicated to [a] proposition." This "proposition nation" nonsense has dominated political discourse ever since, to our utter detriment.

thatthingcanfly's picture


I'm no hero.

On the women in the military thing: the issue has less to do with the capabilities of women than the nature of men. It is in men's nature to protect our women. Civilized men don't send their mothers, sisters, and daughters into combat. For the unfortunate men who actually find themselves in a combat situation with women in their mix, their ability to fight is weakened by the presence of the women. You cannot escape human nature. That should be the central argument against women in the military: that you weaken the Force by including them.

A slightly different, but related, argument applies to homosexuals in the military. Their presence also weakens the Force.


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10th (plebe) then 2nd - they brought back shotgunning in 2001 then went right back to shuffling in 2002

IronForge's picture

Eighty SIX!!

Why didn't you gentlemen say, "Sir!"after sounding Off?

IronForge's picture

Dupe caused by a script error.

Edit: Brace Up!!!   ^_^


thatthingcanfly's picture

<Sighs audibly, pinches nose, closes eyes, shakes head slowly from side to side.>

thatthingcanfly's picture

My year group was shotgunned after plebe year, then kept the same company for the remaining 3. In 96, they reorganized from six batts down to five, and 36 companies down to 30; so the number of our company changed, but its composition didn't (except for the newbs coming from the cancelled companies).

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There was a lot of pot smoking in the US Army back in the late 70's-early 80's, I can assure you. Morale sucked as well, everything was old and broken down, mostly leftovers from Vietnam and previous.

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Good for you!  We need more people of conscience/integrity.  Maybe I'm an idealist but you are only as good as your word and when you take an oath that is what you are beholden to, not necessarily your superior or your paycheck. 

Problem is society hit a tipping point where this no longer holds true and if x wont do something unconstitutional, there is someone behind them who will.  Increasingly true because they need to make next months payment on whatever bill of goods they were sold.

Integrity these days requires financial planning so when called to do something against your oath you can walk away.


But what do I know, just an observer.

msmith9962's picture

And that goes for just about any profession/trade. Kids out of law school with big loans suddenly doing stuff they never wanted too to pay those bills. Sales people, certainly finance.

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“In 2009, U.S. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus announced that for the first time in Navy history, women would be assigned to the submarine force”

I don’t think a worse idea was ever conceived by the USN or whichever misguided socialist controls those matters.

drstrangelove73's picture

Ray Mabus is the most pathetic little cuckolded weasel ever to hold a cabinet post in this republic.
A more disgusting,sold out creature there has never been.

Larry Dallas's picture

Who was more correct about this? Herny Kissinger or John Kerry.

Or both?  

New_Meat's picture

Larry, that would be a resounding "nyet tovarich" - Ned

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I can't think of a "right reason" to serve government.